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  • Welcome ex-pat

    You will unearth a few fossils on this thread who still pb well into the 40s / 50s. I will take myself out of the mix as I am so very young (running wise at least)

    Probably the most common plan used here is Pfitzinger & Douglas 'Advanced Marathoning'. For pacing, I typically used McMillan based on current fitness using a recent PB. 

    Hopefully you will disturb a few fossils to give you their take on pb'ing in the senior years. 

  • ex-pat, you ask about paces. I find the easiest thing is to run to effort and not pace. Some days I coast along a bit faster than 7 minutes a mile, other days I struggle to hold 8 minutes a mile. Obviously you need some sort of guides (so if you want 3:14:59 then that is 7:26 pace and if you do nothing at that pace then you won't do 26.2.

    P&D is quite simple, long runs are either with sections at MP or start out at MP+20% and come back at MP+10%. For 3:15 that is 8:55 and 8:11 and if you do a 20 miler in this manner it takes 2:51 at an average of 8:33. Look at Gul above, his run is not so far off this.

    The medium runs are done at the same sort of paces, then you have LT runs which is basically as fast as you can run for an hour.

  • Alot of good running been going on. 

    Welcome back MsE and Steve.  Will be good to see how you get on in Brighton this year.  Good luck with the sub-3 attempt.

    Good early running Gul.  Definately not telling Mrs H about planned stop to load the washing machine.  She will get ideas of men being able to multi-task!!

    Hi Ex-Pat - Stick around on here to get some good advice.  At 47 years old you are not too old to get a PB.  What sort of runs are you doing weekly at present?  Most people on here will do a mix of running at slower than race pace, a marathon pace run and a run at faster than marathon pace.  Give us a bit more info on your training and I am sure you'll get some good advice.

    First 20 miler today at an average 7.52 pace.  All at a very easy effort with the only effort being when KR caught up with me and I ran a mile with him at 7.37 pace.  Felt as though I could have carried on all day!!

  • Martin - Well done on getting in the first 2-miler - of course, it always helps when you have some quality company!

    Gul - Good miles, although I prefer not to dwell on the details...

    Ex-pat - Welcome aboard! I'm also an ex-pat (Spain) so I understand your need to talk in kms, not miles.

    Firstly, you are definitely not too old to go chasing and getting PBs. Secondly, if you put a gun to my head I would say do your long runs at 5:15-5:30, your staple 8-14km runs a tad quicker, maybe 4:50-5:00, a tempo run at 4:20-4:30 and reps of a km or more at as near to 4 or under as you can. Try to do 80-90km/week, and that's you sorted.image

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Jan 19 - Stubbington Green 10k - TR - balls out !
    Jan 19 – Helsby Half –Mennania – sub 1.22
    Jan 19 - Brass Monkey - Minni - sub 1:30 
    Feb 2 - 10K Jersey - GM - sub 40
    Feb 16 – Wrexham Half – Mennania – 79.xx 
    Feb 16 - Brighton Half - FINgers - TBC - Fitness Test
    Mar 2 - Reading Half - FINgers - TBC - Mid Long Run
    Mar 9 - Surrey Half - Lorenzo - 1:25.xx, Sporty Badger sub-1.30
    Mar 9 - Milton Keynes Half - Abbers sub-1.30
    Mar 16 Barcelona - Barry B sub 3:15 
    Mar 29 - Eco Trail de Paris 80Km - SJ - uninjured completion
    Apr 6 - Brighton Mara - FINgers – TBC - Sporty Badger sub-3.20
    Apr 6 – Paris mara – Mennania – Sub 3
    Apr 6 – Manchester mara – knight rider – Sub 3
    Apr 13 - VLM - PMJ - 2.4x, Ant - sub 3, Bike It - 3:14:59, Lorenzo sub 3:10, Minni - 3:12, Abbers, Poacher - TBA, AR - get past 16 miles
    May 11 - Fred Whitton Challenge - SJ - no crashes
    May 31 - Kent Roadrunner - Gul Darr sub 3:15
    May 31 - Stockholm - SJ - sub 3:15 with match retention
    Jun 1 - Comrades - Poacher
    Jun 1 - Comrades - Bike It  sub 8:20
    Jun 1 - Walled city marathon - Leslie H
    Jun ? - Swim length of Ullswater - SJ - no drowning
    July - Thunder Run - Minni
    July 27 - Outlaw - SJ - 10:xx
    October - Yorkshire marathon - Minni TBC
    October 26 - Frankfurt - SJ - sub 3

  • I'm an ex-expat so I switched back to miles and can't understand km any more. Ex-pat, here is a thread with a V50 woman aiming for a marathon PB:

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Minni - you couldn't post that in a CC stylie husky voice could you ?

    Martin - thats a good place to be already

    Gul - I load the machine and set it running before early morning bikes and runs too, so its all done when the SPO gets up.

    90min hard turbo done, thats quite a few hard days in a row, good job tomorrow is just an easy run (all 20M of it ! ).


  • Ex pat - not too old although being 47 and a woman you will have to work a bit harder to get that time but go for it image

    Gul - Nice long run.

    Parkrun for me this morn again , warned at the start about ice and they were right this time , some of it I had to run on the grass as we were all over the place slipping swapped the lead most of the way but after halfway went as hard as I could ice or not to take the lead  but was overtaken at about 2.75 mile but held on for second place and only 4 secs behind the winner and a new pb so cant complain .Time was 19:12 image

     End of the week and 60 miles covered , highest for a long time.  

  • welcome ex-pat,

    nothing to report today so far although Going out with buggy later for a 5 easy miles.

    wed 8 easy miles and 6 yesterday with 4 @ 6:53mm average, done am! first for me this year!

    well done Leslie 2nd place in a parkrun is great! best I've done is 5th! although it was a really small field! will try and get one done over the next few weeks and try and get that elusive sub 20! I'm 4 secs off at the moment!image

    TR- good milage! your really going for it, enjoy those 20 easy tomorrow? If there is such a thing! image

  • Small field here too Rich due to the time of year and it was bloody cold , all the fasties stayed away too as im usually about 5th too . I was stuck at 20 mins for a while too you will get there , I've been around 19:35 for months now things just went right today image

  • What's a washing machine?
  • Great stuff Leslie! I can only imagine what it must be like to be in the lead at a race! Hope you milked that second place for all it was worth.

    Good to see TR putting his feet up at the weekends...

    Ex-pat - As the weeks pass I think you should also start including chunks of your running at MP, which for sub-3:15 is 4:36, more or less. It's a real confidence booster to do, say, 6 miles @ MP at the end of a long run. Conventional wisdom has it that to feel confident about reaching as maratón target you should do at least 5 runs of 32kms or more (up to a máximum of 35-36kms) over the 16-odd-week period before your race.

    In short, do your easy running easy and your hard running hard!

    Have I left anything out?

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭
    Welcome ExPat

    Nice work Leslie

    Parkrun for me this morning. My boy ran for the first time with his barcode. He ran/walked to 1.25 miles, then a bit of a rest in the bailout buggy. A more running from 2 miles then again for the last 400m. Big cheers at the finish he got. He's 4. He loved it
  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Ex-Pat - Welcome, I won't be giving you any mara advice as I am a novice but would say that you can defo pb still with the right training and preparation. Where are you based and what is your next marathon?

    Gul - Nice miles but not sure I could multi task like that. I am not allowed near the washing machine in our abode, fine by me!image

    Leslie - That's a great time for a parkrun and a new big pb too. Like you I was stuck on 19:30 for a year for 5k, then this year broke 19 in two 5k races so you're heading in the right diection. Wel done! I came second once in an 8k race but the guy who won it finished two minutes ahead of me, the only chance I had of beating him was if he tripped over and injured himself.

    TR - Are you running VLM? Can't see it on the list if you are. Good luck with the 20 miler tomorrow!

    AR - Eventful 8 miler!

    Rich - Sub 20 is only a matter of time. Nice 6 miler there.

    Martin - That's a decent 20 miler.

    Lit - Did I read that correctly, you used to use metric but now you use the imperial method??? Where did you come from then? I thought you were from Notts.

    Beautiful sunny day today for a run along the south coast promenade. I would say conditions were almost near perfect, 10c with a light variable sea breeze. Set off for an unplanned 8 miler and legs felt good so set myself a target of 7:15 pace. 1st mile w/u 7:30 and sped up each mile and was mighty pleased to see the clock at the end and it read 55:22, so avg 6:55 pace for the eight miles. Can't recall ever running sub 7mm miles in an 8 mile training run before, maybe 7:5/10's but not that quick. Something just clicked and floated for 6 miles or so and only felt hard in the last mile or so but was running 6:30ish pace. Looking forward to tomorrow's LSR as I've got two ladies for company and both are good runners so will be fun.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Welcome ex-pat. I PB's 2 years ago aged 49 (2:59:44)- still smiling at that (everyone else here is yawning though). AR, you are a cheeky young pup! Must say though, this thread is the place to be- helped me a lot to get to that peak.

    Leslie H, similar story at our parkrun (Whitley Bay), like an ice rink today. 19:03 for me and 3rd. It was a record field of 303 but missing many of the fasties. I seem to be going backwards leaking about 10 seconds per week. 

    Martin H- well done on 20 miles, I'm nowhere near that at the moment. Which mara are you aiming at- seems a bit soon to be doing 20 for VLM? 

    Durham relays tomorrow- my first cross country for a couple of years. Should be fun.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    TR - I was lying in the bath when I said that but if you want a husky voice too I can arrange it. 

    Thought Ex-pat was going to be Ex-pat Scot. Remember him. 

    Ex-pat - you're not too old to pb - I'm not much younger and pb'ing still.  More tomorrow... 


  • That's 5 easy today done in 40. Gotta do 10k tomorrow in the same time image 


  • Gerard - I am British but used to live in France, which is where I started doing enough running to care about things like how far I was going and how long it was taking me.

    OO-50 - my schedule doesn't think it's too early to do a 20 for VLM tomorrow morning...

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I've already done 4 or 5 20s but a bit of a holiday tomorrow with only 16 on the schedule. 

  • Never too early to bag another 20, im just building up to it slowly image

    00-50 - dont worry about going backwards as long as you can stay upright on the ice

    Rich- if you can bag a 40 min 10k tomorra , a 20 min 5k should be in the bag very soon after-no excuses.image

  • Slacking on holiday Minni ? Tut tut

    OO, bragging rights for a sub 3 are eternal. Keep at it, I bloody would!

    welcome exPat image Get the work in and you can definitely PB. A running buddy of mine PBd with a 2:58 aged 59 so you've got no excuseimage

    Good brick session including 5x10s hill sprints at 10% incline on the tready followed by a solid effort swim last night. After dropping one of my boys at Uni today I finally worked out how to attach my Xmas cadence sensor onto my bike (god bless YouTube) so went out for a very hilly 20 mile ride around Cartmel Fell - not fast but worked hard. 12 mile hilly fell run is planned for tomorrow morning which will make 5 runs in one, yes one week! Amazing!! First time in maybe 12 months. image

  • By the way Gul, that was a stupidly early run today. Nice one.

  • Moving fast on here today and plenty of good running as well.

    Only just calmed down after reading all of Minni's suggestions! 

    Far too early Gul - I presume you're already back in bed in anticipation of another early start tomorrow.

    Big welcome to Ex-pat - never too late for a PB: I'm now a V45 and managed PBs at 5K, half mara and mara last year. 

    Sounds like a fun session SJ.

    Good luck tomorrow Rich26

    No time to post yesterday but managed 6 miles with 15 x 1 min at HMP(ish) first thing yesterday and then a nice relaxed 8 miler this morning with only the one calf-high puddle to wade through.  16 mile progressive planned for tomorrow morning.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Ant - I've been planing and sanding my porch doors this afternoon too, now the rain has stopped swelling them up. Could be an achey run tomorrow.

    GM - yes to VLM, there's another two 10k and a 10M race before then though. Dont want to be temptning fate by filling the list up.

    Minni - flipping heck ! I need a cold shower !

  • Welcome to Ex-pat and welcome back to Steve

    Lit, were you at the North Mids today? I didn't see you. Can't say I enjoyed it, still too unfit to race properly, but did enough to secure my place on the winning team and had to wait around for hours (literally) to collect my trophy. 

    20 miles for me tomorrow too.

  • I went to spectate but I didn't run. We didn't have any other women out anyway so I didn't feel guilty. I did cheer you on from the sidelines though!

  • CNBA to run this morning as I had a very late night on a rearranged xmas booze up with a few pals and family life got in the way for the rest of the day.

    I didn't want to let the team down on the first week and more importantly avoid a bollicking from our Captain, so I've just got back from an easy 5 miler......Phew rollackin avoided!


  • Ah, I probably heard you then Lit. I heard my name a lot, but most of the time couldn't see a thing as the sun was in my eyes. 

    Moof - nicely saved!

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Lit - Ex ex-pat, sorry didn't get that 1st time round.

    TR - What's the target for VLM or are you undecided as yet? You posted some pretty tasty pb's in the past year.

    Rich - Good luck tomorrow!

  • cheers, Gerard. On tired legs it's gonna be a push! image

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