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  • Badbark- that's great tip and a good article! I could try that and also use the nuun tablets for the sodium on the hot days! Gonna save a lot of money! As the trials were held over 45 min exercise session, how do you think it would hold out over the 3+ hours in a marathon?

    20 done today in a very windy town. Although tried to run down streets heading east to west to hide from the wind! It worked some of the time!

    Leslie- your right, when the weather gets better and the wind drops I,m going to be running quicker.

    BOTF- hope you get on okay in your long run today!

  • Rich/Badbark - I'm also a great believer in dried fruit (apricots, raisins, dates, prunes) but I use Powerbar gels as well, probably in a break-up-the-monotony-have-something-to look-forward-to way. They don't do me any harm, cost 2 quid per long run and probably aid recovery, so I stick with them.

    20.1 miles this morning, and what a difference when the sun's out. No major head issues and even found myself laughing along to MT, so all well. Av. 7:37mm, but upped it to 7:10mm for the last 4 miles. That makes it a 67-mile week.

    I must see a physio this week as all this positivity was a bit undermined by a nagging, well, niggle on the outside of my left knee/calf/shin which I suspect may be due to a tight IT band, but what do I know? When I upped the pace, it felt better, so there's a moral in there somewhere, I'm sure.


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    I rarely take any sustenance with me on long runs, the exception being warm days, when I would take water, or weak squash.
    Ant/Rich - good 20's bagged - a deserved fine day, Ant, after your recent rain
    lashings  . . . .    
    TR - OK, I get you; btw, those you seem to be nailing those BAC sessions . . . .
    BOTF, hang in there; hope you managed today's planned long one.
    Good total, Leslie 
    8 sunny miles here today, so 60 for the week.

  • ANT- some pace your running at! ha ha niggles are awful! I have had a few this year alone. I found Dynamic stretches before a quicker run really does help followed by a static stretch session.

    55 miles this week for me, and the legs are feeling it! It's the longest ever weekly milage in my running career! 10 years!

    pace was around 8:15mm today with last mile @7:20MP 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Rich26 - my approach is usually no gels, no drinks, no music, no training partners, get out there and get to know yourself and your body. If I was expecting a hard long run with some MP in it then I'd carry a gel or drink just in case, or for other exceptional circumstances (see below) I know there is a bottle in my garage if I need it.

    Birch - thankfully yes, they are the one thing going well at the mo.

    I was achy rather than shivery when I woke up, so popped a couple of Paracetamol and headed out for 4or 5M, I felt ok so turned round at 7M, which gacve me 14 when I got home, I tagged on 2M more, and then promised myself my emergency bottle of luco from the garage if I tagged on some more, I tagged on 4M  more, but it was another death march and I've never fancied having a little walk so much in a run. So I broke one rule y'day and nearly broke another today. Flipping Heck ! this campaign is a chore and I'm not enjoying it !

  • Rich26 - I don't tend to bother with anything in training. There was some out of date malt loaf I took with me once. Once you work out how to chew and breath it was quite a novelty.

    TR - great perseverance when not 100%

    First of my longest, long runs today, with 16miles.  Ran progressively from just over 8min/m to finish on a 6:15 min/m  for almost 2 hours. 68 for the week, and now 50% through the plan.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Hello Consistently Consistent Team. image

    I'm feeling your despair TR.  After my mystery illness last weekend I haven't felt 100% all week but for the sake of the TEAM and the marathon I have ticked off all my runs.  Yesterday was a duration run.  Slow pace on a hill route (about 2500ft ascent) brought me 22 miles in 3:15.  It was unfuelled partly because that's the way I like it and partly because my tummy was so dodgy I didn't dare put anything other than water in.  Home to a recovery shake and within an hour I was throwing up and spend the rest of the day/night between bed and the bathroom. 

    Stats for Jan: around 220 miles, 1 prize, 1 DNF, 1 shite race, 1 week of illness, 100% for Jantastic.

    Edit: and lost 4lb!! Every cloud and all that...

    I'm hoping that it out of my system now because I'm getting rather fed up!!


  • 18.52 miles completed @ 8:11 average and what a difference a bit of sun makes. The Great Park and particularly Virginia Water were absolutely heaving with people and it was a slalom obstacle course for about 4 miles. I found it much harder going than last week's 17 though, possibly because the sun was out and I was getting a bit warm in 2 long sleeved tops. Today's bird drama was nearly getting tripped up by a pair of fighting pheasants who spilled out onto the road. I also found it very difficult to drink today, so only had about 250ml during the run. I've never had that experience before so not sure what brought it on. When I finished I thought I'd use some of the High 5 protein recovery mix that I have, then discovered it was best before December 2011. I drank it anyway.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    AR - 68 is another decent weeks mileage (67 last week ?).

    Minni - sounds like you had a tougher day than me. Get some diarolyte into that tum to start getting the salts etc back in there. i was just ticking abox too today, I hate it when its like that.

  • Rich, I just buy gels when they're on offer. I got 2 boxes for a total of about £12 from Discount Supplements in the sale. 

    Long run today with Literatin. She runs off no breakfast, takes on no fuel during the run and was dressed for summer in shorts and T-shirt. I, on the other hand, had a nice bowl of porridge for breakfast, took 2 gels during the run and drank a fair bit of water, and was dressed for February in long tights and long sleeve top. Horses for courses! I wouldn't like to eat dried fruit on the run - too much fibre!

    I haven't totted up my January stats yet, must do that, but it's 100% for Jantastic. I broke one of TRs rules on Friday though. I had to stop and walk in the last mile. My stomach was doing weird grumbling during the MP section and when I slowed down for my cool down it seemed that terrible things were going to happen. Since I was running through well lit residential streets with nowhere to hide, it was walk or die of shame. The MP section came out maybe 5 seconds per mile slower than the same session in the same week of training last year. 

    Tuesday's interval session was also the exact same one as week 6 last year, and the reps were all about 5 seconds slower on that as well. Not happy. 

  • Good battling out there from TR, Minni and BOTF. Glad everyone enjoyed the sunshine.

    Easy recovery run planned for this morning so headed out with younger Lorenzito who'd been involved in an inter-counties race yesterday so I felt he wouldn't be up for anything too rapid.

    Unfortunately, his idea of recovery is a bit different to mine so after the first 3 mile splits at around 7:40 he decided to throw in a 7:15 followed by mile 5 at 6:55 and then left me for dead on the sprint fInish. Ho hum!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    You know we all have days like that TR- it will pass. Great running if u are below weather Minni- and a decent pace.

    Just 18 here-lovely morning for a change, and brings up a 55 week. Then 6 miles with Mrs OO with the Nordic poles- they all count.


  • SIS gels are £0.64 each in boots on sale at the moment. If you buy enough or get them delivered into store then delivery isn't much extra or free.

  • XC today and my driver got me there with plenty of time to spare, so much so we were ahead of the man marking the route from the car-park to the start. Dropped kit off near the start and and walked round the first bit of the course and it was obvious that there was a narrow bit with stumps (thankfully marked with bright orange paint) very soon after the gun. Back at the start and shed some kit and a warm-up to take in the last bit of the course as well, always useful knowledge.

    11am and the gun goes, and it is a charge up a track, left turn and then left again into the narrow bit. Far too many people and not enough space to see the path ahead so I took it easy and came through unscathed but well back on where I normally am half a mile into a race, not only position but the field was stretched already. Up and down a few short hills and then hit a long downhill covered in water and mud. Suddenly it seemed like proper XC and the mud we had been promised instead of pine needle covered tracks, and a few twists and turns and more wood, but then we appeared out on a long, wide track with a well compacted surface. I was surprised that everyone seemed to just keep on plodding and I started to pass people at a steady rate and changed from XC to road mode.

    This then developed as the pattern, with the majority of the course being track and not trail. A few ups and downs (one very steep and muddy) slowed me down a bit: the ups as I have done no hill work and the downs as I wasn't prepared to risk an ankle for a few metres advantage.

    A right turn and I recognised the path I had seen in the warm up so I knew the end was close. the two ahead were far enough ahead and the one behind far enough behind to roll home nice and gently (or so I thought). About 200m to go and there was a lot of hollering and whooping and "you'll get him" that I had to change up gear and still he came so had to select top and use my arms. I had far too much of a start and the finish was far too close that he should never have attempted it and so it proved to be, with me crossing the line ahead for 18th overall.

    Annoyingly short course, under 5 miles, at an average of about MP (6:30) so it achieved the aims of a good LT session and when added to yesterday's parkrun, the weekend has turned out a few nice miles at decent pace.

    P&D have me down for 67 next week with Sunday 16 with 12 @ MP which will get swapped for a raced half so 13 @ MP - 15 seconds which will be about 1:22 at 6:15 pace. I'll front load the week so 15 Tuesday and 13 Thursday means light Friday, Saturday off, race Sunday.

  • In other news, PMJette #1 just won gold in the South West Champs. image

  • CC2 - Speedy Goth wrote (see)

    Long run today with Literatin. She runs off no breakfast, takes on no fuel during the run and was dressed for summer in shorts and T-shirt. 

    I was wearing gloves! Also in summer I wouldn't bother with the t-shirt.*

    Well done to all long runners (especially the ill, injured or unenthusiastic ones) and racers (especially PMJette #1).

    *I had a vest on underneath.

  • I never fuel for long runs.  I take a bottle of water in my Nathan belt if I'm in South Africa or Japan and it is very hot

    Some cracking long runs going on today.

    Particularly I loved Menn's stat of 19000ft of elevation in Jan.  I haven't even bothered to tally my mileage and suspect it is 150mile or so.

    I loved Birch's approach to Manchester and qualification for VLM2015 - best wishes on your plan Birch

    I managed a 20mile long run this morning,  The pace was very slow but anyway I got it done.  My ankles were hurting when I came home - not sure what that is about.


  • Nice runs PMJette and you older older athletes

    Gerard - this looks tough, but awesomely good....

    Prize for toughest guy in the gym tonight - Japanese lad who cranked the treadie up to 15%, "only" at 10kph but his teeth were well gritted. Respect.

  • 320 miles in January. Not my biggest ever month, but it *is* only January. 

  • Indeed well done to all the long uns, today appears to have been a good day for it.

    Well done  too to  PMJette.image

    I chucked that stat in hoping that people would reciprocate Bike it - as is do wonder if my programme is too hilly for my own good (not that I have an option really). CC2 - that is mind boggling mileage as far as I am concerned.

    I have carried the same gel for my last 6 lsrs and never used it.

  • I don't think I've actually got any gels. Must get down to Boots.

  • CC2 - Speedy Goth wrote (see)

    320 miles in January. Not my biggest ever month, but it *is* only January. 


    toddling over my last few miles today I was thinking 'shelling peas, shelling peas, shelling peas' - thanks for that SG

  • Mennania-That's impressive amount of climbing in your runs.

    Well done the few carrying a lurgy and still managing to slog out a long run.

    Great racing PMJ and congrats to your daughter.

    Lorenzo- do you feel the crown of top dog in your house slowly slipping?

    14 miles this morning, just a sip of water then out the door. Hardly ever bother carrying gels or a drink, only if I'm practicing race strategy and reaquainting myself with the lovely taste of gels.

    I've managed to upload my Garmin data via the Ant+ stick and my Android phone to Strava, fetch etc using a usb otg cable and a couple of Apps. I no longer need a PC as that was all I was using if for.

    Here's a link if anyone's interested. Usefull if your on your hols without PC and want to gawp at your stats.
  • Cracking XC race there PMJ, and congrats to Jnr. It really goes to show the value of preparation and general race craft.

    Personally, I plodded a few miles out before swimming, because I discovered a slot. Gently, gently being the mantra. I was almost late for the swim because I tagged on an extra couple of miles. Just had to go to the pool in my running kit.

    TR, it sounds like you're hyper-tight multi-sport programme combined with excellence has just reached straining point. Fingers crossed.

    CC2 is a mileage monster for this company. I detect a cunning plan. Well, I hope that I detect a cunning plan, and that it's not just monster miles for the sake of it.

  • Mennania- my elevation gain was only a paltry 6,680 ft last month and though I was doing a lot of hill work. image Do you live up a mountain ?

    Cc2- yes it is only january but still ....image

    Bike it - nice 20 miler ,. slow is the way to do it

  • My elevation gain for this year is only 3,200ft, I must stop running up and down the canal.
  • Usually my only fuel for a long run is the previous night's supper.
    Leslie - cracking weekly mileage.
    Rich - nice 20 miler and well done on the new highest miles in a week.
    Ant - great 20 miler to round off the week.
    TR - sorry to hear you're suffering - hope the lurgy goes quickly.
    AR - excellent run.
    Minni - still quite a few positives from January in spite of the illness. Febulous will be better.
    BOTF - good long run.
    Speedy - sounds like a close call. Stonking mileage.
    Lorenzo - fast recovery run from Lorenzito!
    OO - nice running and walking.
    PMJ - strange XC course, well done on holding off the challenger. And congrats to PMJette - fantastic achievement.
    Bike It - well done on the 20 miler.
    Poacher - tough international competition there.
    Moof - good MLR.
    10 slow miles @ 8:36 m/m d&d. Had to re-arrange my schedule (and Febulous targets too) as some friends are planning to come and visit us from France at the end of the month. Next recovery week will now be w/c 24th Feb.

  • Minni, I have checked and everyone on Jantastic is 100% (so first equal) so you can put the knuckle dusters away for another week.

    next year we need to call ourselves:


  • Morning all,

    Urgh. MegaLurgy here.

    Miserable week just gone, the FINgers household has fully succumbed.  I won't dwell too much as I don't want to bring down the general optimism on the thread, but lets just say mileage the last few days has been very low.

    Don't worry, I've managed to log my prerequisite on Jantastic but any long running has been canned in favour of a short easy or just a lemsip.

    Consequently, my Brighton campaign is in stormy waters, and I'm toying with the idea of maybe using it as a stepping stone to and Autumn faster effort - maybe Abingdon (although it looks like the entry has been deferred through lack of race permit).

    Sorry to be a little negative.

    Keep up the good work everyone, Go Team!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Must be marathon season or something. I leave the thread alone for the weekend, and look what happens... so, in summary, what Gul said! image Although a particular mention for PMJette, always nice to have champions in the ranks!

    Sorry to hear about the lurgy in the FINgers household though. Hope it shifts quickly.

    An easy 5 on Saturday for me before a day out in Cardiff for the rugby, and then 18 early yesterday morning to bring up 50 for the week. Having seen the forecast for the week, I'm going to do a bit of juggling as I don't fancy either drowing or being blown off my feet on Wednesday, so will be doing 11 at lunch today to back up yesterday's long run.

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