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  • Back in Blighty and in awe of another outstanding week on the thread with top notch performances from the XC ladies at Nottingham, Slokey yomping around the Lake District and Gul back home from a milestone before the sun came up. All looking good for the TCCSTF team.

    Plenty of big miles being put in - I wish I could claim the same, but at least I took Minni's advice and sneaked a couple of extra après-ski recovery runs (including running in shorts while the snow was falling) followed by a quick burst when we finally got home at 10pm last night to give me the necessary 6 runs for the week and keeping my joker on ice.

    Took a wrong turn on this morning's run so ended up with a hilly 11 miles to get the week off to a good start. Toenail still not in great shape so might have to make a trip to the toe doctor over the weekend.

  • Minni wrote (see)

    Who's JP-T?

    Nice run today PMJ.  Did you have to weave through all the tourists?  Glad you made it back to the office for your lunch hour. image

    Uh, oh, Minni in the warpath, all keep low.

    I did the run early, just took till lunchtime for the carbs to cut in and return to normality. Tourists were not an issue, chinless merchant bankers were.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Moof - a couple of very short recovery runs should keep you fresh for the weekend, but placate Minni and fulfil your Jantastic obligations. Everyone wins!

    PMJ - good running again from you. Another one where you went a bit quick though? Getting "carried away" seems to happen regularly! Clearly enjoying your running at the moment. Can imagine running in central London around commute time is a bit of a nightmare.

    Lorenzo - back to it straight away! Nice. How was the snow?

    Nice easy 4 mile recovery for me today. Legs feeling a bit looser than yesterday.

  • Abbers, you are right, I am mentally fragile and need to dip my toe into the water every so often to see how it is going.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    PMJ - oh, it wasn't a criticism; I can empathise entirely! No idea how well/easily I should be running at the moment, as I have no reference point from a previous campaign. I shall remain in the dark until April 13th, and only then know if I'm under-trained, over-trained or somewhere about right. The temptation to test the fitness and see what happens is pretty much constant!

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Legs feel mashed today. Not run since Saturday's 20 as I had a new pain under the left kneecap when going up and down stairs. Much better today though.
    I thnk I'm feeling the cumulative effect of quality speed sessions and ever increasing long runs. Off to the gym tonight for a treadmill 4 mile recovery and some core strength work.

    Respect to PMJ on such an early 18 and also hitting my goal time for the HM as part of it!! image. Different gravy, Sir.


  • Abbers wrote (see)

    PMJ - oh, it wasn't a criticism; I can empathise entirely!

    No criticism taken: I try and report here what really happens and welcome comment. I could pretend that things always come out as planned but that does nobody any good. Sometimes I plan a run and it works, sometimes it even works out better than planned, other times it comes out worse. There is a fine line to tread between over and under training, so I know that about 90 minutes for a half is something that my body is happy with. That is 6:52 pace and P&D does not really give me that option, I have HMP and MP sessions which are faster (MP is 6:30) and I have medium and long runs which are at MP+20% and MP+10%, so gives a  fastest bit at 7:09 pace.

    What I really like to do is run a range of paces from 6:00 to 8:00 per mile and most of the time these fit into the P&D schedule but sometimes they don't.

  • Abbers wrote (see)

    Leslie - I haven't checked the race list for a while. Where's your HM?


    Its The Omagh half marathon( Northern Ireland) , not on the list but its the end of March, dont quite have the form I was hoping for but have a bit of time yet image Enjoying a rest day today after 14 in a row.

  • Oh crap I'm in bother.....

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ah ha! Don't worry you have a medical pass. x image
  • worthy of the kick up the jacksy though as I have ran 4 modest recovery efforts this week and failed to log... Until now. Am hoping that I can get back on it his week, time is ebbing away.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Sporty Badger, I got the same sensation today on my 5 miler, legs stiff, body drained.

    Still glad I got out though...

  • Been away for a week.
    Lots of swimming (a total of 6.5 miles in an outdoor pool, 11 degrees). Hardcore.
    Regular running, on treadmill. 35 miles is almost respectable.

    Today, 8.4 miles and I must have been up for it, averaged 7;42 m/m, which is a place I haven't been to for a couple of years. However, I am acutely aware that my "training" has got too few miles per week, and nowhere near enough long running.

  • Logged my last few runs for last week earlier on Jantastic. Gone downhill again today and very croaky/coughing a lot. Went to the doctor with Mrs KR (as she has come down with it & worse with asthma) and got some anitbiotics. So it looks like I will be on the bench for a few days. How does this work with Jantastic, how long does the Joker last for?

  • Poacher - pretty impressive racing for someone who's lost their mojo. Hope you find it soon.
     SJ - cracking result.
    Jools - nice recovery run.
    Minni - usually do at least 3 miles w/u and then one stride every half a mile. As it was only a 6 miler yesterday, they were every quarter mile. I'm probably doing slightly more than 100m - say 150m or 200m if you include accelerating/decelerating bit too.
    Moof -  take it easy!
    PMJ - impressive pace - just be careful!
    Lorenzo - good hilly run - hope the toe's not too painful.
    Abbers - recovery run working well.
    SB - take care.
    Leslie - well earned rest.
    Blisters - don't forget all the swimming too.
    KR - not sure about the joker - is it half points for a week? Hope you can shake that cough quickly.
    9 miles d&d. 4.5 miles slow (9:00m/m) out and 4.5 miles easy (7:52 m/m) back. This week is going to be manic, so I may have to nip out for a quick recovery run later this morning to make sure I can get 6 runs in for Jantasticimage

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Leslie - still 4-ish weeks to go. Plenty of time to fine tune the speed and fitness.

    Sporty - hope the knee's OK after the treadmill.

    Some good all round training from Blisters. That sounds like a lot of swimming. Must be improving aerobic fitness.

    KR - hope the drugs do work.

    Another good run in the dark from Gul. What's causing the chaos this week?

    Today is a repeat of the 8 miles inc. 3 x 2 mile intervals that I last ran on New Year's Eve. Remember it being tough, so not entirely looking forward to it, but will be interesting to see how the times & effort compares.

  • Abbers - 3 x 2 miles sounds tough - what sort of pace are you aiming for?
    3 mile recovery run d&d @ 8:34 m/m. We have friends arriving on Friday afternoon for a weekend visit, so need to squeeze my weekend run in during the week, but it's a bit busy. Interview for voluntary work at hospice yesterday, informal meeting with ex-colleage re possible IT job tomorrow, year 9 options meeting at school Thursday evening and interview for a teaching assistant job on Friday. That's on top of the usual Church stuff (fortunately found someone to lead the service on Sunday morning!) and manic spring clean of the house. Thank goodness it's a recovery week. Hope I get a job soon - I'm exhausted!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Gul - you're right, sounds hectic! A friend of mine says there's a difference between working and being at work. I think I know what he means! Last time I did the 3 x 2m I got something like 13:08, 13:06, 13:46, with 400 metre recoveries. I'd like to run them all close to 13:00 if possible, or at least see a reduction in the fade in the final rep. As long as they're more consistent, showing improved fitness, I think that has to be the aim.

  • Abbers - Good luck with that session - never an easy one to nail.

    Slokey - What a great result for you, well done!

    Minni / Moof - Just a minute - a warm-up before a race is NOT a separate run! Surelt there's got to be at least - at the very least - two hours' difference between one and the other?

    Poacher wrote (see)

    Ant - I still have that manky shirt, but Scooby seems to have disappeared


    Manky? Manky? I'll give you manky, lad.

    14 miles for me this morning in howling wind and rain, av 7:35mm, mainly as I was keen to get back a.s.a.p. HR still low, feeling strong but tired - it's just the aching knees (plural) that give me a bit of grief. I was recommended árnica for this. Has anyone tried it or heard anything about it?

  • Ant - I've used arnica cream for bruising before. No particular evidence that it does anything, but probably won't do any harm either.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Ant van Oviedo wrote (see)

    Minni / Moof - Just a minute - a warm-up before a race is NOT a separate run! Surelt there's got to be at least - at the very least - two hours' difference between one and the other?

    There was a report on MT about the lady who had logged the longest run for Jantastic.  I think it was over 100 miles - 136 miles? But in her report she said she'd had a 6 hour sleep in the middle.  Now, if this were a real competition I would be arguing that she had done two runs, not one.  So, I think moof is ok. image


  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Well that run can only be described as, 'meh!'

    Haven't done intervals for a while so ran to the cinder track a mile up the road from the office. I mentioned above that I think I'm feeling the cumulative fatigue of recent training and that seemed to be the case today.

    I did a 4 mile treadmill recovery last night, followed by some core work. 
    Today I tried intervals of 800, 1600, 1600, 800 reps with 400 recoveries. splits were 3.06, 6.22, 6.27, 3.09. Added a bit to my route back to make it a 7 mile run at 7.15 pace.

    Never really got going on this, no drive or decent leg turnover speed. A big headwind down one of the straights didn't help and it certainly wasn't in my back on the other straight. Still, I guess it will go in the bank as a quality session but I hate it when you put loads of precieved effort in and don't seem to get the reward. Hopefully that will come in Brighton...


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Ant, that's a good run given the conditions and the state of your knees! Building nicely.

    Sporty - there's still some quality in there, and effort was clearly being put in. Not every session can be nailed, and they're all building blocks in the bigger picture.

    So, 1 w/u, 3 x 2 miles with 400m recoveries, 1 c/d. The 3 x 2 mile reps came out at 13:01, 12:50 and 13:17, so still slowing at the end, but all quicker than the last time I did the session 8 weeks ago, and an aggregate of about 50 seconds faster. Still some work to do on consistency, but pleased with the indication that the training is proving effective.

  • Lots of good reps there. I have delayed mine by a day and did 5 miles recovery today. I love the 5 mile recovery day.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I did 5 as well at 7:40 pace but then we blasted the last mile home in 6:10. I might add 4 more this evening- and I will not be classing it as 1 run  image

    Are you cutting back Minni or just normal training before our 20 mile duel on Sunday?

    Lovely day here in Geneva...


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Its not this Sunday is it OO?  rushes off to check.....

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Phew, its a week on Sunday.  No OO there will be no taper - its just a marathon training run for me.  Are you racing it?


  • Sb-Nice reps in windy conditions 

    Abbers- a little bit of fade over 6 miles of quality ( which is a lot ! ) is a very decent effort ,you held on well image

    00-51 - Nice fast run 

    Ant -nice 14 

    10 for me today at 8:38 milling after rolling out of bed at 2pm (Nightshift)

  • Ant - arnica is for bruising. You might want to try glucosamine gel though.

    No run for me tonight. I have a Hurty Foot. Fairly sure it's nothing serious as I can manipulate it in all directions and poke and prod at it with no pain. It only hurts when I walk or run. It just came on during my second run yesterday. Hopefully it will clear up sharpish and not affect Jantastic. I have a few spare runs this week as I had 9 scheduled rather than the usual 7.

  • Sorry to hear about the Hurty Foot, Speedy - hope it is a Hurt Free Foot soon!

    13M at a plodtastic 8.25m/m for me, including some decent hills and plenty of mud (snuck out of the office at 4pm as it was quiet today to make the most of the daylight; then had to sneak back in, praying I didn't drop mud everywhere off my kit...).

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