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  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Blimey Slokey, that sounds tough- think we might need a longer race report than that mind.

    20 for me at 8:45 pace, probably the toughest LSR I've had so far in the winds. 60 miles for the week.

    Analysed my parkrun which by contract was rather nippy. First 2 miles were 6 min/m pace but I must have run the last mile in 5:30ish  to get 18:08 my official time. Very odd pattern for me. Wava was 81.99. The time and the Wava are my best since December- which makes feel the campaign goes well.   

  • SJ wins the medal for the longest LSR this week and quite an epic run by the sounds of it.

  • Nice race Slokey and top 15 too , hip holding up ok .image

    19 miles for me today at 8:22/mile giving a decent start to a new week.image


  • That sounds like a serious LR SJ - nice going.

    Just over 17 for me today run progressively  averaging 6:59 pace, finishing the week with 81 miles. Looking forward to a cut back week now

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great long running folks, but I'm afraid I can nick Jools' crown for the slowest  . . . . .
    Not having time yesterday - my favoured "long" day - (although Gul would be entitled to deride me for that statement) - I had to get it done today. However, I still had my usual Sat 3 beers last night after the spectating excitement, so had a lie-in until 8am, but faffed and prevaricated before heading out at 12:15 ! 22 hilly ones done in a strong(ish) wind. Felt OK after 8 yesterday, so a 30 mile weekend is acceptable. At least a min/mile down on you, though Jools, and I wasn't even racing yesterday  . . . .

    Not sure how Gul managed barn dancing after the long one - did it aid recovery, Gul?
    Slokey - massive performance-chuck that Wispa away and have some beer, man !!   

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    SJ - great effort, that. Grizedale's lovely, but not sure I'd want to run round some of it!

    AR - big week and a quick LSR to finish with. Very impressive.

    Speedy/Jools - hard core, doubling up with 20s today after yesterday's exploits at the nationals. Both going well.

    Lit - I realised my timing mistake as soon as I made the post! image Good run from you too. High quality ladies round here.

    Minni - you're included in that group! Good pace, given the terrain on your LSR. 

    Ant - sounds like you're right on track. Take care of that knee. The option of a Saturday LSR isn't always available as I take the Ms As to their dance lessons by 9:30, but it's half term, so no such issues and I could pick my day, so chose the one with better weather forecast!

    Birch, OO & BotF - more good long runs bagged. BotF - I would guess we all have hard runs like that from time to time which reduce our enthusiasm and just seem like a chore. But then you have a good day, and it all turns round again. Keep the faith, and go well at Reading.

    5 easy ones this afternoon, legs grumbled a bit, but were better for the stretch. 7 weeks left...

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Leslie - apologies! Missed you off the list. Another with a good long run. Rightly or wrongly, I think we're around the same ballpark, running-wise, so always keep tabs on your training! Going nicely.

    And Gul, thoroughly deserving of a rest week. Any extra sleep on the agenda? image

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭


    And PMJ with a record week too. Excellent work.

    Right. Is that everyone now?!? Really must check before posting...

  • Also-ran wrote (see)

    That sounds like a serious LR SJ - nice going.

    Just over 17 for me today run progressively  averaging 6:59 pace, finishing the week with 81 miles. Looking forward to a cut back week now

    How is that 81 made up? I did 70 with 22, 15 and 12 for 49 and 3 recoveries for 21. Your 81 with 17 leaves 64 and no other long or medium long runs?

  • Right, so plan was to take it steady as a training prep run for Paris but after the first mile I was in about 20th so got a bit excited and decided to try to stay in position. First four miles went by in about 8:15mm with a long steady climb along mtb tracks. We then cut off the marked route and into some really mucky stuff climbing on open fell with a battering wind (8:48). Change of direction and levelling of terrain resulted in a 7:09,7:16 with nice views of Coniston Water, back on to more obvious tracks and 7:31, 7:30 followed. Next few were a bit nippier with 6:53, 8:16, 6:57, 7:10 to take us back to the race start and the end of loop 1. Quick swig of coke at the aid station and on to loop 2 which began with a long steep climb which necessitated the first bit of walking and gave a 9:09 and a 9:23. I'd been playing cat and mouse with a guy who passed me on every uphill and I passed on every downhill (seeing as I seem to be able to close my eyes and just fling myself down the rocky terrain). Next mile in 7:14 along the shore of Esthwaite Water an accidental button press gave .6 of a mile in 8:15 pace and then a long uphill road section (urghh) in 9:57 and 9:26.

    I seemed to have lost my nemesis by this point and was fixated on a backpack about 200m ahead. Sharp descent over seriously treacherous steep slippery cobbles to the shore of Windermere and then a smooth undulating gravel trail in 8:16, 8:34 and caught the guy ahead who'd stopped at the final (of 3) aid stations. Mile 22 now and a steep walk/climb with hands on knees in 12:35, flatter but still climbing in 8:03, 9:47, hands on knees time again - 11:09, (the guy I'd caught was now out of reach) 13:29. There had been nobody behind me now for several miles and as I'm relaxing and dreaming of an easy finish I caught a glimpse of a jacket behind me in the woods at a switchback - bugger. There was then a steep technical descent in 8:18 to shake him off and then a glory jog home waving at my public to jog over the line.

    Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable run out and the toughest race I've ever done. Big confidence boost that my hip behaved and that psychologically I felt comfortable going for it on the downhills once the racing goggles were applied. Saved a few matches too image 

  • Evening all, some noticeable stuff over the last week or so but of a particular note are slokeys and the ladies slrs (after the races yesterday). A lot of threadsters brewing up nicely toward a good spring effort.

    AR - hope you are back on track. Nice mileage

  • Well done slokey that is an excellent effort.

    Big mileage from AR, there must be plenty of doubles in there. Oh, and keep a lid on those long runs as I thought you were supposed peaking at 16 miles, if you don't watch it you'll be sneaking in a 26 mile shopping trip.

    Lots of decent long runs by all of you and well done to the xc ladies.

    Great park run from OO.

    And everything that Abbers said.

    Well I haven't run the slowest long run this weekend but perhaps the shortest at only 10 miles as I taper for Reading. I managed a mile near the end at ( wishful) HMP which was 6.05 pace.

    Can I manage that for 13 miles? Who knows but no more self doubt and negative thoughts, I'm feeling pretty strong so I'm just going to feckin go for it.

    Reading is a fast race, if you get to mile 9 feeling good it's all flat or down hill ( apart from the stadium) the rest of the way.

    Leslie H- yes there does seem to be a fair few from the team GB thread at Reading. I won't be able to beat the great man himself.

    He's a decent runner but a little over enthusiastic about his abiltly. I'm amazed at how many people get so wound up by him, pretty funny really. Talking of funny, that Dach cracks me up.
  • Congrats on your first 20 since 2011 Gul and very healthy looknig weekly mileage image

    Well done on the National XC results, respect due to the positions gained - I love tamac!

    Brilliant weekly mileage PMJ!

    Great 22 miler Ant - hope the roast leg of lamb gets better! Would you have done another 0.7 miles if you'd known you could get up to 70?

    In fact loads of great long runs AND weekly mileages.

    Opposite for me today with a death march 10.5 miler long run (even though I'd planned 20) to take me up to 51 for the week. Bit disappointed as I thought I was getting better but woke up with a cough again this morning. Early night and back on the pills for me!

  • Philip_M_Jones wrote (see)
    Also-ran wrote (see)

    That sounds like a serious LR SJ - nice going.

    Just over 17 for me today run progressively  averaging 6:59 pace, finishing the week with 81 miles. Looking forward to a cut back week now

    How is that 81 made up? I did 70 with 22, 15 and 12 for 49 and 3 recoveries for 21. Your 81 with 17 leaves 64 and no other long or medium long runs?

    PMJ Medium long run in P&D terms (12 - 16) would equate to a midweek 'Something of Substance' session in Hanson's,

    So before I would do 1 or 2 MLRs plus say a LT session.  Now  Thursday is a Tempo, e.g  15 incl 10 at MP, Tuesday is currently strength workouts (LT) of 6 miles quality with plenty of easy miles either side as warmup / cool down. otherwise all other runs equate to P&D GA runs of 6 to 10 miles

    There is no concept of Recovery Runs in Hanson's but ....there was a couple of extra recovery runs this week due to a touch of insomnia which totalled 9 miles

    Under Hanson's I have found high 60s / low 70s seems to be my ideal 



    Moof wrote: Big mileage from AR, there must be plenty of doubles in there. Oh, and keep a lid on those long runs as I thought you were supposed peaking at 16 miles, if you don't watch it you'll be sneaking in a 26 mile shopping trip.

    yes boss!  I'm actually well under their LR mileage. If I had estimated at the outset that I'd average 70 -75 there would have been 4 - 5 20s in a Hanson schedue. I may have undercooked the numbers at the outset; it will be more fun this way to find out.

    Good luck in the run up to Reading.

  • Mennania wrote (see)


    AR - hope you are back on track. 

    No, still a miserable old fecker image

  • Nice report SJ. I hope the coke was suitably flat for you ultra types

  • Abbers-as we both have half mara's next month we can compare where we are at better then image

  • PMJ - impressive mileage. Enjoy the VLM course today.
    Ant - well earned lamb roast.
    Minni - solid 20 miler in the wind.
    Jools - but not the slowest of the weekend!
    Speedy - 74, 79 and a 10k race - rather you than me!
    BOTF - sorry to hear you're struggling with motivation - hope you can find some enjoyment in the running again soon. Makes your 20 miler very impressive.
    SJ - congratulations on a sterling effort, great report and making a phenomenally tough race sound like shelling peas. Respect.
    OO - nice LSR and impressive final mile at parkrun.
    Leslie - 19 is a cracking start to the week!
    AR - that's some progressive run. If you averaged 6:59, what pace did you finish at?!
    Birch - They all count - 22 hilly miles are not to be sniffed at. Not sure about recovery, but the barn dance was great fun - got hopelessly confused weaving in and out.
    Abbers - 5 easy miles - sounds like bliss. I'll probably sleep when the family have left the house this morning!
    Moof - enjoy the mini taper for Reading.
    KR - hope you're feeling better today.
    6 easy miles (8:17m/m) inc. 10 x 100m strides to start the week for me.

  • Great report Slokey and an amazing effort (hands and knees!) . Hope you recover well.

    BOTF / KR - It can't always go well or be enjoyable. That doesn't mean you're a crap runner or it's always going to be hateful. Chin up, and move on.

    Had I known I was so close to 70 miles this week I would definitely done the extra nought point whatever it was, yes!

  • Big read back, congrats to you proper trainers; congrats XC ladies (Poachette managed 65th at Nottinhgam, pretty happy about that), commiserations to the injured. It is a tough time of year with spring maras a long way off but training starting to get, err, boring in some cases

    Ant - I still have that manky shirt, but Scooby seems to have disappeared


    Minni wrote (see)

    What's Poacher up to? 

    1 week out with lurgy, not well at all, bleurgh
    2 v busy, lost mojo, constantly finding excuses not to train hard, this is not good
    3 forced myself to race for the first time this year y'day - the perennially hard and hilly Radcliffe 10m trail race.  Got round in 69min for 25th overall, not bad given the post lurgy thing on a slow course 
    4 Must regain mojo and try harder

    Have a good week all



  • Results are in - 3:52:47 for 10th place image (out of 272). Very pleased with that.

    Calves are a bit tight this morning!

  • Well done,SJ.  I'm surprised your calves are tight!

    Hello, Poacher.  Hope your mojo returns soon and that the lurgy disappears.  Well done, Poachette.

    5M recovery for me this morning.  Yesterday's long run followed by foam rollering obviously did the trick, as I managed 8.23m/m which isn't too bad for me first thing (that's first thing by my standards, not Gul's).

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    SJ - great report and placing. Almost made me want to do it. Almost.

    Moof - 6:05 would be a very good return at Reading. What's left in your taper?

    KR - take it easy and make sure you shift whatever it is. Better a couple of days off rather than a couple of weeks of compromised training.

    Leslie - I haven't checked the race list for a while. Where's your HM?

    Gul - sounds like a nice start to the week!

    Poacher - well done to Poachette at the nationals, and a very respectable time and place for you in a trail 10m.

    Jools - sounding like you're hitting some form. I know there's no London for you, but what's your next target?

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Poacher -great result for Poachette at Nationals - funnily enough I was wondering if she was there, as I recall her being at English Schools in Manchester same time as Ms B (2010 I think) -  nice trail effort, btw . . .  

    enjoyed the report, Slokey, and pleased to note your positivity - good stuff  . . .

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Poacher - oh no!  You need to get that mojo back right NOW. You should have signed up for Jantastic then you would have to do it.  What can we do to help?

    Great result and report SJ. image

    Gul - do you do your strides in one go or throughout the run?



  • Abbers- what to do this week has caused me endless sleepless nights, I was planning on just 4 runs this week.

    Tues 5 easy with some strides,

    Thurs 5 easy with strides,

    Sat 3 or 4 easy,

    Sunday Race.

    Trouble is Jantastic has got in the way and I'm not planning on letting the side down or using a joker. so I'll have to squeeze in a couple of short (3 mile) recovery runs, that will take take me up to the required 6 runs a week and stop me getting an ear bashing!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Moof - will you do a warm up?  If so, that's 2 runs on Sunday. And a lap of honour would make 3. image

  • Did the second half of VLM route today so got to Tower Bridge on the tube, then headed out east, turned right for a loop of docklands, waved in an out of Canary Wharf and then back to Tower Bridge, Embankment and the Mall to finish. 5 miles back to the office from the end for 18.

    The last 5 felt hard but I did get carried away over the first 13 and was round 7 minute pace dead (so about 1:30 for the half) and I think doing 15 yesterday and then 18 today made it harder as well.

    500 mile mark passed for 2014.

  • Looks we have enough walking wounded to carry on at 100% in Jantastic, 19 of the 22 are at 100%. KR, log your runs or play a joker.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Who's JP-T?

    Nice run today PMJ.  Did you have to weave through all the tourists?  Glad you made it back to the office for your lunch hour. image

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