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  • Back from the gym before Gul has filed. Hah!  What a slacker  image

  • Gul is a lazy git

    just leaving for a splash about in the pool

  • SB - pleased to hear you're getting better. Nice 15 miler.
    Abbers - today is my last day of voluntary work at a Christian exhibition for schools. No interviews lined up yet, but hoping to do a training course for work with the local hospice. Good reps.
    Ant - maybe do the 15 miler today, but stick to 6 on Thursday.
    PMJ - good MLR.
    Badbark - cracking run!
    Lorenzo - I think yesterday's run started at 3:51. Take it easy on that ankle.
    Bike It - nice MP run.
    GM - you must be frustrated - that's a real shame.
    Poacher - are you sure she's not waving to you?
    Jools - good work!
    Rich - nice session.
    AR - that pyramid session would leave anyone feeling sick, I think. Well done.
    Minni - good news.
    Moof - good hill work.
    OO - No wonder you're taking it easy with the Honister pass coming up! Good luck.
    Blisters - good progress.
    BOTF - a bit of a confidence booster - nice one.
    Yes, sorry guys. I didn't get out of the house today until 5:48. Shameful. 4 recovery miles @ 8:56 m/m.

  • Sounds like Comrades 'bus' behaviour to me Poacher.  If you're not aware of buses yet, I cut-and-paste from the

    Basically how these busses work are as follows.  The “driver” should be an experienced runner who has a very good idea of pacing and time management.  The driver will include some planned “recovery” walks into the pace.  The bigger busses are quite festive with the driver incorporating count downs and motivational cries and songs.  It is not uncommon to hear the chant “another one bites the dust” as the bus passes one of the kilometre boards (distance markers).  During the planned walks, the bus driver usually has runners raising their arms and breathing deeply.  He will then count them down to start running again.  


    Personally I think it would be honorable if lame ducks over the 25% quota were to transfer to a team doing better than our team, making their performance worse and ours better.  It is only a bit of fun after all.



  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    GM - a mixture of work, sport & holidays! Haven't been back for a while though, so probably overdue. You sound in good form.

    Rich - nice one, good pace on those reps.

    AR - another very impressive session from you.

    Minni - glad to hear your injury & illness are on their way out. Intrigued by what "sluttering" might be though! Whatever it is, it's probably good you've avoided it.

    Moof - good hills and Abo target.

    OO51 - Buttermere; lovely. Not sure what teh forecast is though?

    TR - sorry to hear you've got the lurgy good & proper. If you're a duck, it's not bird 'flu is it?

    Blisters - all good progress.

    BotF - well done with the circuits. Must do more strengthening work myself.

    Poacher - back from the gym and posting at 4:11am? What time did you get up, or did you just not bother going to bed?

    Gul - nice lie in for you today then image The training course sounds interesting, how time intensive would that be?

  • Shame you still got the lurgy TR. The worse thing about them is you don't know how it will last!

    Good target for Abingdon Moof!

    What gym is open in the middle of the night Poacher?

    Bike It - The bus sounds like a great thing to pass the time on the run. Like the idea of the another one bites the dust as you pass the KM markers.

    5 x 1 mile reps down Vicky Park last night and all went well - 6.08, 6.03, 5.57, 5.55 & 5.56. Rollerblade lady was there again and I was hoping we'd have a repeat race like the other week - but no joy! But instead this week I overtook a cyclist which freaked them outimage.
    Got to do a bit of juggling with my runs this week and Mrs KR is out later tonight AND tomorrow night, so I'll have to do a couple of shorter runs instead before she goes out.

  • Knight rider- speedy reps and racing cylists now , a good sign . When I was on holiday in Lanzarote last year I tried to pass one of those 4 wheeled bicycle things the tourists use as it was going to slow along the promenade and as I got up along side the 2 kids shouted to their parents faster faster catch him and they overtook me again cheeky buggers so not to be outdone I got up alongside again and let them try and floored it , they really tried hard for a few 100m metres, those bikes go well with 2 pedallinglimage but then they had to stop due to exhaustion in the end and probally lie down a while , was good fun image

    Bike it - the buses sound great crack especially walk breaks image

    14 midweek lr for me this morn , average 8:18 , tried to up it a little bit towards the end but it was hard going.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    KR - quick reps there, nice.

    Leslie - a 14 MLR on a school morning is always going to be a big ask. Sounds to me like you managed it pretty well.

    Recovery run for me today as my juggled round week continues. Ended up being 5 miles rather than 4 due to a flooded footpath and subsequent diversion.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Minni: I think we have matching hips again. Mine has been in much finer form in the last week or so, hardly felt a thing.

    Had a decent spinning session last night and thought about having a rest day today.
    However, brought my kit into work and was talked into doing an 8 miler with a colleague.

    The weather was terrible, 30 mph gusty winds and horizontal rain yet I felt really strong. We did 8 miles at 6.57 pace which I'm really pleased with. I'm looking forward to attacking that distance again soon in better conditions, could post a good number.

    Apart from some core work, I'm now letting my legs recover for 2 days before Saturday's 20 miler.


  • KR - Excellent reps and bike-bothering.

    TR - Get well soon - the nation (well, the CCSTFT) needs you.

    Moof - Abo - you know you wanted to, really.

    Good midweek miles from PMJ, Leslie and others.

    I followed the sage Mennania's advice and ran 5kms home from work last night, before the P&D gods smiled on me - my 8:00 a.m. class was cancelled, thus allowing me to get those 15 miles done at a reasonable hour - and still get some sleep into the bargain. So out I went at 6:30 (Poacher was probably having a spot of luncheon by then) and got 15 unfuelled miles done @ 7:40mm, going nicely in progression, and not having to stop once, despite going round a city crammed with rush-hour traffic. All very nice, except being buffetted by high winds (the coast of northern Spain is practically a disaster area), and having to wolf down my Weetabix on returning home in order to get to my 9:30 class on time.

    Thanks for the advice, everyone.

  • Dear Gods of Marathon and Ultra-marathon running, please forgive me because I have sinned.  I let the conditions get the better of me and ran only 6 of the 7 miles I had planned this lunchtime.  I can run through nipple chaffing, cold limbs, wet body and feet, but alas I could not tolerate the pain in my head from the cold and blasting wind. Thank you however for the free teeth whitening session from high velocity horizontal rain blasting my exposed teeth in my grimacing face.  Thankfully as a glasses wearer, I was spared blindness from the aforementioned rain.  Please grant me there will be no long term effect from 'the mile not run'.


    I did see one other runner with his beenie hat pulled down over one side of his face so it was only half exposed.  Maybe he is a pirate.

  • BI - I managed a short recovery run at lunch in similar conditions. I realised the conditions really didn't go hand in hand with recovery, so headed back. Nightmare wind and rain.

    Good going from Leslie, Abbers, SB, and an opportunistic MLR from Ant

  • BI: I've decided to take today as my rest day and praying that my gamble pays off in terms of weather tomorrow morning and Friday.  It's just so vile out there at the moment that I can't quite face 12M...  Nothing I can do about the current forecast for Saturday, sadly, so cross-country is going to be a total mudfest.  Hurrah.

  • Nice runs Ant, KR, PMJ, Leslie and others.   Got to admit I cheated today - was in the gym when it opened at 0630 but different time zone.  So Gul IS still the man.

    BI I've read about the buses, hmm. I joined a bus in Chicago but left it after a mile as it was too gung ho. Not sure about that kind of thing.

    Weird gym habit #3: guy walks briskly into the gym at about 7kph. Gets on treadie and sets it walk at 5.5kph.  Does his session then strides briskly away. So technically he came to the gym to do less exercise than he was doing before and after. Err...


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Poacher - where do you find these people?!? Or do they just gravitate to you? image Whatever the answer is, I want more of them; they brighten my day!

    SB & Ant, good running despite the prevailing conditions.

    BI & AR - points just for getting out there today I would say, never mind about the odd missed mile in a shorter run. As I did one extra, you can have my spare one image Although I have a sneaky suspicion that Jools may have been the most sensible of all of us...

  • BI, I had 6 on the plan today so ran away from the office for 3 miles to ensure I did 3 back, still came out at 5.85 and I had no inclination to make up the bits: foul out there today.

    13 tomorrow and looks like early is better where I am.

  • Wonderful stuff Poacher. Just imagine the stories that are being told about you by all the folks you've met!!

    Hats off to all those who made it out today. Planned rest day for me but I'm down in Cornwall at the moment so bracing myself for a wet run tomorrow morning.

  • Lorenzo wrote (see)

    Planned rest day for me but I'm down in Cornwall at the moment so bracing myself for a wet run tomorrow morning.

    If there is any of Cornwall left to run on.

  • Poacher- are you sure it's a gym and not the local Looney bin that happens to have a couple of treadmills to exersise the restricted patients.

    KR - Great reps, any races coming up to test your fitness?

    Well done all for getting out in this atrocious weather. I managed 9 this morning and 3 easy after work.
  • 9 done today in the hellish weather and came out 7:50 average. Legs are getting soooore though! starting to creek a lot! he he 

  • Well done for getting out and about today people

    Poacher, brilliant.

  • Its nasty up here but not as bad as down south, hope its not too bad for you all. Weather has forced a shuffle and retreat to the tready. 6 miles which were faster than the pace I walked in at Poacherimage.

    Managed my first vo2 session yesterday - 9 miles with 6 x 800m which came out in 2.41 - 2.46 range. Pleasantly surprised, Fatigue of last week seems to have liftedimage

    Moof - nice target and kudos for posting it up so early on.

    KR - pacy!!!


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Feeling sorry for you guys down there with the weather. It was wet and windy here but just a shitty day and nothing like down South. 

    10 miles tonight and starting to feel back to normal. Phew. 

  • Having been nearly blown off my feet whilst moving the bins I decided tonight was a not a running night and sat in my armchair all evening.

  • Abbers - the training is just 5 x 3 hour sessions once a week, plus one final all day session. Got to go for an informal interview first though. 
    KR - excellent reps, finishing strong there.
    Leslie - good MLR bagged.
    SB - speedy running.
    Ant - well done - nice 15 miler.
    Bike It - under the circumstances, I think you are excused!
    AR - much better way to recover.
    Jools - enjoy the mud.
    Poacher - just gets weirder.
    PMJ - well done on almost 6.
    Lorenzo - good luck in Cornwall!
    Moof - good double.
    Rich - nice run.
    Mennania - good intervals.
    Minni - good to hear you're back on track.
    BOTF - sensible move.
    Weather's not too bad over this way. 11 steady miles this morning, avg. pace was 7:32 m/m.

  • Strangely dry down here at the moment - nothing more than a few drips of rain so maybe the lull before the storm. 8 miles in the bag - easy on the way out, moderate effort on the way back.

    Managed to pick a good couple of days away from the headache of tube strikes in London. image


  • Very calm here first thing, so have got my 14M out of the way. No wind or rain to spoil the run, just a touch of the DOMS

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ, Lorenzo, AR - think earlier is definitely better today! Good running. Lorenzo; not sure what's worse, tube strikes or a storm-lashed Cornwall?

    Moof - nice double.

    Rich - keep it going! Are you racing this weekend, or doing a faster MLR by yourself? I couldn't find any suitable local-ish races for next Sunday, so will be taking the latter option.

    Menn - some pacy 800s there.

    Minni - good to see you back to it.

    BotF - sensible decision to avoid the worst of it last night!

    Gul - solid 11 there. Another who has definitely had the right idea by going out earlier today! Good luck with the course interview.

    8 at PMP coming up for me today, where the first "P" stands for "possible", "potential", or some other similar qualifier rather than "planned". Will see what comes out, and what the weather's like by lunch!


  • Mennania - Great 800s - I've got that session next week some time, and I was hoping I could keep them under 3:00...

    BotF - Wise move, wind is a runner's worst enemy, imho.

    7 miles recovery in 15ºC and sunny, too - I went out dressed like Literatin (minus the vest and the sports bra).


  • Early was better here.

    13.66 miles this morning, easy at 7:20 pace. That is my 11th run of 13 miles or more this year and I'm moving into shelling peas territory.

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