Sub 3h15



  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    More well-toughed long 'uns today - yes, Ant - your run sounds just like mine which I posted about y'day - as KR says 
    "you sometimes question why you are there in the rain and cold running" 
    although I always say distance running doesn't build character; it reveals it . . . .
    notwithstanding my grumpiness on y'day's run of course!  
    Right, I'd better get out on my 6 mile steady - thin gloves today (cold but fine here), and quagmires to be avoided  . . .

  • Stubbington 10k today - always a class race. Ran the first 8k in bang on 32 mins and pushed on to dip under 39:30. Did a couple of miles either side to make it a 10 miler. With a sub-90 half before Christmas, form and confidence is good - just need to convert it into the longer distances - easier said than done me thinks!!!
  • 00-51 - I did look on parkrun website but the results were not up till 10pm , poor really when last week was about 2 hrs after the run finished,I know they are volunteers so fair play to them but worse they have me down in 4th place when I was definately 3rd as I usally race the guy who was 2nd and followed him in.3rd was 19:43 (same as my garmin time) which was me but im down as 20.11.wasnt a pb like last week so doesnt matter as much.Enough of my bitchin'

    Ant -good fast run.
    00-51 good run and first 50 week that will slow you down at the parkrun image

    KR - its always tough after 10 miles in a half ,I near collapsed after the last one and was in a lot of pain from 2 miles before that and had to trash the legs of myself to go sub90.You have got to hang on when it gets tough.

    Sandy nice 10k looks like sub 3:15 is there for the taking now.

    For me this morn 18 miles @8:21 average with 5 miles at 7:45(3 in the middle and 2 at the end)  to liven things up a bit , fair bit of ice about in places too.image

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Minni - well ?

  • Jan 19 - Stubbington Green 10k - TR - balls out !
    Jan 19 – Helsby Half –Mennania – sub 1.22
    Jan 19 - Brass Monkey - Minni - sub 1:30 

    What about you TR ? , minni is probally extending her run to 20 miles out of habit so she will be a while yet image

  • Leslie H wrote (see)

    00-51 - I did look on parkrun website but the results were not up till 10pm , poor really

    If you write in, they will refund your feeimage

    I have to admit to watching the numbers and you saying yours not in was good as I had confidence it would go over 60k and it is 61,431.

    XC today, done as part of a 63 mile week so no fireworks but scored for the team and we should have won the league so happy with that.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Struggled a bit myself today, nothing major, just a bit flat and tired (but I was smoked in the week to be fair). I had expected to run 35:30 ish and managed 35:59 on my watch, so solid enough esp with 18:15 at 1/2 way (think the 2nd 1/2 is faster though). However, I'm not the first to have a tired build up race and certainly wont be the last. Bigger picture and all that !

  • Philip they already allow me to stand near the front , bit like Samir's elite start so I couldnt possibly ask for anymore  , well done on the Xcimage

    Tr- nice racing but high mileage does slow you up for sure but mara comes first.image

  • XC for me today on tired legs. It's the low level league that I won last time out. Only managed 2nd today as a young whippersnapper from the uni had way more speed than me on the (relatively) flat bits. I was right on her heels on the technical descents though. Novel for me, I'm rubbish at downhill! 

    One more recovery run to do this afternoon for my Jantastic total. 

  • Quick post as on phone. 1.20.56 for my efforts today on a not really as flat as they would have you believe Course which is a 90+sec pb.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Check in from phone.  DNF I'm afraid. Feck. More later. 

  • Great half Mennania, a nice chunk off your PB. Have you got another HM in a month or so. Definitely on for a sub 80.

    Well done on your 10k TR, that's a very decent time.

    Nice effort from you too Sandy.

    Well done all for getting the long runs in.

    16 for me today at 8.15 pace, it was a bit of a slog.
  • Sorry to hear that Minni.
  • Oh no, what happened Minni? 

    Great run Mennania!

    Now, who is Matt Harrison? Get your runs logged for Jantastic!!! 0% is not acceptable.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Gosh mini! Is that a 10k TR? Another great one Menn....just off to Geneva image
  • Tough but fair Speedy, name and shame em.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Well done Mennania and TR on your pbs.

    Hope all is ok, Minni.

  • Looks as though I've missed a lot of high quality mileage.  Everyone progressing nicely this early in the year.

    Ant - Sounds more like English weather you had to endure this morning!!

    Well done OO on a long day and long week.

    Good racing Sandy and TR (despite you being flat still faster than I have ever ran 10K).

    Excellent HM Mennania.

    Also some good XCing form others.

    Been training new starters at work all week so not had time to catch up on the week on here.  Coupled with decorating and I've ended up run down and have managed to catch a cold.  16.5m yesterday with 6m at ave 6.31 pace was a bit too much and I struggled with the last couple of slow miles.  Mentally I just seemed to struggle which is not like me. Still, 48 miles for a cutback week is a lot for me.

    Hope everything is OK Minni and your DNF is not too serious.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Hope you're not injured badly, Minni?

    Accidentally ran 16 miles yesterday instead of 15. Plan said do a 15 at LSR but I mixed my routes up and went the extra mile.
    My hip problem was annoying me again but strangely felt better when I went a tad quicker, so ended up with 16 miles at 7.52 pace.

    Legs felt very strong and hip didn't hurt as much after the run as it did last week. Still need to be careful but at least I'm getting quality sessions in rather than quantity of sessions.


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    OO - yes 10k,

    CC - thats Matt The Rat

    Martin - sounds like a solid run after a tough week, MP at the end of long runs is tough. I have a training course this week that will get in the way a bit and means reduced training time, but thats life for you.

    well done Menn, bodes well

    so is Minni injured then ?

  • Great result Menna, that is a nice chunk off the PB

    Feeling flat and you pull out sub 36 TR. Surely it is time to end the streak and go for sub 2:50?

    Hope Minni is ok


  • Cracking racing from TR and Menna. Hope Minni is still in one piece.

    Impressive Sunday LSRs as usual and some being ground out in a characterful way by the sounds of it. Always inspiring.

    It was the running club blind race today - start any time you like over a very hilly 10k route sans wristwatch and whoever crosses the line closest to 12noon wins. Second place for me with 12:00:51. Winner was 40s in front of me - everyone else was under a minute behind me so it made for an interesting cat and mouse finish in the final half a mile. Celebrated by adding on another 4miles including 2 miles at HMP round and round the local football pitch.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    So, is Minni injured then?  I bloody hope not.

    Brief background - I've had an on-going hip thing (don't really know what it is) for ages now.  No amount of physio has made any difference.  Had an xray and everything is fine (in fact I look quite good on the insideimage ) and going through shortwave therapy at the moment on the NHS.  The GP gave me a strong NSAID a couple of months ago when it was particularly bad and that really helped.

    Its worse when I'm not running so much - running seems to keep it under control, odd I know.

    So this week has been a cutback ahead of today's race and the hip started niggling on Wednesday.  Phoned the GP and managed to get more drugs that I started taking on Friday night.  I hoped that would keep it at bay.

    Onto the race today.  Everything felt fine.  I decided that I would start off sub 7 mins but not too fast and then try to wind it up from half way.  First few miles were fine: first mile 6:49 then the next 4 @ 6:55.  I felt fine then quite suddenly my left leg started to feel dead and heavy.  Slight panic set in but carried on.  There it was again.  This happened a couple of times and then I started to feel cramp in my quad.   I've had this occasionally in the past but always towards the end of a race when I've gone off too fast, and not for a couple of years.  I decided to stop and stretch.  That didn't help.  Fell back and jogged along until a friend caught up with me and I ran a bit with her but it was still not right.  Fell back again then tried one last time before thinking its not worth it. 

    Turned back and jogged back to the start/finish.  It felt better after a couple of miles slow jogging and I caught up with said friend on her way back and did another couple of miles with her but it wasn't right.

    Now my butt feels tight and sore but not really painful.

    I should have read the warning signs earlier in the week and got the foam roller out and done some stretching, but I didn't.  I should have thought this could be a problem and opted for trainers rather than flats, but I didn't.

    I think stopping when I did has prevented injury and I'm confident this will not set me back.  But, its really made me think I need to be a lot better at stretching and probably I should do core and strengthening stuff.

    Half marathon used to be my favourite distance and the distance I was best at but now its become a friggin nightmare!

    Right now I'll read back.




  • There's always another race minni not too worry image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Another cracking P&D run there Ant.  It was pouring in York too but not that cold.

    Nice +50 OO-51! Great WAVA too.

    Jools - that's great news.  You've been very patient.

    Leslie - I like to thrown in miles that that too.  Boo about the parkrun times but yes, its free and run by volunteers and they would say if you want a 5k PB go and run a 5k etc etc. 

    TR - I need you to piggy-back my around races.image

    Speedy - bloody youngsters, then should be banned from races.  I noticed the first lady at Newcastle parkrun yesterday ran 17.xx and she is FOURTEEN years old.  Cheeky.  Well done on the 2nd place.

    Mennenia - F.L.Y.I.N.G  Well done.

    Martin - hope the cold doesn't develop too much.

    SB - we have matching hips?!!

    SJ - a hilly 10k in 12 minutes?  You really are flying.

    Off to log Jantastic and check everyone is on target. 





  • Really sorry about the DNF Minni - but it sounds like you did the right thing and stopped before it did more damage.

    Re. Jantastic, I think you'd be higher up the rankings if your team name didn't start with 'The' - they seem to rank them in alphabetical order, which is why I'm slipping down my local area ratings too!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Yes, who is Matt?  Come on - fess up.

    PMJ & KR still need to log their final runs but I'm sure this is an oversight on their behalf... image


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Good work TR, Speedy, & particularly Menna - 90 sec PB deserves a beer or two - trust you're indulging  . . . . .
    Nice one by SJ, too - & the laps of the footy pitch afterwards are Gul-esque !! 
    Martin- a few have had that type of run this weekend, it seems - good work to complete, and nice for a cutback week.
    Minni - sorry to hear of the tribulations - fwiw, I think you took the right decision - one of pragmatism, not weakness -
    "stopping when I did has prevented injury and I'm confident this will not set me back"  
    A minor blip, nothing more  . . . .

    Did the steady 6 here to complete 50 for the week. Funny, even after all this time, it's still a pleasing number to enter in the diary !  

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Sorry, TR - just discovered yours was a 51 sec PB (for 10K),  so you're up there with Mennania today - trust you've celebrated too?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    AR - sshhhhh ! dont go saying stuff like that.

    SJ - great idea for a club race.

    MInni - sounds like you have it under control when you run enough, so tapering is to blame then ! I'd give you a piggy back any time, sounds like over a 1/2 marathon distance would be best too.

    Matt is Mat the Rat

    Birch - it was a big PB, but not worth shouting about as I ran pretty close to the old one twice in a row at Gosport. I'm confident I can go faster. But it was a good blow out at much quicker than 2:5X pace. Just about to go dig out a beer.

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