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  • Badbark - I think its fair to say you are blazing the way at the moment, I am looking forward to your 100k race report.

    Lorenzo - I am struggling to sleep at the mo and alcohol isn't helping!

    Nice 5king from GM and PMJ

    I am mixing x training and running every other day to try and ease the Achilles issues - looking forward to a bimble tonight though!!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Lit - courgette & chocolate? Not sure about that. Can't say I'm surprised it wasn't a taste sensation! I'll go with GM's carrot cake I think.

    GM - nice double 5k and very bling shoes! Insects though... bleurgh!

    PMJ - the 2nd of those 5k events was pretty quick given course profile and conditions. Reckon you're not far off where you want to be.

    Lorenzo - really hope it's nothing to derail race plans, and some sleep sorts you out.

    Gul - new shoes on race day? You already know the answer to that one.

    BB - so controlled & comfortable. Great to see. I'm another who's really looking forward to seeing what you can do in your 100k.

    Crash - another with new shoes! I've been looking at the Pure Cadence as a possible option (usually run in Adrenalines). How are you finding them?

    Menn - sounds like a sensible approach with the Achilles. Hope it bears dividends.

    Bit of a fartlek session at lunch for me, jogged over to one of the local sports centres which has an associated woodland/lake area. There's an oval lap that comes in at exactly a mile, so use it for various configurations of speed session. Today's involved running the long sides hard, short sides easy. Didn't have the Garmin, so no idea how fast or exactly how far the quicker efforts were, but did 4 laps, so 4 miles of which about 3 would have been hard effort. The run there and back made it up to 6.5.

  • Abbers, I love my Cadences! I have never been so excited before about a pair of trainers (OK, two pairs of trainers now)

    I've not worn Brooks before my previous pair of Cadence 2s; I was in Kayanos. Principally because I'm sad, I've just weighed the outgoing Kayanos, the new Cadence 2s and the new Cadence 3s. the scores on the doors (for size 10 kayanos and 10.5 Cadences, which are an equivalent fit for me)

    Kayano 388g
    Cadence 2 314g
    Cadence 3 283g

    That's a ludicrous 105g lighter per shoe!

    I found the 6 degree drop of the Cadence took a little getting used to; I started by alternating runs between them and the Kayanos, with all the long stuff in the Kayanos; next it was all runs in the Cadences and just the long stuff in the Kayanos and finally phased out the Kayanos. I've not had any trouble in the Cadences up to marathon distance and I'm sure they're quicker (don't think this is psychological; they're lighter and I think the more midfoot strike is more efficient; I reckon they're worth 10, maybe 15 sec a mile to me)

    I love 'em image

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Crash, a glowing review! I'm pretty much a Brooks devotee anyway, having gone through Saucony, New Balance and Asics on my way to finding the Adrenalines. After reading that, I might just have to give them a try when it's time to replace my existing pair again. Food for thought, but glad you're so happy with them!

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Crash/Abbers - NU SCHU'S! My second favourite topic of discussion (how sad am I) I've seen those Cadence and they look very nice they still seem quite heavy at 283g. My new one's are 185g and my other two pairs are about 215g. I do really like the feel of a light shoe and all three pairs are 4mm heel to toe drop so fairly low down, but that's good for me.

    Heading out for a run soon, weather is sh1t but least I will be running!image

  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭

    Badbark - loving these race reports,  light the whole matchbox for the 100k image

    weighing shoes now , scary stuff people. image

    Resting up since yesterday till Sunday for me in an attempt to make the start line in one piece  .....

  • Gerard, I guess they would seem heavy if you can get some under the 200g mark image I'm ecstatic to get under 300g! I'm not light and I overpronate fairly spectacularly, so I've always had to run in bricks. To find something which still has medial support, some cushioning and a moderate 6mm drop is an absolute dream come true. Apparently, if I take the insole out, I can get down to a 4mm drop (and presumably shave a few grams off too.) That may be something to play with in the future...

    Leslie, yep, scary stuff indeed image

  • No idea what my shoes weigh, other than the lightweight flats weigh less than my standard training shoe!

    Still a fair way from 100% - got through today OK including the trip to the Expo but now back in bed with a temperature and dosed up with ibuprofen. No more than 50/50 to be OK for Saturday, and even if I make it to the start line, it'll be with the aim of a gentle long run and soaking up the atmosphere rather pushing hard for a time. At least Mrs L is still in one piece and looking forward to it.

    Gul - what's the latest from you?

  • I don't like the Cadences, other than that they look pretty. They give me pins and needles after a few miles.

    Lorenzo, noooo. Could you pace your wife round instead maybe?

    Poacher - You can and you will!

    Another race and another win for me last night. The one that Lit mentioned a few pages back. She was right, I did indeed win £50 at the Trent 5 mile. The pace was slower than my 10k PB pace, but about where I expected it to be right now. 31.37.

  • CH - Kayano 20 weigh in at 315 g, still not a light shoes however there's a lot of gel and stability tech in there. but unnecessary if you don't need the structure or cushion. That edition is actually lighter than the GT 2000. 


    Ive heard Crocs do a lightweight shoe!


  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    Badbark - totally amazing. You are going to fly in the 100k.
    Lorenzo - sorry to hear things are not looking good. Hope you and Mrs L can still enjoy the experience.
    Leslie - all the best for Sunday.
    I feel good at the moment except for now being totally paranoid about my choice of running shoes. Just checked and all of my shoes are heavily worn on the outside of the heel - isn't that a sign of over-supination? Just going to go with the shoes that look the least worn (only done about 120 miles) and ignore the new ones that are staring back at me from my wardrobe.

  • I suppose my Kayanos would've been 2012 model year (bought 2013) I guess this predates the trend to more minimal shoes image

    Nice win, Speeders! Is Lit on 10% commission? image I suppose shoes are a 'whatever fits your feet' thing, really, but I do love my Cadences (did I mention that?image )

  • Lorenzo, that's awful timing! Hope you make a swift recovery!

    Gul, 120 miles is nicely broken in, yes? Should be good to go!

    Does everyone have more than 1 pair of shoes on the go at once? I'm not allowed 'racing' shoes as I'd be crippled in a couple of miles, but generally alternate two pairs of trainers and 2 pairs of trailies.

  • Swoops in from his house-moving perch.

    Wow Badbark that's impressive running, the 100k should be a breeze.

    Good luck to Poacher as well.

    Had a few easy post half marathon runs this week including a 6 mile run home from work tonight and legs feel fine (bit tired from the house moving though image).

    Next scheduled "race" is the Snowdon Mountain Race in July so need to do a bit of hill training image.

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Good luck racers, Gul & Lorenzo you must keep the faith. Nice runs CC, PMJ and more.

    Badbark has a flamethrower rather than a box of matches!

    Just watching the sun rise over the Indian Ocean. Bus tour of the course then expo today. A long way from the comfort zone.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭

    CH - Yes, I currently have 6 pairs of trainers on the go, plus one new pair.
    Poacher  - You get the Indian Ocean. I get the A2 and then Bluewater. All the best - we know you will do it!
    Final run completed (3 laps). After 15 weeks of base training (768 miles), I did 13 and a half weeks before injury struck, covering another 798 miles, including 9 x 14M,1 x 17M,2 x 19M,3 x 20M,3 x 21M. Just got to hope the leg will hold up tomorrow. If not, then after waiting 1496 days since my previous disaster a bit longer is not going to kill me. Off to Kent tonight, so probably won't be on-line till after the event.
    Good luck to Mr and Mrs L, Leslie and anyone else racing this weekend!

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Early good wishes to Gul (those weeks/months of dedication & application deserve reward), and the Lorenzos (hope you achieve a satisfying family double, whatever that turns out to be). 
    Poacher !!  I believe Sunday is your day of destiny?  Continued good wishes, and remember your advice (which has helped me (in life as well as running)) - you are a warrior . . . . .

    More mundanely,nice to see a long-standing race still going strong - Notts 10 mile next Friday (6th) - last did this 20 years ago (3/6/94) - unusual in that it is a Friday evening race. 
    Will you be there, Speedy?

  • Good to see some tasty doubles from GM & PMJ and good times too!

    Gul - At least you are making it to the start line. If I was in your shoes I would look at how you are going to pace it particularly in the early miles. I guess it depends of how you want to run it. In the past with the exception of Manchester this year, I have found a negative split works best for me, but this is a personal thing. Best of luck and remember all that great training you have done leading up to this.

    Badbark - You are certainly finding good form at the right time. That Newry marathon sound good starting before the half then being able to pick them off. Good luck in the 100k RACE!

    Some shiny shoes there GM - nice and bright. I'm in need of new shoes and will have to take the plunge soon down my local shop. The brighter the better!

    Busy week running for me this week with 11.5 @ 7.25 pace on Monday night, 1 mile reps Tuesday (not helped by the previous night long run), 6 miles Wednesday @ 6.44 pace and 5 miles last night with 3miles @ 6.19, 6.12 & 6.18 pace. I was feeling the effect of the week last night not helped by a long day at work then watching my lad play a footie match followed by chips & impromtu Lads v Dads in the park. Didn't get out till 9.30pm, but better than sitting on the sofa!

    Good luck to all the weekend runners!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Speedy - another win? All becoming a bit run-of-the-mill, taking the tape! Well raced.

    KR - sounds like a busy week with lots of quality.

    BB, Gul, Lorenzo(s), Poacher - go well at the weekend in your various endeavours. Looking forward to some justified returns on investment, and some stunning results and reports.

    Rest day for me, so I'll let the weekend racers take centre stage!

  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Comrades update: bus tour of the full 56m route today. Barely any flat ground. Hot. Daunting. Goody bag includes washing powder and anti dandruff shampoo. That'll make all the difference on race day

    Good luck to all who have a date with destiny this weekend
  • Best of luck Poacher and enjoy the experience if you can!

  • marrowsmarrows ✭✭✭

    Poacher - Glad you will come home clean. I got a razor once in a triathlon goody bag.
    Crash - just weighed new Asics Hyperspeed: 151g. Do I win?
    Lorenzo - hope you are feeling better and even if not 100% I'm sure you can find a way to get something good out of the weekend.
    Any Londoners - there's a free mile race on Sunday 22 June:  I've entered, in recognition of which I went today for 6x200m with 200m jog recoveries, working down from 40 to 36 secs.  I rarely run that fast and when I do, I often feel I am about to mis-time my tootsies and fall flat on my face. I put 5:50 predicted time but don't really care: if I finish, I get the club record!

  • Just popping in to wish Gul and Poacher the very best of luck at the weekend.


    You too Lorenzo hope you make the start line, good luck to your wife as well. 


    Well done to Speedy on another win and a mind boggling Mara pb from Race Jace.


    Badbark, you are indeed in very good shape at the moment. It must be nice to be able to cruise to a sub 3, I look forward to the 100k.


    My hamstring was getting better with some easy running but I'm back to square one again after attempting some short reps on Wednesday. A few days rest should hopefully see me ok. I need to start respecting injuries.


    Crash hamster I have two pairs of Brooks ravenna 3 that I use for all my easy running which is about 90% of the time. They look disgusting in orange and black, but do seem to last well rotating between them. They have about 1100 miles on each and still going strong. 


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Best of luck to Gul and Poacher.

    12M steady for me today.  And 2.5 hours of violin practice.  I'm sure the violin practice must count as upper body workimage

  • Best of luck to Gul this weekend

    Ditto Lorenzo and his missus.

    Poacher - the course should find you daunting, not the other way round, good luckimage

    Calf is still naggy - not helped by some over enthusiastic foaming and  pressure point therapy with a hockey ball last night.

  • Birder, hope move is going well...

    Poacher, hope it goes well.

    Gul and Lorenzo, hope you're in top form and much recovered!

    Marrows, those must be some dodgy scalesimage

    Moof, that's impressive value for money! If I get to 500 miles I'm doing really well; my legs feel much better for a couple of runs in the noo shoos.

    16x 200 fast/200 slow tonight on t'dreadmill for easy week.

  • Thanks for the good wishes - feeling better today so have raised the chance of running to 90% and hoping for a good night's sleep. The race doesn't start until midday so will be nice to have a bit of a lie in and make our way there slowly. Forecast is for 14-15 degrees and light rain but fortunately not much wind. Mrs L very excited!!

    All the very best to Gul even though he probably won't see this before he toes the start line. 

    Poacher - I'm sure you'll find the Head and Shoulders useful!! Look forward to hearing the tales of heroism. 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Yes indeed good luck to Gul and Poacher. I've been out of circulation getting fat in Santander on a business trip. Read back and congrats to the many great performances. RJ amazing as ever. Congrats to Badbark on the sub-3, the gold standard for most of us.

    I've gained 5 pounds this week in spite of several runs, so the parkrun should be interesting tomorrow.  

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    Good luck to Mr & Mrs Lorenzo, Poacher and Gul and anyone else racing this w/end!

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Morning! not often (ever)  I'm 1st poster of the day  . . .
    18 miles this morn - last couple back through park, and me and my running partner found ourselves going by the stragglers in the parkrun - a marshall bade us "well done - not far to go"  . . . .image

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