Sub 3h15



  • Fingers - hope it eases soon,

    Leslie - Yup I live at 650 ft, which is 350 ft above the nearest decent lit roads which means almost every run has 350 ft on the way back. I am loathed to drive somewhere for a GA or recovery run!

  • Busy on this thread, must be marathon high season! Loads of great long runs being chalked up as usual.

    I took one gel on my 20 miler on Saturday, which felt about right, given the pace I was doing. I think once I start doing more MP miles in them I'll take at least 2.

    5.6 miles for me last night (any excuse to get out and not have to watch Call the Midwife! on TV!) to take me back up to 60.2 miles for the week. I seem to be doing more miles on this campaign?

    Get well soon FINgers

  • FINgers-Get well soon

    Abbers-Nice long run

    Mennania-well that explains it , flat courses must seem easy then.I drive 2 miles to avoid a steep 1 mile hill on the way back-just too tough for me.

    KR-Nice total

    10.5 with 5 at LT pace for me this morn, 6:56, 6:53, 6:48, 6:49, 6:53 and for the first time on this type of run I felt could have did more , it felt "comfortably" hard whereas before it was bloody hard/impossible  ...progress image

  • Leslie - Good work! That really is progress.

    Abbers - 18 after a day out at the rugby? I call that self-discipline.

    FINgers - Hope the lurgy is soon gone from Casa FINgers.

    Have booked a session with the physio tomorrow as my leg definitely needs sorting out - it kept me awake last night. This means sacking a run tomorrow, at least. I think this is sensible, as a day or two to recover will be worth more in the, ahem, long run than pushing a couple of outings which could be my undoing. Jantastic will not suffer, though.

    Literatin - So, as the German policeman said to his belly-button, you are under a vest? 


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Menn - I can empathise with that. We live on a ridge, and running more than a mile in either direction results in a fairly immediate drop. Not quite in the 350ft range, but significant enough to be a pain at the end of an LSR when it needs to be negotiated on the return trip up!

    On the gel/fuel debate, I do my long runs unfuelled pre-breakfast, so did take some Lucozade tablets with me on Sunday to nibble on the way round. I don't normally, but as my distances are increasing, I wanted to have the option.

    KR - good weekly miles. Can't get into Call the Midwife either.

    Well done Leslie - good session. Sounds like you're heading in the right direction.

    11 easy for me at lunch, my week's MLR coming a couple of days earlier than originally scheduled. All at an easy pace, so not pushing anything after yesterday's 18.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    x-post - Ant, Cardiff was a sober affair unfortunately, as I had to drive when I got back to Salisbury. I usually try to plan my sporting events a little better than that! image Hope the fizz is able to straighten your leg issues out.

  • Good luck to the crocked or sick

    7m very hot'n'sweaty on the dreadie. Tonight's bizarre gym activity was:  3 young women doing circuits in designer denims and full make up. Eh? They weren't exactly busting a gut, but really. They would have been terrified of CC, Minni, Literatin, Joolska and any other highly committed ladies round here.



  • I just checked Jantastic. Come on Colin use your joker if you didn't complete your last run!image

  • Yes I did my run last night, just forgot to post it on Jantatsic. Will update later when I'm on my other computer (it's a long story).

  • Ran a slow hilly 20 miles on the weekend off of a full OJporridge ea oast breakfast. I haven't used gels lately, but consumed about a pint and a half of orange squash on the way around. Always slightly concerned about how thirsty I get on longer runs (even off a well hydrated start). I should check, but assume VLM will offer a plentiful number of drinks stations!
  • Sandy Balls wrote (see)
    I should check, but assume VLM will offer a plentiful number of drinks stations!

    from 3 miles, water every mile water and Lucozade at  miles 5, 10, 15, 19 and 23.

  • Poacher, I was just ranting on facebook earlier about make-up wearing gym go-ers. 

    I too live at the top of a hill, but I have no idea what the elevation of it is.

  • It's buzzing here.

    8.3 miles done at an aerobic pace (8m/m). Shorts in evidence, whilst thinking of the committed girlies.
    Then, a new thing for me, 10 minutes of H.I.I.T. (High intensity interval training) Bike on turbo, 2 mins warm up (HR120, power 130w), 20 seconds of max (HR slow to climb, didn't max, power 450 to 500w). Repeat for just 3 rounds. We'll see what immediate effects there are.

  • FINgers - sorry to hear about the attack of the lurgy.
    Abbers - good 18 miler in the bag.
    KR - I have been tempted to do my long run on a Saturday night to avoid the X-Factor, but fortunately my family have stopped watching it.
    Leslie - fantastic LT run!
    Ant - hope the physio sorts out your leg.
    Poacher - great dedication.
    SB - hi, good 20 miler.
    Blisters - good running in shorts. HIIT sounds painful.
    MLR this morning, 14 miles P&D style or in my jargon 7M slow / 7M easy. Paces turned out at 8:39 and 7:56.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Not been in here for a few days, had a brief scan on the last 2 pages, good to see plenty of action going on.

    Quick summary of events: My cold is getting better and improving health reflecting in improved performances.

    Dropped down to a 15 miler at LSR pace on Saturday. Ran with a mate which really eased the boredom I've been getting on slower runs. Ran at 8.14 pace and found it dead easy.

    Did my 400ft elevation gain 7 miler yesteday at 6.55 pace. Again it showed the hills are making my legs stronger. the run was 14 secs quicker than 2 weeks ago and is a training PB. Happy with that but must be careful and continue to train smart and avoid injuries.

    Time to read back...


  • Morning All,

    Just thought all you Jantastic people would be interested...

    It has occurred to me that between the 22 of us we've done a stack of runs. So whilst sat here contemplating the bodies ability to produce inconceivable amounts of snot I've done a bit of number crunching on the Jantastic scores.

    In fact, if you take the team members vs number of runs average, most of the top teams are scoring around 16.x but we, as the CCS315 team, come in at a massive 25.4 runs per person. Way out in front.

    So, whilst we are currently sitting 3rd= due to a few teams with low targets already posting, pushing their scores up, take heart as I think that would put us top, way in front of everyone else...

    It's all in the stats you see....

    Will pop back in a bit.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Poacher - sounds a bit bizarre. Are they regulars at your gym, or new (made up) faces?

    Sandy (was going to say SB, but then realised there were 2 with that abbreviation) - good 20. As PMJ has pointed out, shouldn't be an issue with drinks in London.

    Blisters - so, have you noticed immediate adaptation after your burst of HIIT?

    SportyB - sounds like you're making good progress, and getting over the lurgy too.

    Gul - Good work, as usual, from you. What's the situation with your job hunt at the moment?

    FINgers - good stats work!


  • Cheers Abbers!


    Abingdon now open for entry - just so you know.

  • FINgers - Are you after PMJ's crown as King Statto?

    I went to the physio today and got prodded, twisted, pinched, pulled, beaten and generally bullied, but it was all apparently due to just a build-up of tight muscles and so I've been given a clean bill of leg-health.

    What should I do for the rest of week? Is there any point my trying to make up for this missed session? I would have done a 15-miler today, so there remain a 6+4 double tomorrow, 6 miles recovery on Thursday and 13 on Friday before 7 on saturday and 16 w/ 12 @ PMP on Sunday. Maybe I could do 8 or 9 on Thursday instead, or is it not worth it?

    It's a b**ger, this, as it was all going so well! Hopefully this will be the last of any niggles and setbacks.

  • 15 MLR for me today. Did the same route I did a week ago with a cold and unsurprisingly I was 5 minutes faster, so 7:17 average compared to 7:37 average and the 11 miles from 4 to 14 done at 7:09 pace compared with 7:32 last week.

    Now need to try and ease back a bit to give me a chance at Wokingham Half this Sunday. 25 miles done and 26 over the next 3 days, then Saturday off and race Sunday. Need to keep Thursday's 13 miler super easy.

  • Ant - I would do the 15 tomorrow to take advantage of the recovery on Thursday. I would also probably run a 3 mile slow recovery today to keep the mileage up if my legs could cope after the prodding.

    Lot of miles on race week PMJ - what is your target at Wokingham?

  • A double post from days ago for some reason

  • Mennania wrote (see)


    Lot of miles on race week PMJ - what is your target at Wokingham?

    WAVA 80% is 82:17 so that is the target. 2011 I did 82:15 at Milton Keynes in 2011 after 180 and 200 for Jan and Feb so have to be in better form this year. Target on the entry form is 80 dead but without a full taper that is not on.

  • Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    FINgers - Are you after PMJ's crown as King Statto?

    It's a b**ger, this, as it was all going so well! Hopefully this will be the last of any niggles and setbacks.

    Wouldn't dream of going after that crown...

    And remember - stay positive, it's never a set back, its just a slower rate of progress forward.

  • LeslieH – Good LT run and improvement

    Abbers – Good MLR

    Poacher – Well done on the dreadie miles. I hate gym bunnies!

    KR – Thanks! and now I know another threadies real nameimage

    SBalls – Good LSR and you’ll get plenty of drinks during VLM.

    Blisters – Good running and I’ll be interested to see how the HIIT works out

    Gul – Nice MLR

    SBadger – Glad to read your cold is improving. Great running!

    Fingers – Love the stats!

    Ant – Good news on getting a clean bill of health. I’m the last person who should give advice about injuries. I always just ignore ever niggle and hope they go away. It’s worked so far though as I’ve never been forced to miss any training due to injury in 5 years.

    PMJ – Great running and good luck in Wokingham


    I had a surprisingly good run this morning. I started the run at 5:20 am and still felt a bit lacklustre after my 46 miles total on Friday and Saturday. Even after a few strides during a 3 mile warm up I still thought it would be a poor run. I planned 6 miles at HMP with my HMP PB pace being 6:15.

    Today’s route was more undulating than my PB and I finished the first mile in 6:27. However, I really loosened up after that and thanks to a final mile at 5:58 (about 10k pace) averaged exactly 6:15. I ran 11.5 miles in total and I’m feeling very pleased with myself.image 


  • FINgers - good piece of analysis there. Hope the lurgy clears up.

    Badbark - nice going. Don't blame you for feeling chuffed with that one.

    Gul - have I got this right? You posted at 6.15am this morning having already done a 14 mile easy run. What time did you get up?!

    Good news Ant - I'm afraid I went to the same school as Badbark on niggles.

    Talking of which, my right ankle still isn't 100% but while it's a bit larger than it should be (based on the size of the other one), it doesn't hurt to run on so I managed 6 miles with 4x1 mile reps yesterday, followed by a very relaxing 10 miler this morning. 

    Rest day tomorrow as I'm heading down to the storm-hit south west. I hear it was snowing up on Dartmoor this morning.

  • FINgers wrote (see)

    FINgers - Are you after PMJ's crown as King Statto?


    Wouldn't dream of going after that crown...


    I had the same thoughts but could not find a way to prove it. After FINgers has offered up a stat I can then counter stat with a single counter example (to prove something is always true is hard as it can be countered with one counter)

    So for January:

    MARATHON MOFOS, 8 members, 202 runs, average 25.25
    THE CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT SUB-3:15 TEAM, 22 members, 551 runs, average 25.05

    This team does have Jason Dickinson in who I recall from other mileage comps and he did 500 in January 2012 ( and did London in 3:09

  • Fast miles noted from PMJ, SB and BB - it is slightly depressing to know that PMJ runs his MLR at what I consider MP,.......

    The phrase 'This is Africa' applies Poacher.  Normal realities get distorted and the unexpected happens and 'incorrect' things happen frequently. No rules apply which is the great thing about Africa

    Ant: surely today finishes at 23:59

    10 miles with 8 at  MP for me this lunchtime.  MP section averaged 7:13 pace and pretty comfortable except for a few sections toward the end when the wind was strong in my face and I had to increase the effort.  Happy with that


  • Just a quick drop in as work is a bit manic at the mo.

    The question begs did I do my sub 40 10k Sunday. NO! Why? The course was changed last minute as the coast road was flooded and considered to be too dangerous so a last minute re think by the organisers meant we could still race but on a tougher (hillier) unmeasured course. I ran the 1st 2/3k's at a very even controlled pace 3k split was 11:59 and then we ran into an almighty hailstorm. I was wearling my usual attire, vest and shorts and my god did that hurt, also couldn't bl00dy see where I was going. It lasted only a few minutes, thank heavens for that but it felt like torture. Anyhow I carried on and made a break from a small group of aspiring sub 40 runners and tagged onto the No.1 Jsy female distance runner who even aged 44 still runs 38 for 10k on a regular basis. Got to halfway in 20:08 but there was only 10/15 second gap to No.1 chick so I knew I was going well in the conditions, at about 6k I made a concerted effort to close the gap and get back on track and knocked out a 3:42k with considerable ease. Next was 4:00 bang on but still I couldn't catch her, she was pulling away and I slowed a bit on some of the uphill sections but pulled it together in he last k or so to finish in 38:46 but I was gutted as I knew it was way short. I checked my Garmin and it said 9.76k and three others had 3.05miles on their's so pretty much the same. I reckon I could have jogged the last 240m and finished in 39:xx but it was too risky to carry on running as I would have had to turn back out onto the road off a sharp bend. I enjoyed the race even though I still look to bag my 1st sub 40 10k and I got chicked, but hey no shame in that she is a class runner and ran 35 in her peak. Next attempt will be April.

    Poacher - That does like a very interesting and challenging but fun event. Tempted?

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Ant - good news on the leg. Hope it feels easier now.

    PMJ - very impressive MLR. Be interesting to see what you can do at the weekend given the lack of a proper taper.

    BB - that's a cracking run at any time of day, but not sure how you managed to find that kind of pace so early!

    Lorenzo - glad the ankle isn't proving obstructive to training.

    BI - an MP of 7:13 would be well under target come VLM, wouldn't it? Good stuff.

    GM - how irritating! Would have been there on the day, but now have to wait until April due to circumstances beyond your control. Annoyed on your behalf. Well run though.

    Bit of a warm up, 12 x 400 with jog recoveries, bit of a cool down for a total of about 7 miles. No watch, so ran the 400s up and down a known flat stretch of pavement, and no clue on pace; ran to perceived effort, and effort = hard, so that will do.

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