Sub 3h15



  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    MInni -I wouldn't be overdoing the stretching ,its too easy to make things worse not better .

    another week over for me and 67 miles covered , longish run planned tomorrow image

  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    Minni - deep tissue massage? Nothing like having a strong man grind his elbow around in your arse for fixing glutes.

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Lorenzo - You're right, of course. I've never seen a marathon plan that advises an off road triathlon the saturday before a marathon. But there are a few mitigating factors. Being asked by the younger generation to be on the team (not really under any illusions that I was their 1st choice!), I road & mountain bike all year and kayak in the summer, I was planning a 10-12 mile run the week before Manchester and reckon that the CC is probably about 10 miles of equivalent running effort. But don't suppose I'll really know until next Saturday night.

    Minni - Sorry to hear about your VLM dilemma's. Edinburgh seems a good choice, given you won't have already run London too.
  • Minni - sorry to hear about the possibility you might not be there in 3 weeks time. FWIW, I'd keep it in your diary if I were you and even if you don't race it, come on down, soak up the atmosphere and just enjoy a day out being cheered around by thousands of people. Don't forget, there isn't a Chandos in Edinburgh!!!

  • Minni, you are correct, that's what I did last year. Race Jase did it the year before I think, or maybe it was 2011. I didn't enjoy it as much as London, but it was still a good big city race and I did have some company for most of it. Entries will close soon though, so you will have to make your mind up quite soon. 


  • Minnie- I'm doing Edinburgh... after cape wrath! so will be having a slow trot round. not going at your sound barrier breaking speed though.. It's a really fast course but always a little hotter due to the month, making it little harder to keep the pace up. good fall back race for you! Is it not full??? hope not!

    4 easy today and 18 tomorrow.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Ant- sorry to hear about your injury but the latest report sounds more promising.

    Minni I didn't realise you were so doubtful for VLM- really sorry to hear that.

    Blisters, I will not sub 3 hours this year but my gold target is a sub 3:05 in Paris which would be a course PB. As PMJ says I'm better at the shorter stuff.

    Came 41st at the XC today (from the slow pack). 5th for the club and helped our mens team to promotion to Div. 1 next season. Legs are shot to bits so hoping for a gentle 15 tomorrow. Junior OO came second in her group and has a shiney new medal.  

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Leslie - I wondered about that.

    No decisions made yet but its a backup.  Edinburgh GFA closes on 7th April so still a bit of time.  Rich/speedy I've don't it a couple of times before and found it really boring (and hot) both times. I last did it in 2012, I think, when Race Jase, Fraser and I think, Slokey Joe ran too.

    Lorenzo - either way I will be in London and definitely in Chandos!

    Lit - one booked for Monday and a zapping session with the physio booked for the following Monday.

    OO - well done today.  That'll be you up to the medium group next year?  I was sorry to miss it today - Wrekenton is one of my favourites.  Well done to Junior.  That's a really good run from her, the juniors are so fast!


  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    ((Minni))   Still time to recover. If not, looks like it's your round, get them lined up. Mine's a Babycham

    Off to the gym now (beat that Gul you lightweight); there's a bloke in the "luxury spa" department who offers massages but having guffawed at what Lit has to say, I shall resist the temptation

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭


    BTW Speedy that is THE finest #gymfail. WTF?

  • Take care Minni. One day at a time ....

  • SlokeyJoeSlokeyJoe ✭✭✭

    Sorry to hear you are still having problems with the hip Minni. Do you know what's causing it? How is the range of motion in that hip compared to the other one?

    Nice racing to OO and OO Junior. Very impressive!

  • Lit - I didn't know you had problems with the glute. You didn't? You just went to...oh - I see.

    Speedy - Didn't you feel it your duty as an ambassador of this great sport to say something? I particularly like the bottle action.

    10.5 miles done this morning and no problems to speak of. I was a bit scared of it, but as son as I concentrated on relaxing into a decent running style* it was fine. I kept it to 7:45mm and am happy with how soon it seemed to be over, in terms of mental and physical fitness.

    I have half-hour sessions with the fizz tomorrow and on Wednesday just to monitor what I'm hoping is this rteal progress, and then at some point midweek I'll try and do 12-13 miles before 15-16 next weekend. It's a shame, all this, because there's a high-profile (if ridiculously hilly) 10k round Oviedo city centre next Sunday - it's not a good idea for me to do it. Is it?

    *It's all relative, of course. Further evidence, were it needed, came last week on the video of my 10k in Mieres. Enjoy the gazelle-like grace from 4:30 and then again at 12:10.

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    Poacher-of the the gym at 3:30am ,I need some of what you are on image

    Ant-Good speedy 10 miler 

    00-51-well done junier 00 for bagging some new bling 

    16 miles for me this morn at 8:27 average 

  • Ant, he wasn't running, he was clearly doing some new sport of treadmill dancing. I am no ambassador of any sport, but certainly not of that one.

    24 miles this morning at 7.56s to bring up my biggest ever training week of 86 miles. I should have done 86 miles this time last year, but, well, you know...

    It occurred to me that my LSR pace is now the same as my MP was when I first joined this thread, all those years ago. I could quite easily have carried on for another 2.2 miles and beaten my first marathon time. This training thing actually works. Who knew?

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    Speedy-big miles each week , a big Pb must be on the cards for you now image

  • Treadmill dancing?

    16.41 unfuelled miles for me this morning at 7:55 average. I went out just to run comfortably and see how it felt, and the answer is until the last 2 miles when I was having to work a bit it felt pretty good. It was a bit windy so the pacing wasn't consistent, but there were a few miles in there down below 7:30 when I was wind behind on the way home. My calves are really tight now though - I've noticed the last week or so when I'm in bed and I stretch out that my calves have been on the edge of cramping and one one occasion the right one did so I'm not sure what's going on there. I guess a trip to the physio is in order. One downside to todays run, this was my first longer run in the Vomero 8 shoes, and I had instep blisters on both feet by 10 miles, so I guess I'll be doing the race in the old 6's then looking for a new shoe.

  • Same as last year Leslie, so I doubt it! Well, I only made it to 84 miles last year, but it's nearly the same.


  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭

    I think Speedy is a sub3 runner, it's really just a question of when. Soon, one hopes.

    Gym news: treadmill double today, monumentally tedious but during the 13km afternoon session Charleston Girl reappeared, doing her bizarre hand waving gestures. I was so bored that I tried timing the intervals between the waves but could't discern a pattern. Going to have to ask her about it, but no idea what language(s) she speaks, and she might think I am a weirdo, which would be quite wrong.

    Ant - shall we all take pipe & slippers to Chandos?

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Super pace Speedy- Wow. Yes we all owe a lot to this thread

    Young lass from you club did very well at the XC too Minni (3rd I think).

    I had a humble 15 at 8:15 pace to end with a 53 mile week. Then I went Nordic walking with Mrs OO and added 11(at 16:20 pace), so a kind of marathon today in 5 hours. 2 weeks until Paris, serious taper starts now.


  • OO-51, 5 hours at any pace is a long time on the legs.

    20 miles this morning with Gade Valley Harriers on one of their training runs. Everything the 20 mile at Finchley wasn't: steady start, build up in the middle and blast the last 3 miles as I felt good. 2:20 and 7:00 average is not setting the world on fire but 20 miles done easily with miles at MP is always good. Now the taper.

    73.61 miles for the week by the time cool down was done which has nudged me over 200 for March, good for me but not up to Speedy's mile count.

  • Poacher - Eh, what's that you say, youngster? Just having a little snooze, you know...


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Best wishes to Minni's glute...

    I'm totally in awe of your mileage, Speedy.  I've only ever done 70mpw.  I have high hopes for VLM and only wish I could be there to get you a congratulatory pint afterwards!

    Larne HM for me yesterday wasn't quite the sub-85 I'd have liked, but a still pretty respectable 85.20 was just under a minute faster than Bath 3 weeks ago and I know that I lost the sub-85 in the two hilly miles (6.44 and 7.05 respectively, when all the rest were under 6.30).  3rd lady, but didn't hang around for the prize-giving as it meant an hour's wait and I was combining my trip to NI with catching up with friends from uni.

  • Great running, Jools! Looking really good for VLM.

    Joolska wrote (see)

    I have high hopes for VLM and only wish I could be there to get you a congratulatory pint afterwards!


    What? Won't we be seeing you in Chandos?

    PMJ - Massive confidence booster for you, as if you needed one!

    BOTF - Good to see you sounding so positive. Nice miles.

  • PMJ - very nice last LR. Not sure I would class that as a time on feet run that you mentioned earlier in the week.image

    I still can't wipe the image of Lits's glute massage from memory. Slightly disturbed by that one.

    Jools - another nice result churned out.

    After being patched up by the physio on Friday I was given the ok to run yesterday and today as a test of where I stand. The original plan was 10 Easy on Saturday, 16@ MP on Sunday. Lets give a go

    Saturday was OK, just a bit achey and about 15s a mile slower for my usual 10M loop.

    After lots of Icing, I was at the Kingston Wholefoods Breakfast Run (catchy name) for my 16.2M tempo. Achilles was a bit achy from the off, but I went through the first 10M @ 6:15 pace which was bang on, then the doom set in as my ankle got tighter and the pace got slower, and I hobbled in at 8min/mile pace.  I will pretend it was supposed to be a 10M tempo with 6 Easy as the confidence is low enough.

    Next stop physio and rowing machine for a couple of days while things settle down.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Minni - not sure what I'd adbvise, Edders is often hot or windy though

    22M for me this morning, I made it last 2:48 which isnt quite long enough for "time on feet2, but I'm hoping that backing up 5 runs between 18 and 22M in the last 12 days (plus a 14, 2x10 and 2 x6) will have toughened my legs up a bit anyway. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Nice one, TR - big effort (mentally as well as physically) in the last 12 days. 2:48 for 22 in training indicates @ 2:50 on race day ??  
    Good racing, Jools, pleasing 2:20 twenty (pea shelling) from Philip, and OO admirable hours on the legs. Thumbs up for BOTF also, and Ant - hadn't realised you were almost a half-centurion  . . .
    Speedy - you continue to push your boundaries, and from this viewpoint, provide inspiration.   

    9 pleasant miles with my daughter today to follow y'day's 15 inc p'run - oddly legs felt better today (creaky y'day). 50 for the week, 432 in last 8 weeks, not high, but consistent.  


  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Birch - indeed, taken a few early starts on school days too. Last year I did a 23 in 2:54 as my longest run and did end up with a very even 2:54 at VLM (I slightly underestimated my fitness as I has a slight -ve split), if I had done another mile today then 2:55ish for 23M. I'd take that given the last 6 weeks.I think I might struggle a bit in the last few miles, but we'll see. This time next year 3 long runs /week could be the new thing !

  • Last long run for me 18 done n dusted, very slowly but done none the less. Think Friday's mad run tired my legs out. 2 weeks now of wind down. 

    Well done Jools great time.


    Hope your Achilles gets better A-R 

    Thinking this has been my best ever run up to a marathon and feeling the best and fastest I have done for years! 

    Thanks for all the encouragement and support these last 13 weeks.



  • literatinliteratin ✭✭✭

    AR - I can't wipe the image of my glute massage from my memory either even though it was last january. I had reported pain from my tight glutes in my achilles and couldn't run at all, and this fixed it, extremely painfully. 'I don't mind if you cry,' said the masseur, who was not a native speaker of English. Ouch.

    I did my last long run today too, partly with Speedy, though mine was only 20 miles and came out at 7:59 average. She clearly sped up after she left me, running with rather than into the wind.

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