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  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great long running from Lorenzo & moof (and splendid last (pre taper) week, moof).
    Abbers, that's rubbish news - keep plugging away  . . . . .
    OO - excellent half by Ms OO - that is a terrific debut at age 17  

    Gul - 5 here also, but with 3 x 1 mile at "marathon feel" pace. Had a nasty stab of pain in my knee during 2nd rep (had to stop and flex/massage), but no further alarms (I naturally (and stupidly, I admit) finished the session . . . .
    Yes, it does look as though wind may arrive for Sunday image
    number came today, btw  . . 

  • Scores on the cotton-wool-padded-doors time: do we have A and B targets for Birch, Gul, and any others about to do battle with the mighty 26.2?

  • Well, Gul has declared that he's aiming to beat 3:15, whereas Birch has been steadfast in his determination to look the other way whenever anyone's asked about target times.

    Very impressive training from Moof - he's gonna fly.

    I feel your pain, Abbers.  But once you're running again, you'll be thankful that you persevered with all that cross training (tedious though it is at the moment).

    1:36 for a 17 year old female?  Lorks-a-Lordy, that's quick.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Frustrating I am sure Abbers but as said you are keeping in good shape and the rest will do you no harm in the long runimage

  • Moof - great mileage !

    PMJ - cadence-no idea but nice speedy half image

    00-51 she is a chip of the old ( and speedy! ) block for sure .

    Abbers - hopefully you will return soon.

    Speedy- don't be a stranger , there's loads of walking wounded on 'ere !

    5 early and slightly foggy miles this morn. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    my aim is to feel I've done the best I can; however, it would be nice to be quicker than Manchester in April -
    2002 was the last time I ran a marathon faster than the previous one  . . 

  • Lorenzo - I woulde say hill reps are note-worthy!
    PMJ - not a clue about cadence and stride length - unti I read others' comments!
    OO - excellent HM debut from junior OO.
    (((Abbers))) - hang on in there!
    Birch - look after that knee! My number (37) arrived yesterday too. I'll be happy too if I've done my best - although 3:10 would be really neat as it would halve my PB!
    5 easy miles d&d. The countdown continues...

  • Gul-nice target - 5 easy miles here too image

  • OO, say congrats to young OO, good outing there. Does she ever train with you? My eldest is a runner but a sprinter so we sometimes train together but it is highly contrived so she drives us out to the session and afterwards I run back to get the miles in.

    Thanks for the pointers on cadence, especially Bike It. Need to read up on ligaments.

    Gul, Mablethorpe countdown says 5 days, 2 hours, 5:58 at the moment. Do you have a short MP session planned in the next few days?

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    no 79 for me, Gul. 4 easy here earlier. 
    Splendid target, btw - appeals to my sense of symmetry ! 
    To elaborate a bit on the "do my best" aim - that is quite true, as I'm not the type to want to just get round taking it easy (if that exists in the 26.2). But, like your "neat" 3:10, any of the following would be "neat" also
    a)  breaking club VoGit record - a soft 3:37 currently, so I'd be disappointed not to break that (but expect my fellow VoGit to be ahead of me at Mable, (Poacher - he's the one who did 3:16 in the Boston furnace of 2012, aged 59)
    b)  beating Manchester time - I feel I'm in better shape than at Manc (used parkrun as an indicator, and that suggests so), but 1995 last time I did spring/autumn, so that is an uncertainty factor, and as stated y'day, 2002 last time I bettered prev one
    c) to finish in one piece - this would mean I'm on track for the 26th completion at VLM 2015, of which 13 would be London (see symmetry ) 

    5 days out, but looking like the old east coast wind is priming itself  . . . . .

  • Birch, Gul - nice targets. Everything crossed for you that the wind is light and that you get out of the event what your dedicated training deserves.

    OO-51 - excellent debut from OO Jr! Obviously some good genetics there image

    So, the x-training regime is back on track today, and I've stopped sulking after yesterday's renewed set back. 15 miles on the bike in the gym and some conditioning work, so got a bit of a sweat on. Going to give it another 2 weeks, and if an attempted gentle run produces the same recurrence again, then it's time to see the fizz. About time I imposed a deadline on this and got some professional advice.

    Talking of advice... as I'm doing more bike miles, I'm considering upgrading my heavy, old, slow MTB for an entry level road bike. Any recommendations from the cyclists on the thread? Can't be too costly though.

  • The thing is Birch that the Boston Furnace of 2012 was a hellish day but it didn't deter you from continuing the comeback, regaining GFA, returning to London etc - what doesn't burn you to death makes you stronger maybe. And Boston was still a great experience.

    Abbers - take it gently, better uninjured in spring that busting a gut in the autumn


  • Abbers I bought an entry level road bike, but then discovered upgrades. It can cost a small fortune.

    Nice targets Birch and Gul. Its been a long time coming Gul, fingers and toes crossed for you.

    Pretty impressive racing from OO junior.

    9 miles for me this morning, including 5*600 reps. Brings up a mahoosive (for me) 342 miles for September, no rest days either.

    Please God, let me get through this taper!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    You're flying moof, enjoy it!

    PMJ- yes I do train with junior- at least 1-2 times a week. I don't even have to slow down these daysimage

  • Abbers - have a look on Wiggle for their special offers and then see whether you can get the bike through a Cycle to Work scheme (the cost of it comes off your gross salary, assuming that the rules haven't changed since I got mine). I managed to get a relatively basic carbon frame bike that had been reduced + a special offer for buying online + the Cycle to Work scheme benefit and it ended up costing about £500 (or just over £40 / month for a year)

    OO - cracking debut from OO Jnr. What's next on the hit list?

    Moof - that's an awesome mileage. I've managed a not quite as impressive 174 miles in September.

    Birch, Gul - hope you're both avoiding cracks in the pavement, walking under ladders, etc. Really hope that things all come together on Sunday.

    Younger Lorenzito's prize giving at school yesterday evening - he was delighted to pick up the Cross Country Cup and now has his name on the trophy alongside a certain Emilia Gorecka who was a three-time winner. Now, where are the Commonwealth games going to be in 4 years' time?! image

    Worked from home today so managed to sneak in a hilly 11 miles before breakfast. 

  • Regarding bike selection strategy Abbers:

    1) You are fortunate that it is bike sale season right now - go down your local bike shop and see what they have on offer.   E.g. the Trek 1.5 can be had for 550, saving 300 at my LBS (, but they may have limited frame sizes. They are also up for negotiation or giving free stuff on full price bikes so get talking price and see what can be had.  You can also start your relationship with them for buying upgrades. (see above)

    2) Unfortunately for the LBS, the Halford bikes (C Boardman) offer good value at the standard price.  You have to decide is you can handle the label though.

    3) Secondhand path is not bad either as for some just buying the bike keeps them fit and a lot of secondhand bike are little used

    I now nervous that Moof's going to lap me - Can I do 14 miles in the time it take Moof to do 23?


  • 342 image  Astonishing

    You are going to smash it, but get the cotton wool & vitamin C out FFS 

    My September stats: a mere 160m, image including, oddly, a massive PW and a very comfortable BQ. It's either dream about the stars or stare into the abyss these days.

    Sure most of you have done better this month...


  • September done and the numbers are in

    200.24 miles in a time of  25:15:52 so average pace of 0:07:34 and annual total so far 1754.89 which is about a month ahead of my previous best so a record year is on the cards.

    Impressive from moof, that and the MP run the other day are good signs.

    Abbers, if you cycle to keep fit then old and heavy is best. I have a monster heavy MTB and does me no harm: just no speed either.

  • TRTR ✭✭✭
    Abbers - I commute by mtb. But road biking is enjoyable so its worth considering one. I was still racing on my ??500 road bike last year. If you spend ??1k you'll get a nice bike. Second hand is a decent option. I bought my TT bike for ??350 cos I knew where it had been and its old enough to keep my numpty image alive.

    82m for me in sept, 3rd month in a row in the 80s. Will have to up it a bit to repeat last years lordshill 10 and gosport 1/2 times in 4 and 6 weeks time.
  • PMJ - 4M inc 8x200m @ MP on Thursday.
    Birch - yes, finishing in one piece would be good!
    moof - stunning mileage.
    Lorenzo - racking up some impressive hilly miles.
    VLM ballot computer says no - for me anyway.217 miles for September in a fraction over 30 hours. 1,838.5 miles for the year so far (in just under 254 hours). Recovery run and a hair-cut in the morning.

  • Waaah moof, not a single rest day for a month?! Good going. I look forward to seeing the result!

    Abbers - stop sulking, start bike shopping, I see. There are some good deals on like this for example.  What do you want to use it for and what's your budget? Could be worth joining a bike club and buying second hand from a club member (that's how I got my nice frame and wheels, then got new groupset and built it up).  You can pay 1p to test ride any bike in Evans.  Even if they don't have the bike you want to buy you can look up one with similar geometry.

    Congratulations to Lorenzito!

    Had a nice tempo run tonight: first hardish run in 10 days (I had a cold) so legs nice and fresh and got dragged/pushed round by some encouraging clubmates.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    good miles there, moof  . . . .
    Lorenzo - junior following in fine footsteps - well done !
    fresh legs, marrows? hmm,I think I can recall that feeling image
    race haircut, Gul ? you are taking this seriously  . . . . .

    209 for month here (does include some tapering, though) - 1730 for year to date

  • marrows - good tempo run.
    Birch - taking it seriously? Of course not. Okay, haircut & recovery run done. Now off to clip my toenails...

  • Abbers - Professional cycling bores are a bit snooty about Halfords (I think it's something to do with the orange staff uniforms).  Isn't that motivation enough to get down there now and order one of their Boardman bikes?  I get a certain thrill every time Lycraman glides past me, as I know I'm helping him to feel better about himself. 

    Peak training period and this is day 12 of no running.  
    Perhaps I'll go round Abingdon on my bike.

  • It seems The Lord Of Lycra is punishing me for mocking his subjects. 

    I just tried a little run.  Pulled up after half a mile and had to walk home.

    Cyclists are ace.  They're all incredibly handsome and I love their special pointy crash helmets, which don't look at all ridiculous.  Now please let me be fit for Abingdon.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    That's a big month Moof, good work.

    Lorenzo - congrats on Lorenzito Jr's prize, and a tasty pre-breakfast session from you this morning.

    Poacher - sounds like a solid month. I can assure you, my figures are *much* worse! image

    PMJ - good month & year totals from you too.

    TR - are the ribs fully healed now? A good month now, and you might surprise yourself at Lordshill & Gosport.

    Gul - shame about VLM, but then your focus is currently elsewhere anyway! Impressive totals from you too. Hopefully all that will bear some significant fruit on Sunday. Same goes for Birch, another who has invested well in this campaign.

    Marrows - nice sounding tempo there. What are your immediate targets? Can't remember what (if anything)  you've got lined up.

    TAR - sorry to hear of on-going injury woes. Hope things improve.

    Moof, Lorenzo, BI, TR, Marrows, TAR (and anyone else I've missed), thanks for the comments and recommendations on the bike front. I have no qualms about heading to Halfords (or indeed Go Outdoors, Decathlon, etc.) in my quest for a good value entry level machine. In fact, I'd have no issue with riding a Carrera, never mind a Boardman. Much to ponder. In the meantime, 16 more miles on the bike that doesn't go anywhere at lunch.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    What's going on TAR? Achilles again?
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    Abbers - Boardman bikes are great value, esp the ~£1000 carbon road bike. Ribs were ok enough to not hold me back in my race last week, and sneezing is no longer a problem. My youngest has a trial next week for Hampshires feeder academy bowling group for U12 to U16. Its nice to be invited but he wont get in as the County seamers are 6ft+ at age 13.

  • Tar- not looking good for the race by the sound of it image

    Gul -you will hopefully have a gfa for london for 2016 , saves all that ballot pain !image

    PMJ - nice total

    Birch - going well for the year.

    a miserable 84 miles for September , still beats the 9 miles in August ! (sick most of it) and 1618 miles this year so far .

    6 miles tonight with 3 hard ( 7:21,7:08,6:51) didn't even manage to hit hmp ! I've a mountain to climb to get back to pb form image


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Abbers - I got my bike second hand from Ebay.  I'd been to a shop and got a proper measurement so I knew what I was looking for and just kept my eyes open.  It took a couple of months but finally got what I was looking for.  It cost me around £220 and I then spent a further £100 ish at the bike shop changing and renewing a few things.  I've had it for 4-5 years now and wouldn't want to part with it.  And came out of the bike accident better than me!

    OO - you've done a great job with the youngster. 

    Gul - really looking forward to your marathon.  It seems to have been a long road and I'm sure you will nail it.

    TR - Good luck to the young TR.  My husband is a cricketer.  I've not encouraged my son to follow in his father's footsteps for the sake of his future wife!! He's followed the rugby footsteps though but is out with a broken hand at the moment.

    Lorenzo - that must be a good omen!

    I got my London pack today but it'll most likely have to be deferred.  Swimming is coming along swimmingly!  We'll I'm managing a few lengths now without my lungs bursting.  Now setting sights on an IM... image

    In other news my daughter has finally decided she is happy at Uni and living away from home.  This is such a relief.  Its been a tough few weeks and I've had to be all grown up and motherly.  I wasn't sure I could keep it up for much longer. image

    Getting very exciting for the Yorkshire marathon.  I love supporting!


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