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  • Odd parkrun this morning. Yesterday was really wet and I had a case of CNBA so I needed a run today before the XC tomorrow. I wake up early for work all week so can't sleep in late and know that if I start to play footsie with Mrs PMJ before 11am on a Saturday I get an elbow in the face so we have an understanding that a parkrun before she wakes up doesn't count as a weekend run.

    The plan was jog down and take it gentle and see what happens. If a first finish is on the cards then don't turn it down, else follow the pace of a local vet lady who has been doing some decent times as LT.

    After 100m or so I was out in front with said lady behind me. We went round nicely to halfway where there are some big steps and I took them in one stride and dropped her. A few metres later some young guy flew past and left us both for dead.

    So, second overall and a nice time considering there was so much water about I really needed arm-bands to complete the course but frustrated that I put in the effort and got nothing out: he should have had the decency to lead from the start.

  • Badbark - good running. Look out for stray golf balls!
    Ant - good effort and don't worry too much - I'm sure it's just a blip.
    Blisters - nice steady run.
    KR - if you felt bad during the warm-up that's a decent pace for the main session.
    GM - hopefully the next thing to break will be your 10k PB - good luck!
    Bike It - good news - that's a good MP run.
    Jools - hope you managed to keep afloat!
    Abbers - have a good weekend's running.
    Marrows - keep at it and I'm sure the LT run will get easier as you progress.
    Birch - cracking first month of mara training.
    Ant, PMJ - stonking mileage there.
    Stats for January:
    244 miles in 34:04:50, avg. pace of 8:23 m/m, 4 rest days and 1 cut-back week.
    Long runs: 18, 18, 19
    Medium long runs: 13, 14, 14.
    Today was parkrun with 3.89M w/u and 1M w/d. Started off well, with first mile in 5:57, in a group of 3 or 4 runners behind the two leaders. Then the lack of speedier training started to show and two more runners pulled away. Mile 2 was 6:12 and mile 3 in 6:15. Just failed to go sub 19, finishing 5th in 19:08 (unofficially).

  • x-post - good parkrun PMJ, and almost a win!

  • Ant – That’s a good session and should feel tough at this stage. Great monthly mileage too.

    Blisters – Good sensible running and calf tightness running

    KR – Thankfully no golfers around this time of year but I do fancy trying one of those pink jumpers in the future!

    Bike It – Glad to read you had a good run although I do still think your low carb diet is bonkers. image

    Abbers – Good luck for the planned 18

    Birch – Great mileage and long runs completed. If you don’t fancy marathons any more why not try ultra marathons! You can start running PB’s again.

    PMJ -  Brilliant monthly mileage with a very nippy average pace. Nice 2nd place Parkrun which sounds like so many of mine. I’ve still never won one but have finished 2nd or 3rd about 10 times!

    Gul – Great monthly mileage and long runs. Very good Parkrun performance too.

    I’m pleased to have completed a 21.3 mile run this morning after running 2 x 12.3 mile runs yesterday. That’s my first 20+ miler since the Dublin Marathon in October and done on an empty stomach with only 500ml of fluids throughout. I did over 18.5 miles of it on golf course and due to water logging reduced the laps to only 0.23 miles.

    So I must have run over 70 laps and have to thank Robert R McCammon and his audio book Stinger for making it a lot more enjoyable. I’m not100% convinced that over 18 miles XC is much more forgiving than road running on my joints due to the amount of stumbles and near falls I had in the dark.

    I ran 320 mile in January at 8:03 average with the longest runs only 19, 17 and 15 miles. It was only the middle of the month that I switch from concentrating on speed to ultra training. I'm feeling fantastic - bring it on!image

  • Monster miles, monster commitment, what's not to like? You folks rock, as they say

    Birch when (not if) you turn up in Chandos you will be regaled with pints, book a sleeper for the way home

    Expecting BB to be on the ultra podium at first attempt.

    150m for Jan, not too disastrous, then 7m on the treadie this morning with 9k @ 5% and the rest an increasingly fast pyramid of falling gradients.  Frustrating having to train indoors. It's so boring that I now half close my eyes and imagine I'm on the track in suburban Stockport.  Just to make the time go quicker.

    Keep it up. I watched an interesting CCN prog in the gym about the technology behind the winter olympics - ski design, wind tunnels, aerodynamics etc. Very innovative, but our sport is much purer (and cheaper). However there nothing like a good ice hockey fight. Perhaps if 2 people tie in a race they could have a fight in the funnel?

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Fine parkrunning, Gul/Philip - particularly this
    "there are some big steps and I took them in one stride" 
       -  excellent agility as well as speed  . . . . . . 

    Great stuff, Badbark - 46 miles (I think we can round it up to that)! in 2 days is some going. Just behind you with my 21.2 this morning (goes in the diary as a rounded down 21). Big mug of tea, small mug of coffee and 2 caramel wafers pre-run . . . nowt en-route.  Felt OK, helped by the lovely fine sunshine (once it came light - I set out at 07:15) - reinforced my feeling expressed previously - my best runs this week were Tues 9.5 fartlek/tempo style and today's long 'un - each preceded by a rest day. So, 52 so far in 4 runs this week - 6 easy planned tomorrow, but could be tempted into an OCD 8, to give a pleasing 60 in the diary . . . . .

    Ant - I now have to come to London in 2015, whether I qualify or not !!  
    (I'm a Yorkshireman, so I want that gratis pint ) !!!!


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Poacher - wow - pints (plural) - I'm on my way  . . . . . . . .

  • 12M for me this morning.  Probably about the strongest I've felt all year, so fingers crossed I'm beginning to find a bit of form.

    Nice parkrunning.  

    I'm trying to contemplate doing a long run over what is basically a 400m track.  I guess needs must, but I suspect it would drive me mad...

    Beautiful post yesterday, Birch.  I suspect your age-grading is still one of the best on the thread, so don't give up!

  • Top mileage Badbark. Do you have any rest days?

    Well done on the parkrun PMJ and decent miles from you too.

    Enjoyed the quotes Birch, hope you reach your goals.

    Ant - I had a similarw run to you last night where I couldn't hit the pace I wanted. 9 miles with threshold, I struggled with a decent pace because of the wind and rain, and was working much too hard that the last couple of miles dropped to 6.40s.

    Felt like jacking it in but toughed it out, which I suppose is the point really.

    January miles = 224, longest run 16.
  • PMJ/GUL- Nice parkrunning.

    Badbark- 70 laps of the golf course in the dark , must have found loads of balls by now.image

    Birch-Nice 21 er .

    Jools- getting some form again sounds good.

    Moof -6 at LT pace is a big ask you did well.

    My January totals: 283 miles at 8:18m/mile average with only 2 rest days. a 16, 17(x2) and an 18 miler as long runs.

  • Just popped into the office for a while so able to post.

    Very impressive mileage stats by all except me, just as well I'm not training for a marathon as I would be lucky to get round!

    Birch - +1 for Jools comment. That day when you climb out of bed and realise your pb days are behind you comes to us all, but your legendary status is one that can't be repeated or matched on this thread or on any for that matter, and you continue to defy the ageing process by running so consistently and well! You're an inspiration to us all so keep on doing it and most importantly, enjoying it.

    PMJ - Those young'uns have no manners whatsover, well played though for 2nd bet your time was quick?

    Gul - Another solid performance from you too and an impressive time given your lack of speed training.

    Ant/Moof - Good determination to get it done even if you didn't feel like it.

    Jools - If you decide to do it good luck with those 60-80 laps!!

    Looks like lady luck is not on my side for the weather tomorrow going to be 20-25mph headwind for the 1st 2.5 miles but least we should be reasonably sheltered on teh way back, I hope anyway! Adios for now amigos.

  • Birch - Enjoyed your musings yesterday, backed up with a great 21 miler this morning!

    I have a couple of not logged runs due to dodgy watch but I am on 271miles at average of 7.40 with 19000ft of ascent. 

    I am following the 18/70 plan PMJ. It seems to have 2/3 MLR runs hence the splitting up of one

    16 with 10 at MP done had to finish last two on tready as wind picked up to comical levels. MP at 6.29-6.37mm

  • Leslie, great miles there, no tempted to try for 300?

    Gul, fast parkrun and a massive base being built. Mine was 19:15 and GM, no speed in my legs at all at the moment. I guess that is the plan, P&D really works on the endurance in the early weeks. I don't need speed for London, just 26.3 solid steady ones.

    Just to explain the steps: Wycombe parkrun has a set of about a dozen step at halfway. I am about 5'10" and they are a long stride for me, but possible to do as 12 strides. The vet lady alongside me was a lot shorter and I have marshalled that corner before and knew she takes two strides per step, so was confident of getting ahead at that point. Ungentlemanly, maybe, but a tick for good  homework.

  • Well planned PMJ. The weekly prize for cunningnessness goes to you.

    Excellent mileage by many! My average of 30 per week looks a bit limp in comparison but it I seem to be coping OK with it.

    GM, find someone lardy to run behind for the first section - all of my PBs (at every distance) have been set in windy conditions so buckle up, draft wisely and give it some beans.

    I got caught in the wind today too Menna. 2hrs on a hilly bike session with some killer head winds - glad to get home and have a biscuit.

  • Gul - Excellent Parkrun...again! Your results have been amazing over the last few months.

    Badbark - I don't know about finding balls, but it definitely takes a lot of them to do that - great work.

    Poacher - Yes, lie back, close your eyes, and think of Stockport.

    Birch - What did I say, a pint, or a half? Well done on getting a good long one in.

    Moof - Not much fun, those sessions, are they? At least you had the excuse of bad weather.

    Leslie - Super mileage!

    Mennania - Nice MP workout. Is that more or less your planned MP, then?

    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

    if I start to play footsie with Mrs PMJ before 11am on a Saturday I get an elbow in the face.

    Just remind me - you do have children, don't you? Top racing, btw.


  • Ant - I have taken the lazy arsed route for pacing for Paris and promised the missus I wont almost kill myself.It will be a nice break for us - the first without the kids In 8 years so my A, B and C target is that she has a good weekend not too compromised by my Sunday morning antics.  I can confess I have had 3 options a sub 2.49.xx, a 2.54xx and a nice easy run at 2.59.xx to lay the VLM demons to rest. It is most likely to be the middle of the two, but lets see what the next few weeks bringsimage

  • Yes Philip I will be trying for 300 soon but feb has less days than jan plus I'm about maxed out for now and don't want to overdo it just yet.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good parkrunning gents. I was 5th as well Gul in 18:49, down on last week. Then I dashed off to see junior OO in the county XC champs. She lost a shoe on the first lap and slipped back to last. Pulled a few back but was a very upset young lady- very tough but a good lesson all the same.  

    Menn I have an entry for Paris too. I know it's madness but I'm thinking of doing both- Paris and VLM. Planning 18 tomorrow for a 55 mile week, but less than 200 for Jan. due to my late start, and pace well below the thread average image


  • So much going on, but a big good luck to Birch with Manchester, after those fine words.

    Nicely done on the parkrun PMJ. You have to use the advantages you have been blessed with.

    Nicely executed multi lap, multi run weekend  Badbark, You seem to be taking the move to ultrarunning in your stride. 

    Poacher - audio books are my saviour when on the treadmill. Easy to zone out to a good book.

    Gul - another great parkrun from the consistently consistent sub 315s most consistent runner.

    Lots of great stats being posted by all.


    Moof, I will trump your Long Run with 14.3 as the longest for January.

    Total miles 284, av pace 7:00 min/m on the nose. Nice.



  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - nice one, going well at the mo.

    PMJ - Sounds like you gained a solid effort from that race, so you did gain something. I'm happy to have CC2 posting in a husky voice, and Minni posting to me from the bath, but go easy with the tales of you playing footsie with Mrs PMJ, I dont want to be picturing that !

    Struggling for time a bit again this week, didnt get as much training time as I'd like, had to work early today too, and I ended up breaking the rules to bag an afternoon 90min turbo before cricket training. Might have to wind the running back a bit more, to get some more swim and bike in. Felt pretty crap after the turbo and I now have the shivers so must have some sort of lurgy coming on too. Pro's have it easy !

  • Happy days on the parkruns with top 5 finishes galore on here. PMJ - what was your prize from Mrs PMJ when you got home? image

    Glad you're feeling in good form Jools

    Badbark wins nutter of the week in my book for his multi-lap escapade.

    All the best in the prep for Manchester Birch - definitely worth coming to Chandos to celebrate.

    Top notch mileage from many folks as well - only 220 for me, but that's my second highest January ever, pipping last year by 0.6 miles.

    Strange run for me this morning.

    I set out later than normal as I was running to a car dealership to meet Mrs L to test drive a new car so I had the luxury of a run starting in daylight. The aim was 2 miles w/u, 14 miles at 7:30 (i.e. MP+15s) then 1 mile c/d.

    Felt tough from the word go as my legs were heavy and large chunks of the run were into a strong headwind, so it was a real relief to finish.

    I'm still running without the Garmin so was somewhat surprised to check the results at the end and find that the 14 miles were all in the range of 6:55 to 7:25 (depending on wind / terrain) and with an average for the whole run of 7:15. 

    All in all, a very pleasing result and not even really sh!t service at the dealership could stop me feeling good about things.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    OO - I empathise with you (and OOjunior, more pertinently) - a few years back my daughter was running a regional schools XC race, and shoe came off early doors - big trauma at the time !!! 
    Talking XC, anyone going to the Nationals at Wollaton Park (I suspect Speedy might)?  Son & daughter running, so I'll be there  . . . .
    TR said " Might have to wind the running back a bit more, to get some more swim and bike in"  -  presumably you don't wish to prioritise running and cut back swim/bike during VLM campaign?   

  • Great parkrun gul and fast ffirst mile, I'd be well happy with that at the moment.

    Grear monthly mileage pmj, badbark and leslie and AR!

    Good pace on your run menn.

    20 miles at 7.42 pace with a negative split this morning in 2.34.

    Sounds like a tough week TR.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - I already do prioritorise running at this time of year, the long run and the BAC session (my MLR) are the two main sessions of the week at the mo. Bike and swims are short and tickover stuff, but with no lunchtime training I only have 7 mornings a week to train in. Should have a better two weeks now though and Chichester 10k next Sunday should give my running a boost.  

  • AR- a lot of the high mileage for this marathon training is bulked up ( imo) with the long long run and a couple high mlr. So I would say that is very decent mileage from you. Well done on the 14.

    TR - sometimes it's difficult to fit it all in, Sat morning working doesn't help. I usually do 4 / 5 hours, it's a bloody nuisance.

    Great mileage Leslie and a very nice mp run from Mennania.

    Just 5.easy miles along the canal today,
  • Some great milage coming in! hoping to get up early tomorrow and run a 20 miler in the wind again!

    does anyone have some tips on fuelling during the run? I'm hating the price of gels these days! Any tips on cheap get me by nutrition that don't cost an arm and leg?

    Moof- I did 5 easy today too, building up to the monster tomorrow.

    All you park runners, I'm gonna go along next week and see how I get on in the Aberdeen one! image should be getting under 20 by now!! here's hoping.

    Lorenzo- I had that problem last week doing a 18 miler, 7 miles into the head wind and had to either turn round or drop into a heap! the weather really is carp at the moment!

  • Some amazing mileage going on, I don't know how you find the time. My total for January was a whole 89 miles, and half of that was last week - the rest included a week out sick & a week on holiday. I've just looked back and since the London Marathon 2012 when I crocked myself I've done preciely 10 runs of 10 miles or longer, and the first one of those I crocked myself even worse in a new and interesting way. Somewhere between 18 & 19 miles planned for tomorrow, but I'm still not entirely sure why after looking at those stats.

  • Badbark - great mileage clocking up on only half a month of ultra training - looking very good.
    Poacher - can't imagine how boring that must be - good dedication.
    Birch - another good LSR.
    Jools - good to hear you're feeling strong.
    Moof - well done toughing it out - good mileage.
    Leslie - great mileage.
    GM - good luck today.
    Mennania - excellent MP run.
    SJ - I'd want more than a biscuit after that!
    OO - good parkrun. That's really frustrating for junior OO.
    AR - stonking mileage and pacey too.
    TR - hope you don't have the lurgy.
    Lorenzo - cracking run and excellent miles.
    KR - great LSR.
    Rich - enjoy the 20 miler.
    BOTF - hope the LSR goes OK.
    Rest day for me.

  • Rich-On race day hopefully there won't be any wind s you will be much faster

    BOTF-take it easy hopefully you have turned the corner to better health.image

    Week over and 8 last night gave me 68 this week.

  • Rich26 wrote (see)

    does anyone have some tips on fuelling during the run? I'm hating the price of gels these days! Any tips on cheap get me by nutrition that don't cost an arm and leg?


    I've stopped buying gels and now use raisins and other dried fruit. They have been shown to be just as effective in clinical trails. Check out the links below. In my opinion gels are just another marketing rip off like so many other things.

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