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  • Leslies jingle bells wrote (see)


    PMJ- that's more like it but still time for a sub 3.No sandbagging!


    I am standing strong and avoiding the sub 3 temptations. The change of dates has actually helped so I will be doing a marathon off about 10 weeks marathon training and that makes it more in line with what TR said a while ago: it isn't a serious campaign and it isn't a serious target.

    2016 will be sub-3 at 50 (77.48% WAVA), and then I have to decide if I will really retire or wait for 60. 3:15 at 60 is 78.55% WAVA.

  • G-dawg- ask santa for a box of motivation pills image

    MSE-best get some more chocolate stashed before the younguns eat it all then it really will be bah hunbug !

    M mooney-should be 100%  by Christmas then and mileage consistency is important - so Jools says and she should know image

    PMJ- glad sub 3 is still in your longer term thoughts image 

  • GM - have a good time with your son and brother-in-law.
    PMJ - If I make VLM 2016 it will be just before my 50th.
    I see we have an international athlete on the CCSTF team.
    Sorry, but I'm in a rush yet again...
    11 miles @ 8:51 m/m this morning, but no time to post earlier!

  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    good steady 8miler this morning.

    Post Abingdon, + 10k benchmark the last macrocycle's goal pace is now becoming steady/long run pace.


    Anyone here got thoughts on Strava? I have no interes in cycling, and I find the segments pointless, but it looks more convenient than garmin connect if you and youre mates want to share your training.

    Not sure Id pay for the premium version

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    I'm on Strava and quite like the segments part. Some of the lads in the office do the same lunchtime runs and we have a bit of competition going which makes things interesting. Got my name at the top of a few local segments to keep the little blighters honest!

    Garmin connect is still quite good but I also keep everything on It's a superb training logger with easy to read tables and old school navigation. I have every mile logged on there since 2006, including every mile per pair of trainers. Non-runners think I'm really sad for such detailed stats but I love it!


  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    Im using garmin for data capture and have ,learned that fetch, strava and some others can now automatically sync to that.

    Still undecided as to which is best  - youre right though, fetch has a lot of handy stuff on there. its much more runner friendly than strava of course

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    I still record my training in small pocket diaries. I record my companions (if any), weather conditions (only if extreme).  
    Strava and the like hold no interest for me, but clearly do for many.
    I must admit I find it slightly irksome that my club's website front page has a continually updating log of Strava runs for the day, so for example I now know that 2 club members (who I don't actually know) have achieved 3.3 km & 3.9 km runs this morning !!  
    Season's greetings from E(Birch)nezer  image


  • I have a Garmin and so log all the runs primarily on Garmin, but then mirror to Strava and Fetch.

    Strava has a much better social side, so kudos, comments etc are normally on Strava. I love segments and enjoy a little segment tourism when away on business and try and blast a few fast segments to get to the top of a leader-board, so now I hold the records, amongst others, for the northern perimeter fence at Nürnberg airport, a lap of the parking lot in New Hampshire, a lap of a park on Shin Yokohama, Japan and a lap of the Polo fields on Long Island.

    Fetch has the best analysis tools but is really flaky compared with the corporates.

  • I'm with Birch on this: pen and paper works just fine for logging the miles!  The schedule on my desk now has "10M @ 8.17m/m" written in for today.  Hi tech chez Jools.  I wouldn't want to log my training on line as I don't think it's a great idea to publicise my training routes.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Morning all,

    Breaking radio silence after a somewhat hectic period of family birthdays and associated celebrations with eldest daughter's 6th, Mrs A's 40th and M-i-L's 70th. Just as well I'm not working, or I have no idea how I would have fitted everything in! Anyway, all that done now, so can focus a bit more on the continued running comeback. Back over 30 miles a week, so getting some running fitness back. Will get back to ~40mpw, then add some quicker stuff/tempos back in.

    Will have a proper read back later, but another vote here for the pen & paper method of logging training, albeit with Garmin assistance for time/distance. Went through about a year of logging to Garmin Connect, but fell out of the habit and can't say I'm missing it.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Joolska wrote (see)

    I'm with Birch on this: pen and paper works just fine for logging the miles!  The schedule on my desk now has "10M @ 8.17m/m" written in for today.  Hi tech chez Jools.  I wouldn't want to log my training on line as I don't think it's a great idea to publicise my training routes.

    I'm with you Jools. Privacy and safety are paramount. I do have a Garmin account but it is set to private.  The Fetch site is interesting, it seems to just log any Garmin miles I do which is amusing as many are not miles but the watch used as a timer.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Joolska - you can use the sites as a training diary but keep everything private. I find the ease of doing comparison analysis really useful to see where I am in my training (especially on Fetch). On my published routes I choose the option where it doesn't show the exact start and finish too.

    7 miles at lunchtime today. Supposed to be steady but the first mile was all uphill, I attacked it and kept the perceived effort going for a 7.10 average with 400ft of climbing.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Paper here too, I get a book from Start Fitness every Christmas (present from Mrs OO) I am easily pleased image

    Rest has come over me- no running since Sunday

    Retirement PMJ are you serious? I thought more running is what you do in retirement. 

  • Privacy means not on the internet. I know all these sites have settings but the reality is, if it is on the net, it is on the net for all to see. I personally are not too worried about stalkers and find the pros of the analysis outweigh the cons. But do take heed, if it is on the net, it is there for all to see, whatever privacy settings you may have.

    Ho-Ho, just retirement from marathons, ans only semi-retirement at that.

    13.5 miles at lunchtime at 7:29 pace. It is these MLRs that back up the LSRs and together they do the job of getting the legs into marathon shape. Done as easy out and harder back. If the pace really was MP+20% and MP+10% then that makes MP 6:31 (2:51 for the full) which makes me smile but unrealistic.

  • I have all my data stored on garmin connect...but I upload the files from my computer to sportstracks. I like this program because: it shows the runs (and all stats), keeps track of my equipment (and mileage on know when to bin them), and let's me attach a diary to each workout. As I progress in my running, I find it really helpful to be able to quickly look at how I faired on certain workouts a set time from the marathon or see how I dealt with heat the previous year, etc. Also makes it easy to track mileage (week/month/year). But whatever works is whatever works. I also keep a digital lab notebook, while others in my group prefer standard paper notebooks. As long as you can find the data (to use it) you are good to go.

    Last week I hit the wall so to speak. Did a 13M run w/10 at subLT to finish off the week and pace was about 20 seconds/mile slow. HR good but just felt a little tired and had no snap for pace. Looking back through my handy log(!) determined I was overdue for a week of all easy. So an easy week on tap for me.image 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    G-Dawg - love the new name!

    Jools - belated well done on the XC.

    OO - I don't have one of those Start Fitness Diaries but have often bought them as little presents for people. 

    I think women worry more about putting their routes on public view than men for obvious reasons.  For the same reasons I put everything outline but haven't been able to attract a stalker for love nor money.  Maybe I'm trying too hard. image

    MsE - I think I'm doing better than expected!  I overdid it a couple of days ago and so rested virtually all day yesterday but today I have have no pain and lots of strength. I've been signed off work for a month initially and told I'll probably need longer off so its a fine balance of being itching to do something but also maximize the time off!


  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Running too fast for them, Minni!? image

  • I'm similar to DinG-Dawg.

    I used to use Strava but then switched from an iPhone to a Windows phone and the app isn't available so no more segments for me anymore. Good fun from the competitive angle, but didn't use it for any more than that.

    Yes to Fetch - easy to use, easy to do the level of analysis I want to, i.e. mileage, races, kit but don't do any of the social stuff on there. Big thumbs up from me.

    8.5 miles on Monday followed by a couple of shorter, easy runs over the last two days. Last week was about 60 miles which is high mileage for me, but I want to try and sustain it at that level.


  • Gul - Thanks. Nice miles again, try not to overdue though too soon.

    Nayan - A steady 8 miler is always good.

    Minni - Lol! Take it easy.

    VTR - Sounds like you were due an easy one.

    Abbers - Good to hear.image

    Lorenzo - 60 miles a week is fairly high mileage for this time of year. What are you plans mileage wise for the Comrades build up? Will you sustain that mileage or up it?? Can't recall if I ever asked you if you have Lore of Running? It's a very good reference for Comrades training and has lots of other useful tips.

    PMJ - Sub 3 at 50 sounds hard but 3:15 at 60 sounds even harder. Do you know how many UKV50's ran a sub 3 marathon last year and how many UKV60's ran a 3:15? You're more than capable of the V50 sub 3, but the 10 years after who knows, especially if you are planning on semi-retirement marathon wise.image

    1st run in 10 days for me tonight. Was wet and windy, and 7:20 pace felt like an effort. No running now until Sunday. Looking forward to the trails in Belgium.image

  • Away: so far in 2014, 22 V60 went sub 3:15 and 107 V50 went sub 3. Odd,  I know the 3:15 is a harder WAVA but didn't expect that much of a difference. Of those V60, only 4 have a faster PB than me.

    Maybe there is some truth in the old tales about you are only as old as your running legs.

    Anyhow, all idle gossip for the moment.

  • PMJ - That's interesting. Take a few years off after your V50 sub 3 and you will be good for the V60 3:15image

  • 10 years is a long time ahead surely you should be looking at v55 instead PMJ image you slow down a bit after 50 or so my coach told me (he ran 2:50 as a v55 )image

    7.5mile this morn easy and 8m with 6x800m thrown in tonight image

  • Dedicated Fetchie here. Everything gets logged on there and if anyone is interested enough in my boring life to try to stalk me I might actually be interested in meeting them!

  • Never knew about this fetch thing. Must check it out.

  • PMJ - Your comment re the miles in your legs made me think about someone I know. He's turning 65 in January and still running well and about to complete his 10th Comrades next year. He did 3:13 aged 57 and had a half pb of 72 back in the day. He's probably still capable of 3:30 and I must ask him if he did a marathon at 60. He has run many miles and I wonder how many, in fact I must ask him when I see him.

  • Pen and paper here. I used to log everything in a spreadsheet too, but that fell by the wayside. However, this year I've been logging my runs (manually - no Garmin) on RW's runhub.
    PMJ - nice MLR. It's strange the difference in the way P&D describe the LSRs in the 1st and 2nd editions. I'm sure the version I read said the first 4-5 miles build up to MP+20%, then run the bulk of the miles (8-10?) at MP+20%, and then accelerate up to MP+10% for the last 4-5 miles.
    Lorenzo - good mileage.
    VTr - hope cutting back resfreshes you ready for the New Year.
    GM - enjoy Belgium.
    5 recovery miles and a haircut d&d.

  • CC2-careful what you wish for image

    Gul- 24 hr barber ?

    Just use Garmin connect myself no idea about fetch either

    7 slow and quite wet ones this morn againimage

  • Away - I want to try and build a really solid base for the next few months. As with everyone on here, time is the biggest constraint but I reckon I can manage things to get a couple of 9 or 10 milers in midweek, building up to 12/13 + a long run most weekends. I suspect that 60 is pretty much the upper limit.

    I haven't read Lore of Running - is that the one that's the really big, definitive guide to running? Good luck in Belgium.

    Like LJB, I'm also intrigued by Gul having had a haircut by 6.30am!!

    7 muddy miles for me this morning.

  • Gul - DIY haircut was it?

    Lorenzo - Lore of running is written by Prof Tim Noakes who is also a runner. Yes it's big but IMHO a must for any runner. It has some good anecdotes as well. Tells you all about the history of Comrades too and it's most famous champions. Sadly my copy was taken in the ex's move. I will have to get a new one. Cheers btw.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    +1 for "Lore of Running" - essential reference tome, but plenty in there for pleasure reading - "Learning from the Experts" for example - analysis of the training of great distance runners - is a section I return to; also the great ultra runner Ann Trason's career is examined - imo Trason's 5 point simple training philosophy is perfectly relevant to marathon training also . . . . .

    Gerard, lots in Noakes also re "the ageing runner" - I'd be interested to hear about your friend's experience as a comparison to mine - I ran 3:21 at 57 (in the howling gale at Nottm), and had a decent half PB "back in the day", as you put it, but I fit the Noakes theory of lots of training and racing miles having a detrimental effect as one ages -as an example, my WAVA scores are much lower now than my PB's - 

    interesting stuff, though . . . . . 


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