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  • Burning the candle at both ends is never good AR, and I know all about that. Keep the faith.

    Not really too long before the clocks go back, that's alway great with nice 'sunny' evenings to run in....this time of year is such a slog and I'm only HM training. But still putting in 50+ miles a week.

    A cut back week for me (40 miles) as I start a nice taper for Reading, I feel at last I've got a bit of zip in my legs and my back feels ok.
  • Moof - Spring forward, "Fall" back.image

    Inspiring stuff as usual. Not from this end tho'!

  • AR- ignore my last post, the clocks go FORWARD and there will be sunshine.

    Thanks Gerald, l think we've avoided disaster. image
  • PMJ - You're right about the variety in P&D, it's maybe that 18 weeks is a long time to keep the focus. We're now 11 weeks into the Schedule, which seems to me like an eternity, but there's still 7 weeks to go...which seems to me like an eternity. I think it's a question of gritting the teeth and getting through these next two weeks - hopefully then I'll be feeling fittter and starting to feel that VLM love.

    Yoiu're also right about the good points of a plan . if I wasn't following this one there is no way in the world I would do a 15-miler, 12 w/7 @ HMP and a 22-miler in the same week.

    Minni - For VLM I usually go to stay at my brother's, before in Brixton and latterly in Bromley (from there he can drive me to Blackheath in 15-20 minutes), but this year he's decided he's going to be away on holiday that weekend. I will have to go to my Mum's down in Epsom, which is less convenient in many ways. I so wish I'd won that MT competition and got to stay at the Tower Hotel...Btw, great running from you, keep it going!


  • Abbers - good MP run. My session yesterday was supposed to be MP, so should have been somewhere around 7:15 m/m.
    KR - get well soon.
    Minni - sounding very confident - enjoy the 20 miler.
    Lorenzo - enjoy the rest of the skiing.
    BOTF - things are looking up.
    6 slow miles @ 9:03 m/m d&d. Looking forward to the 20 miler this weekend image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Gul- looking forward to 20 miles?

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Ant/AR/BI - stick with it. 18 weeks is a long time; I'm only doing a 16 week schedule, and that feels long enough! But it's getting close now... 2 weeks to target HM, 2-3 decent weeks after that, and then taper. It'll soon come round.

    Lorenzo - very envious of your skiing exploits. Haven't been since 2007, having gone 7 or 8 times before that. Itching to get back, but need the girls to get a bit older before we take them.

    Minni - sounds like you're well and truly back image

    PMJ - straining at the leash there. Keep the powder dry for a little while longer... good hook up with Martin H.

    BotF - good miles. Don't overload!

    Moof - your HM training mileage is the same as my mara training mileage. You should fly at Reading. 

    Gul - know what you mean - looking at the forecast for the weekend, I'm going to swap my 20 & 5 around so I do the 20 tomorrow morning in the sun, rather than more wind & rain on Sunday. After so many miserable runs, I'm looking forward to it despite the distance! Will just be nice to get out in some decent weather with no pace pressure and soak up the fresh air for ~3 hours.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    I do start to fret when I read about the distances covered on here. Some impressive stuff. This week and next week are my biggest weekly distances but I'll just about scrape over 40 miles for each week. My average for the 16 week campaign will be 30 miles p/w.

    My main target is sub 3.20 with sub 3.15 as the extended goal, so I guess that's reflected in workload. I have tried to put emphasis on quality sessions as I am prone to injury. I've also been doing weekly spin classes and core strenngth sessions at the gym. nevertheless, I'm at the point where I'm thinking I haven't been doing enough to reach my targets (mind you, I'm hitting some good training numbers...) I think I have a case of pre-taper madness image

    18 cheeky slow ones tomorrow with a 2 mile extension option at the end if I'm feeling good.


  • Minni - I forgot to say earlier that I looked at my training data for my first marathon in October 2003, and it was maverick to say the least. My highest weekly total was 44 miles...the week before the race! I thought that was the way to do it - you would, wouldn't  you? I'd only been running for six months, but I churned out a 3:20:30 and the feeling when I crossed the finish line was something I'll nver forget - and amazing sense of achievement, satisfaction and relief.

    Sporty B - If you're doing plenty of quality and are feeling good, then it's going to work for you, for sure. Stick to your own plan and don't worry what others are up to.

    Well, it just goes to show - after nursing a really dodgy knee all week - walking has been a problem- and fretting a bit about this whole lark, I did a session this morning which should hopefully teach me to be a bit more level-headed, and has changed my outlook entirely. This VLM thing is a goer. There, I've said it.

    12 miles with 7 @ HMP is a daunting thing, but after a 4-mile warm-up I settled into a decent pace surprisingly easy and just kept it. No mental torture, no stopping, no breaking it into maneagable chunks, just 45-odd minutes concentrating on holding the pace. And tbh it was - not easy, but comfortable. In the end the 7 miles came out at an average of 6:34mm, which I'm very happy with.

    The sun is shining, I dare say the birds are singing and I've got a new haircut. All is well with the world.

    Sorry to bore you with my ups and downs - I seem to have taken up residence as Thread Pain In The A*se.


  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    image Ant!! 44 miles in the final week of taper and still killing a 3.20...wicked skills!! image

    I love hearing about the ups and downs of others, with all due sympathies felt for the downs of course and shared joy when it starts to go right.

    It's nice to know we're not alone in this lonely sport.


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Ant - it's all down to the new haircut, clearly image Thread outing to the barber? Excellent running.

    Sporty - As a novice to this marathon malarky, I have no idea what works best for me. I've picked a plan, sticking with it, and see what it brings me in London. Can only control what's in your power to control, i.e. your own training. Everything beyond that is just mental worry (although I agree, it's always interesting comparing notes & progress with others).

  • So Friday, P&D 55-70, 7 weeks to goal and the same session as Ant, 12 with 7@HMP.  I did it a little differently so I jog two miles down the steep hill I live at the top of. Then I follow a small river downstream round a spur for 7 miles, then left with 3 miles climbing up the spur to the hill I live on top of (so for you northerners, my low point is 25m above sea level and I live 150m above sea level so it isn't a lot in real terms).

    Felt slow jogging out at 7:41 and 7:20 but when the Gamin beeped at 2 miles the speed appeared and managed


    for an average of 6:19. Last 3 miles were hard and into the wind so happy with that. Jogged back at 7:30 for an overall average pace of 6:56.

  • Daughter #1 is at Sheffield for the next few days for the BUCS indoor champs. She is racing 60m and 200m which is a stupidly short distance: I wouldn't get out of bed to race such a short distance and she drives from Exeter to Sheffield to do so! She PBed recently at both distances so is in good form and is South West champion over 200m this year.

  • Feck.  Turns out most of my club have dropped out of the National XC, so I am now 4th scorer.  No medals for B&W this year!

  • BOTF-50 in 5 days cant be bad image

    Moof- reading seems to be the team gb thread offical half mara , will be loads of forum faces there .

    MINNI- you should be sub 3 by now with all your  20 milers maybe you need a few progressive runs in the mix , 4x1 mile is just too easy image

    ANT- 12 with 7 at 6:34 , your flying now

    PMJ- strong paces new pb soon hopefully.

    For me 15.5 miles this morn at a plodtastic 8:30/mile ,was a bit of a grind with wind and rain ,next proper long run will be sunday but thats a new week for me .

  • Just tying up some loose ends this side before I head off to the hills of Islas Canarias for 10 days. Hope the great training that has being happening continues to do so and you all remain injury free. Jools good luck in the XC, you may suprise yourself and others when you get your race head on. Adios for now and will catch up in a few weeks peeps.image

  • I think my shin has recovered. Saw the physio yesterday, who gave me the go-ahead, so 6M easy today with no reaction so far - it's a big relief to be up and running again.

    Average (until this week) of my campaign is 40 mpw over 13 weeks. For me, that's quite a lot.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - very nice HMP session there. Good luck to daughter #1 - 200m was always my preferred distance, so not sure how I ended up here!

    Jools - you can't do more than your best on the day. Run well.

    Leslie - A well ground out 15.5, in less than ideal conditions.

    GM - enjoy your hols!

    LtR - good news on your shin. I'll be somewhere in the low 40s as an average too, which would previously have been my peak mileage, so empathise!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Good luck to young PMJ this weekend.   Does she get it from her mother...image

    Hope the XC goes well Speedy/Jools.

    Ant - I LOVE your posts especially during marathon training.  You're always very honest about how you feel and its quite entertaining!  Not a bore at all.  

    I really think you need to book a Travelodge for the VLM weekend. 

    SB - why do you think 3:20 rather than 3:15 is a more realistic target?

    What's Poacher up to? 



  • Minni wrote (see)

    Good luck to young PMJ this weekend.   Does she get it from her mother...image



    Certainly not from me, and her Mum is a ballet dancer so no great muscle mass either. We'd get a DNA test but she has done reasonably well and we'll settle for her.

  • Evening all. I've been trying to keep up all week but I don't have time to post inbetween working and training. It's been a good week so far with my fastest set of reps at the Trent Bridge venue on record, followed the next day by a 15 mile MLR with 9 miles run with the fast guys from my old club. I not only kept up, but found it easy and conversational despite it being considerably faster than my usual MLR pace. 

    No taper for the National tomorrow, it's just another training run and I'm unlikely to be on the club's A team anyway. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Hope PMJ jnr enjoys her visit to this fair city, and performs well . . 
    meanwhile I'm off to Nottm tomorrow to support the Birch offspring in the Nationals. Doesn't seem 5 minutes since they were competing in the junior ranks  . . . .
    I'll give a shout to the thread duo Jools & Speedy if I spot you - large female entry of 1276 this year - have fun  . . . . .website quote below - 
    "The terrain is undulating and has several hills in each lap with the surface either rough grass or parkland -it has been nurtured and well tested by the Midlands and Nott’s AC and has so far absorbed all the rain that has fallen."  

  • And me! Nationals are just down the road, so thought I might as well...

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Sorry, Lit - what club/colours/number?

  • Beeston AC - 4194 - unflattering white with two blue hoops.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    cheers, Lit - I'm sure you'll all look your best at 2:20. May be a different story by 3pm, though !!  Best of luck . . . .

  • Birch wrote (see)

    Hope PMJ jnr enjoys her visit to this fair city, and performs well . . 

    It is her fourth (and now last) year and she enjoys it every time. She finished well down in a fast heat over 60m but got a good time and it is a good work out after a long drive before her better distances: 4x200m tomorrow and individual 200m Sunday.

  • Oh poo. Amy Whitehead isn't running the National, which means I will be the team's 4th counter. No medals for Notts AC's women either then!


  • Enjoy the bird island Gerrard, don't forget your trainers!

    Lunchtime, good news from the fizz

    Gpod luck to all running the nationals, go for it !

    Felt absolutely crap yesterday and don't know how I did a full day at work. Went home and was in bed by 6.30pm. Had all the syptoms of flu and chemist said it would 3 days before it would get out of my system. 13 hours sleep later and I felt ok weird? 9 miles tonight @ 7.12 av pace alternating 7.45 / 6.45 pace.
  • Gerard - Which of the Islas Canarias are you going to? Have a great time, in any case.

    KR - Take it a bit easy for a few days - you can certainly afford to. You don't want a full-blown case of the flu, so don't do anything silly (like doing 9 miles at those paces after the chemist telling you that).

    Good luck to the XC girls (it is just the girls, isn't it?).

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