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    Think of it as a fuel belt OO

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    Also-ran wrote (see)
     To be fair, waking up with pain on the achilles is not new. What was new was having 2 years without issues. The majority of my 25 year sabbatical from any form of sport was spent nursing an achilles. It is like an unwelcome relative coming back to visit.  unfortunately I ran late yesterday so didn't go through enough recovery routine to calm things down.


    MSE - yes I have a decent physio, massage etc. I was discharged by NHS consultant over 2 years ago but may open up that avenue again - should get an appointment in 18 months.



    1. Compression socks, night splints etc are all useful if the stretching and foam rollering don't always happen.  I also do home ultrasound and icing when I sense any irritation but that takes extra time.  Get shopping and get kitted out. image

    2. 18 months - (adopts McEnroe voice) you cannot be serious?!  You need another plan.  What are you thinking?

    3. If it is a chronic thing, do you want to fix it?  You could learn a lot about the cause I am sure with your dogged determination and nix this thing for good.

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    You could also tell me to bugger off. I just hate to see you suffering. Nobody needs to suffer. image

  • 18 months was a little joke MSE, it is probably more like 12 months waiting list! Welcome back to the NHS!

    Compression sock is what set off the pain in the night. Never again.

    The cause is more interesting as each professional I come into contact with over the years comes up with a different cause. Last summer I dimissed some crackpot that wanted to manipulate my jaw. Maybe it is time for that, or perhaps the Chinese medicine man at the end of my high street. 


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    Morning thread,

    PMJ & Marrows - nice speedy reps there fellas.

    Blisters - go easy on that hamstring.

    GM - speedy sounding 4.5 there. Should be well set for your 10k. What's the plan between now and then?

    Sporty B - A beetroot & asparagus combo? Really? Rather you than me!

    Poacher - what are your thoughts fancy dress-wise then? More Carmen Miranda?

    TR - any improvement with the calf?

    OO-51 - good 8. Can't advise on race weight - no idea what mine is! I just seem to naturally sit around 12st, even with increased mileage. As Moof said though, don't weaken yourself by dieting for the sake of it.

    Rich - Any taper madness with you?

    SJ - looking good. Final stretch now.

    Moof - bliddy hate swallowing flies. The biggest drawback with running along a waterway! Loads down along the Avon last weekend too, brought out by the warmer weather I suppose.

    AR - sorry to hear of your continued woes. Hope you find a solution.

  • OO51 - you ready for Paris??Got my med cert today but doc has written "from review of records only - no examination"on the bottom, which may or may not be good enough, but dont feel like finding out the day before at the expo. MIght have to either go back and get another or 'get' anotherimage

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    Marrows- a case of mistaken identity, I only have one hump. Good session btw. 


    Abbers wrote (see)


    PMJ & Marrows - nice speedy reps there fellas.


    On mistaken identity, when I told my wife I was going to Regent's Park to meet a man I had only met on the internet she gave me the usual odd looks but the looks were very different when I told her Marrows is in fact a young female post-grad.

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    "No examination on the bottom" - well that must have been a relief

    Abbers - prob not fast enough at the moment to get away with that, so maybe something more lightweight
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    PMJ - That made me laugh.

    AR - Sorry to hear about that pain in the a** achilles. Hope it gets sorted one way or another. I am relieved not to be in marathon training as I had that pronlem last autumn and I feel a little twinge everynow and then but nothing like last time.

    Abbers - Plan between then and now is try and sharpen up. I took my foot off the when on holiday recently and can feel I have lost a bit of something but hopefully I can sharpen the blades in the next few weeks. Training will be the usual 6 days of running a week to include 1 speed session (5-8 x 800m reps), 1 MLR/LR anything from 10-18 miles, 1 hilly lunch run and the rest ad hoc. Not scientfic but this mix seems to work for me.

    5k hilly run today with a friend @ 8:12 pace, was a lovely easy recovery run and very warm.

    Menn - getting close now! How you feeling about it?

    OO - Ditto, I totally forgot your were doing Paris too!

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    OO - you do not need to lose any weight!  You are a lean mean running machine. image

    Poacher - I have a nice skort you can borrow.

    MsE - You're moving in the day after VLM - does this mean you're in London then? I'm thinking Lorenzo might be doing comedy walking for a few days!

    Are you looking forward to coming back?  Have you given any thought to tactics for the Thunder Run???

    I didn't know Marrows was a lady!  Sorry Marrows! 

    So this week I'm not doing much at all.  Feeling under the weather, achy and just a bit unwell, but not unwell enough to be off work, damn it.   Running wise I've had two short ones and taking today off completely.  Grrrr.

    I've been thinking for a while that my hip could be caused by my workstation.  It after I started this job about a year and a half ago.  The floor is on a bit of a slant and I do lean forward to stop my chair gradually slipping backwards.  I decided to mention it to the H&S chap today to see if I can get an assessment done.  He listened carefully then said, 'maybe you should stop running so much'!!! image

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    Minni wrote (see)

    I didn't know Marrows was a lady!  Sorry Marrows! 

    See Marrows - told you 'Marrows' was a boy's name! image It's like the 'Brer Rabbit' incident all over again.

    Minni - the hip/workstation thing sounds extremely plausible.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I've been trying to think why I thought Marrows was male and it goes like this:

    • marrow - vegetable
    • vegetable - gardening
    • garden - leek club
    • leek club - working man's club
    • working man's club - male
    • male - marrow


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    PMJ / Lit / Minni / Marrows - you know what, I have no idea why I thought Marrows was male! Assumption can be a terrible thing. The curse of gender neutral nicknames and avatars (hmm, probably guilty of that myself, but I'm pretty sure I'm a bloke!). Humble aplogies to Marrows!

    Poacher - must be plenty of options available. Any clues?

    GM - sounds sensible. What's the course profile like?

    Minni - If you're feeling generally run down, it would suggest that you've maybe got some kind of low level virus, which would also help to explain what happened at your HM. Very helpful of your H&S rep! Working for a massive American technology company, we can't do anything without incurring the wrath of H&S, workstation assessments & office environment included. We're not even allowed to use kettles.

    7 inc. 5 tempo at lunch. Plan said aim for 35 mins for the 5 miles, and hit them all a couple of seconds fast to clock 34:42. Felt reasonable, especially in a blustery wind.

  • Minni - Bizarely I have just turned my office into a standing workstation due to posture/lower back issues I have been getting recently. A colleague of mine has had his moved for a couple of months and says there is an unquestionable improvement. He doesnt run 50 -70 miles a week though..

    GM- Quite relaxed, panicking about running shoes and looking for some course information. I have a number of low level niggles which I am hoping will ease for the day. Still havent picked a strategy or a time and am going to do 16-18  with 6-8 at MP this weekend to help me decide. Pushed the taper back by a week (although I have bumped some vo2 work - dont see the point at this stage) so full madness should start next weekimage.

  • literatin wrote (see)

     It's like the 'Brer Rabbit' incident all over again.

    What us the Brer Rabbit incident? Brer Rabbit is male, always has been.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    You're a MAN Abbers????? image

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    It could be worse, Marrows. It was assumed I was a gay man for quite some time. Not that there is anything wrong with that except I am a married mum to lots of MsEttes and a MsEsq...

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    PhilipMJones wrote (see)
    literatin wrote (see)

     It's like the 'Brer Rabbit' incident all over again.

    What us the Brer Rabbit incident? Brer Rabbit is male, always has been.

    I know. Boy's name. Imagine my astonishment, then, when it turned out to be the name of a female forumite.

    Abbers is too close to Abbie to look gender neutral.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Lit / Minni - Ha! image Think Mrs Abbers might have something to say about that! It's a long-standing nickname derived from Abdul, a nickname I had many moons ago at my univeristy cricket club on account of my surname being Turk (Abdul, Ab and Abbers were interchangeable). Even 18 years later, we're all still in touch and the nicknames persist. Might have to change my avatar for the avoidance of doubt... image

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    I tried to find out what a leek club is. 'The purpose of our club is for members to show 2 leeks every year', says one club website.  It sounds like a running club but with leeks instead of marathons.

    Abbers - my avatar is my own legs. Behold the dainty femininity. How can you possibly call that 'gender-neutral'?

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    It's cos you've got brown shoes instead of pink ones.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Yeah brown shoes always throw me.  I suggest pink laces at the very least.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    lol - I think I'll stop digging now! If only the "embarrassed" smiley was working...

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Right, that's me, that is. And I don't mean the old bloke in the Bill & Ben hat and white coat.

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    Marrows - And a fine fair of legs they are.image The clue for me was when you described PMJ as a "Man with cryptic speed", almost like when you can tell the gender of an author if you get my meaning!

    Abbers - It's pancake flat out and back along the promenade which is a pedestrian/cycle path but generally quite windy. I would say most days there is a prevailing South Westerly wind which would mean into the wind on the way out and behind you on the way back. The last two times I raced this course there was a 25-30 mph easterly wind!! Force 6-7 wind in your face for the 2nd half of a 10k is not ideal. Here's hoping the weather is moderate.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Abbers - x-post, you look like you know what you are doing with those white clothes on. Alien game to me I'm afraid.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    GM - ah, good, back to the running! Sounds like it should be quick on a kind weather day. I suppose if there is any wind, it's better to be running into it early when you're fresh, and have it behind you for the 2nd half. I like to pretend to know what I'm doing; always room for improvement, much like with the running!

  • Marrows is a girl?! I had no idea. And I did initially assume Abbers was an Abigail. I don't think I ever believed that MsE was a gay man though, the clue was the Ms part of her name!


  • +1 for thinking Marrows was a bloke!

    You'll all be telling me next that Poacher is a bloke as well, despite the fact that the favoured running gear is a long dress.  image

    Abbers - yes, Newport South Wales rather than IOW en route to a day trip to Carmarthen, Llanelli and Swansea. Only had time for 30 mins in the gym so a quick-fire triple bill of rowing machine, weights machine and elliptical trainer. Can't wait to get outside again tomorrow.

    MsE - not sure what the plan for the weekend after VLM, bearing in mind it's the Easter weekend but I could be tempted by the Stoke park parkrun.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    CC2, Lorenzo - glad it wasn't just me then! Mind you, sounds like there's a few who reckoned I was a girl, so the confusion seems rife. Anyone else we're not sure about??

    Hope you enjoyed your grand tour of South Wales on the M4, Lorenzo! Good effort squeezing in the gym session.

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