Sub 3h15



  • Sending lots of good luck vibes to all marathoners' way this weekend! Very excited for you and looking forward to reading your yummy race reports. And don't be sh1t!

  • OK I'm off to Paris, thanks for the positive messages- will keep you postedimage

  • Best wishes to everyone racing this weekend - smash those PBs, but remember to enjoy it too! After all, to misquote Bill Shankly, running isn't a matter of life and death - it's more important than thatimage
    Nice story GM - your Dad was rather fast in his day!
    PMJ - cracking mile. Should be interesting to see how to get on targeting 5:15.
    21 miles d&d this morning. 7 @ 8:49 m/m, 7 @ 7:50 m/m and 7 @ 7:02 m/m. Week 24 complete.

  • Nice progression over the 21 Gul, I'd say the first 7 were super easy but the tail end 14 look very tasty.

    We won this in Jantastic: 2nd overall large team.


  • Thanks for the good luck wishes and best luck (not that youll need it) to all from me.

    MsE: I think I will adopt that as my mantra tomorrow. 'Dont be sh1t'. I love it!
  • Good luck to tomorrow's marathoners! I'll be home alone for a few days so will be entertaining myself early next week by scrutinising your race photos etc.: bring out your gurns! your bleeding nipples! etc. etc.

    Had a good parkrun today.  3 lap course and I knew I was going OK because after 2 laps I had 17:xx girl in sight and had passed sub 3 man. Obviously they were both taking it very easy and she kicked on for the last lap (or did I die? crap GPS reception - we'll never know).  PB for me by about 30 seconds and lovely sunshine; happy days.  My elevated mood could also have to do with having broken a week's caffeine fast with pre-parkrun go-faster coffee

  • Great going Marrows - impressive chunk of your PB.

    I think I might have sneaked a slight parkrun PB this morning as well but as I was sans watch and Garmin, I'll have to wait until the results are out.

    Sharp progressive run from Gul - we're you targeting that level of progression or just running to feel and seeing how things turned out.

  • Manchester mara weather: wet overnight, drizzly, slight breeze, not that cold, might be a bit humid. That's this afternoon anyway

  • marrows - brilliant PB!
    Lorenzo - Bubka PB? Let's hope so. I had planned splitting into 3 distinct paces, but wasn't too OCD and about particular times, just to feel. Surprised myself after two hard runs this week.
    Poacher - raining in Manchester? Now there's a turn up for the booksimage

  • Marrows - Nice chunk off your pb! What was your time?

    PMJ/BOTF - Did you do parkrun today?

    Gul - Very nice prog run!

    Ant - Cheers, picked up race no today and looks like it's going to be a good turnout tomorrow. Well for a small island that is. 

  • GM it was 19:06 vs 19:42 on the same course last week (also a PB). So I had a good look at the cake through the oven door and thought, OK, that looks like a good cake, and I took it out and had a big bite and it turns out that yes it is a good cake, by my standards.  I will be really pissed off if someone sneezes on it, or leaves it out in the rain.

  • Marrows - That is a considerable improvement and sub 19 is within your grasp. Well done! We don't have parkruns here yet, but hopefully will do in the near future. Love a nice hard fast 5k.

  • Woo hoo - 18:48 for a 10s PB. image

    Bodes well for next weekend, although the predicted time of 3:03 - 3:05 based on this might be a tad optimistic.

    Marrows - which parkrun were you doing?

  • No parkrun, the gout is rumbling and parkrun is like leaving the cake out in the rain.

  • Lorenzo - Yes! My 5k pb predicts a 3:03 as well and I would take that in a heartbeat. You have done the training and are obviously in good form. Did you get a half pb recently as well? If so, they do say things come in 3's!image

    PMJ - image. What seems to trigger the rumbles?

  • GM - not quite a PB in my half a few weeks ago, but based on the time I managed (1:27:13) my predicted marathon time is also in the 3:03 - 3:05 range. If I could get under 3:05 I'd be absolutely over the moon!

    PMJ - is there anything you can do about the gout or do you just have to wait for the rumbling to subside of its own accord?

  • Well done on the parkrun pb's marrows and Lorenzo.

    I was planning on one this morning but seemed to have tweaked my groin and right hip flexed. So I thought I'd best leave it this week. No big deal at the moment as nothing on the horizon and it gave me a chance to go out on the bike instead, which is nice.


  • Fingers crossed your bug Minni will be out of the way soon; and that yours doesn't affect you too much Speedy.  We have had a large outbreak of scarlet fever in Leicester.  Not going anywhere near any children next week!!

    That's a very good progressive long run Gul.  Going well.

    Excellent mile PB PMJ.  Just get yourself healthy for next weekend.

    Massive PB as well Marrows. Brilliant run.

    Ran my final double digit run this morning before next Sunday. 10 miles with 5 at 6.13 pace gave me some confidence.  Also managed to get most of my taper niggles out of the way (knee, shin, calf and plantar problems; none of which lasted for more than half a mile each).

    Good luck to everyone racing this weekend.  Fingers crossed that although some look wet for tomorrow they won't be too windy.

  • Well done Marrows and Lorenzo on your parkrun pbs.  FWIW my 5k time is over 19 mins, so bear in mind that race calculators assume you are optimally trained for 5k, which no marathon runner is!

    4s slower at the road relays for me, but given how rubbish my mile reps were on Wednesday, just relieved it wasn't more!  Speedy seems to have had a good run from the results: sorry I didn't catch you and well done.  Bodes well for VLM.

  • Indeed I did have a decent outing today at the National 6 Stage. I was second leg and our speedy first runner had come in 6th. My plan was just to run like zombies were chasing me, since I didn't expect to be catching anyone. First to pass me was Susan Partridge near the bottom of that great big hill. She's a lot shorter than I imagined her to be. Then I passed a girl in a black club vest, didn't expect that! Still trudging up that hill I could hear cheers for a Hannah, and sure enough, on the crest of the hill, Hannah England comes bounding past. She's a lot taller than I had imagined. 

    Next to pass me was a tall girl from Jools' club. I didn't recognise her, but her name was Grace. She put quite some distance on me on the flat.

    Along the back path I was caught by a very short blond lady in a blue crop top. I have no clue what club she ran for, but she'd clearly worked hard to close the gap on me rather than run alone. Fine by me! So we ran together all the way down the hill, where we were passed by Laura Weightman who was going at superhuman pace. We were gaining on the B&W girl though, so it didn't feel completely like we were going backwards. 

    Deep breath on the last corner and dig in for the uphill sprint to the finish. I managed to hold off the little blond and if only the race had been the proper length I might have managed to catch the B&W girl as she had slowed right down. 16.16 official time. I'm happy with that. 

    We finished 11th, which is a club record. We were missing some of the speedier girls (Amy Whitehead for one!) so we did good image

  • Speedy - Great result and loved the report! Hannah England, enuff said!image

  • Jools - You are spot on re race calculators. Do you ever wonder what sort of time you could run for a flat out trained for 5k or are you not concerned about that?

  • Nice racing from Marrows, Speedy and Lorenzo! This place is on fire.

    Spotted some sound advice from the Paris Marathon guide: "to bandage your tits..." Got that, OO? Get those mammaries bound up! image 

  • Who is running where tomorrow?

  • Apr 6 - Lochaber Mara
    Rich26 - Sub 3:15

    Apr 6 - Brighton Mara
    FINgers - TBC
    Sporty Badger - A. 3:15  B. 3.20  C. Sub-3:23 (PB)
    6JT -
    BACG -

    Apr 6 - Paris mara
    Mennania - Sub 3
    OO-51 - 3:05

    Apr 6 - Manchester mara 
    knight rider - Sub 3

    Apr 6 - Jersey Spring 10k
    GM sub 40.

  • Speedy - Here is the line up. Birch is also doing Manchester.


    Apr 6 - Lochaber Mara
    Rich26 - Sub 3:15

    Apr 6 - Brighton Mara
    FINgers - TBC
    Sporty Badger - A. 3:15  B. 3.20  C. Sub-3:23 (PB)
    6JT -
    BACG -

    Apr 6 - Paris mara
    Mennania - Sub 3
    OO-51 - 3:05

    Apr 6 - Manchester mara 
    knight rider - Sub 3

    Apr 6 - Jersey Spring 10k
    GM sub 40.

  • Looks like light rain and about 11 degrees for Brighton which should be good conditions as long as it's not windy.

  • TR - You just got in there before I did.

  • I'm running Lochaber, fortwilliam. Backdrop of Ben Nevis. Canna see the top for clouds. All carbed up and ready to go, few giggles but who doesn't?
  • Excellent, thank you chaps!


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