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  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lol TR!  That is so funny!

    I also thought it was quite funny that I should google that on his computer tonight after having a 'talk' with him this morning, telling him that girls are not to be trusted - as any good mother would say to her son... image

  • Excellent result OO!

    Looking on track Birch image

    TR, there's plenty of time yet especially with your experience and aerobic base.

    GM, what do you mean "a double". Quadruple is where it's at! (Although I might revise that on Tuesday night after the Barca match). Normality restored today. 

    2 hilly hours on the steed this morning. No dramas.

  • SJ -  Are you a city fan then? My money would be on the double although that in itself is a tough ask. Great win tonight and nice to get one over the "special one"! Didn't see the after match comments but I would expect him to say something disgraceful.

    Minni - You said your son was a year old, jeeze give the guy a chance.image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Lol, 14 year old!  Where did the '14' go??!!  

  • Blue through and through GM. My wife and two of my sons are reds which makes things interesting on derby day!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Minni was it Charlotte Baston? She finished 3 secs behind junior OO today who also get another PB. I think they had a nice battle in the home straight.

  • SJ - Indeed, got some tasty players in your squad these days and the Barca match-up could be a corker, especially for the neutrals. Been a long time since I've visited Manchester but have got some great memories from the past!

  • PMJ - I'm guessing it was still your dad - I couldn't see the spelling on the radioimage Nice parkrun btw.
    Ant - go, go, go!
    Abbers - all the best with the 13 @ PMP.
    OO - congrats on the team gold and first over the line as the anchor man!
    Birch - well done on getting out there and bagging the 21+ miler.
    TR - hope there's some improvement soon.
    Minni - hope the weather is kind.
    SJ - great result. Not an official Blues fan, but have a soft spot for them. (Sky Blues of course, not Chelsea!)
    6 plodtastic miles d&d & 9:10 m/m.

  • 00-51-Nice win image

    Birch- good long run.

    Minni-goodluck with the 20


    Gul-good recovery run

    7.5 for me last night giving me 71 for the week.image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    It was a PB for her too OO - I thought it wasn't a pb course??!!! Sounds like they worked well together.

    The sun is shining - it's a miracle!
  • Its beautiful out there today (N Wales). Perfect conditions for Wrexham half........bugger.

    Hope its nice where you all are and good luck to all racing and lsring.

  • Just quickly popping in to say I did 1:27:20 this morning in the Corazón de Asturias HM. Can't say I'm too pleased, but it's a honest reflection of where I am, I think, as I gave it my best and have no excuses. I still think I could have gone sub 1:25-26, but it's clear I am short of match practice. I got to 10k in just under 41:00 and carried on fine until km 18, whenere the bumpy nature of the course started to take its toll.

    Still, I'm injury-free, and that is my best HM for two years, so I have to take the positives from that.

    Off for a spot of luncheon now, doncher know. Hope everyone had a good run today.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Ant - " I'm injury-free, and that is my best HM for two years "
    no more to be said - enjoy the lunch  . . .

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Well done Ant! Post race bath photo please!

    Very pleased to report 21 miles, avg 8:01 this morning. What a difference a bit of sunshine makes.
  • Well done Ant, no bath photos please....

    14 ave 7:42mm with last 3 at 7:20 pace. 100% Jantastic logged - go team!

  • Perhaps Ant should just send Minni the bath pics privately.

  • Slokey - sorry to hear that diagnosis, but it doesn't look like you're doing too bad given the run this morning!

    Ant - Nice one. definitely lots of positive

    20.02 miles for me this morning @ 8:10. First 4 miles were awful, my calves were so painful I nearly turned round and went home, but the first big hill eased them off a bit, but it was 8 miles before I was running freely. Turned out I was a bit overdressed and it got a bit warm once I got out of ther wind, but from 10 miles to about 17 I was actually feeling pretty good. Had to stop at 17 miles because I met a club member who was widowed last year and who I haven't seen for several months, and it was a bit painful getting back going once I'd spoken to her, but I got back going and pushed on. Last 5 miles were the fastest down at around 7:30 per mile which is just under marathon pace for the GFA 3:20. Last mile was hard work as I had to run past the house and do a circuit round the block which is always psychologically hard work, but first 20 since April 2012 completed image

  • Quick skim shows a nice race result for Ant and a very solid 20 from BOTF.  Will read back properly later.

    Pretty tough day for me at Bramley.  Scores on the doors 66.47...  The excuse I'm prepared to offer up is being tired (6am start on Saturday to do a radio interview to publicise a concert, followed by 12M run which was probably hiller than was wise, but I was trying - and failing - to avoid the wind and hail, followed by concert, followed by post-concert beer and followed by another 6am start).  I'm not really sure it explains being the best part of 3 minutes down on my 10M split from Bath last year, but I guess I only did the Wokingham half at about the same pace as today 3 weeks before Bath, so perhaps I'm being a bit Gloomy Slav about it all.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    This must be the best weather we've had here for the  an LSR in a long time. No wonder it has produced some decent runs. 20 for me at 8:35 pace. My excuse, I was also at a concert Jools- no playing, just listening. Jake Bugg at the City Hall Newcastle image.   

  • Sounds like a tiring weekend Jools.

    BOTF, yes I am still able to run ok and I'm confident that I'll get quicker before I slow down. The realisation that my days running are numbered though is a sobering one. I had plans of sub3s, ultra running, vet wins into my 60s and keeping running for the rest of my life. I only started running 4 or 5 years ago and can't imagine it not being a part of my life in the future. I'll just have to spend my matches wisely to balance out my performance ambitions with longevity. Unfortunately self control is not one of my (many) qualities so a bit of reprogramming is required. Lovely day out today!

  • Lovely day indeed. Ordinarily I'd have complained it was a bit windy in the second half of the St Valentine's 30k, but compared to what we've had to contend with lately it was a mere breeze! 2 mile warm up then I split the race into 10k segments. The first 10k was meant to be 8.05 pace but came out a little fast due to it being mostly downhill and with a tail wind, then 10k spot on 7.25s, 9k spot on 6.45s despite being uphill and into the wind, then 6.10 pace for the last km round the school field. Followed up by a 1.3 mile cool down for a total of 22 miles. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Good long running Minni, BOTF (good "head" work to run by the house), Speedy (I have "fond" memories of that race )! 
    Nice 14 Slokey; I admire your stoicism  . . . .
    Jools, seems like solid reasons, not excuse. Are you running at Wollaton Park next week? 
    TR - tough 12 - onwards & upwards now?
    Splendid week from Leslie H - a (very) steady 7 with my daughter today (she kindly kept waiting for me) gave me a 59 total - legs v.tired after y'day's 21 inc parkrun . . .

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - tough 12 indeed, felt like a long way, 20M seems a way off. Hectic working week Mon to Weds so tickover stuff (not a bad idea), hope to go longer than 12 on Thurs and then a proper long run next Sunday. Dont think I've ever been so unfit 8 weeks outs. But it is what it is. 3 weeks today is my main build up race (10M) when I was intending to knock a minute off the 59:08 I did in November. We'll see what that turns up.

  • Stunning day here too. Up early to meet a friend and ran 13 miles together at an easy 7:57 pace then carried on and ran another 5 miles to get me home and wanted to see if I could push the pace after 13 and the last 5 came out at 7:13 avg so 7:4x for 18. Happy with that as it's my longest run since my October marathon debacle.

    Ant/Jools - Well done both.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Crap news on the hip, SJ. It seems you're still able to run to some level which has to be good? Can they really tell things are that bad from just an x-ray? What about an MRI?

    I always do my LSR paced runs on a Saturday so I can enjoy an evening beer and not have to worry about running on the Sunday. However I really couldn't be bothered to be blown about and soaked by the conditions yesterday so ran my slower run today.

    It's a cut-back week so just 16 miles at what turned out to be 7.46 pace. Quicker than it should have been but me legs felt really good. Kept it easy for the first few miles then tried out some MP to see how things went. For the last few miles just ran on feel and pleased to finish what was a comfy run.

    Another week chalked off, let's hope the weather stays like it was today, glorious!!


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good effort Sporty Badger enjoy the cut back. Very well controlled effort Speedy.

    Big week planned I need to get back in the 50's

  • CC2 - Speedy Goth wrote (see)

     Followed up by a 1.3 mile cool down for a total of 22 miles. 

    Good to see you hit your Jantastic target, was looking earlier and there were a few left to log their runs. Scores on the door is 50% so we have 100% completion at the 50% point so can't be beaten so will sit at first equal until they open up week 3. Those St Andrews' Streakers are also on 50% but haven't hit 500 runs with 23 runners and we have just logged 800 from 22.

    Come on The Consistently Consistent Sub-3:15 Team!

  • Yes, well done the CCSTFT!! Just so you know, I did 2.5 miles w/u and c/d to get to my 15.5M target for the day, thinking it would also bring my weekly tally up to 90kms (55.9M). Sadly, I was 400m short!!

    Big week coming up, but my legs seem to be recovering quite well from this morning's effort. Here's a photo, with me struggling to keep with the group containing the first two girls. Note the nice weather:




  • Ant, like the GB vest, you seem to be getting good  value from it.

  • Sorry to hear about your hip Slokey, trouble is none of us are getting any younger and the majority on here are the wrong side of 40. All this pavement pounding is bound to take its toll. Hope you find a way to carry on doing what you love to do.

    Well done on the half Ant, best result for a couple of years can't be bad. Nice weather for it.

    Some decent long runs and racing from a fair few, top mileage too.

    Great to see we're doing well on Jantastic, although I'm not too keen on that Chandos pic as I have a bit of a gaunt psycho stare going on.

    18 miles for me this morning to achieve my part of the team goal ( to be champions!!) First 18 miler since Abingdon and it all felt very comfortable, so I upped the pace to mp for the last three which seemed ok untill I jarred my back.

    It's a little on the stiff side now but hopefully with a day's rest it may ease up.

    My back has been a little troublesome over the past few months, something I've never suffered from before, hopefully not the start of things to come.

    Keep up the top running.
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