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  • Ouch Poacher!

    Quick pop in to say well done to the old geezers OO and TR for their super times at the weekend. 

    Good news for Robo-Minni too.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    They don't come much tougher than Minni....

    Had a nice chat to your elite lady J G-O after the race Minni. Very nice lady and another tough little runner from the Alnwick stable. Good to see her on the way back.

    2nd rest day here. I'm sure I'll find another race this year but looking at an empty calender so far.... 

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭

    Poacher - hill reps 2 days after a marathon. You're hard. 

    Leslie - nice midweek 11.5

    Minni - some nice gruesome details there. Something similar was done to my knee & it went back together fairly well. 

    40 - watch that Achilles 

    KR - nice half century. A few years ago, my sons bought me the box set of the original Knight Rider. Classic entertainment!

    Gul - sorry to disappoint, but PJs doesn't involve me completing a kinky circuit, changing in & out of a variety of night attire! 

    4 very easy tonight & knee sound. Physical Jerks followed. 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    OO - yes she's been plagued with injury. She managed 1:21 at GNR after pool running and more of the same got her something like 2:52 at Chicago. She's so lovely but as tough as nails when competing!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Yes I ran behind her at he start, a really gritty running style. You must breed them up there image 

  • Fishy - Physical Jerks! I am relieved to hear it.
    Woke up late this morning, so not out till 5:15. 12 miles @ 7:35 m/m. Now rushing around trying to get all my pre-work jobs done!

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    compared to Gul, a late morning start of 7:40 today for 11 inc 5 x 800s in the park;
    and Leslie - no , I'm not getting faster (well, faster than a couple of years ago, but that isn't difficult)!
    Minni - you'll be back  . . . . . .

  • I guess the consistent weekly mileage is probably the key Joolsimage

    Nice bit of hill work Poacher, just as well it was only 3 reps!

    00-51, I'm sure you'll find a race....

    Good early morning reps Birch, I can;t function that time of he morning.

    6.5 miles at the Club last night when I wanted to take it easy, but got sucked in and av pace worked out at 7.15m/m.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    TR - still a good show at Gosport, even if not quite as quick as last year. What does your future race plan look like?

    Jools - consistency has served you well, and I wouldn't under-estimate the confidence that your sub-3 must have given you. Hope the progress continues for a good while yet!

    Minni - glad you're so excited about your op! After a disjointed summer with quad strains from cricket, I then had calf/achilles issues which meant no running through September & October. Slowly building base miles again, after a couple of months of cycling, swimming and cross training.

    MsE - you've been running good times since your comeback though - more to come from you image

    40 mins - I can empathise! Hope it settles soon.

    KR - good week that. And sad news indeed about Mr Larson; responsible for a good few other Saturday tea-time favourites too, I believe.

    Leslie - nice double figure trot there.

    Poacher - good name dropping and hills session!

    Fishy - glad the knee continues to heal.

    Gul - some things never change - good early miles image Similar for Birch too.

    The slowly-slowly approach to my comeback continues, with 4/5/4 so far this week. Starting to almost feel like a runner again.

  • Some amazing running continues here. Notably OO's sub 60.

    Despite being unemployed, very busy at the moment on packing up the house, selling things, getting moving costs and seeing estate agents. Hopefully moving to SA in December.

    Running continues to get better. I finally learnt to do what people have been saying for years and take the easy runs easy. Fitness is improving. Enjoying it a lot at the moment.

    Agree that consistent running is the key - I've really lost a huge amount of fitness having had only disrupted training for the last year.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Don't worry Bike It you'll be running from Tigers soon which may help image

    Seriously I had friends who moved to SA and it took months for their shipment to arrive- make sure you keep all essentials before you pack it up!

    My first post race run today 10km easy- everything seems to be in good order image.

  • Kr- Glen Larson made some good tv image

    Birch - we will call that progress then image

    Gul-5:15 !, better watch out or one of these days I will be finished my run first image

    Bike it - big move ahead then image

    7 miles with an unplanned tempo for 5 of them, was supposed to be an easy run but my dodgy leg was working better than usual  image

  • Glad to hear you're enjoying things again BI. Sounds positive from Fishy and Leslie as well.

    Another year older today - "celebrated" with an early 5 x 3 mins intervals sesh. Presents included a running jacket, a new running backpack, a book of tales of ultra marathon running and some compression socks. And people dare to call me a one-trick pony?! image

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Belated happy birthday Lozza! Love the birthday presents.
  • Birch - nice intervals in the park.
    KR - good pacey club session.
    Abbers - good to hear things are progressing.
    Bike It - all the best with the move to South Africa.
    OO - pleased to hear all is well.
    Leslie - well do they say listen to your body!
    Lorenzo - belated birthday wishes - sounds like some nice pressies.
    5 mile recovery run d&d.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Haaaaaaappy birthday for yesterday, Lorenzo!  I did post on your FB wall as well as all your other FB fans image

    Hope the move to SA goes smoothly, Bike It. I echo what has been said about packing for the fact your things will take several weeks to arrive.  Will you rent furniture when you get there? We did when we went to California and thought we were REALLY organised until we rocked up and realised we didn't have any bedding!  Cue, a quick trip to a camping shop (any excuse to buy new fun gear) and we slept in sleeping bags for the next few weeks which the kids loved.

  • Happy birthday Lozza!

    Exciting times BI. Good news on getting running again too.

    Shin is sore again here (since last Saturday) and hip is playing up. image I'll take on board the softly, softly, consistent approach for the foreseeable future.

  • Lorenzo - happy birthday sounds like you got all the right gear image 

    Slokey- softly, that code for another ultra ??image

    Fishy- p J's ..I will have to look that one up !

    6 miles easy today for me.

  • i have been tempted!

  • Thanks for the tips of the shipping of household effects.  'Our Stuff' would take about 2-3 months to arrive depending on if I pay for an own use container or not.  We have increased the amount of suitcases to 5 and have 2 max size carry on bags plus the kids have Trunkis each.  Still not enough I think....My wife does have loads of things out there that she inherited - beds, wardrobes, sofas and other bits so hopefully we wouldn't have to buy too much.

    Personally I'm more worried about lightening storms as I there is a huge amount of ground strike lightening and my father-in-law would regularly be loosing cattle to lightening.  I've been caught out on a 16 mile out-and-back and that really defines 'negative split' - easy out and clenched buttocks tempo back.


  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - great celebration & presents. 

    SJ - take it easy & enjoy some winter biking

    Bike it - clenching & lightening dodging. Nice new training techniques for the thread. 

    Leslie - I can't really take credit for PJs. I do believe they are a TR patent. 

    4 easy tonight. Bit achy in the knee, so on the bike tomorrow. 

  • Bike It are you planning to get an unfair advantage over me and Lorenzo by training in S African conditions?  That's just so unfair image

  • SJ - take care.
    Bike It - sounds like a logistical nightmare. Good luck!
    Fishy - sensible.
    Poacher - was that an early start or a late finish?
    15 miles @ 9:04 m/m this morning.
    Just remembered to say, PMJ, have you seen anything about the Wrexham marathon? Sounds like a good possibility, but I think it's a new event which I guess is a bit of a risk. Maybe a bit too far to travel for me though. I wonder if Mennania has any inside information?

  • Gul, I have sort of settled on Carmel marathon. Passed it by the wife a few times in public places and away from weapons and she sort of seems to accept it so it doesn't have to be so undercover as originally planned.

  • Wow, quiet on here yesterday! Pleased to hear you were spared the rolling pin, PMJ.
    18 miles @ 8:59 m/m to round off a 67 mile week. Cut-back to follow image Christmas Lunch with the family today as my brother and his wife are off to Australia soon and then we're going to see Martyn Joseph this evening - haven't seen him for years, but probably my favourite musical artist ever.

  • Gul, 15 on Friday and 18 on Saturday: that is a lot for base. My current plan is that tomorrow is XC and it counts to the club champs, but after that we have 3 more XC races before Christmas which I may not take so seriously and try and build up the length of the long runs (edge up towards 20 and one 20 before the end of the year) but still keep  in the 40 to 50 miles a week range, so two sessions and the rest recovery miles. Need to ensure I am niggle free by the start of 2015.

  • Hmm. It's absolutely pissing it down outside. 8M with strides to do. Such fun!
  • Crikey Gul - that's a tough couple of days. Hope you enjoy your Xmas lunch today.

    Easy 4 miles for me this morning as I'm running the Epsom 10 tomorrow. Not sure what to expect from the course but it seems to be quite undulating so anything sub 70 will be a tick in the box, especially if the weather stays as it is down here.

    Just about to head off to the Running and Endurance Show at Sandown Park - as they've had some good offers there in the past, I've got a sneaky suspicion I might come back with some new kit!! image


  • Lorenzo if the Epsom 10 is anything like the Tadworth10 (in Epsom) it will be hills all the way. Good luck

    Gul -don't overdo it, careful now.

    Been working nights this week. Very very hard to get out of bed and hit the hills. Mental strength....can't wimp out if Joolska and others are out there suffering

    BI is that new base going to be up in NW Province or over in Limpopo?
  • Gul - You will be running ultra's soon image

    Jools- bit a rain ?  its to be expected though it's dry here image

    Lorenezo- smash it ! New trainers must be worth 5 mins at least image

    Poacher- just about to start a set of nights myself and yes its very tough with legs of lead to get out after but it makes us stronger ..I hope !

    Parkrun this morn 20:20 for 5th place about 20 secs better than last run so all good .splits : 6:30, 6:41, 6;41 and a massive effort for the last 0.1 in 4:55 according to garmin image Didn't think my legs could go that fast but the finish did seem a blur alright !

    61 miles for the week image

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