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  • Happy birthday PMJ!

    and happy weekend racing MsE/Joolska/TR

    Poacher they were definitely doing something wrong if the slide was at the back. A friend of mine was on the other end of a similar incident - got ticked off by Polish police for 'boning a nun' on the street

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    great reporting as always, Poacher - this one must be up there with your most memorable (and not just for the trombone incident) . . 

  • Damnations!
    Foiled by a pesky runner playing the trombone backwards.
    Ain't that always the way?

  • Apologies for my ignorance about the anatomy of the trombone - all I saw was a large piece of shiny metal heading straight at my head 

  • Well my planned bike ride didn't go so well. Flat tyre after 25 mins - started to change the tube and realised that I didn't have my tyre levers with me. Then noticed that the actual tyre had a big tear in it so a new tube probably wouldn't have lasted long anyway. Support vehicle (wife) had to collect me. Did a 10 mile run instead. 

    Day off tomorrow since I'm taking my youngest lad off to uni. Landmark moment!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great report Poacher- the trombone was definately the highlight! Very bad luch on the near miss.

    Fat and feeble after 3 days in Barcelona- 28 degrees of glorious sunshine. 

  • Nice run Poacher.  That seems like a very thought provoking run.  Sometime we've got to count ourselves lucky to be able to breath let alone run.  I'm 100% sure you'll have a B or even A seeding by May 31st.

    VTR - not really hardcore - I' experimenting with a high fat diet after recent problems with a few things, one of which is bonking in training runs due to running out of carbohydrate.  My whole runs are now powered by fat and it takes a while before the body (anecdotally 3+ months) sorts itself out and can run properly on fat.  In the mean time I expect slow running paces and to be handed new lessons from my body on a routine basis.  In this case I got too keen and held the pace too high over a section of 2 miles of hills which put me too much into the red.

    Another experimental run tonight with 4 miles of hills with 1m fast. Steady progress being made.

  • Poacher - Loved your report, albeit tarnished in brass, it must have been a memorable one. I really am looking forward to seeing how you get on in SA. Do you possess a copy of the Lore of running? I would imagine you do but just had to ask.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Great reports BB and Poacher. Poacher - are you doing York?

    Good luck MsE and Jools tomorrow.
  • Poacher - great report. At least it was only a trombone - a tuba would have been far more painful.

    Good to hear of the progress BI - how are you getting on Minni?

    State of shock alert:

    I'm running the Reigate half marathon tomorrow morning as it's part of the club Grand Prix and I headed over to Reigate this morning to pick up my number, chip etc to save joining the queue tomorrow.

    As I was there I thought I'd do the Reigate parkrun just to keep the legs ticking over - 5K at HMP would be a good preparation and as the course is a nice undulating run, it would make a nice change from a Satruday road run.

    I wasn't wearing a watch or a Garmin - just running on feel but having settled into a nice rhythm for the first mile I found myself in about 5th or 6th place and then started overtaking people. I kept going steadily on the wooded ups and downs and having gone past another bloke about 1K from the end I was looking ahead to see where the next person was.

    I crossed the line without going mad and got handed the no.1 token!! In reality, I suspect that the fast runners were taking the day off prior to tomorrow's HM but it's still my first victory in a race (OK, I know it's a run not a race) since I was about 15 and I still haven't stopped smiling. image


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Congrats Lorenzo! 2nd place for me after a 3 way sprint for home at my local parkrun finishing in 18:10. Junior OO was 1st lady for a family podium double. 

    Can't believe I still have sore calves, 2 weeks after GNR....

    Good luck to all tomorrows racers- early reports please.... 

  • Congratulations on the win Lorenzo, you can only beat who turns up. What was your time.

    2nd place for me as well OO, at Newbury parkrun. I was leading for most of the way and tried to break away from 2nd place with about 400m to go but couldn't break him. Annoyingly, he had a decent kick in the last 100 which is something I don't have.

    Still its my first parkrun for a few months so can't complain with am 18.14. I ran another fast(ish) lap after for 20mins.

    A jog there and back gives me 13 for the day which ain't bad.

    Great run and report Poacher, shame about the trombone.
  • A win for Lorenzo! Very well done sir! image

    As for coming second..... I'm disappointed in you OO and Moof....

  • You're a hard man Slokey, I'm absolutely devastated with my glory cruelly snatched from me. I need a man hug, I'm in bits.

    Official time 18.13, that's better.
  • Hmmmm, that's not a PB though is it?

  • No, you cruel b'stard!
  • All part of the service Moof. You can punish yourself tomorrow on your long run!

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Excellent, Lorenzo ! parkrun or no, crossing the line ahead of all others most pleasing
    good work also moof, and the now customary podium noted by OO . . . .

    happy with my parkrun today (with 2 weeks to Mable ) - 21:35 to follow 9.5 mile warmup (as context last run on this course was 22:05 in early August after 1 mile jog w'up, and prior to Manc mara in April was 22:27 after 5 mile). WAVA creeping back up as well - 74.29%. However, this was VOGIT debut, and only managed 3rd !! (1st  19:11) !  never gets easier  . . . . . .

    good luck to Jools, MsE (the tarmac is your friend)  tomorrow

  • Abbers - had a slight change of plan and did 90% this week - 60% and 30% planned for the final two.
    SJ - that's double bad luck - hope today went well.
    Lorenzo - congratulations - good confidence booster for tomorrow.
    OO - another excellent parkrun.
    Moof - that makes three great parkruns! Well done.
    Birch - four! Have you got a target in mind for Mable?
    All the best to Jools and MsE tomorrow too.
    Last long run d&d this morning - 18 miles @ 8:27 m/m (9 slow and 9 easy). Did some mental arithmetic during the run and made it 1609 days since VLM 2010 - one day for every metre in a mile! 14 days to go to Mable and counting image

  • Lorenzo - if it looks and feels like a race..its a RACE   no matter what they say image A win is a win !

    Moof - I've been robbed of a win near the end too once, beaten by 4 secs but I'm not bitter ..much image Still a great time though image

    Birch - good wava score .

    Jools and mse-good luck with the smackdown image

    Gul- not long now then.

    Been busy this week so not much running ,only a measly 10 miles image must do better !



  • Good luck anyone racing in a few hours' time, we know you won't be sh**

    A stacked parkrun podium, nice work, esp Lorenzo - a win is a win, congratulations. Looking forward to our smackdown in 2015.

    Minni - yes doing York, are you definitely DNS? looking for the 3.19.59 that died a death last week but mainly just to enjoy it. Hopefully avoiding The Glenn Miller Orchestra this time

    Leslie - get out there, you know you want to
  • Top Parkruns Chaps - you know who you are!

    Got up early before Gul o'clock and got 16 miles in.  Nice and steady, but pace is still leaving a lot to be desired at 9:26 pace over moderate hills.  I'm facing my slowest road marathon next month I think.

    Nice maths Gul and nice running - looking good for Mablethorpe

  • Any groin strain victims here?  How long were you out and would cycling/elliptical etc aid or exacerbate recovery?  It's only a minor strain, but having foolishly skim-read the relevant injury pages of this site, I now fear I can sense Abingdon disappearing out of reach.  Damn and blast those P&D amateurs with their hopelessly optimistic, "Yeh, just jog 5 miles inc. 6x100m, you'll be fine."  The gits.

    Splendid work, Lorenzo.  Parkrun is a race; don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Impressive early 16, BikeIt - and fear not, pace will return . . .
    Good last long run, Gul - I guess, like me, the taper now begins in earnest . .
    H'string, achilles, calf, plantar, and knee over the years,but no groin trouble, here, TAR.
    parkrun - race or not? well, the 2nd placed VoGit y'day beat me by 3 seconds, and I certainly was racing him. BUT - and this is just a personal thing - having previously had V40 & V50 category wins in standard races, I'd like to add a V60 to the set, but I wouldn't count a parkrun.. We have five here, and the one I do most regularly is the biggest (448 finishers y'day), and best quality throughout. I daresay I could easily secure a 1st VoGit at the others, but I couldn't in conscience count it.

    (But as I alluded to y'day - crossing the line ahead of the rest of the field, regardless of category etc, is certainly a win, and to be rightly enjoyed)

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    . . . . and 6 easy here to conclude 50 for the week.   

  • Good day for me. The obvious highlight was a hug from MsE on the start line, but my result (hopefully my watch time of 1.21.56 was accurate) would be a 1m45s pb and could even mean the Frankfurt target is squarely 2.55. Gulp. Off to eat pizza and drink beer image
  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joolska, that's outstanding!

    slightly disappointed with 19:34 parkrun yesterday, and therefore rather chuffed to wake up feeling under the weather today so I can tell myself that secretly, I'm fitter than that.

    Looking forward to hearing from Minni and MsE

  • Accidentally just did a 50 mile week as well. Knocked off 45 ending with parkrun on Saturday and then flew out to Japan and made good time so did a run here Sunday afternoon: steady 5 with a fast mile to have a poke at a Strava segment here and I did the mile and a bit at 6:14 pace so now sitting at the top of the pile image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Jools another top draw effort- most impressed. Hope you got a nice prize?

    Cracking parkrun moof- fortunately I have that sprint finish you crave, but it's losing it's teeth with age. Still got me from 4th to 2nd in the last 100m yesterday.

    15.5M for me today in 8:30 pace. My hip was not happy so satisfied with that, and a 36 mile week. Back to full training next week, and salads for lunch to shift my Barcelona belly.


  • OO: definitely no individual prize.  I think I was only 5th for my club, let alone overall - there's real strength in depth at Bristol!  We should get ladies' 1st and 2nd team prizes (assuming they allow us both), so there may be a wee bit of cash in there somewhere for 2nd team.  However, I'll take a good time over a good placing any day image

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