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  • Apologies for the flying visit - trying to fix breakfast in bed for Mrs GD by 7am. 20 miles @ 9:04 m/m d&d. First 20 miler since 2nd July 2011! Happy days image

  • Now you're just showing off. Well done on the 20 miles Gul.
  • I didn't even get out of bed until after Gul had done his 20M.  Now I feel lazy...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good to tuck that one away Gul.

    Windy here but 18:10 at the parkrun for a 4th place. 20 tomorrow will get me to 60 for the week image

    Good luck to Junior PMJ

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Minni - I know I can definitely do sub 3.20 but 7.26 pace just seems a big stretch for me. Maybe I have a mental block? 

    Just back from what should have been an 18 LSR but with the sun out and legs feeling OK I decided to extend it to a 20 miler and knocked it out at 8.14 pace.
    That builds some flex into next week's schedule as well as giving me a confidence boost after some tough yet quality sessions this week. In fact, in the past 7 days I've run 53 miles, that's a BIG number for me.

    GD - well done on your first 20 in 3 years. I bet you feel smug right now and rightly so! image

    Right, time for a shower, egg and bacon sarnies, a huge cup of tea and a read back over the last couple of pages. Good luck to anyone doing LSRs or races this weekend. To those that already have, well done us!! image


  • Gul -20 before 7am must be a record image

    KR - a big sleep can work wonders but the flu might not be over yet .

    Speedy/Literatin -goodluck with the racing.

    00-51-nice parkrun time, first week id have been able to run one for a while but legs said no way with 2 speed session already this week.

    SB-it will be alright on raceday image

    7.5 easy for me today giving me 69 for the week , thought it was going to be lower earlier in the week or I might have been tempted to do one more for a nice round 70 .


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    69 Leslie- blimey never been that high

  • OO - Thought for a minute you were going to say you hadn't been down there for ages...

  • image

  • 2hr windy bike today - just had a MASSIVE curry as my nod to carb loading for my training 26.2 tomorrow - topping that up with Bakewell tart and half a bottle of wine later (and maybe a beer). Weather looks a bit off and it will be very muddy and hilly so just under 5 hrs is expected. 

  • Slokey - You're doing 26.2 tomorrow? Running, you mean? 

  • Quite enjoyed myself at the Nats XC: personal target was top 150 (on the admittedly slightly random basis I'd been 16xth at the Inter-Counties last year and so it would be nice to do better than that) and managed 144th.  Still not quite as much zip in the legs as I'd liked, but feels like everything is still going in the right direction.  5th team despite there being a gap of over 100 places between our 3rd scorer and me.  A quick peek at the results shows me Speedy had a better day than me: looking good for VLM!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Leslie - good weekly miles.

    OO - speedy parkrunning, as usual.

    Gul - 20 before 7am? Even more ridiculous than normal! And there was me thinking I was doing well getting out at 6:15!

    SJ - like your take on carb loading. Not sure I'll be following that example pre-London though (much as I might like to!).

    Speedy/Jools/Lit - hope the nationals went well, and good luck to anyone else racing tomorrow.

    Sporty - all sounds very solid to me. No reason why you shouldn't aim a couple of mins faster?

    KR - go easy. Obviously needed that sleep.

    20 for me this morning, my 2nd of the campaign, with the 1st 10 in 8:30 average and the 2nd 10 in 8:00 average. Wasn't a deliberate split like that, just speeded up naturally as I woke up a bit. Legs didn't feel fantastic, but the watch said it went well enough. Recovery run tomorrow will round out 50 for the week.

  • Abbers - we've already done it! I was 125th and could see Speedy ahead but not catch her. Hi Jools, not sure I'd have recognised you, especially covered in mud, but we must have been pretty close to each other.

  • Oh, well done, Lit.  I think I spotted Speedy ahead of me on lap 1 but didn't quite have the strength to go with her!

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Back from Notts - what a great event this is; just being there as a spectator made me wish I was running. Didn't spot anyone on lap 1 (including my daughter)!! but gave a shout to the thread trio on lap 2 - all appeared to be going well. Daughter came in 219th and was happy with her run. Son lost a shoe in the morass halfway round lap 2(of 3), so was one-shoed for half the race ! (He did find the footwear later, though). I believe this event is at Parliament Hill next year - always wanted to run the National there, and missed 2012 thru injury curse, so may have to give it a go next year.   

    Meanwhile, good 20's I see from Abbers, Gul (nice one after so long) 
    good nutrition from Slokey, 
    hope KR feels better, and that PMJ jnr's relay went well

    Only time for 8 this morn, so long one tomorrow  . . . . . .


  • Very well done to the xc ladies. Doing the thread proud image

    Impressive 20s being lodged too. Looks like many folks are bang on target for the spring.

    Ant, yes, running. Grizedale Trail26. It's quite a hilly route (4500ft or so climbing at a guess) and all off road. First race I've ever done with mandatory safety kit so the back pack has been pre-stuffed. It's only half an hour away so thought I'd give it a whirl as my longest run pre Paris. I might be regretting it by tomorrowimage

  • Yes, I had a reasonable run. I finished higher up the field last year, but suspect the turnout was lower then due to snow and the venue being so far North. 122nd for me today. I enjoyed the first lap. Our start pen was way out to the side so it took an age to catch up to the mass field and I was overtaking the whole way round lap one until the muddy bit. I don't do well with muddy bits. I could feel my shoes being sucked off. 

    Lap 2 was harder work with heavy feet, although I did manage to hurdle the logs this time round. I lost a few places in the mud and couldn't get them back, which annoyed me a bit. It's all good training though. 


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good running at the XC girls, conditions sound interesting.

    You are a bad boy Ant- I only thought it...  

    Well done Abbers, all seems to be going to plan.


  • Great stuff from Jools, Speedy and Lit at the XC Nationals. It really does sound like fun. The results make interesting reading. What are the qualification criteria?

    Slokey - Good luck, then! I salute your carb-loading strategy and in your honour have necked a bottle of Fuller's London Porter and another of their  London Pride in readiness for my 22-miler tomorrow. All good London preparation, then...

    Good going Abbers - I envy your getting the long 'uns done on a Saturday.


  • You just have to be a member of a club Ant, nothing more. It's the Inter Counties that you have to qualify for. Those are in 2 weeks time. 

  • Ant: there are no qualification criteria - that's why I was there image

  • OO - nice parkrun.
    SB - good unplanned 20.
    Leslie - another cracking week for you.
    SJ - good luck today - that sounds a tough off-road marathon.
    Abbers - well done; that's a good 20 miler.
    Good XC running from Jools, literatin, Speedy and the Birch saplings.
    Rest day for me - need it after yesterday's 20, then all-day gardening and a barn-dance in the evening! 65 miles for the week, which is my highest Monday to Sunday total ever. Recovery week starts on Monday.

  • Gul, rest day and posting at 6:49! I should have followed your lead and done my run early doors yesterday. 15 up and down hills in steady rain and a steady 2 hours to complete a week of 71.69 miles, longest ever. Forecast looks OK for tomorrow and I will do my 18 by doing miles 13 to 26.2 of the VLM route (Tower Bridge to the Mall) and then back to the office.

  • We're doing up the spare bedroom and so this morning The Big Clear-Out is going on (nothing to do with last night's beer). I found a box full of race t-shirts - shall I bring some over to give away in Chandos after VLM? Last time I did, Poacher and Scooby went home very happy with their booty, as I recall...

    Right, so I did 22 miles this morning. It was never going to be fun,but actually it wasn't too bad. I was nursing my knee a bit and at times it nagged away at me, but save one two-minute water/gel (in) and wee (out) stop at 18 miles, it was all continuous effort, and I think if it can stand up to this, my knee should stand up to 26.2. Anyway, av 7:45mm and amazingly, HR av 129 bpm.

    That makes it 69.3 miles for the week, which I think is a record for me. A roast leg of lamb and a long siesta awaitimage.

    Hope everyone had a good one this morning.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Nice run there Ant. I'm thinking your tshirts will be floor length on me!

    Sounds like the XC was fun yesterday for the ladies.

    I spent yesterday afternoon drinking copious amounts of wine and seeing the wind this morning I wasn't particularly looking forward to my 20. There was no way I could avoid a headwind in the last few miles, which should have been MP, so did some MP between 10-15 but managed a final mile of 7:14 giving an average of 7:56 for the whole run. Very pleased with that, especially as the first few were off road with the dog so quite slow.
  • 18M on tired legs to bring up 60M for the week.  Allowing for the tired legs, windy weather and hilly route I'll take 8.22m/m, but by the looks of things I'm going to post the slowest LSR of the day for the thread!

  • It's a bit windy out. Again. Getting boring isn't it?! Anyway, 22 windswept miles at just under 8 min miling chalked up and logged for Jantastic. 74 miles for the week I think.

    Quite a big week coming up - 79 miles including a 10k race at the end of it. No taper for that either! 

  • 20 miles today with some fierce headwinds and only managed 8:30 average pace and was dying a slow death at the end. Can't pretend I was looking forward to it when I saw how windy it was and I can't say that I actually enjoyed a single step of the run, which is actually why we're supposed to be doing it. The whole thing was a laborious chore, and a couple of times I was very close to cutting it short. After fairly positive thoughts after last week's run now major negatives instead, and I'm pretty close to just forgetting London completely as at the moment it seems more like a millstone round my neck rather than an inspiration. Reading Half next week will be the test, and I get the feeling I'm simply going to be nowhere near where I need to be.

  • 26.9, (yes, point 9) of the hilliest, muddiest, technicaliest and windiest miles I've ever done in 3:53. Think I came in the top 15 which is nice. The 30% incline hills that were each about a mile long (one of which was mile 25!) with water gushing down them that could only be climbed by marching with hands on thighs were a particular delight. Had a great time image 

    Legs are a bit mashed but a cup of tea is in hand plus a medicinal wispa.

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