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    FINgers - Are you after PMJ's crown as King Statto?


    Wouldn't dream of going after that crown...


    I had the same thoughts but could not find a way to prove it. After FINgers has offered up a stat I can then counter stat with a single counter example (to prove something is always true is hard as it can be countered with one counter)

    So for January:

    MARATHON MOFOS, 8 members, 202 runs, average 25.25
    THE CONSISTENTLY CONSISTENT SUB-3:15 TEAM, 22 members, 551 runs, average 25.05

    This team does have Jason Dickinson in who I recall from other mileage comps and he did 500 in January 2012 ( and did London in 3:09

    Ahhhh, but for a large team?......


    Abbers wrote (see)


    BI - an MP of 7:13 would be well under target come VLM, wouldn't it? Good stuff.



    Thanks Abbers - My marathon PB corresponds to a pace of 7:16. I trained for that at a nominal MP of 7:20 which in reality meant somewhere between 7:25 to 7:10 for training MP paces.  I followed P&D and (from memory) ran 13 with 8 at MP, 14 with 10 at MP and 16 with 12 at MP as the key MP session.  These sessions really seemed to work for me.  They were challenging, particularly as I did them on an undulating route, but achievable.

    As you know I've been struggling a bit to get going and frankly faster paces are beyond me at the moment.  My idea is to get going with MP session like the ones I've done today and last week ( 7 with 6 at MP) and build up from there. Nominally my target pace is 7:15 for MP running and today they came out between 7:10 and 7:15.  I'd like to extend the length of the MP section and the overall run bit by bit as and when I get some form back.

    Assuming I get back in form, I don't plan to run flat out at VLM anyway as my A race would be Comrades on June 1.  I won't be tapering for VLM and will carry on with training for ultra-marathon training right after.  So training at an MP of 7:15 or so would give me the capability I hope to run 3:10, but actually (and if I behave myself) I would pace VLM to run 3:14:xx to retain GFA and keep me fresh.

    That's my intention anyway - reality can be very differentimage



  • For large it is easy as we are 22 which is only just large (21 is where it becomes large) and any team with less runs is bound to be way behind us so I only need to check those with more runs.

    Yes, we way are way ahead of all other teams, the next closest is less than 17 and we are over 25. but then, we knew all along who the best team was, didn't we.


    The Consistently Consistent Sub-3:15 Team    22    560    25.45454545
    Tony's International Triallists    164    2783    16.9695122
    Colwick parkrunners    52    871    16.75

  • GM - yes it sounds great, Channel Islands landscape can be pretty hilly can't it....a tough multi-dayer. Congrats on your sort-of 10k performance

    Bike It - wise words about the extraordinary continent.

    Tonight's bizarre treadmill sight was a woman who looks like a decent runner, but oddly every mile or two she does this weird hands in the air waving thing like she's doing the Charleston. I assume she's listening to some motivational exercise stuff on the iPod and it tells her to do this. Any other possible explanations? 

    Well done Jantastic people, remember its only for fun (grabs tin hat)

    I am 4 of 4 for Feb, 28m all indoors, very dull but they all count

  • Poacher - Believe it or not I have never been to any of the other C.I.'s but yes if it's cliff paths, then it will be but nothing compared to some ultra's in the UK. I would say the most tiring part would be all the Island hopping but that would be a good experience in itself. Sorry no idea re wave your hands in the air shake your butt like you don't care woman. Odd but funny.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    BI - seeing as the marathon is your "short" event, it makes complete sense that you wouldn't be chasing faster miles. It's all about endurance for you. If I can be somewhere near you at VLM, I'd be delighted! You could always pace someone to 3:14:xx if it would remove the temptation to run any faster... image

    Impressive stuff from the Jantastic boys & girls.

    Poacher - is she just losing her balance every couple of miles, and frantically trying to stay upright? No idea why else she would be doing it...

    GM - got to get to some of the other islands to check them out - plenty to admire on each.

  • Gerard: damn! Sounds like you are definitely in sub-40 shape and just need a certified course...

    Much in awe of the nutters up at sparrowfart doing their training.

    Well done to the Jantastic crew, who are all clearly training well.

    I am mystified and amused by the Gym Bunnies - keep the stories coming!

    I repeated the 12M incl. 4x1M session I did on Thursday and managed to average 8s/mile faster (but still some way short of HM pace, unfortunately!).  At that rate of improvement I intend to make my application for podium funding within the next 4-6 months, even allowing for the odd cut-back weekimage

  • Jools - I know but I am quite relaxed about it now as I know It's a case of when not how anymoreimage also I am determined to beat the No.1 Jsy chick but it won't be easy that's for sure as she know's I'm gunning for her now. This time last year I would not have dreamt of such a target but bring it that's what I say!

    Abbers - I take it you have been to them?

    Bike it - You seem to have turned a corner and it's sounding good. image

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    GM - yeah, more time on Jersey than the others, but have also visited Guernsey a couple of times and even had a family holiday on Alderney when I was a kid. Is your April race over a different course to last weekend's? Hopefully some calmer spring weather will help your cause too.

    Jools - sounds like your speed/fitness is coming back nicely. You should start your own Team GB thread... image

  • Abbers - Cool, I recall you mentioning being over here for work before. Give me the heads up next time you decide to come over! Yes, the April one is an out and back along the waterfront, pancake flat 6.2 miles but last April it was 30mph headwind on the turn all the way back. It's very exposed there and there tends to be a prevailing south wester most days. Was out today to test the legs and did 5k at bang on 7mm pace with very little effort in force 7 wind! Obviously didn't try hard enough on Sunday.image

  • oh well ticked another night off the shedule. Quite a good pacey session involving 15x200m in 38-40s with 200m recoveries, 6 miles total. revitalised after my night off last night! 

    Good running guys! some crazy paces coming in! well done all!

  • You do see some bizarre sights at the Gym  - can't say I have seen Poachers Charleston example -that  sounds pretty weird.

    BI sounds like a good plan given Comrades is the big goal.. 


    I almost made a spectacle of myself after finishing my final Hansons speed session. I felt well queasy afterwards on a session that seems a bit crazy - 4 miles of quality at 5k pace in a pyramid of 400-800-1200-1600-1200-800-400 with 400 jogs in between. Averaged 5:30 pace and left no deposits on the treadmill. 

    Just over 15 miles for the day, and the plan now rolls onto threshold/strength work - more my scene.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Poacher - I want to be one of your gym girls. I bet they look great without needing to exercise.image

    loving the Jantastic stats. Basically whatever way you look at it WE ARE THE TEAM to fear. 

    Pleased to report that sicky-something seems to have gone and hip is 100 times better. image was pleased to log 3 Jantastic runs for this week earlier today. Bring it on. 

  • AR So that means your quality session are longer than your long runs or have you run twice today.

    Well done on the about 10k GM, l find the shorter marked races more annoying than an over distance one.

    Only six miles for me today but that did include hitting the hills really hard, certainly pushing my heart rate up the max .
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I'm feeling queasy reading some of the training and paces being run. Glad to hear the medical results Ant.

    Humble 9 miles for me in 2 runs + 6 yesterday. 22 days continuous running here but at steady pacing, averaging 7-8 per day.

    Buttermere round this w/end. 21 miles scenic runnning with some serious climbs up Honister pass and Newlands valley. It's a C race for me so I'm not cutting back at all this week. Even planning to do the parkrun on Saturday.    

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Did you get a Blaydon entry OO? 

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Good that you're getting back to it Minni, I'm still properly lurgified, coughing and spluttering with snot all over the place. No training.

  • moof wrote (see)
    AR So that means your quality session are longer than your long runs or have you run twice today.

    Only six miles for me today but that did include hitting the hills really hard, certainly pushing my heart rate up the max .

    The longest LR and quality session are both 16 miles in a standard Hansons plan. Today I ran twice  - a gentle recovery am , and then 10 tonight.  Some of the plans have plenty of 20s, e.g the 60 - 80 mpw plan has 5 or 6 20's.  - not what most expect when they think of Hansons.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Indeed I did Minni- one of my favourites- assume I'll see you there image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    TR thankfully I've escaped snot and sluttering but there's still time yet.  A few days rest then you can get your 4 runs done at the end of the week. image


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Minni - I'll blag a spare run off of four of you lot, and make them up later.

  • One question for the stattos. If one of the consistently consistent contestants suddenly goes down with the seasonal snotfest that is circulating society, do you adjust your stats to say that the team is one fewer? Or do you manfully carry the lame duck?

    Anyway, I am away from home in a budget hotel for 2 nights.
    9 miles plodded out into the teeth of a breeze. A bit dark and uncertain of terrain, so it was "recovery" pace. But 9 miles is a development on where I was last week, and a world away from 2 weeks ago.
    Immediate response from one HIIT session was that I got the leg twitches. A little bit.
    Today's response was a definite feeling of having done a session yesterday, but not in a completely mullered sense. Clearly there are benefits being accrued. Weight loss will not be a measurable item. We were making progress, but I am staying away from home in a hotel. As an obsessive/compulsive/addictive person, I can't seem to eat a meal on expenses and just have a light snack salad and mineral water.

  • x-post with a duck

  • I didn't enjoy it last year and vowed not to go back but I need something to do so I''ve just entered Abingdon.

    I''ve put 2.54 down for my target time, that should keep me on my toes.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Quack Quack !

  • Blisters wrote

    "One question for the stattos. If one of the consistently consistent contestants suddenly goes down with the seasonal snotfest that is circulating society, do you adjust your stats to say that the team is one fewer? Or do you manfully carry the lame duck?"

    I say kick em out!!! No passengers on this ship!
  • Jantastic score is based on top 75% of the team so with 22 on the team we can carry 5 ducks and still have 17 which is over 75%. If we have 6 ducks and 16 good then it is time to do the decent thing.

    I don't know if the 75% applies to weeks, months or the whole thing so best be safe and keep as many going as possible.

    It seems only 14 of 131 large teams managed 100% in Jan so the runners and riders are thinning quite fast.

  • It took PMJ exactly 10 minutes to compile the research there. Almost like he had it committed to memory.
    For statistical significance, if they are slicing the bottom 25 % off the sample, shouldn't they slice the top 25% off as well? Just to eliminate the elite who's managed to blag in as a ringer. We'd probably call them a Sub 3 candidate, (ie 2:20).
    Perhaps I'm looking too deeply, after all, it's only a game.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I'd carry any lame duck on here but not so sure about an unknown who joined the team then didn't come up to scratch.  unsportsmanlike I know, but I'm not a man!image 

  • Circuits with the club last night before it rained, including a 250m lap round the park after each 3 exercises, so 12 in total. Upper body now dead, but last run I was really flying - fastest I've run in a long time.

    Abingdon entered. This'll be my first autumn marathon, pray for a cool summer!

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