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  • marrows - I was just thinking that looked suspiciously similar to the week I've just done! What did you do last week?

  • Marrows - how did you get on? I ended up with a chip time of 40:25. Dash for the splash looks good (and nearer to me!) but we'll be away that week. Whereabouts in London are you based?

    Minni - hope you're OK. Are you feeling better now?

    Decided to test the ankle out this morning with an 8 mile easy run - no problems apart from feeling a bit tender afterwards so should be OK for a pyramid session tomorrow morning.

    Found out today that we've got a new deal with the local hotel so can use their gym and shower facilities at lunchtime as well as first thing in the morning. Need to look at the possibility of some lunchtime interval sessions round Battersea Park now. image

  • Minni - Welcome back - glad to hear you're feeling better.
    Abbers - nice 10 miler.
    OO - hope the reps went OK.
    Rich - going well.
    Leslie - cracking LSR in the middle of the week!
    Bike It - hope you're 100$% again soon - good luck with the high fat diet.
    Ant - nice double - of course it's worth it!
    TR - OK. Nice schedule.
    Martin - good week so far.
    PMJ - hope the tour of London is going well.
    BOTF - well done on adapting and getting a session in.
    Lorenzo - good news on the ankle - just take it easy this morning!
    6 miles @ 8:48 m/m d&d.

  • Lorenzo wrote (see)

    Need to look at the possibility of some lunchtime interval sessions round Battersea Park now. image

    Give me a shout out if that happens. Battersea Park is about 3.5 miles form my office so is just a warm up to get there.

  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    Lit - I had the correct week's training written down up to this week but took liberties with it.  Did 21M slow on 19 Jan then 16M including a 10K race on 26 Jan

    Lorenzo I was a couple of minutes behind you. I'm in SW London.  But I work in Camden and might get down to Battersea Park for those lunchtime intervals with you and PMJ, to get lapped/inspired and make you both feel good about your superspeed.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Martin - good training being bagged there.

    PMJ - I dunno, all those parks in London. Surely someone should string them all together and make some kind of event out of it? image I was born near Hyde Park, but purely a tourist to the city these days. Glad to hear you're on the mend.

    Rich - well done on the 11. I'm sure your other half can be pacified with some indulgences, Valentine's Day coming up in a couple of weeks?

    BotF - getting quicker, and that has to be a positive. Focus on that, and the mind and enjoyment will hopefully follow.

    Lorenzo - good news about the ankle and gym facilities. Makes life so much easier when training can be done at lunch, rather than eating into either end of the day.

    More of the expected consistency from Gul.

    Marrows - have you followed P&D before?  

    TR - I sometimes get that before my long runs, knowing I have to be up early(ish) and that there's a couple of hours of running to be done. It's not a great combination! How much volume do the BAC sessions build to at peak load?

    Garmin needs to be sent back for a replacement, and could take up to 2 weeks, so paces will be purely on feel for a few sessions. Still, would rather it happened now than in about 10 weeks!

  • Some good running going on. A week made a big difference for me on my tempo session. 14.5M today with 8.5Mat PMP pace felt so much better than last week. Certainly not easy, but then it is not easy pace.

    Hope you get a quick tunaround Abbers. Last dealings I had with Garmin took 3 days

  • 20 this morning and the plan was to take it steady. I planned a route and programmed it into the Garmin so I had it on map mode and got a beep each mile, so I knew how far but no clue how fast. Ran it to feel and tried to keep it on the easy side which worked most the way apart from apace pick up as I chased one guy 2 miles round Regent's Park. I had a gel at 13 miles but other than that no other fuel.

    Pace came out as 7:30 overall with a marginal pick up on the second half (7:32 for the first 10 and 7:27 for the last 10) burt as the first half was at the top of Parliament Hill it was much more likely an even paced run. Fastest mile was mile 19 so no death march.

    Very pleased, lurgy seems to be mostly behind me and got the 20 done. Double tomorrow and then race Sunday for a LT session.

  • Abbers, ditto on the Garmin. I used mine on a Wednesday lunchtime and posted it back Wed pm for guaranteed arrival by 11am. Garmin emailed me by noon on Thursday and my replacement arrived by courier on Friday.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    My lurgy is finally starting to subside. Had a good old sweat at spinning last night, knocked out 20 miles there according to the bike computer.

    Went for a 5 mile blast at lunctime with a pal and managed 6.47 avg pace. Happy with that as still not 100% and legs feel fatigued this week.

    I like your London route, PMJ. a mate of mine had a 19 miler early one morning from his hotel in Regents Partk after he had a big social evening with his cricket club. From regents Park he ended up going voa the South Bank, Tower Bridge, back along some of the VLM route, Hyde Park and back to RP in time for breakfast. Lovely sunrise etc, really nice.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Very impressive from AR & PMJ. It promises to be a good spring for you both.

    I've heard good things about Garmin's customer support before, so thanks for the personal endorsements. Planning to get along to the post office tomorrow.

    6 done at lunch with the middle 4 at "brisk" pace (by feel). Was meant to be around 7:15s, so ran at something that felt about 7m/m-ish. Can't verify it, but definitely quicker than easy running and not as fast as shorter race pace, so probably somewhere in the right ball park.

    Official results from Romsey have seen my provisional finish position of 40th drop to 46th - boo. But my chip time, and therefore PB, of 31:58 has been confirmed - hooray!

    x-post - decent 5 miler there SB on fatigued legs.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    PMJ - Nice 20 miler and sounds like you're on the mend. What are you racing Sunday?

    AR - Good session, any miles at that pace you run at must be difficult.

    BOTF - Good reps and looks like your speed is returning image

    My laptop has completely died on me, totally devastated as I had no external hard drive back up. I know I know most of you will think I am a idiot but the reality is I've lost sheds loads of stuff. Won't be posting as much for a wee while, until I replace it. Oh in other news, I 've turned 40 today so it's cake and wine for me today with beef bourguignon for supper, yum.  Did a 5k lunch run today @ easy pace. Hope this taper works and I am nice and fresh for Sunday's 10k.

  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

      Happy 40th Birthday GM!   

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    GM - congratulations on the significant birthday milestone, and commiserations on the laptop problems! Might be worth taking it along to a PC repair place to see if they can recover the files from your dead machine. Most of them are able to work their magic unless the hard drive is completely corrupted. Enjoy today's celebrations.

  • GM - congratulations on joining the MV40 veterans. Sound good for Sunday. As Abbers says, all may not be lost and the disk might be recoverable if you get a techy to take a look.


  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Abbers - Thanks, I've already had our IT chaps take it apart. They've recovered 25 gig out of 80. The main thing is looks like most of my photo's are there, phew!

    BB - Thanks!

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday, GM.  Good luck with the laptop memory recovery...

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - so had you done 20 by your 7:06am post ? if so then I'm impressed.

    Abbers - 70min of work peak I think, but add in a 2M w/u, at least a 1M w/d and the rest period easy running and its an early start.

    GM - happy V40 day !

  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    Lurgies bopped, new V40 prizes available, everyone running really fast and far all the time, etc., hurrah!

    Abbers no I never followed P&D before. Why?

    Did you all buy your Garmins direct from Garmin? I bought mine from Chain Reaction Cycles and it's broken twice. Both times it took them several weeks to sort out but at least they did sort it.

  • Comiseration GM, sorry to hear about your pc as well.

    Well done Abbers on your pb.

    Lots of good training going on as usual.

    My Garmin 305.finally died on me last week and since this is the fourth reconditioned one I've had, I really couldn't be arsed to send it off again.

    Checked out a few simple stop watches but in a moment of madness I bought myself a 910xt, not very often I treat myself.

    My biggest problem was setting up the Ant connection with my pc. I knew this was going to cause me grief as me and my pc don't get along at the best of times.

    The bloody temperamental piece of rubbish freezes on me on a daily basis and in moment of utter frustration I thumped the keyword rather hard.

    In true Basil Fawlty style I finished it off as I launched it off the table.

    I know it's not big or clever and I now also have a knackered computer but it was an inevitable fight that was long overdue.

    I'm gonna save my pennies and buy a Mac, up yours Microsoft!!

    Oh, I have also run a few times this week.
  • TR wrote (see)

    PMJ - so had you done 20 by your 7:06am post ? if so then I'm impressed.

    No, went out after that. London's parks are locked up till day break so I can't do that route very early. 20 miles in 2:30 meant I was out and back in the office by 10 and that is fine for me. Still did 7 hours solid before I come home and do more ...

  • Moof - easy does it! Looks like I might be switching the other way in replacing my iPhone with a Windows 8 phone - have heard they're pretty good and our IT department are keen to have a few guinea pigs test them out and act as evangelists.

    Happy birthday GM - hope your IT boys can deliver the rest of the contents of your hard drive as a belated present.

    PMJ / Marrows - sounds like it might be a bit of a thread yomp round Battersea Park. I'm only about a mile from there, but can also make it up to Hyde Park fairly easily. Just need to plan the schedule for the day job!

    Marrows - impressive if you managed that time on the back of a 16 miler.

    Ankle report - still feels a bit tender but seems OK to run on so was out for a 5 miles with 1 min/2 min/3 min/2 min/1 min/2 min/3 mins at 5K pace pyramid session (with equal intervals). Will probably do a gentle 2 mile run from Clapham Junction to the office tomorrow morning and hope that everything stays in one piece for Saturday's long run.

    Thinking of another sport, is anyone going to the indoor hockey finals at Wembley Arena on Sunday?

  • PMJ great run! I'm jealous of the ease of your pace! keep it up!

    Abbers- great tip thanks! your really easing through this schedule!

    great running by all!

    8 miles tonight in 58:46 so was spot on MP but couldn't keep that up for much longer at the moment but felt a good pace. did the last k at HMP to bolster the run and keep the legs thinking! 

  • Lorenzo -My wife works works for Microsoft, she loves the Windows phone. You can't beat a HTC one android imo.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - thats a nice luxury to be able to run long at that time on a weekday. Its getting light just after 7am now too.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday, Gerard - you're still a relative spring-chicken ! 

  • TR wrote (see)

    PMJ - thats a nice luxury to be able to run long at that time on a weekday. Its getting light just after 7am now too.

    It was actually light by the time I left home at 6am, not real daylight but not dark night either. The luxury is two way, I work late into the evenings at home so need to do the long run midweek so I can see the family weekends.

  • moof wrote (see)
    Lorenzo -My wife works works for Microsoft, she loves the Windows phone. You can't beat a HTC one android imo.

    My wife used to work for Microsoft. I pee'd her off by getting an iphone. It is still a talking point in the a-r household. Get that mac.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    PMJ - it was dark here at 6am, agreed its tricky to balance it all, life has been hampering my training a bit so far this campaign. I've had limited lunchtimes to run or swim in recently. Without the lunchtimes it only gives me mornings and weekend early mornings, so i cant then squeeze in the ideal 3 bikes and 3 swims and then marathon training.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great run PMJ- very speedy.

    Happy Birthday GM, hope you had a crackin day.

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