Sub 3h15



  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    agh !! just checked  - it was 3:20:19 -   41 all important seconds there !  

  • Gul, I tend to allow some drift from the P&D exact definitions. They definitely do advise a build up over 4 to 5 miles but I am a rhythm runner and can't do a build up and so if I do 4 or 5 miles easy then I find it very hard to up the tempo. For the real P^D runs I tend to use an out and back and then the turn is a very clear marker at which to turn up the wick.

  • Birch - that was a very good time there given the conditions, every second counts. Another friend of mine ran 3:00:01 recently! Ouch!!

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    That's made my brain itch! Ouch indeed!

    One of my running pals did 3.15.02 in London a couple of years ago. He's still trying to break 3.15. On that attempt he cramped up in the last mile and had to stop and stretch. That had never happened before. I put it down to him running all of his LSRs at race pace. Tried to tell him at the time he was too quick but he wouldn't have it.


  • PMJ, good long term strategic planning! I get a little weary looking too far into the future. Will stick to a 2 yr window! Hoping my recent foray into running means I have young legs yet.

    GM, I just bought that book. Haven't read much but now realize I have something to work on over the holiday.

    And for the record, severe brain itching here too. Glad my last one was 4 seconds on the right side of 3:10!

    So far this week 8M easy; 12M easy, and 8M easy w/8 striders today. Legs starting to come back a bit. Sitting at 2257 on the year so figure I'll finish up somewhere around 2300 and change. No major injuries for 18 months (knock wood!). Finally consistently consistent!

    Lorenzo, like you, time constraints keep me around 55-60 miles on full weeks. But I've been at this level for quite a while now. Suspect I could bump up mileage this year and handle it. Just not sure where to make the time though. Currently I run 5 days per week. Usually Monday/Saturday off, so could add it to one of those. Contemplating the new year's resolutions. Maybe just leave well enough alone and eat healthier instead...

  • Don't bother with Garmin connect or strava, in fact rarely wear my Garmin at all at the moment and do most things (whether swim, bike or run) to feel. Maybe when I'm out of this rehab/base phase I'll start tracking things again. I log everything on a spreadsheet though.image 

    The nice and easy streak continues - day 19 today with a brick session finishing with a 20 min run.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    VT that sounds heavy if it's an all year round mileage. I can only average 40 per week, but I peak above 50 in the spring months training for VLM. I'm resolved not to set myself any serious targets next year. Which seems wise on current form...


  • Birch, if you want an example of "old runner, young running legs", at 49 I was an overweight non-runner. I ran my first marathon at the age of 50 and did my fastest marathon time at London at the age of 56 (2:57:xx)

  • SJ, a good streak to finish up the year!

    OO, was just doing the math and I think I would average 45/week on the year . The 50/60ish weeks are mainly during the 3 months before a marathon but I ran 3 in 12 months (Oct/May/Oct) so might explain a higher mileage year. I think compared to most of you I'm still working on establishing my aerobic base...feel I still have a way to go which hopefully is a good thing. At some point would love to break 3 hrs...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    VT, that makes sense, 45 avg. is a good place to be. Except the aerobic base- I'll have to look that one up image

    One Gear- that is a fantastc story. I also set a PB at 49 breaking 3 hours for the first time. Then had to wait 2 years until year to improve by a few seconds. With current hip issues, I'm dobtful to improve on that- but you give me hope...  

  • Leslie - I think we got the rest of your rain during the night. The barber's shop opens at 6am officially, but he's usually there by about 5:30.
    Lorenzo - you do love your mud, don't you?!
    PMJ - they're only guidelines really. Their "general aerobic" run could be just about anything (except for anaerobic obviously!)
    VTr - excellent year of running.
    SJ - looking good.
    OG - hi, how are you doing?
    No run this morning - too busy doing Christmas related things. Might manage to sneak one in on Sunday morning instead.

  • One gear -great pb's at any age.image

    VtR-we all live in hope of a sub 3

    HoHo51- we wont rule you out just yet given your recent form

    Gul- thanks for that was dry this morn

    another 7 slow ones before work.image

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    That's brilliant, OneGear - fancy sharing a bit more of your back story with us? 
    A month or so away from 29 years recorded running here, with this morning's 5 giving me 56,525 on the clock, so definitely old running legs, although I'm still young in heart and mind image . . . .

  • Birch - you are a high miler alright image

  • First club session post-Frankfurt last night (I've been taking recovery very seriously!).  3 x 1M on an undulating loop: 6.15, 6.09, 6.04.

  • Birch, that is some serious mileage on the clock! 

    I had been working in America, put on some weight and had my first health scare. Running seemed like a better option than tablets for the rest of my life/surgery. In November 2004 I rocked up at my local running club as a non-runner in old football kit weighing in at 12st 10lbs (5'7" tall).

    I was never going to do a marathon but got "conned" into running London in 2006 with a target of any time that began with a 3 and ended up with 3:12 and have had GFA ever since.

    I know nothing about different training systems, have no idea about heart rate, no special diet and never stretch. I just plough out my training miles at pretty much one pace - hence the "one gear"

    For 2012 - my pb year - an example of a week's training was:

    61.33 miles @ 7:12 m/m.

    The "one gear" is also explained by the fact that my half pb is only 1:27 and a 2:57 marathon should not be possible off of that half time - apparently!

  • Unlike VTr I am chasing 2,300 miles for the year with nothing to spare. Today leaves me 62 short with 12 potential running days to go, so just over 5 miles average should be easy, but 3 or 4 rest days makes it 62 in 8 so will look at a 20 and a 14 to leave me chasing 28 miles as recoveries sprinkled about.

    One Gear, you may only have One Gear but that is a fast gear. Looking back, I am at about 7:20 to 7:30 per mile in peak months.

  • One Gear - Nice one! I know quite a few people who have run sub 80 half marathons but have never gone sub 3. Your conversion is very good!


  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    One Gear - I too have no clue about heart rate, and rarely stretch ! I do wish I had your conversion, though - I've traditionally been around 2 x half + 10/12 mins . Your 2 x half + 3 min would have given me a 2:35 PB !  
    Maybe you should become "A Few Gears" - your results are impressive based on the one paced training, maybe there's more to come if you experiment a bit. Stick around, at any rate !  

    PMJ - I'm aiming at 2200, a ton behind you - currently at 2132, so 68 required. Social 20 planned tomorrow, so all should fall into place  . . . .

  • My conversion rate is 2 x HM + 8. So looking to get my Half marathon time down in March for April Marathon.

    4 runs this week so far and its only Friday! Best week for a good while. Marathon schedule well and truly under way with first Tempo run checked off. ran two miles at 6:53 mm and felt good afterward.

    Love this time of year!

    Good laps there Jools! sounds like you don't need too much recovery image 

  • My conversion rate is 2 x HM + 29! That's good isn't it.image

  • AIAMM, Birch, thanks guys unfortunately in my campaign for London this year the "wheels came off" big time for the first time.

    PMJ - interestingly those times were my training pace the first time I ran a sub3. I believe that if you want to race faster you have to train faster. Hence why I upped it to sub 7:15. It did result in my pb but was slightly disappointed at only about 1 minute faster.

    I guess the Law of Diminishing Returns has to set in at some point!

  • 2 x half plus 8, roughly. Interesting!

    I'm only chasing 2000 this year, having had 3 months of zero running due to the hip issue. Way down on previous years. I need another 97. Having the lurgy earlier this month didn't help!

  • AIAMM plus 29 sounds good to me , 2 x half plus 55 this year !image

    Jools- good reps

    Richmas- nice first campaign tempo.

    One gear -sort that half time out !

    CC2- next year will be better (hopes)image 

    7 tired slow ones this morn , no doubles today image


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    2*half +19 here, but I'm better at the shorter stuff.

    Haven't done the maths yet but I'll be around 2100 for the year I guess. Probably another couple of hundred skipping with nordic poles.

    Officially I finished work for Xmas holidays today image

    Looking forward to a santa parkrun 2moro and will probably pace junior OO and take it easy on my hip.  

  • Which one are you doing Ho Ho? I'm doing Newcastle.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Whitley Bay Speedy. Guess you are home for Xmas- no better place!

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Well its been a while since I was last in here.....

    It has not been a vintage year, a fair bit of extra padding, viral issues and some calf / back niggles have prevented me from doing a great deal of fastish training....

    I am now getting back to somewhere that resembles decent training aided running a good (if not hard) XC season

    As a result I have not been under 20 mins for 5k since Feb and best half return is 1:38. 2 weeks agon I managed a 20:20.... so am hoping for a bit better tomorrow.

    Last few weeks of playing before 16 week plan starts for VLM with my GFA from 2013 (3:12:56)

    2 more days lefte at work for the year (Mon and Tues)

  • Ljb - trust me I have tried and I am even worse over the really short stuff. I can just about squeeze under the 40 for a 10k and that was a month after I did my marathon pb and I was in the best shape ever.

    I think at the time I worked out that there was about 20 to 25 secs difference between my 10k and marathon pace - I don't call myself one gear for nothing!


  • OO - I just had a look at the Whitley bay parkrun website. Do you know that V50 Guy Bracken? 91% WAVA, that's unreal! Good luck pacing Junior tomorrow.

    RFJ - Welcome back, same not a vintage one for me either. Good luck tomorrow and here's to 2015.image

    Leslie - Next one will be much better.

    Rich - Nice tempo run there.

    Jools - Nice mile reps and each one quicker too.

    I had an unexpected window of opportunity to get out for a run tonight. Lovely evening for a nice n' easy 10k run @ 7:42 pace.  Thank goodness that horrible lurgy is now gone.image


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