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  • Just a quick dip in as it's a bit manic at the moment!

    Thanks for the long run advice Poacher - I'll need to be setting my alarm for Gul o'clock in order to get a 30+ miler in before domestic duties kick in on a Saturday morning. Have been reading on the Comrades thread about the need to train for the heat as well as the hills and the distance - aaargh!

    You're looking strong Moof - I take it the bike has been parked up for the winter now.

    I'm well short of 80% WAVA  - my best (from a 10K earlier this year) is 76.3 and I'd need close to 2:48 for an 80% in a marathon so that's not going to happen!!

    Summary of the last 3 days: Tues 4.5 easy, Weds 6x3min reps with 60s recovery, Thurs 8 hilly. Rest tomorrow as I'm on an early flight up to Edinburgh - aiming to get a 20 miler in on Saturday.

  • The secret to good WAVA is 'be a girl'.

  • Birch, to be honest I think that rather than my age, it is a lack of talent that is the problem (or my genitalia if Lit is to be believed).

    Second opinion on the hip received today with one of the top surgeons in the country - wondering whether to look for a 3rd opinion image. Not really of course, just got to suck it up. Let's not mention it again eh?

    Excellent session VTR.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Lorenzo - looking forward to following your comrades build up, and you Poacher. I was surprised that the schedules on the site weren't that much different to marathon training, really. Have you looked at them Lorenzo?

    Poacher - my friend who was in Chandos with me after VLM is doing comrades and Yorkshire. If you join us fir a drink you can give her some tips. She's in SA at the moment getting a taste for it.

    Slokey - so what was the second opinion? I'm thinking it wasn't what you wanted to here if you're thinking of a third opinion...?

    Right Slokey. One of reasons I've been against Tri is because my swimming is so bad and I couldn't really be bothered to learn properly. Also, the idea of open water terrifies me - even thinking about it I can feel panic rising but it also excites me. Maybe it's the challenge. I know I can run 26.2 miles, I know I can knock out 50 odd miles on the bike without any training and I know that one day, for me, the ultimate challenge would be IM distance Tri. So how do I get from a couple of lengths in the pool to 2+ miles in OW? I've now accepted that for the next 6 months or so the pool will have to be my best friend so I want to make the most of it.
  • Just swim Minni. Get some decent time in the pool along with a bit of coaching, work on your drills and then build a bit of structure into your sessions (Be Iron Fit by Don Fink is the book I followed). Don't worry about the open water stuff until later. Once you are a more confident swimmer it is easier and doesn't take that long to get used to no matter how weird it feels at first (I really didn't like it at first but once you learn to relax it is quite lovely).

    The second opinion was the same as the first only with more information. 

    1) hip is knackered - the X-ray looked a right mess.

    2) only option is surgery - he said to do what I can to delay it for as long as possible 

    3) I won't be able to run after the op


    He said that carrying on running won't wear it out any quicker image then my lovely wife added in "he runs ultramarathons and ironman" and she grassed me up about how many tablets I need to take each day at which point he changed his mind and told me not to do long distance stuff anymore "nothing over a half marathon". Yeah right. Now I have the other half nagging me about not doing too much. Bah.

    Tonight's session: 4x2miles at HMP off 2mins. 

  • Comrades 2016 is now off the tableimage

  • Doesn't sound great Slokey, trust the wife to grass on you. How about swimming the channel since you're pretty decent at floating.

    Lorenzo- I've hardly been on my bike at all this year as I've really concentrated on the running.

    I will get out on it more next year and try a bit of swimming as I think I'll be joining Minni on an Ironman quest. Just need to make a plan first on how to tackle the subject with my wife.

    15+4 run today, nothing Pacy. 8 with strides in the morning, 6 recovery on Saturday. Then a 3 hour time on feet run planned for Sunday. 2hours 10min easy running at 8mm max then 10k at mp to replicate those last hard six in a marathon + a warm down.

    Run recommended by Gobi, I reckon that will be a tough one.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    VTr - yes, I tend to have thu/fri as rest days with a jog the day before - I did check back and found I had this approach years ago - pre Pb (1991) was 7,7,5,0,0,2   so pretty similar to the current 5,4,4,0,0,2

    moof - did you get the double done today to continue the impressive week?

    SJ - you did say not to mention, but blimey - I really feel for you . . . . .
    great session, btw ! 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    x-post - I see you did, moof - good stuff !

  • Moof - I like the sound of that 3 hour run. What pace are you aiming at for MP at the moment? Will be interested to hear how it goes.

    Minni - haven't really got my head around a specific training programme for Comrades yet. I'll get the qualifying marathon out of the way first and then I'll have six months to get sorted. Based on Poacher's wise words I'm going to be aiming to step up the mileage and trying to get as much hill work in as possible. Will be interesting to see how that translates into a time at VLM.

  • Birch I've managed to get a fair few doubles done in this campaign, mostly 5+5 on recovery days but have also managed a few to back up the medium long run. Hope it pays off with some extra endurance.

    The Wednesday 15 feels pretty comfortable now.

    Lorenzo- 6.40 hopefully.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Enjoying the healhy debate and seriously considering that sex change.

    I've never managed a WAVA 80% at the marathon, but I get one at the parkrun most weekends. And I love 10 miles as a distance- like the 3 hour marathon, it's an easy target to understand- 10 * 6 m/m and job done.


  • Birch - walk recoveries - sneaky!
    VTr - cracking subLT session.
    Lorenzo - 30+ miler finishing early on a Saturday morning doesn't bear thinking about.
    moof - sounds like a tough fast finish session.
    Last hard session today. A bit late out this morning and I got a bit carried away. 11 miles @ 7:47 m/m - 10 progressive finishing with 6:34 and 1 w/d.

  • Slokey: that's pretty rubbish news, although half marathons are fun and long enough for those of us who favour endurance over speed.

  • Blimey, Jools, that was a properly impressive run at Bristol. But you seem to have only posted one reference to it.  If I ran a similar race I'd be checking in here daily to post subtle reminders.

    And MsE ran with a dodgy Achilles yet still beat my PB.  Nice.  Thanks.

    That is horribly frustrating, Slokey.  You'll just have to become very competitive at half IM distance.  Or book an appointment with Minni's surgeon, who assured her (I think?) that she can run after a hip operation.  Mind you, perhaps you and Minni don't share the same hip?  I hadn't considered that possibility.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    image SJ

    That sucks (as they say in California). Really sorry to hear that, dude (ditto).

    But this means you can now unleash your inner Ian Thorpe. Or maybe not him. Your inner Michael Phelps. Actually, not him either.. These swimmers all seem to be encumbered by negative association. How about your inner Lance Armstrong? Oh, no, er maybe Miguel Indurain! Or, if you favour a more alternative look role model, Wiggo! Ta da!
  • SJ - sorry to hear your hip news; not much I can add to what others have already said, but you have my sympathies. Mind you, I reckon you could still take a lot of scalps at shorter distances and in duathlons/tris as you're clearly a talented multi-sporter.

    Keep that cotton wool close to hand Birch and Gul.

    Have a good weekend's training everyone, and good luck to any thread racers.

    I'll be back on the bike tomorrow morning, and then celebrating my best man's 40th birthday, followed by a trip to Wembley for the Raiders - Dolphins match on Sunday. With any luck, I might actually manage a run next week!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    I'm not sure what excatly SJ's hip problem is but mine is something that can be repaired, TAR.  Maybe we could so some kind of three-legged event...  image

  • I'm in Minni! As long as your good hip is your left one, otherwise we'd be going in a circle....

    Hip isn't repairable I'm afraid. I have no cartilage left. Needs a hip replacement op. People have worse things to deal with so after moping about yesterday it is now firmly back in perspective.

    That's a serious pace Moof. 

    2.5hrs on a hard and hilly bike ride this morning.... I'll get growing those sideburns MsE image

  • Life is pretty hectic at the moment, TAR. Although not glamorous. I'm in Newport just at the moment...
  • How are the final bits of Frankfurt prep going Jools?

    My entry is imminent, just need to get through tomorrow's long run unscathed (ankle is a bit tender) and then it's all systems go image 

  • Pretty well. Legs have recovered okay from the hm so it's just about maintaining fitness and not getting injured/ill now. Fingers crossed!
  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    How long till Frankfurt Jools?

    SJ - how do you know this about your hip? X-ray? scan? Have they been in already for a look? Unfortunately it's my left hip too so that plan won't work.

    I was in the pool early this morning. It's so tiring.
  • X-rays

  • 4 weeks image
  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Sj - sounds like a career in 1/2 mara and 1/2 IM. Similar to me. Yoj can do both off not much running. Although you could blag IM without the 20m runs in training.

    Minni - get some stroke advice and do lots of 50s or 100s to ensure you do all of your swimming with good technique. Im spending the winter working on swim technique (at last) so I get back some of the head start back I keep giving everyone.

    I looked steve ways wava results up. End of competition I guess.
  • Abbers - sounds like a good weekend lined-up - enjoy!
    Jools - not long now then!
    3 recovery miles d&d. 5 sessions to go...
    Birch - according to the Mable website, race nos are in the post.

  • 00-51-10 miles  in an hour is easy to understand but not at all easy 

    Slokey - its not slowing you down much this dodgy hip, I guess the painkillers are working !

    Jools - not long now 

    Tr - Steve way makes up the wava rules now 

    Gul - speedy progressive run yesterday 

    5 miles easy miles last night and 4 at gul o clock this morn  (5:50am !)



  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    tks, Gul - I entered after the date for postal despatch, so pick my no. up on the day.
    belting session yesterday for you - looking very good now - take it easy from hereon-in

    10.5  d&d here  

  • Gul - sounds as though you're in great shape. Just remember to take it easy and perhaps buy yourself some of these:


    Sounds like a plan Minni - how much swimming are you doing at the moment?

    Jools - I've got a feeling that you're going to be flying round Frankfurt. What are the next 4 weeks looking like?

    Hilly 20 miles for me this morning on rather tired legs (not sure why as I had a rest day yesterday) and an empty stomach (I've been eating pretty much continuously since getting back at 9.00!). Recovery run planned for tomorrow.

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