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  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good luck at the BM Minni, it's a great race and fast if you don't get bad weather. I'm quietly confident you can do it. I never bother with a taper for a half M, just avoid hard sessions.

    I've had a few days rest with a bad cold. But 8 mile plod this evening felt good. Not a great start to my marathon campaign. 

  • Bike It - it's worse than you think - I still have 20 weeks to go! Ideally I would like to do more mpw nearer the end of the campaign, but I am concerned that if I continue to increase before my body has time to adapt then I risk injury. By my rule of thumb, I can increase my long run from 19 to 20 miles when I hit 64mpw. I am compromising and sticking at 64, but will start 20 milers once I have a few 19s under my belt. My plan is that once I hit 64mpw, I will maintain that mileage (apart from cut-back weeks) until the taper. So it's not so much of a peak but more of a plateau!
    Poacher - is that Bamburgh Castle(1st pic)? Are you out on a run with one of the teletubbies (2nd pic)?
    Abbers - good slow miles!
    Minni - running in towns is easy - there's not much traffic at 5am!
    Leslie - nice intervals.
    Forgot to say, interview went OK but probably not well enough to get the job. However I did bag three books from Waterstones (some sort of auto-link going on here!) with some Christmas Gift Cards (Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan, 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami and Silent House by Orhan Pamuk). Now applying for job in King's Lynn. Posting now as I may not have time to do so in the morning.

  • Gul Darr- 20 weeks is enough for 20x20 milers id say image Good luck with the job .image

  • Gul - fingers crossed re the job. How are you coping so far with the upping in the mileage?

    Leslie - those are darn good reps to bang out after a 12 hour shift. 

    Minni - ditto what all the others said, esp TR's advice to turn the gadget off and just run to feel. You might surprise yourself, but even if you don't it's important not to lose sight of the big goal. Presumably BM is just a small step on the way.

    I'm still following Fitzgerald and enjoying the adaptive approach. It worked for my HM in November so am sticking with it. Trying very hard to get a decent midweek MLR in and found the time to sneak a hilly 12 miler in this morning.

    All logged on Jantastic so shouldn't be incurring the wrath of Minni the Merciless just yet (although I'm not sure what will happen when I go skiing at half term)

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Good luck Gul

    It's Dunstanburgh castle, a few miles south of Bamburgh. Out with Tinky Winky.

    Nice run PMJ
  • AR- No straying now with those BAC sessions, stay on the plan.

    I fancy some of those BAC sessions myself. Suppose they would work for a half, just swap them around a bit, eg. 24 mins easy, 3 mins hard, 12 mins easy etc..........

    Well Done Leslie H, I've done a fair few long night shifts in the past and then gone down the gym. Those 12 hour shifts should be banned.

    Good luck with the job hunting Gul.

    Minni/Bike it I found the rival CC315Team V funny, Thought it might have been Big Rich as I think I gave him a bum steer with the team name.

    9 miles easy tonight at 8.30 mm (after a 11 hour day shift) then a twenty minute core sesh, followed by a few press ups to finish off that buff look. I'll post a pic of my Guns in a week or two. image

  • Just Logged my run on Janstatic, it's a big team this year I might join the other one.

    Lorenzo- I'm following you on Strava, You have a FAN! ME!! some nice pace on your run today. Hope it is you and not some other LB.

  • 8.1 miles tonight at 8:12 average. Hard running after a hard shift at work! Insanity is reduced to the scrap heap for now!image

    Back on track with the schedule now.

    I feel sorry for all those city slickers trying to get a good crack at a fair pace! apart from doing laps of a small park and going crazy there's not a lot you can do!!

    I suppose the fact you get stopped at lights and junctions etc is kind of a mini fartlek session! as your always having to speed up to catch up with your pace! lung bursting!

    Moof-  joined the right team on jantastic now! image Go team! image

  • Moof - following you in return!! 

    Rich - welcome to the team. Didn't you get a bit suspicious that you were in a team on your own? 

    2 + 2 miles easy commute for me tomorrow.

  • ha ha I know, just not really had time to look into that website yet although don't look like there is much to it! Weekend when I get a bit of time! image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Lorenzo wrote (see)

    All logged on Jantastic so shouldn't be incurring the wrath of Minni the Merciless just yet (although I'm not sure what will happen when I go skiing at half term)

    You don't wanna find out!  Anyway you're only down to log 6 runs in that whole week.  How hard can it be?  Couple of doubles and a couple of singles.    Don't let your team down. image





  • Lorenzo - Darn it, I can't bullsh*t about my paces anymore.

  • Leslie - 20x20milers LOL!
    Lorenzo - Sounds like the Fitzgerald plan is going well - nice hilly miles. My increased mileage is fine at the moment - no niggles yet and not too fatigued. Just building up 1 mile a week for 3 weeks then followed by a cut-back week seems to work for me, but just don't want to keep piling them on without consolidating for a couple of months every so often.
    Moof - sounds like a good workout.
    Rich - ticking over nicely.
    11 steady miles @ 7:31 m/m d&d.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Martin - donating blood & then running... in my experience, it's a bad combination!

    TR - hard session, but then wouldn't expect anything less from you & BAC.

    MPJ - sounds like a cruise for you at that pace now.

    Jools - is the calf improving for your x-training approach?

    Leslie - quick intervals given the long shift before.

    OO - a solid return post-cold.

    Gul - have you actually heard from the interview? You never know! Good 11 this morning too.

    Moof - impressive all round workout. Must kick on with my own conditioning.

    Rich - decent 8 there. 6 with 4 brisk today?

    Lorenzo - "sneak in a hilly 12 miler". Like you do! image

    6 at roughly PMP on the plan for today. Will report back later, but looks like it might at least be dry, and possibly even with a glimpse of the sun, which would be welcome.

  • Abbers, I like the MPJ typo, maybe stick with it while MP is pertinent.

    Gul, I trust you know what you are doing, but that is a lot of miles for a lot of weeks.

    I found out that I can manage a lot of miles if they are not too long so in my base training I was doing a minimum of 7 or 8 miles per run so that came to about 45 miles in 6 runs before any were stretched. I did 63 one week with 4*8, 19 and 12. This was all pretty easy and I am sure I could do this for 20 weeks.

    Now in the main body, even though I am doing the same miles, it is harder so this week is also 63 but 18, 14, 12 9 with LT and 2*5. This is a lot harder and 20 weeks would kill me, indeed it is only about 10 to taper.

    Nice 11 BTW. Steady is now 7:30 hey?


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - good spot! I won't go back and edit it now... image  MPJ until mid-April then?

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Some interesting comments on the sub-90 HM time. MyPB is 1.30.28 and would love to go sub-90. Will take some of the tips on here and give it a go at teh Surrey half in March.

    Had a major beer sesh at the World darts event in Frimley last night but not before I managed to squeeze in a cheeky 4 mile hill reps session. I was strapped for time so went for quality rather than quantity. I was spurred on by an email I received from Strava (anyone else use that?) which informed me I had been userped on a segment of one of my routes. Turns out is was on one of my uphill reps so I went out, put the hammer down and grabbed first place by 8 seconds!

    Didn't overdo the beer so feel OK today. I did witness the first darts player to retire hurt during a match though. Those guys are so finely tuned. Us runners can only dream of being such supreme athletes.image


  • PMJ "I found out that I can manage a lot of miles if they are not too long" - come on, your just cheating yourself image

    moof - no intention of straying into the BAC sessions myself - I was interested to know the intensity of the session as TR said he used his run match box. I wouldn't have considered any matches used based on the paces they were run , particularly given TR's recent 10k/HM results

    Gul - that is big base mileage you have racked up. I can't remember what race you changed to after Milton Keynes no longer suited.

    Got myself into a sweaty mess this morning on my tempo run on the treadmill. That was the toughest session so far as I wanted to bail out mid way. I scraped through 7M @ 6:15 pace, with just over 13 miles for the session.  It was just one of those days where things weren't firing 100%.  Marathon Talk vest worn on behalf of the team - bonus Jantastic points?

  • Gul - hope the job interviews turn up something you want! nice 'steady' 11 btw.

    'MPJ' - nice session

    Moof/Lorenzo - what are the advantages to Strava over the others then chaps?

    Abbers - Me and a few mates have allways fancied a darts night - they are supoosed to be top night out but dont think I could keep up with the drinking games tbh

    Thats still a serious session AR

    another TR convert to not veiwing the data on my LSRs/GA runs and running them on effort. Felt it helped me just get through Sats 20 miler (which came out slow) and has pushed the pace up on my mlrs and GA runs a bit.

    This mornings 9 GA run logged and I have a recovery 5 later ro make the numbers back up

  • Well Hello people! image

    Long time no see.

    Having been away for a while doing house move/new baby type things I thought that I'd drop back and see how things are going.

    I suspect I've got a mammoth read back session to do so hopefully things are going ok for everyone.

    I've not done a huge amount of running over the summer due the afore mentioned life changes! As some of you may remember we had our second little one a week before VLM13 and then moved house out of London to the country, 2 days before the race - that made for an interesting weekend!

    So my house move means a big commute back to London each day from near Winchester and this gives me a minimum of a few miles each morning to the station....

    .....which will fit nicely now with an increased mileage to get fit for Brighton in April. A way to go yet tho I think, as this time last year I was running a lot quicker and a lot easier than I am now but positively thinking, it shouldn't take too long to get back to running a few more miles easier.

    I've also signed up for Jantastic - would it be poor form to jump into the sub3:15 team? I've committed to 8 runs a week (5 of which I have to do just to get to work so shouldn't be too hard!)

    More news soon, and a big read back now but hopefully all are well.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    SB - darts sounds like fun, although not convinced by its appeal as a spectator sport. Think it has far more to do with an excuse for a night out on the pop!

    AR - well stuck at it, even on one of those days when everything feels like more effort.

    Menn - GA = General Aerobic?

    FINgers - good to see you popping back in. Winchester to Waterloo is about an hour isn't it, so I guess it all depends on how far you need to go once you get to London. Which side of Winchester are you on? I know a few of the villages having played cricket against a lot of them!

    6 steady done. Was meant to be in 45 mins, so ~7.30m/m, or approx MP. Ended up being 44:20, so about 7:23m/m. If that ends up being MP, I won't be far away.

  • The hill I ran up and down on Tuesday has a steps option - 126 of them to be exact, as I counted them when walking back from the store with a bag of groceries, although that obviously doesn't include the uphill bits between the groups of steps as well. I will not be running up and down the steps!

    So yesterday I went to try out the park I'd found that is vaguely flat. Well the park may not have much incline, but everywhere else does, so it's a half mile downhill from the apartment, then a whole load of steps up to the park (or as an alternative a pretty steep road with several hairpin bends). The park itself is not flat, but it's a consistent slope from top to bottom. After a couple of laps I managed to work out a route that was probably about 500m using the cinder paths in the park and the pavement on the road around the park, and it seemed to more or less match what the locals were doing, although they all seemed to be going the opposite way round to me. I have no idea how many laps I did but my legs were crying out all the way round, probably from trying to run up the steps on the way there, and by now it was 21 degrees, so a little sooner than I would have liked I headed back to the apartment, this time running down the road rather than using the steps, and the half mile uphill back to the apartment was very hard work. Total just over 6.5 miles at just over 8 minute mile pace, which I don't think tells anything like the story as I'll bet my fastest pace was 6 minute mileing and my slowest probably 20 minutes when going up those damn steps.

    So anyway, 2 runs done for a total of less than 9 miles, yet my legs are totally mashed and feel like I've just done back-to-back twenties. No idea if I'm going to get chance to do a long run as I don't really fancy 40 laps of that park, and there simply doesn't seem to be anywhere else to run that wouldn't include constant stop-start because of roads & traffic. I've found one mention on-line of a small national park type place slightly south of the town called La Rambla de Castro that can be used for walking, but nothing to indicate the type of terrain or how far it goes. The park is less than 45 hectares so it doesn't sound that hopeful.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Abbers - 100% correct! image


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Fingers - welcome back.  Yes jump on! 

    Sounds tough BOTF.  Are you signed up to Jantastic?  If you are then get out there but if not just do what you can.

    Nice treadmilling AR.

  • Hi FINgers - welcome back. You've had a lot of major change to adapt to. Please do join the CCSTF team.
    AR - impressive dreadmill session.
    BOTF - hope things improve - maybe just take it easy for a bit.
    Eek! Reading people's comments, I'm now beginning to panic. This is what I have pencilled in for the remainder of my mara campaign (except where stated the sessions are all slow or very easy pace):-

    wk13 63M {10, 14, 4, 11 MP+5%, 6, 18, 0}
    wk14 64M (10, 14, 4, 11 MP+5%, 6, 19, 0}
    wk15 cut-back
    wk16 64M (10, 14, 4, 11 MP+5%, 6, 19, 0}
    wk17 64M (10, 14, 4, 11 MP+5%, 6, 19, 0}
    wk18 cut-back
    wk19 64M (9, 14, 4, 11 MP+5%, 6, 20, 0}
    wk20 64M (9, 14, 4, 11 MP+5%, 6, 20, 0}
    wk21 64M (9, 14, 4, 11 MP+5%, 6, 20, 0}
    wk22 cut-back
    wk23 64M (9, 14, 4, 11 / 6 @ MP, 6, 20, 0}
    wk24 64M (9, 14, 4, 11 / 2 x 3 @ HMP, 6, 20, 0}
    wk25 60M (9, 14, 4, 11, 6, 16 / 8 @ MP, 0}
    wk26 cut-back
    wk27 64M (9, 14, 4, 11 / 6 @ MP, 6, 20, 0}
    wk28 64M (9, 14, 4, 11 / 2 x 3 @ MP, 6, 20, 0}
    wk29 60M (9, 14, 4, 11, 6, 16 / 10 @ MP, 0}
    wk30 taper 1
    wk31 taper 2
    wk32 taper 3 & race

    Also planning to adopt that P&D MP+10%/20% for the MLRs or LSRs nearer the end of the schedule, but as yet undecided. The focus is very much on putting in the miles and so keeping the amount of MP or faster to a minimum will keep me injury free. This is the best way I could find of getting in the 5 or more 20+ milers in. The alternative would be to allow the long run to be a higher percentage of the total weekly miles, which is something I have strictly avoided over the last 3 years. Interested to hear what you all think.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    I'd say that looks fairly sensible, Gul - you've got enough cut back weeks in there and as long as you're prepared to really cut back during those if necessary you should be ok, although I suppose it depends how 60/64mpw compares to past mileage.

    10M for me at lunchtime, taking advantage of a day out of court.  Nice to see the sunshine and finally dip back under 8m/m for a general aerobic run (7.55m/m).  Probably my most comfortable run since the lurgy.

  • Welcome back Fingers! Get signed up onto the team fella...

    AR, a vest!!!! a vest???!!! Surely the point of having a treadmill is that you can do sessions in just your underpants - that's what I do.  Oh no, just remembered that you use a gym don't you... Best not then.

    Solid stuff Gul - the Hudson /Fitzgerald book advocates that success comes from consistency which you only get from avoiding injury.  They also suggest that it isn't mileage that gets you injured but increasing mileage so they get their athletes up to high miles as gently as possible and keep them there all year with the flex being in intensity and balancing between different kinds of sessions to bring you to a peak. Crack on - it is obviously working for you.

  • BOTF - full marks for perseverence! Hope you find somewhere soon - is there no seafront you can run along?

    AR - That is a serious session, especially on a treadmill. 

    Gul - At first I thought my computer had a virus, then I realised it was ypour training planimage. Seriously, looks pretty solid and sensible to me.

    14 miles bagged this morning @ 7:45mm. Good to get it done but I'm not going to pretend it was easy or that much fun.


  • BOTF, that sounds like a course that will get you fit in no time! 

    Sounds like your form is creeping back Jools.


    SB - what sort of injury did he get that he had to retire hurt? Presumably it wasn't anything like a spear tackle or a torn hamstring?

    Menn - I starting using Strava on my phone when my Garmin gave up tha ghost and have found it works on two counts:

    - because I've got my phone tucked away in a belt, I don't end up fretting about the pace while I'm running and I can concentrate on running to feel

    - there's a great competitive element to it as you can see how fast you've gone over a particular section compared to everyone else on Strava. For example I can see how I've done running up Box Hill and can aim to improve my overall standing. 

    The only downside is that you can't hit the lap button when you're starting a rep so you can get an accurate fix on how fast you've done that rep, but I'm prepared to make that trade off.

    FINgers - good to see you back on here and glad to hear that life is treating you well. Great that you'll be part of the Jantastic team.

    Minni - you ruthless so and so. We'll be up a mountain so not sure I'd fit the running in up there. However, with an "every problem is an opportunity" hat on, we're driving down with a stopover on the Saturday night so I reckon it'll be an early run on Saturday, doubling up in the evening followed by an early run on the Sunday and then I play my joker to double up to 6. Sorted!

    Gul - I know that you're concerned about injury but would it be worth a bit of speed work and variety in there? It's a very ambitious plan from a mileage perspective, but looks a bit samey from one week to the next. Would it be worth swapping one of the longer runs for a shorter, sharper one?

    BOTF - sounds tough going to me. Steps always sound easy but in my experience they're only easy for the first 20 or so and then it starts to get a bit messy!

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