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    Winter training venue, better the gym





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    Trying to work but it's hard when this is outside the window....

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    Minni - Gerald who's he?? You been on the sauce again?image 

    Well done though to get back on it. When I trained for London last year I gave up the booze for about 5 weeks and tbh I don't think it helped my running. I was ratty and felt I was living a monastic extistence (slight over exagerration) so I decided I would only have the odd glass here and there with nice food and treat my self to a nice bottle to have over the weekend. Regarding the short races, are you not a club member? If so could you perhaps persuade a club committe member to arrange to do time trials or monthly 5k's etc.

    Fast/slow debate - Ultimately it's down to oneself to make the call and I believe we all need to learn from past mistakes to improve but having said that, sometimes there is a great run (all relative of course) in all of us and getting it out takes guts and a bit of luck too.

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    Poacher - you can work when its dark.  Get out there.  I'm going for a run down the coastline here as soon as I finish work, which will be my 5th Jantastic run of the week and its only Wednesday!

    Gerard - (noel image) Yes but my club are pretty much a none serious set up.  That sounds bad. image  They are all very dedicated but I'd probably be thrown out if I suggested something like that.

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    Minni, physically, if you can run a 1:31 then you're more than likely capable of running sub-90. A flatter course, better weather, one of those elusive "good days", and those handful of seconds will be gone. I'm in the same boat myself with a PB of 1:30:22, and have been regretting the missed opportunity ever since! But equally, I know that I'm capable of running 23 seconds faster over 13.1 miles, so then it's probably a mental challenge as much as anything. Need to convince myself of that too...

    Poacher - stunning. Where's that?

    7 miles slow said the schedule. 7 miles slow I did.

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    I was browsing through the Jantastic data and it appears there are 2 teams:

    THE CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT SUB-3:15 TEAM - the official team

    CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT 315 TEAM - this team has one member whose initials are RM.  Sorry I'm not sure who that is - please come and join us in the official team.

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    8m D&D, Newton to Craster and back along the beach. Abbers that's north Northumberland.

    I thought about Jantastic but decided I would let everyone else down with random training which would bring down the wrath of Minni the Merciless. Good luck to those taking part.
  • OK, so new way to tackle sub 90.

    Step 1. Run wet and windy 18 on Monday
    Step 2. Run a 5 recovery on Tuesday
    Step 3. Get pissed off with all your 14 mile routes as they are all too wet and muddy, plan a new 14 mile on known clean and dry paths through London's many parks: I chose Holland Park, Hyde Park, Green Park and St James' Park.
    Step 4. Program the route into Garmin and run with the Garmin showing the route and nothing else.
    Step 5. Start the Garmin, run the route, press stop.
    Step 6. Upload and look at the activity: last 13 miles in 1:29:55.

    So, OK, that is 13 miles and not 13.1 (the 13.1 was 1:30:40) but not bad for a MLR run harder than easy but not as hard as LT.

    Just waiting for TR to roll out the matches analogy.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    The sun never got very high today, casting eerily long shadows.  Cold, wet, windy run though.



  • AR, not quite Hanson but Hudson. And to also answer Gul's and Poacher's questions, purely driven by where I am now, how many weeks I have left and what a relatively sensible plan suggests.  There will be lots of biking and a bit of splashing about on top of the running and I have taken BI's comments from a while ago on board re conditioning so there are also some weights and Insanity sessions thrown into the mix too! I have noticed that the plan I've adopted/adapted has much more quality content than I'm used to so it'll be interesting to see if I can cope with that.

    The 50 will be what it is at this stage. If I can recover a bit more from my current niggle and build some volume I'll be happy to toe the start line and see what happens with no expectations re finish time and with hopefully sensible early pacing. I've got bigger fish to fry this year 1) Outlaw mark two and 2) get back to a solid running base as a foundation for a fast autumn mara.

    Gul, I've had the pleasure of filling in the remaining weeks of my programme taking me all the way to the end of July! Great fun, I already feel fitter!image 

    Sounds like you have a plan Abbers.

    Poacher, where is that pic taken? It looks like Morecambe Bay.

    Well done Minni, proud of you! 2 days sober for me...... It ends tonight! Bwahahaha


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    PMJ - how do you run that in the city with the roads and busy pavements?  Can you get a straight run through?

    I love that stretch Poacher.

  • Can you change Jantastic teams at this stage? I'm not sure you can. Also, I notice that one bloke, who set his target at 3 runs a week, reckons he's done 14 already this week. Now that is full-on dedication!!


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    image  We want to win this but we don't want cheaters.

  • PMJ - That is some going in training! Excellent stuff.

    SlokeyJoe wrote (see)

    Poacher, where is that pic taken? It looks like Morecambe Bay.


    Ooh - he's not going to like that...

    5 miles easy for today, 14 due tomorrow.

  • Tut-tut PMJ. I thoroughly approve.

    Looking nice Up North Poacher. You have shadows; I haven't seen on of those for days.

    Rest Day for me with a couple of light paddles on the rower, so nil points on Jantastic. Out of interest, are you scored down for too many runs as I often go for a little jog on the rest day.

  • Minni wrote (see)

    PMJ - how do you run that in the city with the roads and busy pavements?  Can you get a straight run through?


    Today was busy, first decent day and lots of "runners" out to fulfil their New Year's resolutions. I do a bug chunk within Hyde Park which is totally traffic free and the roads I cross are all major with traffic lights so I stop myslef and the Garmin and then carry on.

    All on and you can see where in mile 11 someone fast appeared a few metres ahead of me so i had to chase him down so a 6:38

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - "catches win matches ? " are probably around 80min shape for a 1/2 so can afford the odd 1:30. If you did it every week that'd be another matter. Not sure that you would want or listen to advice from me anyway.

    Minni - turn your gadget off (or at least just leave it on elapsed time only), grow a pair (might take some doing though) and JFDI ! PBs arnt supposed to be easy and if they were then it wouldnt be worth having. Even if you do it 1M at a ttime (eg just one more mile before I slow a bit, then just one more...........). Be a can. You body is clever it tells you it doesnt want to go harder when it can.

    On the subject of matches my run match box took a hit this morning with my first proper BAC session. 24min/12min/8min with 3min easy between efforts.

  • TR, is BAC Bournemouth AC, and if so is Peter Thompson still there? He won the RW 26.2 in 2011 and ran a spectacular 2:49 and is now down to 2:31

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - Yes to what it stands for. I'm only following the Tuesday night schedule from a few years a go, I'm doing the reps on my own at my end. I have seen his name as BAC in local races (Gopsort 1/2 ?), but I dont know him. he was a shoe in for a massive sub3 the same as that Choisty fella was (he is localish and about my ability). I'm doing the Tuesday eveing sessions that they do as group and is why they have so many fast marathon runners, obviously it wont work so well doing them on my own. But it should do me good.

  • TR - I've no knowledge of BAC or their sessions- so what do you do in the 24 min/12min/8min efforts?

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    PMJ - I run mostly on country lanes and traffic isn't so much of an issue but last night I ran straight from work, in the town, to do my session which was w/u, 3 miles @ HMP, 2 miles @ tempo.  But I got stopped so many times at roads that I felt like the whole session had just been ruined.   A continuous run shouldn't have stops!  And this is going to cost me my sub 90 at Brass Monkey!image

    How do the rest of you manage doing stuff like this in the towns and centres?

    I think people in London are so lucky to have great parks to run in.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    AR - they are the rep lengths, 3min easy between them. I did 2M w/u and then a bit over a mile w/d, so it totalled 11M. So the session was 2M, 24min effort, 3min easy, 12min effort , 3min easy, 8min effort, 1+M easy to make up the week is 3 x 15min, the following week 18min, 4x4min, 18min......................Steve Way (Marigold from Sub 3 ) and a bunch of other BAC folks do marathon specfic club sessions, they have lots of ~2:30 runners (and faster) now, funnily enough !

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Bike It wrote (see)

    I was browsing through the Jantastic data and it appears there are 2 teams:

    THE CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT SUB-3:15 TEAM - the official team

    CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT 315 TEAM - this team has one member whose initials are RM.  Sorry I'm not sure who that is - please come and join us in the official team.

    I've done a bit of stalking, as you do, and I think the lone ranger on the splinter team is Rich26.   So Rich you need to see if can still join the proper team HERE






  • BOTF - Sounds like a tough run last night.  Looks like hill reps are the way to go for the thread at the moment.

    Good treadmill sessions AR & Rich.  Rich, be careful of your knee.  That injury kept me out for 3 months last summer.

    62mpw Gul is some way from when I left here last summer.  You are building up very very nicely indeed.  Hopefully the patient approach will pay dividends for you.

    Minni - Don't let one bad run knock your confidence.  Better to have got it out of the way with now than on race day.  On the subject of running in towns, I always try and keep to a "left turn route" so that I have to cross fewer roads.  If I look as though I will get held up I run up the side-road until I can cross and then back to the main road again.  Unfortunately I have to stop sometimes so just stop the watch and get across the road as quick as possible.

    PMJ - very impressive.  Definately not trying to keep up with you at VLM this year!!!

    Ant - 14 runs from a 3 run per week target is definately sandbagging!!

    That looks like a tough session TR. Good company to keep down there at BAC.  At what pace were the efforts?

    Just 4 very easy miles this morning as had a restless night and feel very fatigued.  Think it may have something to do with donating blood yesterday lunchtime and running 13.5 miles (not one of my brightest ideas as I was told by Mrs H)!!

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    For tempo runs I'm 'blessed' with the Portway (aka A4) in Bristol: you can do about 5 miles in each direction with only one road crossing.  It's bliddy dull, however.

    1 hour in the gym for me tonight: 20 mins on each of cross-trainer, bike and ergo.  Currently doing 5 runs and 2 gym sessions each week as I rehab the calf and try not to do too much running too quickly whilst also re-building my fitness more quickly than simply re-building the running would.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Martin - I live 50M east of BAC, I'm not training with them, I'm just doing their session.

    Minni - The traffic isnt too bad when I was running, but I have to be careful as most of my running is up and down a main road that lots of folks are using to get to the motorway and out of town.

  • PmJ - good half training run.

    Minni-a bit more focus on hmp tempo's and a proper taper and you should be sub 1:30 soon.

    For me 12 hr nightshift then before bedimage 7 miles with 8x400m (90-92 secs) with 50 sec very slow jog recovery in the middle.

  • Next best thing I guess TR.  As you can't join them, at least you can still do their sessions.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Martin - next weeks is 3x15mins with 3min easy in between, if you're interested, so 45min of effort. At peak theres just over an hour of effort I think........I think I was doing about av 6:25 pace for the 24min (but it was a bit progressive as it was early and a shock ! ), 6:05 pace for the 12min (I did 2M in 12:10), no idea on pace for the 8min.

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