Sub 3h15



  • Lorenzo, yes, Stockholm is very popular with Finns and I've run it once. Won't be doing it this year as I have other commitments on that day.

  • well that was mega tough!!!

    10k in 40mins, just by a second! New P.B by nearly 2 mins! doesn't count as was only me in training!

    training is working and going well! Thanks guys for all your support so far it's really paying off!

    off to jantastic to log run!

  • Ran 17.4 yesterday in 2:38. Main aim was to get 2:30 done, so mission accomplished. Not as quick as many on here, but 1250 feet up hill (and down I suppose) and 10 miles of mud kept it slow.

    Looking forward to the Stubbington 10k next week, was down that way today, hope it isn't quite as windy.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    PMJ - said "There is a theory it takes about 8 years to get good at something, so you should improve for 8 years if you start late"  
    fits quite neatly - 10k PB 8 years after I started - unfortunately never really ran the marathon I maybe should have - plenty of fun trying though ! 
    ex-pat - "Ran HM pb in 2011 and my 2nd fastest marathon to date (just minute from my pb)"  now, that is relevant - those are quite recent, and you've not battered yourself in 2012 & 2013, so you have a chance, I would say !  

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    XC was uneventful for me but a nice mornng out on a frosty course. No results yet and I ran without a watch. Topped that up with 5 on the beech this evening skipping with my nordic poles. 2 hours effort today, not too shabby....

    I'm well off the pace here with you guys though and really must pull my finger out this week.

  • Well done Speedy in the XC,

    ...and Rich26 on the nearly PB - at least you know you'll be good for it come race day - now just need to race!

    8 years - mmm, I started running marathons in 2005, with an aspiration to run sub 3:15. I finally achieved that last year - at VLM13... By my maths therefore it's all down hill now!

    Talking of hills - finally got out for my "long" run today. Seeing as I only moved into this area 2days before my last marathon I've not had a chance to check out any routes of any great length yet... So today I thought I'd set out up the nearest foot path and see where it took me. 14miles through muddy fields and steep hills is where. Hey ho, character building I guess!

    Anyway, pleased with that - because although slow and not particularly long I felt strong throughout and would have been happy to push on for another 2 or 3. Not bad considering that's about 4 longer than anything I've run since VLM.

    And it brought up 52 miles for the week.

  • Where did that list go? I really must add myself in. 

    20 for me today. The long runs are getting easy, it's just the faster stuff that isn't coming together yet. 

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Hello ExPat.  I'm not far behind you at (look away gents) 40 and live in California where there are plenty of masters runners who are in great shape.  From what I can gather, how well they continue to run seems to lie in how they address their recovery and strength/flexibilty which are all more important as we age.  Certainly, I am a member of a team where there are a lot of sub-3 masters runners and some even aiming for the Olympic Trials standard of / around sub-2:43 for the marathon.  I have come to realise you can focus too much on running for running's sake whereas it is also to do with what else you are doing with your body.  I overlooked the rest/fueling aspect and came a cropper with a serious Achilles injury in 2012 and am still trying to come back from that after a year on the bench.  Clearly, I am all about recovery/strength/flexilibity etc now!

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    The 8 year thing is not far off, I waited till year 10 of running to knock off swathes of PBs age 50 and have been like Brian the Snail's more lethargic brother ever since. Analysis from Birch is spot on.

    Welcome back Fingers, Steve

    Good miles from many, it will pay off.

    Finland has such a great history in distance running, presumably there is a cultural legacy from that.

    40m for the week, modest but getting back into stride after a brutal December.

    Onward, upward.
  • A couple if easy miles D&D this morning , now for a read back on the train...
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Sounds promising FINgers, there'll be plenty more new routes to discover. Best way to get to know a new place.

  • Sorry, another quick visit. Hi to Steve.
    10 miles inc. 10x100m strides @ 8:13 m/m d&d.

  • Lorenzo - hope no damage done

    Rich - Nice landmark reached!

    I haven't been racing for 8 years as yet so It seems there is more to come!

    Good miles being racked up by all.

    15 with 2 x4m at MP of 6.26 punctuated by a hill, 1200ft climb in total made for a tough session. I much preferred this run to the 20 mile death march of last week.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Some great running from many going on as usual.  

    My decline continues - 13.4 miles this morning at 9:25 pace. Just when I thought I couldn't get any slower, I get proved wrong.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I've been running for almost 14 years but I'm still pb'ing.  I'd say I've only been focused training for the last 3 or 4 years though. 

    Did 5 miles early doors but can't seem to log it on Jantastic yet. Its a double day so another few after work.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Blimey. Must be some mara training going on or something, the number of posts since Friday evening!

    Welcome ExPat.

    Some really impressive long running going on from a large number of threadites, with 20s for Martin, TR, Speedy and Birch, and varying other LSRs from SB, FINgers, Leslie, Lorenzo, Minni and Ant. Although not so slow in Ant's case; good one to get in the bag.

    A good weekly CV total from Jools, and other solid running from AR and GM, plus XC exploits from OO, PMJ and Speedy (congrats on the team bling). And of course, the usual early morning miles from Gul!

    Well done to Leslie and OO on the parkrun podiums, and to BI Jr for bagging a parkrun at the tender age of 4!

    SJ - sorry to hear of your fall. How are you feeling now?

    Rich, well done on sticking to the schedule and hitting the sub-40 10k. Keep at it!

    TR - we've been put in County 4 North for 2014, which is where I thought we'd be, so trips up to Alton, Newbury & other venues somewhere along the A34 & M3, rather than Forest/Southampton/Portsmouth based. So won't be bumping into your lads, which may be just as well given what you've said about their talents! image

    An easy 5 for me on Saturday, and then a slightly slippery early 15 yesterday. Given this is my maiden mara campaign, every long run from here on in marks new territory in terms of distance covered. 44 for the week.

  • First off, thanks for welcome back messages, surprised I was remembered to be fair! also, forgotten how quickly this thread moves!

    Gul: Nice Long ‘un
    Martin: Excellent 20 at a good pace.
    Bike It: I want to get my little boy into running at a parkun, but was worried he was too young, was he OK with it? He enjoy it?
    Speedy: Great XC and 20, I share the same issue, long runs no probs, but nothing doing at a faster pace.
    Ant: Great work on the Long, not so slow run, I chickened out of doing any MP when it appeared in P&D last week!
    PMJ: Good XC to end a good mileage week
    Birch: Nice 20.
    Lorenzo: Hilly 18.5 sounds like fun!, top work
    Rich26: New PB is always a bonus, next step, sub 40..

    I did 54 for the week (over 5 runs) as missed a session due to Lurgy. Including a 21 Mile LSR at 7:59 M/M, last time I went that long was VLM 2011!. Felt OK and my legs are fine today.

    Is anyone on here on Strava?

  • P.s Monday is now my favourite day of the week..

    Rest day!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Poacher/TAR/OO and others.  Coastal Run entries open at 12.01 Saturday 18th.  Its on 20th July this year but with a later start time of 13:30 due to the tides.

  • SteveC1975, nice 21 but looking at the route, not very inspirational; big chunk on the A127 which isn't a nice road. Do you find it OK doing such?

    With my back to front weeks I did my long run this morning. P&D have a recovery week with 12 to goal but I had two small weeks over Christmas an New Year so am repeating last week so an 18 thins morning. Came out to be 18 @ 7:18 pace: it is supposed to be a bit slower and a bit more structured with a pick up at the end but too many runners to chase from mile 6 so I ended up doing 9 fastish in the middle rather than at the end. Route was out along the Thames to London Bridge, then back along the embankment (VLM miles 23 to 25) before a cut back thorugh the parks to the office.

    Fast bit was 9 @ 7:05 and slow bit 9 @ 7:31.

    20 members in the jantastic team, so we are on the border of medium to large. Looks like 19 people have logged 100% of their runs, looks good.



  • PMJ: Great 18 and a good pace, I run quite a few of the same routes at lunchtimes, there is always lots of runners to 'race'!

    My 21 miler route is not exactly a sightseeing tour, but it's generally free of people and its just about getting it done with the least time out from the family, i.e. I can't really travel to somewhere nice to run!

  • Hi Peeps,

    Sorry about the dash through earlier - was on the train and I was desperate to, just once, get on the boards before Gul and before I lost signal...

    Steve - I had a chuckle at the weekend when listening to a slightly dated episode of Tony's Trials, where he gears himself up to take on the P&D 18week schedule.... day 1..... Rest.

    I see that most of us have logged this weeks Jantastic now.... looking good guys! Go Team!

    As I started a little late on a formal 18week plan, I've spent the morning adapting a Paula Radcliffe 18week Fast Marathon  plan from This Bookso that it's now only a 12 week plan. Lots of cutting and gluing and I think that I've got the semblance of a good progression to Brighton. I had good success with the 18 week plan last time out (it's pretty tough) so hoping for some success again.

    I'll try and work out how I can post my plan here - and would welcome any comment...

    My 12 Week Paula Plan

    Happy running y'all!


  • Oh, and what that plan doesn't include is the minimum of 2.75 miles that I have to do each morning to catch the train....

  • Good runs form Abbers , stevec and Phillip, I dont bother chasing down faster runners now as a lot of runs are easy recovery runs but i have done in the past image

    I thought there might be an age limit on parkruns for kids , might get my 6 year old in training if there isnt .image

    Last day off so cranked out a 12.5 miler with 2x10 sec hill sprints throw in where I found a steep enough hill.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭


    SteveC1975 wrote (see)


    Bike It: I want to get my little boy into running at a parkun, but was worried he was too young, was he OK with it? He enjoy it?

    My son loves running and often starts running when we are out and about instead of walking.  He's previously done Parkrun on his bike or scooter so he had some introduction to it.  I've also done a few runs of over a mile with him and longer scoots of up to 6 miles.

    He runs about 11:00m/m and has a running range of about 800m and thereafter he runs a bit, walks a bit. I don't think he has the endurance to run the whole way around at this stage. I pushed my daughter around in the buggy and it has an extension at the back.  He wanted it after 1.25 miles.  Totally I think he ran/walked around 1.7 to 2 miles. There are quite a few parent/child runners at the back end of the field and a lots of them are doing a run/walk.

    I did check separately with 2 of the Parkrun organizers and they are not fussed that he doesn't run all the way - it's more about participation to them. He loves it and I'm sure I'll have a weekly request to go there.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Bit of a x-post earlier while I was catching up, so missed solid runs from Menn, BI and the first installment of Minni's double.

    Sounds like it's coming back nicely SteveC, like you've never been away!

    Good not-at-all competitive 18 from PMJ.

    Nice way to spend some of your day off Leslie!

    So FINgers, where did your weekend longer run take you? Curious whether I could incorporate some of it into my lunchtime training if the opportunity presents itself.

    4 easy recovery ones ticked off.

  • Abbers - Basically, it was across the fields and over the hill from Otterbourne to Hursley. Across the road there, past IBM and then up the hills again to Farley Mount, round the Monument and then back home via Hursley and the Long Mile....

    Oh, and it did feel like a long mile - it felt more like 2.5 miles with a slog up Otterbourne Hill at the end.

    Good run though, even if a bit wet and boggy in places.

  • Feeling much better thanks Abbers - I'm not even on any kind of drugs! I thinking sitting in a figure of 4 stretch with a hard ball digging into my butt cheek whilst watching Sherlock last did the trick. I even got up early and knocked out some hill sprints this morning.

    Great to see the thread offspring starting their racing careers but if the 8 year rule stands then they'll be peaking in their early teens!

    Fingers, plenty of weights sessions in your plan - what would they consist of ?


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    FINgers - ah yes, the joys of Farley Mount! Used to run up there myself, but approaching from a different direction, when we lived in Romsey. Sounds like a pleasant route, especially when it dries out a bit.

    SJ - good to hear there's no lasting damage. Bet the pooch was in trouble for a while though!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - good one on the 20 and being through the 100M barrier already for January, I should make it Wednesday or Thursday.

    PMJ - nice one on the 18 on a school day.

    Abbers - shame if you are North then, if my eldest plays 2nds it'll be county div3 south, if he plays 3rds its more local anyway. he is only 16 but they are aiming him at the 2nd's which he wants as its a better standard and better wickets (and he's a bat). He has had a decent indoor season for them (even though he plays lower league as he's 16 and they are a big club) so fingers crossed (checkout the South East Hants indoor cricket league website sometime). My younger lad plays for the local rivals !

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