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  • Flipping heck Gul, I'm just about to get dressed and go out for my 18!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    PMJ - Beetroot juice.   The idea is you take about 300ml daily for about 5 days pre race (Ruth, Asics nutritionist).  She said that there's not been enough research yet to prove its safe to take daily throughout training so better to save it for the big races.  However, when I mentioned this to a scientist recently he said that taking it for only a few days would make no difference at all and you'd need to take it for weeks or months for it to have an affect.  But I should also mention that he'd never heard of the beetroot studies at all even though he works in the sports field!

    As everything, I take it if I feel like a PB maybe on and don't want to leave anything to chance.  It doesn't do me any harm and it MIGHT do me some good.   image

    HERE is a good article.  


  • If you can't stand the beetroot, SiS do nitrate gels. Similar advice is to load 3 - 5 days pre race. A fairly palatable peach. Tried them at NY marathon. Not sure if I will use again.

  • Flippin eck Gul - you don't give your pixies much of a lie in

  • And I was feeling pretty chuffed with getting 5 easy in this morning before my Sat morning work stint.
  • Managed to take my daughter swimming this morning although not much exercise done as only managed 6 lengths, although swinging her around the pool for 30 mins was a great workout on it's own!(its not quite 18 milesimage)

    Got a 16 miler today so heading out in about an hour. Fine day for it!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Phew I'm in the Coastal.

    Always welcome a new local race Minni- especially a 1/2 M which we are short of oop North. But looks to me like one of those that will cost £30+ and attract tourist runners.

    Parkrun went OK and came 4th but new nemesis beat me again in a close finish. Awful conditions and no watch so await results. I'll guess 18:40 


  • Hi- Long runs going well but any ideas on refuelling during the marathon?

    Did Edinburgh marathon 2010 in 3.33 and it was really hot on the day. Had diluting juice during it and a few jelly babies. Tailed off at the end as felt sick.

    Don't tend to eat during half marathons- just juice.

    Did NYC marathon 2011 in 3hr25 and really steady until the last 3 miles. diluting juice worked well carried in hand held bottle. Only managed 5 jelly babies again and felt I probably didn't get nutrition right that day either.

    Thoughts? (am 5ft 1 and 52ish kg)

  • Mairi, the trick with refuelling is to train and race the same way. During your training you will do some long runs and you should plan to refuel in the same manner on these runs as the race itself. All the big races will have maps of water stations, gel stations and Lucozde stations etc.

    I found out like SIS gels (not too runny and not too solid) so actually carry a few in a gel belt. I am fine with water so am happy to pick up water from stations and so don;t have to carry any.

    At this early stage I am not taking water or gels on my long runs as it trains the body to find fuels from elsewhere.

  • Thanks for the beet stuff, I will try and report back.

    Interestingly enough, Andy Jones from the University of Exeter lectured daughter #1 who studied sports science at Exeter so I may see if I can get an inside line.

  • 4 miles at 7pm last night which cost me some pace in todays parkrun I think but needs must so with 3 warmup and one cooldown gives me 65 miles for the week

    .No offical time yet but 3rd place and  I was well of last weeks pb and legs felt heavy but gave it 100% the last 0.1 miles which if garmin can be believed says I covered at 5.11/mile pace , I knew it was the fastest id ever went anyway as the finish funnel started to become a blur and I was breathing like a steam engine .image

    Another amazingly early run Gul dont know how you do it .image As for the beetroot joice I think I will pass for now sounds too much like a weight loss stategy to me .

    00-50- cracking time for a parkrun. image

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    With beetroot juice I found you have to factor in time loss for clenching butt checks together due to 'GI stress' and portaloo stops.  As usual try it in training first to see if there is a benifit for you.....

    I don't think I'm the type to be a hotelier Minni - people wanting things 24 hours a day, constantly tidying up,..

    Interesting to see what Ant has written about the NB1080v3 over the last few days - only using them for fast workouts and has bought Saucony Triumph 10, which was the previous shoe I used before the NB1080v3.  I've found that some of my current issues seem to be pointing shoewards as I have very sore ankles after this mornings LSR.  So I've decided to ditch those shoes and continue for me search for the Holy Grail of running shoes

    18.x miles from me this morning. The first 11miles were OK but then lost energy. Even factoring out the shoes, the last miles were horrible and I took a few walking breaks up some undulations.  When I came home, my wife suggested I give up running as it is supposed to be enjoyable.  I told her that  if I am to succeed I must first fail.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    PMJ - be warned your pee will be red!

    mairi - personally both diluting juice and jelly babies would make me feel ill so wouldn't have either.  I'm another for SIS gels mainly because you don't need to take them with water.  I only drink water and take what's en route so don't carry a bottle.  As PMJ said the SIS fit nicely into a gel belt or I stuff them in my bra!


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    lol moof just read your post regarding the phone!

    Nice long runs BI, Gul, and well done on the parkruns OO and Leslie. 

    Leslie - what pace did you run at last night?  7 very easy miles would have been fine but I bet you didn't run them that easy...?!!image


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    10M for me this morning.  A fairly modest 8.14m/m but that was a relief nonetheless: I'd tried to do the same run yesterday evening after a long and stressful day and converted it into a 5M recovery run as I was struggling to break 8.45m/m!

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Coastal race entered - see you there Minni & OO

  • Minni - the 4 miles were av 8:22 so not too bad , the problem was ive just finished 4 12 hr shifts last night at 7pm  and did 8 miles every night after each one , up at 6:15 every morn doesnt help recovery unless you are Gul of course who thrives on it .image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lol! True.

  • Some good long runs being poated already. Seems like 18 is thw magic number this week. Gul you are amazing with your early doors long runs!

    Well done on your park run OO and leslie.

    I did 11 this morning with 3.1 miles in the middle at 6.30 pace (parkrun). 18 planned for tomorrow which should take me to 63 for the week

    It's not only wee that turns pink from beetroot juice!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Official parkrun time was 18:34 which sneaks me WAVA 80%- been below that for a while, so well chuffed. Good time for the conditions and only 20 secs behind the winner.

    Agree with PMJ, I don't take gels until my long runs go near 20 miles. I must have a good constitution, I haven't found a brand of gel or energy drink I can't stomach, so I take what ever is cheap or free on the courseimage 

    Let us know your time Leslie H

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    After 20's on each of last two weekends, cut back to 16 today. It was horrible. Maybe as a result of having to do last week's 20 a day late (on Sunday), and Thursday's 11 with 5 x 1K efforts, the legs just felt tired and stiff today. Rained the whole way too. First few miles off-road and steadily uphill, then tarmac; miles 8 - 10 were along a particularly stony trail which ended with a sea of ankle deep mud for about 500 metres. Had an expletive-ridden tantrum here (amused my companions), then plodded the last few miles back. 64 for the 7 days from last Sunday, although my running week is Mon-Sun, so will be in low 50's for this week after tomorrow's run.

    Some top running done already, I see.  

    Regards all

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    x-post - great result OO - 80% WAVA very satisfying.  Well done image

    (as an aside, I've never taken a gel, and many of my (for me) reasonable maras were achieved in races with only water available)

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I only started with gels a few years ago Birch. I seem to burn energy faster than most and it definitely helps me at least. Just turned 51 a few weeks ago- so the 80% WAVA got a little bit easier.  

  • Good WAVA there OO. Sill start time there Gul but kudos.

    I don't find gels disagree with me but I tried things like jelly babies and at dinner time, a handful of jelly babies is easy but running I find them hard to get down (I breathe through my mouth so the close to chew is hard). With gels, they come in various thicknesses and some are too liquid and some too solid.

  • We'll done on the time, the podium placing and the WAVA score OO!

    Beetroot seems to work for me (even if only psychological) but it is revolting and I really can't be doing with gagging back vomit 3 times per day for the week before a race.

    Impressive dialling action Moof.

    Excellent long running already this weekend. I might try one myself tomorrow (well, maybe 13...)

    I've just entered a marathon! Trail26 in Grizedale forest on 23rd Feb. Should be fun image 

  • For fuelling I'm another one using SiS on race day, and occasionally cliff shot bloks (strawberry - yum).

    My advise on testing these, is to try them at  race pace. What works at an easy pace might not be so digestible at  marathon pace,

    8.5M  this am up and over some hills in a spritely pace. First LR tomorrow in the plan which wii be run at an easier pace.

    More great results OO

    SJ - get those SiS nitrate gels and enjoy the power off swiss chard 

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    Is chard full of nitrates? I grow loads of the stuff - perhaps it would juice down with the beetroot into a PB-guaranteeing superfood. Or just make users throw up.

  • My Garmin 205 / 305 cradle has died. I have two cradles and now only one works. I used to have one in the office and one at home so no great panic but if anyone has, or knows of, a dead 205/305 which has a working cradle, please let me know. I can find them on ebay for about £10 + p&p so am happy to pay up to that.

  • I use the Beet It shots and keep them in the fridge. They're down in a second and when chilled you can't really taste how vile the stuff is. Only for 3 or 4 days before a key race though, they ain't cheap,

  • That's me done my Sunday run today. Felt really good today the training is obviously paying off.

    16 @ 7:53mm average or in 2:06image good for me and feeling strong!

    going see about getting some beetroot juice! I'm sold! Might try it 5 days before my last long run and see if it agrees with the stomach.

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