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  • SJ, bummer.

  • Thats terrible new Joe  image Are you getting a lot of pain when you run ?

  • Leslie, no. Just niggles a bit at night and sometimes aches. Doctor said he's seen patients with a fraction of the damage I have who can only walk 10 metres and need replacements. Good job I'm a tough northener eh? Cartilage is for wimps!

  • SJ - crap news. Sounds like a decent consultant you have.

  • Slokey - Good luck with that. Things are rarely as bad as they appear at first, so hoping this is the case with you.

    All right, I'll stay in now and do some core work and tomorrow do 4-5M with some strides thrown in.

    PMJ - That bad, was it?

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    SJ - chin up dude, doctors always say that sort of "running is bad for you news". Loads of folks still running after being told not too. Probably wise re the ultra though, and maybe you should stick to Tri more from now on.

    KR - I packed up the cold and flu remedies Sunday (after being on them for a week).

  • SJ - really sorry to hear that - hope it's not as bad as it first sounds.
    Just popped out to the shop to get a forgotten ingredient for a Valentine's starter, flicked on the radio and heard PMJ's dad talking about footpaths not meeting up at Parish boundaries! (99% sure it was him anyway).

  • Thanks for the good wishes folks

    TR, doc was quite positive about running to his credit. I'm booked in to see the orthopaedic surgeon in 4 weeks time so I'll see what he says.

    Anyway, enough of that 

    8miles today with 2x1.5miles at 10K pace ( 6:15mm) followed by a good 2.5K swim session. The recent focus on drills and kick sets seems to be really paying off.  #likeafish

  • Oh, that sucks Slokey. I hope you can find a way to keep running for years to come. Aqua running?

  • It's never that bad Speedy!

  • Gul Darr wrote (see)

    flicked on the radio and heard PMJ's dad talking about footpaths not meeting up at Parish boundaries! (99% sure it was him anyway).

    He does a lot of that so I am sure it probably was him. He was on Country File last year bemoaning how hard it was to get his leg over when he was in his late 70s.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Really sorry you got that diagnosis, Slokey - good wishes from here, and here's hoping you can continue with your running to the best level possible - at least your doc has understanding  . . . 

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Not liking your news, SJ. But you can keep running so hopefully you can find a way of keeping running. If it means more cross training for the odd run, that's not so bad really!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    (((SJ)))  This must have been a shock to hear but with a sensible approach you might surprise yourself. a friend of mine was told he needed two knee replacements in his late 40s.  He ran a bit, as in 3 or 4 miles a few times a week, however, since then he has done countless marathons and trains a lot.  He's now about 55 and his knees are stronger than they've ever been.

    Pool running is supposed to be the answer but you look like a tool!

    Hope TR is on the mend.

    Just checked the Jantastic page and we are there!  We've made it to the top!! Go us!  Thanks Lorenzo.

    I ditched my tempo-type run on Thursday night because it was so windy then yesterday late PM the weather was even worse.  I set up the TM and went outdoors for a 3.5 mile warm up with the intention of then jumping on the tready for the effort.  However, the running god must have thought I needed a break because the wind dropped and the rain changed to drizzle during my warm up so managed to stay outdoors.  Phew.  35 minutes of alternating HMP/MP resulted in 5 miles at something like 7:05 pace.  Quite happy with that.


  • Minni -  good dreadmill session. I'm glad I did my long run yesterday - blowing a gale all night and still going strong here.

    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)
    Gul Darr wrote (see)

    flicked on the radio and heard PMJ's dad talking about footpaths not meeting up at Parish boundaries! (99% sure it was him anyway).

    He does a lot of that so I am sure it probably was him. He was on Country File last year bemoaning how hard it was to get his leg over when he was in his late 70s.

    At the end of piece I caught, the presenter said he had been speaking to Alan Jones of West Norfolk Ramblers, so I thought it was a fair bet.

    Rest day for me image

  • Gul, wasn't him then, my father is Alan (known as Allan) Jones of West Norfolk Ramblers. It transpires that my grandfather was illiterate but the council clerk was not so my father is recorded in the registry as Alan but was taught to spell it Allan and until a few years ago it was all blissful so he had a passport in the name of Allan, served in the military, paid taxes etc all fine and then a minor misdemeanour and a letter lost in the post meant a court summary and they discovered there was no such person.

    parkrun this morning: rerouted course to avoid the floods and it was much better being mostly on flat tarmac and no steps. 3 miles jog out, parkrun in 19:07 and 4 miles back to wind up the week, Jantastic at 50% and the rest of the weekend off. Now just have to bake and ice a chocolate cake for #4 (the request was "make it as chocolatey as possible and then add more") and plan Monday's 22 miler.

  • There is some weirdness going on here.

  • Slokey: gutted for you.  I may be naive, but if there's not much pain, then there are still some significant positives at the moment.


    Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)

    Gul, wasn't him then, my father is Alan (known as Allan) Jones of West Norfolk Ramblers.

    What did Gul say, then? I don't understand nuffink, me...

    Minni - Well done on getting out here and being rewarded. That's a pacey run - how do you feel your training and preparation are going? Are you going to be in PB shape?

    5.5M this morning with 8 x 100m strides. It seems to be have totally sorted my legs out and now I feel ready to give tomorrow's race a really good go. The wind has dropped and while it's cooler, the sun is out (and I want some).image

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    SJ - rubbish news, but as others have said, if the pain is negligible, then things could be worse. Maybe TR's onto something with the more tri, less running intensive approach. Either way, good luck, and still sounds you're running pretty well in the meanwhile!

    Some nice running from Minni & Ant - you could be on for a good one tomorrow if the weather plays ball.

    Good long run from Gul too, in daylight and everything!

    Liking the sound of that cake, PMJ! Exactly the kind of request I would make.

    Thought I should try to get on here at least a bit at weekends to avoid the Monday morning mammoth catch up. Easy 5 later, then 15 tomorrow with the plan being for the middle 13 at PMP in place of a HM; the schedule didn't make allowances for which races were actually available on the right dates!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Slokey, as a man with dodgy hip I feel your pain. May I suggest you try skipping with Nordic poles especially if you live anywhere near a beach, it's been a savior for me- seems to put almost no pressure on the hips if you get the action right. I do it once a week.

    Glory today at the signals relays. My 4 man team won gold in the V50 age group- so we are North-East Vet relay champions. I got the glory leg so finished the race in 1st place image. Avg. pace 5:48 over the 2 mile course.

    Back to basics tomorrow with a 20 miler.



  • Nice bling there OO

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Excellent OO - you're in inspirational form at the moment  . . . .
    Good luck tomorrow Ant - a good return on your training is imminent  . . .
    Gul - a daylight run and a rest day lie-in - don't become a softy !  
    TR - just seen the other thread - Maxi Mounds - wtf ?? 
    PMJ - more nice parkrunning (without the step bounding) . . . 
    peeped out this morn, and the steady rainfall had the voices telling me to wait 'til tomorrow, when forecast much better; however i ventured out on the intended session - 7.5 miles to park for a 22:12 (on my watch) parkrun (22:16 official - i started back in the pack) - then 10+ back home for 21.4, so rounded down to 21 for the diary.  On way back, bit of pavement lake-like, so veered onto grass(mud) verge, and road shoes sent me sliding, so ended up with shoulder to ankle mud cake ! (and provided amusement for passing motorists). Feels good to have it in the bank, though  . . .
    Put the time in the WMA predictor, and for my age it gives a 3:32 mara.
    I put 3:29:30 mara in, and that requires 21:55 5K, so I have hope  . . . .

    Good luck to any racers tomorrow  . . .

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    BIrch - google her ! they are pretty big.

    Minni - I have a massive 5M and 6M to my name this week and am looking for a "long" run tomorrow of 10 to 12M. Good job I've been around the VLM block a few times, or i'd be getting a bit of a panic on at times. Low mileage marathons are a world of leg pain too.

    Too much getting in the way here, had to work again today  (and both days last weekend when I felt rotten),so I had to break the rules again to bag a 90min turbo this afternnon. Longest aerobic session for a while !

  • Great result OO

    Birch - You seem to be going very well.

    Managed a mile last night on the tready and just done 5 watchin the FA cup - Heartrate was a only a few beats high which is good news. Hopefully I can have a recovery week next week and get back at  it - No VO2 or LT stuff for a bit thoughimage

  • I have just googled Maxi Mounds -  all a bit Kenny Everettimage

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

     Fipping heck I just googled the above from my year old son's laptop!!! I hope he doesn't look at the history! 

    TR - still a good few weeks left yet.  90 minutes on the turbo is a good session!  My bike has been out on loan and I've just got it back so will get it hooked up.  I quite like the turbo.

    Nice running Birch and PMJ.

    Well done on the relays OO.  It looked grim on the photos but that's a cracking run from you.   One of our juniors ran a great time at your parkrun today.

    Menn - good news.  I was going to say take it easy but we're all the same and we push it as much as we can so I'll not bother!!

    Ant - I feel January has been a bit of a let down for me (actually a huge let down).  Although I've not missed any training illness and this hip has meant that I've failed in the planned races. But, I think I'm roughly in the same place as this time last year and London last year was reasonably comfortable so I think I can still pull it off.

    My hip is feeling much better but has now moved into the hamstring/glute area!  I'm rolling and stretching like something possessed!!

    20 planned for the morning and I think the weather might be ok.



  • OO - Top running!

    Ant - Good luck tomorrow.

    PMJ - Interesting story about the name. My maternal side of the family had a similar issue, but while Allan and Alan could be mistaken for a typo, my family's name went from being St. Leger to Salinger! Blame the yanks.

    Birch - You're going to do it! Very consistent streak from you.image

    Menn - Excellent news! I presume you were watching the City vs Chelsea game? As a Man U fan it pains me (queue apathetic sniggers and jeers) to say they're playing very attractive and entertaining football & are looking very good for a double this year.

    TR - Sounds like you are on the mend.

    Abbers - Good luck with your 15 avec 13 PMP tomorrow!

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    The story is that my youngest lad once had to do a book review at Junior School, at the time his favourite book was the Guiness Book of records, he listed his favourite 10 facts........fastest, highest etc and that Maxi Mounds had the biggest breasts in the world.

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