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    Some proper athletes




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    Some proper athletes




    Well, at least two can finish a marathonimage

  • A very strange run at the Maidenhead 10 today. I went into it worried that the remnants of this cold would be the problem, but it turned out to be something completely different - the legs. They felt a bit heavy warming up, but then when we started by half a mile they were feeling tired and by 2 miles they felt like they normally would at the end of a race, and so it was just a battle all the way round from there. It often takes me a few miles to get warmed up and feeling like I'm running freely, but today it just never happened. Until we hit the uphill at 8 miles I was barely breathing, and it wasn't until the last half mile that I really started to feel like I was actually working aerobically, but all the way round I just had nothing in the legs and couldn't have gone any faster. Ended up with 68:50 on my watch, my slowest time at this race and nearly 6 minutes slower than my best.

    Met Joolska before the start, and it looks like she ran a stormer. Good job she resisted the rest of the bottle last night image

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    BOTF, that sounds like a different effect of the same cold to me - in the autumn I tried to 'race' a parkrun soon after recovering from a virus and by one mile in my legs felt empty, with no power at all in them. They were fine a couple of weeks later.

  • Speedy - I couldn't possibly say, but it would be worth listening to the podcast!

    BOTF - as Lit says, it sounds like the remnants of the cold. Worth taking it easy for a few days and hopefully you'll be as right as rain shortly.

    Very quiet on here - hopefully people have been out there enjoying the good weather.

    3 recovery runs since London for me: Tues 3.3 miles, Weds 4, Thurs 6.5 followed by 40 miles on the bike with elder Lorenzito this morning.

    No sign of any speed back in my legs yet so as younger Lorenzito has challenged me to a parkrun tomorrow I might have to get my excuses in early.

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    Some proper athletes



    Is that a tub of vaseline in your hand?image

  • right hols over, kick start some training of sorts with a park run tomorrow followed by a few miles. Afternoon bike ride nice n easy.

    Is there an autumn race forum?? 

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    Lit - There is a great photo of you (well I think it's you with Katie on your vest) running with PP the sub 3 pacer on a link posted by Ryan Snell on the S3 thread.

    Martin - Ditto, check it out.

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    Rich 26 - this thread carries on throughout the year

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    Another great VLM photo.

    Ant, confident, hands to the front. OO-51, a little more furtive with the vaseline in mid-application. PMJ, what exactly are you hiding behind your back?
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    Rich 26 - this thread carries on throughout the year

    and year after year, started at the end of 2010 and now 35670 replies and 1,082,247: over a million views. Did anyone spot the millionth view and have a celebration?  Maybe we need to wait for 42,195 replies: the official marathon distance in metres.

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    This is the direct successor to the 3.15 thread from 2006 which had more than 25,000 replies + 600,000 views before doing a Dr Who-style transition

    So that's a total of 8 years spent talking an awful lot of cobblers   image


  • I finally wrote my race report. It's on Fetch if anyone is still bothered.

  • so we support each other through the good and bad of our marathon journeys!

    going to need some support to get the sub 3:10 in Loch ness! image

    this marathon journey is a long hard one! would love to be able to run like some of you guys!

    you know what they say! Babysteps! image 

    sub 20 hopefully tomorrow! Parkrun

  • Can you copy and paste it on here, Speedy, I Can't be arsed to click on my bookmarks as it's right at the top of my phone.

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    I started my summer of speed with the Good Friday Relays today. This is the first time I've run a relay 'race' as such. I've done relay long distance events but nothing like this. Three in a team and I was chosen for the glory leg. I've not run all week as I've been full of cold and wanted to give my hip a rest so headed out with the dog for a few miles early on, just to check I could still run. Hip still a bit achy so not sure how it would be racing. However, it all turned out good. 2:25 miles in 14:39, which I was very happy with. image (I know that sounds slow compared to a lot on here but I'm not a sub 3 marathoner!!!)
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    Come on Speedy sort it out image 

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    Speedy - what's fetch ? post it up here please.

  • I got up at 6am as planned, had a quick shower and got dressed. Breakfast at 7am then a bit of time to digest it and go to the loo a ridiculous amount of times before setting out for the train just after 8am. The train was quiet, at least it was until Bexleyheath. My peaceful meditation was ruined by chattering masses discussing how they were going to take 6 or 7 hours and they'd done loads of training and had only eaten steak for the past 3 days. Thankfully it was a short journey!

    Arrived at the Champs start about 8.45 I suppose, and Literatin was there waiting. We met up with some RWforumites and their clubmates and just sat around in the sun for a while, going to the loo every once in a while. The queues were much longer this year. Booo. We met up with our volunteer pacer Johnas, who hadn't been able to train for a marathon due to injury but had a number and wanted to do his long Sunday run as part of the race. He was going to take us through half way in 1.29 - 1.29.30 before dropping out. We also acquired another runner for our train - Andy from Reading who despite having a 1.14 half to his name had never yet run a sub 3 marathon. 

    Having warmed up we joined the crowd at the champs start line. As the marshalls moved us forward we somehow found ourselves skirting the outside of the swarm and ended up literally 3 feet from the start line. I could see Mo Farah's head. Well, I could if I jumped up and peered between the tall blokes in front of me. We were a little nervous about being so far forward, but actually it was great. We were right over to the left and we didn't get barged or trampled at all. Must remember that for next year. 

    The early miles ticked by nicely, then when the red start joined us Philpub the sub 3 pacer came past us. Literatin went with him but I looked at the pace we were doing and decided to stick with the original plan. Johnas, Andy and I ran together at a nice comfy pace. There's a great photo at mile 9 of John looking all serious and pacer-y while Andy and I are having a nice little chat behind him. No bad patches to speak of, but it did seem very congested on the road. I put this down to there being so many people chasing the 3 hour target but later learned that it was generally busier everywhere. How strange!

    Tower Bridge was awesome of course, and then John did a Mo Farah and stepped off the course, leaving Andy and I to manage our own pacing. Through halfway in 1.29.19. Boom. 

    Then there was Fetchpoint and I did some shouting and arm waving. 

    Canary Wharf is all a bit twisty and there was a tunnel somewhere that sent the Garmin loopy, but we were still nicely on pace according to the mile marker clocks and our pace bands. At 20 miles we declared the warm-up over and the race about to start. Shortly before this we'd passed the hideous sight of the tangoed mankini man with the bad wig and Welsh Dragons on his butt cheeks. The feeling of rising bile had only just passed!

    Then there was Fetchpoint again and I did some more crazy shouting and arm waving. I somehow lost Andy around here, perhaps I got an extra boost from the cheering. 

    Somehow I missed the 23 mile marker, but I knew I was inside the final 5k when I got to the Lucozade station and I knew it was ON. I felt great. I ran the last 5k with a giant grin on my face! 

  • At 25 miles or so I caught up with Philpub and could see that Literatin wasn't with him. She'd left him behind and pressed on ahead. Good girl! So with an even bigger grin I legged it to the finish line at a pace that shouldn't be possible at that stage in a marathon. 2.58.22. Get in. And I carried on running to the chip removal, then to the photos, then to the baggage truck, where I finally slowed to a walk and found Literatin again. 

    And then there was pubbage, too much wine, great company and even a free burger. At the Red Lion we found Johnas, who informed us that he'd tracked Andy and he too sneaked under the 3 hours. I met the delightfully bonkers Charlie W and a whole load of others. Then to Chandos to meet the Sub 3.15 RW thread and once I was the last one standing (again) I ventured upstairs to join the Fetchies, who can always be relied on to carry on drinking for hours

    Same time next year everyone?
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    Excellent report Speedy! image
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    Speedy - Your report was worth the wait! Same time next year everyone? Maybe not for some, or many! Same place for sure!image

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    well done speedy, great to see your continued improvement, you put big miles in so got your just rewards. Not sure about keeping on running after the finish, make sure you leave it all out there next time. At your current rate of improvement I reckon in a couple of years I'll be able to follow you on VLM day.

    I passed the mankini fella early on, I said to him that folks recommend following a nice backside round the course, but that he didnt have one so I'm overtaking him. He didnt think it was funny, I was chuckling away to myself though.

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    fantastic, Speedy image

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    TR -  Hah, makini justice!

    Minni - Great relay leg. Providing your hip holds up, if I was you I get racing some shorter stuff. I make that 2.25 miles circa 6:30mm pace. What's your 5k pb? Surely you can aim for sub 20? Any plans to attack that in the not so distant future?

    After I ran a poor Autumn marathon I ran a low 1:29 half and an 18:46 5k within two months or so.

  • Great report Speedy

    Great retort TR


    I need to get my arse sorted, then train for and achieve a sub 3:20, bag me a GFA, and tag along. Actually, I wonder if there's a club place going for chips? Worth a chat with the man who holds the cards.

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    GM - yes, that's me! Looking slightly gormless as always when running, but otherwise pretty happy.

    Speedy - excellent report. I also wrote my report but it was a whopping self-indulgent 4 posts long so I posted it here on this other thread where they like that kind of thing. There is a good picture lower down the page where Johnas is not looking serious and pacer-y at all. I am in it looking unimpressed and you are in it looking like a normal runner.

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    Lit - For someone on there way to sub 3 I think you look rather good, but then, who likes seeing themselves papped when running, not me for sure, I always tend to look on the brink of death even if not.

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