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  • One Gear wrote (see)

    Ljb - trust me I have tried and I am even worse over the really short stuff. I can just about squeeze under the 40 for a 10k and that was a month after I did my marathon pb and I was in the best shape ever.

    I think at the time I worked out that there was about 20 to 25 secs difference between my 10k and marathon pace - I don't call myself one gear for nothing!


    Hard to work out what causes what. If you do all your training at one pace then you will become accustomed to such a pace and hence race at that pace or a little faster. The figures I quoted were for a year I did 2:50 (so 6:30 average) and looking at an average week I was doing a long run at 7:30 pace, a MLR at about the same, a track session (4x2000m reps at close to 6m/m), an 18.0x parkrun and a couple of recoveries at 8 minute pace.  So a lot of miles slower but also a good sprinkle of faster miles.

    This time round, target pace will be 7:15 and I suspect I will run very little at that pace. A lot I will run at 7:30 and a lot faster. Will probably try a few long sections at 7:15 just to get it into my head but that is all.

  • Jools - nice club session.
    BIrch / PMJ - good mileage. I had been on course for 2500 this year till the calf strain. Somewhere just short of 2300 at the moment and I have now missed two days in a row. Felt pretty rough last night, so had a lie-in this morning.

  • Miles in legs = slow legs. Did the usual parkrun and didn't feel tired but just didn't have any speed in the legs. Looking at the log, it shows today ends a 7 day run of 66 miles as I did the long run on Sunday. Splits are very even and average pace 6:20 (19:39) so all is fine in terms of speed needed for next year's marathon.

  • It would be something of an understatement to say it was a little windy out on the town moor this morning for parkrun. However, 20.30 is still my fastest post injury and I bagged first lady spot too. 11 miles including the run to and from leaves me needing 86 more to hit 2000 for the year.

  • PMJ- Easy run=8:12, Tempo=6:48, Vo2 max=6:07 Speed 5:40, LR=8:10-9:15, Yasso=3:08 MP=7:14 These are my training paces, I have a 5MP run today and a 10LR tomorrow,  will be tired legs for me tomorrow. 66 in one week is somewhere I'll never go. Good for you, but no wonder your running on tired legs.

    Gul- enjoy your long lie?

    GM- glad the lurgy is gone! nice 10k!

  • Gul- 2300m is where its at it seems ,will be around there too.image Get well soon.

    PmJ- nice parkrun image

    One gear - mix it up a bit in training, there  simply has to be more speed in those legs at shorter distances.

    Parkrun this morn and just pipped you PMJ by a sec for 19:38 and 7th place, pleased with that as its 13 secs faster than 2 weeks ago and felt very lethargic in the warmup.

    splits were 6:23, 6:28, 6:20, 4:49 for a proper sprint finish image

    62 miles for the week .

  • Great run Leslie, and a sprint finish? good stuff! great mileage too! 

  • Leslies jingle bells wrote (see)

    Parkrun this morn and just pipped you PMJ by a sec for 19:38 and 7th place, pleased with that as its 13 secs faster than 2 weeks ago and felt very lethargic in the warmup.

    If I had you in my sights I am sure I would have found a couple of seconds extra despite that impressive sprint finish speedimage

  • PMJ- I don't doubt it for a minute ! you would have heard me closing in  about a half mile away anyway so I wouldn't have been able to sneek by unseen image

    cc2 - nice parkrun and first lady too image

    Richmas-goodluck with the mara pace run image

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    good parkrunning, folks - impressive in the wind, Speedy  - are you satisfied with how the comeback is progressing?  

    headed away from our usual Saturday routes today to avoid the wind - more of a lower-altitude, flatter route, but the last 5 or so miles back home were therefore pretty hilly, windy and tough.  20 bagged, but tbh I'd had enough after about 18.  
    Should make the 2,200 now.  

  • I'm never satisfied Birch! 20 miles already? I'm jealous. 16 on the plan for me tomorrow.

  • Nice long run there Birch. Always pleasing to get a 20 miler in the bag, especially when the conditions aren't ideal.

    Glad to see Speedy's comeback going well. Fingers crossed for an injury / lurgy free period now. Good sub 20s from PMJ and Leslie.

    I'm at just over 3,100 miles for the year so far, but as 1,300 of them were on the bike in a 2 month period over the summer it's not really as impressive as many folks on here. image

    I can also lay claim to the slowest parkrun of the day so far - I'd sent an email last night offering to volunteer and ran the 9 miles to the start but then found out that they didn't need me so rather than hang around getting cold while Mrs L and younger Lorenzito went round, I thought I'd join in as well. Taking this (and the fact that it was our company Xmas lunch / afternoon bash yesterday), I'm not too unhappy with 20:36.

    As expected I finished some way behind younger Lorenzito who went sub 18 for the first time with 17:56.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    That Mr Bracken is the top V50 in the country Mooney- that was just a warm up for a track session he had later in the morning so he was taking it easy image He recently run a sub 32 10Km- not bad at 53! He's in my club, so handy for team vet prizes image.

    Meanwhile I paced junior OO to a new PB of 19:15. I say paced, but it actually took me 2.5 miles to catch her- a remarkable run by her in windy conditions wearing full winter gear, but only good enough for 2nd lady behind another of our club giants  (24 year old lady) who ran 18:27. I'm feeling old...


  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Some great parkrun results, trumped by younger Lorenzito, well done

    I also had a good parkrun and got my target with 18 secs to spare... 19:42 at Southampton Parkrun this morning good enough for 28th.....

    12 miles planned for tomorrow

    Take care

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Just off for a couple of beers, but must congratulate the younger  OO & Lorenzo -
    excellent work !

  • Well it's not too nice outside but dragged myself out for a 5 miler with 4 at MP . 6:46, 6:52, 6:56 and 7:10 all too quick. Will have to slow down next week. 10 tomorrow.

    Great racing all image

    OO- remember you were only pacing for her. image
  • NayanNayan ✭✭✭

    16mi steady felt a little laboured this morning.  Few easy miles tomorrow and then a welcome easy week

  • Forgot to say welcome back to RFJ - great to see you back on here!!

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Nice parkrunning folks. Well done on First Lady Speedy, fast run from Leslie and great catch up from OO!image

    Welcome back RFJ.

    Recovery continues. Still on crutches but feel I don't need them. However, if I go about the house without them it gets a bit sore so having to be very strict with myself. image I think I'm going to target some short distance tris in the spring. Something to keep me focused and get fitter without worrying too much about running. Been looking at new go faster bikes today. image
  • Ooooh, bike shopping! Good to hear that the recovery is going well Minni.

    Super park running by all (and progeny). Equally impressive annual mileage too - I can only dream!

    Running club beer run today. Quite a few miles and 13 pubs over 6 and 3/4hrs in rather changeable conditions. Great fun. image 

  • That's a very good total for the year VT Runner.

    Wow One Gear, that's an impressive marathon PB - and at 56 too... even more impressive! I'm sure you could get a faster HM time though. And 00-51, encouraging to know you broke 3 hours at 49 too.

    Good 1 mile loop reps Jools - still got the speed.

    Well done on the Parkrun Speedy and your steady comeback.

  • MJ XXX - sounds like an interesting run; I presume that you only had a shandy in each of the pubs!image

    9 up and down miles this morning to round off a 50 mile week - heading out at lunchtime to celebrate elder Lorenzito's 18th birthday today. image

  • Started on whiskey and ginger, then rum and ginger, then half pints of beer when the kitty was getting low. I left after the flaming sambucas and before it got really messy. Estimate that I ran around 15miles including the run home. Longest for quite a while. Alcohol fuelling is obviously the way to go.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo- do you have 2 children (sons?). How old is the park running maestro?

    Will be great to have you back running Minni image

    16 for me at a modest 8:30 pace today- 35 for the week, off 4 runs.

    Might be a bit soon in the recovery for you Speedy but there's a great 11km race in Morpeth on New Years Day.


  • 16 miles to bring up 55 for the week. P&D starts tomorrow image
  • Lorenzo-not much chance of catching  younger lorenzo now then !image

    Nayan - nice 16'er

    RFJ- good pace 

    HOHO- nice 16 also

    MInni M - get it bought you know you want too !image

    Mistlejoe - once the sambucas come out its usually far to late to stagger away as my legs don't work anymore image

    Jools -nice 16 and goodluck with your next pb I mean campaign image

    Was planning a long run today till the alarm went off , turned of alarm for more kip so just did a 6 miler instead well it is Christmas image

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Insterting run Joe XXX, I dont need alcohol to fall down.... do that myself like this morning, right outside the pub.... had to end the run there as was in a bit of a mess. all ok now other than lots of skin missing here and there... (that happened at 9.75m) nothing changes still a faller.... still 39m for the week

    Nice runs Jools / HOHO / Nayan

  • !16 here too. It must be the day for it! 

    I'll be back in Notts by New Year's Day OO. I was going to do that one a few years back, but it was cancelled so I did the one on the Town Moor hills instead. I don't recommend wearing road shoes for that one, but that was all I had with me! Will you be running long again next Sunday? I'm planning 17 but my training buddy up here has other plans for the day and I don't really know any routes I can do on my own. 

    RFJ - falling over in front of the pub? Was that just an excuse to go inside?image

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    I wish Speedy it was closedimage good running

  • Well, pretty good week for parkruns. Well done all (and kids!).

    14M easy yesterday and felt really nice (I didn't get the memo about this being international 16M LR week!). At 42 for the week off 4 runs and couldn't get out of bed for a run this AM (was 11 F out so decided warm bed wins). Might yet get out to cap off the week.

    I love xmas week though. Lots of miles to be had and plenty of fuel about to cover them.

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