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  • TR - Jeeze, sounds like you had proper man flu and you're lucky to be alive! It's too early to have such negative can do it. Keep the faith man you can do it! This time next week you will feel like a different man and much stronger!!

  • Obviously I am glad we will not be running through the tar pit again, but I now feel a bit indignant that we were tricked into running through it the first time.

  • TR, if you've just got past the shivers, you still ain't in a good shape old pal.

    Bite the bit mate.

  • Great to see everyone braving the elements to get the runs in.

    NIcely paced miles in your 12 miler Leslie!

    Nice goose shit reps PMJ

    BOTF - a killer hill session you prescribed!

    Good news on the Jantastic Facebook page Lorenzo

    Ant - reps were 8 x 1000m (I think 8 x 1 mile reps would have killed me!). Any pictures of your pretty feet, maybe that could be submitted for Jantastic Facebook?

    Abbers - Good tempo session & pace. I try and plan my route for sessions like that so that the course is relatively consistent. So that there are no killer hills when I need to hit a certain pace. It also helps if you know the course of the race you are planning and try and replicate that in training. For example Manchester is quite a flat course so I try and do my MP miles on a similar type of route. I find it better to get a consistent pace rather than extremes.

    Gerard - a good pace if you are not 100%

    A decent track session there CC2 - the short ones always sound easy till you're half way through and wondering when the session will finish!

    TR - are you taking any night nurse?

  • 10 miles last night with 6 x 400m hill reps in the middle made a bit tougher with the wind. Pace for the reps was about 6.05 average.

    Then tonight I did 10 miles in 69.11 (av pace of 6.55) but not intentional. This was a progressive run and did the first mile in 8.05 and then tried to up the pace 10 seconds each mile. By the time I got to 4 miles I was only registering 7.44 pace and I thought I was going faster. Mile 5 and I was supposed to be doing 7.20 pace but only doing 7.37 on my watch. This was beginning to feel tough. I kicked in a bit and what felt like a race pace was only coming out at 7.05 pace. After 7 miles I decided it wasn't happening and I should ease right back for the last 3 miles. It was only when I had to stop at lights I looked at the pace of 7.01 and the time of 49.14 that I put 2 and 2 together. My watch till then had been displaying pace for the WHOLE distance as an average and not each individual mile. It now made sense and I can only guess the other miles that felt hard and thought weren't fast, were probably about 6.30-6.40 pace. With 3 miles left I decided to go for a sub 70 minute time.

    It just goes to show that believing what you think technology is telling you against what it feels like and actually is, can be 2 completely different things. Sorry for the long winded me post, but thought I would share this image

  • Lorenzo - speedy 6 miles in 8.5 there.
    Abbers - good running.
    Ant - nice 9 miler.
    OO - well earned rest.
    GM - hope the possible illness doesn't take hold.
    TR - hope you can get fit quickly enough to do VLM.
    Speedy - great reps.
    KR - good sessions - annoying incident with the watch!
    Bit of a change to the schedule today. I'm going out later (8:30 ish) to do tomorrow's long run and will do today's planned 6 miler at the weekend. Daylight run means I can head out of town - yippeee!

  • KR - Excellent graft from you this week. That thing with the av pace happened to me once and it's quite right what you say, sometimes we should just go on how we're feeling. 

    Btw, I did mean to say kms, not miles, although I'm sure you could bash out a very tidy set of 8 miles reps!

    11 miles to do this morning and then supposedly 8 wtih strides tomorrow. This seems too much the day before a race so maybe I'll do a short recovery run tonight so leaving something easier for the morning.

    Speedy - Good work on those reps, sounds like you're feeling strong. Photo with crop top?

  • KR, fast and inadvertent 10 miler there, looks good. I am finding that running more to feel helps quite a bit. Yesterday I did a  15 MLR and the first mile showed as 5:45. I was planning easy, about 7:30, so even over 15 miles that changes the average by 7 seconds a mile. As I had the pace hidden away (I just show the map) I don't notice so was able to enjoy the run.

    I took a new route through Richmond Park and found a wonderful path which leads up to White Lodge (the Royal Ballet School) and in a gap in the weather between hail storms it was beautiful



  • Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    11 miles to do this morning and then supposedly 8 with strides tomorrow. This seems too much the day before a race so maybe I'll do a short recovery run tonight so leaving something easier for the morning.


    I'm juggling so am doing parkrun plus run out and back as my general aerobic 9 and counting the parkrun as the strides so I have 8 general today without strides and will only actually do 7.5 as I did 15.5 yesterday.

    70 next week, biggest ever coming up, gulp. I will do the 22 on Monday as I like to get ahead: must seem daunting to be at the end of a 70 week and only be on 43 by Friday night.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    TR - sorry to hear you're not properly recovered yet. It's frustrating, but try to take it a bit easy, as we don't want to see you have a relapse!

    GM - difficult to get into a short session like that, so good pace regardless.

    Speedy - like the sound of your paces at the track. Going well.

    KR - really good signs from you if a sub-70 10 miler is that comfortable. It was the gusty wind as much as the terrain that influenced my irratic pacing, but general point taken! image

    Gul - enjoy this morning's long run, if you can get it done before the worst of the latest weather system arrives.

    Ant - how was the 11?

    PMJ - is that blue sky above White Lodge?!?

    Rest day for me today, and then out to the theatre later with Mrs A image

  • Abbers wrote (see)

    PMJ - is that blue sky above White Lodge?!?


    It is, but photo stolen from internet: I don't carry a camera (phone) with me. Actually yesterday at one point it was sunshine and I did feel too hot in t-shirt, long top and gloves.

  • PMJ - nice shot there. I remember that run up to White Lodge being at the start of the lap in a XC race I did there just before Christmas. Just be careful of the geology in that area - on the second lap the hill had definitely shifted and was longer and steeper than the first time around. Good luck with the 70 mile week.

    Gul - enjoy the daylight running. Are you sure you won't feel naked without a head torch? And what did you do for 4 hours after you woke up this morning?!

    KR - great session. Just shows how the technology can get you believing something.

    Found time this morning for a hilly but easy (is that a contradiction in terms?) 10 miler, including the first couple of miles with younger Lorenzito who's taken to setting his alarm half an hour earlier so that he can get a run in before school. Managed to just about beat the rain.

    Dramatic cutback week next week as we're away skiing so I doubt I'll make double figures but by sneaking out for some short runs in the snow and playing my joker, I'm still planning on a Jantastic full house.

  • Ant - good luck with the race this weekend and juggling the schedule.
    PMJ - nice photo. I accidentally have racked up 77 miles in the last 7 days due to bringing my long run forward. Oops.
    Abbers - enjoy the rest day and theatre. Rain looks like it will arrive here just in time for an afternoon walk with Mrs GD image
    Lorenzo - take care skiing! I don't use a head-torch, so that's why it's a treat getting out of town for me.
    19 miles d&d, avg pace 8:21 m/m. Out and back run past Sandringham Estate. Just after I turned back, nature called. As Will and Kate haven't moved in yet, I carried on up to the main Sandringham gates, but no-one let me in. Fortunately the visitor's centre was open so I didn't have to nip into the woods. 15 weeks tomorrow until the Roadrunner mara. More or less finished base-training now; next week will be my first 20 miler in years and soon time to bring in the tempo runs. Just off for an ice-cold bath and shower before Mrs GD gets home.

  • Lorenzo wrote (see)

    PMJ - on the second lap the hill had definitely shifted and was longer and steeper than the first time around.

    I am quite aware of the shifting geology in that area. My office is not far from the Thames at about 5m above sea level so it is an uphill pull to Richmond Park and White Lodge at the heady heights of 38m above sea level but I reckon it topples over once I get there so I never get any downhill sections on the way back.

  • In the end I did 12m @ 7:40mm, and tbh I felt a bit creaky, so I should take it a bit easy until the race. I know this is a cutback week but I'm only up to 35 miles so far with only 15M on Sunday incl. the HM. Conscience dictates i should get out there and do at least 6M more over two runs - possibly with strides tonight, but if I wasn't at all bothered by stats I would put my feet up until Sunday's race.



  • Kr-sub 70 10 miler excellent

    PMJ-Nice 15 miler.

    Lorenezo- enjoy the skiing and no injuries allowed

    Ant -speedy 12 miler.

    Gul-77 -77 a week excellent and nice 19 .

    For me this morn I decided it was time for a (Possible ?) mara paced run so did 18.5 miles(total average 8:00 m/miles) with the last 9 in appox 7;30/m/mile.

    Splits were :

    7;30, 7:29, 7:29,7:22, 7:23, 7:29, 7:29, 7:33, 7:28 so no dropoff but it did get tough at the end.image 


  • Nice running there Leslie, as you say, solid and no drop off at all. Always a good confidence booster when they come off like that.

    All I can say about today's run is that I got out when it was raining less heavily.

    Gul, I have done that on a few occasions so long one Sunday and again the next Saturday, I guess it is purely arbitrary which 7 days you choose but feels very different in a way it shouldn't.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Nice going Gul and Leslie. Looks steady, Ant. Have a rest and be fresher for the race.

    So many people at work and other friends have had this lingering lurgy for weeks now. I decided to cut back to virtually nothing this week to try and shift it. yet, there's something in us all that can't quite resist a few miles rather have a big hole in the campaign stats. Stupid really but I guess running becomes a habit that's hard to shake no matter what? I reckon it's proof of how focussed we actually are.

    So, my activity thus far this week has been core strength and stretch at the gym on Monday. On Tuesday I had a spinning class but I did a 5k on the treadmill beforehand which ended up at 6.24 pace (that's quick for me).
    Yesterday I did a 7 miler over the hills but didn't take the Garmin, just ran gadget free. I think it helped as I feel a tad better today. Will evaluate things over the weekend to see if I can be bothered with an LSR paced run.

    Good luck over the weekend everyone, especially those with the lurgy.


  • Sporty Badger wrote (see)
    there's something in us all that can't quite resist a few miles rather have a big hole in the campaign stats

    Agree, even February with a measly 28 days irritates me.

  • Nice work Leslie and Gull on the LSRs.  It sound like things are heading in the right direction Leslie for a 3:15.  Good speedy MLRs from KR and PMJ too.

    I did 7 with strides yesterday, because Pete Pfitzinger told me to.  11miles easy today at lunchtime.  Saved time by having a shower in parallel with running.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - have fun skiing. Wish I was going with you! Been too long... Which resort are you heading for?

    Gul - good running, and opportunistic use of the visitor centre.

    Ant - short with strides tomorrow, then nail it on Sunday.

    Leslie - sounds promising. Well run.

    Sporty - sounds like you're managing to keep ticking over, despite the residual lurgy, so not too much (if any) fitness lost. Keep the faith.

    PMJ - angry at the world for having the temerity to only give Feb 28 days. Nice image Short months are better for the bank balance though.

    Good luck to all the weekend racers; hope the weather is kind(er).

  • Gald I got out early , was only 3c but no rain now its minus 2 and snowing heavily and the pavements are lethal with slush and winds picking up , its bloody cold out there.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    I meant to share this from last weekend. This happened on my 21 miler on Saturday.

    Running with my mate, we came to a big roundabout at around 7 miles and heard a car tooting its horn. A hot-hatch with two hooded chaps inside had stalled and they looked agitated, desperately trying to restart the vehicle. The car behind them came around the front, blocked them in and an extremely irate asian chap got out and immediately kicked their wing mirror off, Jackie Chan style. He then started to punch the window and kick the door. For some reason the chaps would not get out to have a conversation with the rather angry driver. I can only assume the lads had pulled a stroke on him further up the road and he became mighy miffed.

    We carried on running as there were plenty of other witnesses around to tell the Police, who were speeding towards the junction a couple of minutes later. It wasn't our argument either, so best not to get involved as we don't know who is actually in the wrong, not to mention the extra it would have put on the run pace average! image

    Who says running is dull?


  • Best to stay out of that sort of thing Sporty , could turn nasty and end up in a pb effort run for your life with some hoods chasing you .image

  • They never do get out do they SB? Just full of youthfull arrogance in their protected little shell.

    Some good long runs from Leslie and Gul

    Debenhams have got a sale of running stuff online, Asics/Nike  jackets, pants and tops at upto 70% off. Running out quickish though..

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Running is never dull SB- certainly not on a day like today. I've cried off my p.m. run as it's horrendous in the North East. Will be my lowest mileage a for a good while- might struggle for 40.

    Signal relays tomorrow, our V50 team are going for gold (4*2miles) in this classic race.


  • Sitting in the doctors' waiting room fretting about my hip X-ray result. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

  • SJ - All is crossed - hope all is well!!!

  • SJ - Good luck!

    SB - Sensible option.

    Gul - Must have made a nice change to do the long run in daylight and on a different route.

    OO - It's hard to keep motivating oneself in this rubbish weather.

    Leslie - Sounding solid indeed.

    Supposed to be doing an 18 miler Sunday, that should be fun. Even though I am not marathon training the thought of having a 6 week gap between long runs was playing on my mind. Holidays next Saturday and can't see myself doing anything longer than a 10k where we are staying, mainly due to the hills so figured I have to do it or lose alot of endurance fitness.

    In other news my new laptop has arrived!image

  • Well that was just about the shittest news I could have received. I'm assuming that "severe degeneration" is a bad thing. "Hips of a 70 year old", "surprisingly bad", "much worse than I thought it would be", "hip replacement" blah blah blah etc etc

    luckily my doc is a runner so has given me clearance (with caveats) to keep running but I need to modify my approach quite a bit if I want to last more than just another season. 

    First sacrifice - Paris will be my first and last ultra.

    It hasn't sunk in yet and I'm already crushed image 

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