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  • WoolWool ✭✭✭

    Respect Rich. I work in the part of the industry that pushes the buttons and looks at the computer screen and curse when the gas doesn't show up to the last cubic foot! You're there living it for real…..

  • Ha, I change out the pipework and sort the valves that ship your gas! image Small world? Only kidding, I prefer being in the workshop! It's got a heater and I can get out for a run in the Morning /evening. 


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    I'm unable to run for a while having damaged my knee yesterday. I have a partially torn ACL from a skiing accident and think I may have torn it completely slipping on a muddy bank on my way to a football pitch yesterday. I cannot describe how gutted I am. Before I jump to conclusions I will try get an MRI to determine the full extent of the damage but it's safe to say I'll be out of Jantastic now. Sorry team.
  • OO - good parkrun - well done on 2nd place. Good long run in the ice and snow.
    Speedy - nice parkrun target and good weekly mileage.
    PMJ - nicely paced parkrun.
    Birch - very enjoyable 20 miler by the sounds of it.
    Lorenzo - some serious running there, well done.
    Rich - hope the cough clears up soon.
    Jools - good MLR.
    GE - more steady progress.
    KR - good to bag the first 20 miler - and good to hear Martin is still running.
    RFJ - excellent pacing to hit your target.
    Wool - good mileage for the week.
    Leslie - dedicated work on the dreadmill.
    ssc - well done toughing out the 19 miles.
    SB - congrats on the PB.
    MsE - oh no, really sorry to hear about your knee. Let's hope it's not too bad. That must be so annoying. Take care now.
    10 miles this morning, inc. 2 miles with 4x400m, 2 miles with 4x600m and 2 mile with 2x800m. Overall averaging 8:26 m/m. Light dusting of snow overnight, although most of it's melted.

  • MSE- very sorry to hear that image

    GUL- nice session

    got 6 miles out on the road for a change this morn, was dry overnight and we had a thaw then -2 this morn which was fine and another 4 on the dreadmill last night again.

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Hope it's not as serious as you fear...
  • MSE, sending positive vibes your way.

    Jantasticis going well and 2 weeks in and we are ranked equal first. Of course, things do crop up and accidents happen so we must still be diligent. The team is 13 and the score is based on 75%, so for us that is the top 10. Today we are showign 11 out of the 13 at 100% so already getting close to that limit.




  • 16 today: getting the long run in early and it is a cut-back week: some P&D plans have 16 as a MLR! The run is really nice, out to Richmond Park and a big, wandering lap of the park before coming back so no real chance to do P&D pace as the course varies so much. Average pace ended up at 7:37 which is plenty fast enough at MP +5%.

    Wool, I was worried about the lack of 20 milers but 20 is just a number and if you follow P&D you will be plenty tired enough as it is. I would not swap out an 18 well paced for an easy 20. Sub-8 is a good pace but P&D 20% and 10% for you are 8:14 and 7:33 so 7:54 average but it really is that portion at 7:33 which is the meat in the sandwich and fetch says you did one mile in that pace bracket. There is a big difference between running 18 miles at 7:54 average and running 9 miles at 8:14 and then 9 miles at 7:33. Come race day, you need to get to half way and do it all over again and P&D simulate this on the long runs.

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    20.5 miles for me yesterday in a big confidence boosting 8:35 pace.  That brings me to 44miles for last week off 4 runs, including 1 tempo run.  All figures and feelings getting better.  Despite it being 20C when I set off I saw local runners in long trousers, jackets and one even had a beenie.

    I went to see Major Cor (rank in army as Major and first name Cor) at the NWU biokinetics institute.  He did assessment last week and today gave me the programme.  He has picked up a number of points to work on.  He is triathele so we had a ten minute OCD conversation about neutral running shoes over the last 10 years.  2 hours of assessment and programme cost 260 rand or around 14 pounds. 

    Internet abyss here so infrequently seeing this thread

    Best wishes for a good recovery MSE


  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Hi all, good to see the usual suspects churning out the miles and gearing up for the impending round of spring maras.

    Sorry to hear about MsE's knee woes though; hope it's not as bad as you fear.

    Still doing a bit here, back to 40 miles a week and slowly getting fitter with spring HMs being the target rather than a mara. Must make the effort to post more regularly; I fell out of the habit when redundancy came along, and haven't made it a part of the new routine yet! Employment may help that, as and when it comes along. Still being a househusband at the moment though.

  • WoolWool ✭✭✭

    MsE - really very sorry to hear that, hope that it's not as bad as you fear.

    PMJ - got it but it was about confidence, you know that I suffer from lack of it in my running pretty often. In my mind I'm now ready to move forward with the rest of the plan. Nice 16 btw. Quick, very quick. When are you actually decide to go for a sub-3 instead?! I expect that you are in sub 3:10 shape now.....

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    MsE - really hope it's not what you fear . . . fingers x'd for you

    nice to see BikeIt getting the 20 in, and to have Abbers popping in -stick around. . 

    Gul - 10 here also, but easy paced - still plenty of ice around   

  • Wool, I have confidence issues too and that is why I have run 20@MP in each campaign so this one is more about confidence rather than performance.

    Interesting calculator on which predicts finish time based on average pace and mileage, so my 45 miles a week at 7:30 gives 3:07.Odd, as my plan is to get to half way in 93:30 so if I hold the same pace then I do 3:07.

    To get to 3:00 I'd need to average 55 miles at 7:20 pace so clearly possible but not this time round.

    One thing about a marathon is that you really limit your fastest time by choice of pace. Suppose I do 93:30 and feel good, then I'd need to do 86:30 for the second half to hit 3:00 which isn't going to happen. The "up margin" is probably about 4 minutes at the most, so you do the first half about 90 seconds faster than even and then repeat and also find another minute over the last 6 miles (10 seconds per mile).

  • Leslie - bet it was good to get out in the (very) fresh air this morning!
    PMJ - great 16 miler. Interesting calculator: 65 miles @ 8:26 gives me a predicted 3:10:11.
    Abbers - good to hear from you. Hope you find the right job soon. Good luck with the HM.
    Birch - 10 is a good number for a Monday morning.

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭

    MsE - Hope you're going to be ok.

    Very little running done this weekend as my troublesome right knee complained a bit after my run on Friday night so I rested Saturday and just did a 5k jog on Sunday. No big deal as I have no A races planned for the foresable future.

  • MsE, sounds nasty - how long does it take to arrange an MRI? You were due some better luck.

    PMJ, that's an interesting link. At my current 30miles per week Id need to run like a loon to match their prediction and my ambitions. One of us is probably wrong (I'll just assume it's them for now, at least until mile 20). Good coaching intervention on run structure too. Keeps us honest!

    BI, it sounds like you've landed in a running haven.

    Hi Abbers!

    Cracking pacing RFJ and nice result for Sandy too image

    Lots of time on the turbo this week including a 3hr session yesterday - . Legs are feeling good though so will step it up a notch this week.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Saw the GP this morning and she thinks my ACL is fine (hurray) and that it is a strained medial quad.  If so the rehab is perhaps a few weeks.  However, I am not so sure and have self diagnosed a torn medial meniscus (boo). Because I am, of course, completely untrained and able to do so from Google. If I am right, this means 8-10 weeks out at least (boo).  And there I was thinking 2015 would be the year I finally see a full year of uninterrupted running. image

    Sorry I am all woe and selfishly introspective.  I shall take to my pity pit now.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    I'm unable to run for a while having damaged my knee yesterday. I have a partially torn ACL from a skiing accident and think I may have torn it completely slipping on a muddy bank on my way to a football pitch yesterday. I cannot describe how gutted I am. Before I jump to conclusions I will try get an MRI to determine the full extent of the damage but it's safe to say I'll be out of Jantastic now. Sorry team.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Hmmm going back in time somehow. Groundhog Day. Great.
  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    MsE: you don't need it,but I give you permission to be all woe and introspective.  You'll note I took the selfishly out of there.  Nothing selfish about feeling gutted because you've been benched.  And your fellow runners are here to understand that!

    Try and stay away from Wikidoctor, however.  Not always accurate...

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Hope it works out tobe not much in the end, MsE. Keep the faith.

    Enjoyed the 2 days off running at the weekend but back on the training horse today. 7 miles of hill attacks at lunchtime. Somewhere in the region of 8 or 10 hard efforts on the final 40-50 metres of each hill, I lost count. Average pace of 7.14 but with a fun blast of 6.08 for the final mile which is a nice downhill gradient. A training PB for that section. Pleased with that as I've been concerned about lack of leg turnover for a sub-90 HM bid in March.

    That predictor is spookily close to all of my times for HM and below but way off my mara PB. Says I can do a 3.10 but my PB is 3.19. I must be doing something wrong?


  • MsE, very sorry to hear about the injury! You've overcome so much...I too was hoping you could just settle in and train this year. But as the others say, perhaps you'll be benched for a shorter period than you fear.

    As to my foot problem, I think I counted my chickens before they hatched. While my 10 mile test run last week went OK, later than night my foot started to hurt more. Took the next day off and could feel it a bit. 2nd day after pain was gone again so went out to test the waters once more. Ran 8 miles w/6 at subLT. Could feel it in mile 3. Then pain increased for 2 miles and then disappeared. Miles were nice and fast BTW (~6:48 m/m) and I was strong. Which makes the next part so foot was very sore within minutes after stopping. So clearly my extensor tendons are inflamed and not happy. Will get in for some more physical therapy this week and just shut the running down per new instructions (we'll see what those will be). I don't have any real A races coming up so will try to do some xtraining (thinking elliptical) and core work. Have so much going on at work now (big deadline is March 5th) that this might just need to happen. Can balance work better, strengthen core and try to maintain a bit of cardio, let my body really recover after 3 full (and consecutive) cycles of marathon training, and come back ready for another long stretch. At this point I have to be realistic and protect what I've got. I don't think missing several weeks will cost me too much in the big picture. It may actually work in my favor.

    ...but damn I hate not being able to run, especially as fit as I am right now!!image

  • MSE – I hope you get to the bottom of the problem soon and that it proves to be nothing too serious.

    VTR – Oh no! And after thinking it was fixed too.  You seem philosophical about it and it is certainly true that after an extended period of hard training it can be a good thing to give the body a break and come back stronger. If you can keep the majority of you fitness through x-training then it shouldn’t take you too long to get back to your best once the injury is sorted. 

    PMJ – 16m on a Monday is pretty punchy.  Well done for getting them in.  I do most of my long runs in Richmond Park too.  It’s great when you are in the park but I have 5m there and back along the South Circular to get there which is less appealing (especially the return leg).  That predictor is interesting.  45mpw at an average 8m/m bags a sub 3:15.  Sounds about right to me.

    G-D  - sounds like a pretty tough session

    Gul, Birch – well done on the 10 milers. 

    10m for me too this morning.  Not often I hit double figures other than on the long run.  This one was a fairly gentle progressive run. I started easy (first mile was 9 mins), and gradually speeded up with the last couple of miles coming in at around 7:45 pace. 

    On the subject of injuries, having had a reasonable spell of injury-free running (albeit at low mileages) over the last year or so, my left Achilles is now bothering me.  This is a recurrent running injury for me but it seems to have been triggered this time by skiing over New Year.  I had put it down to poorly fitting rental boots but it is not going away after 2+ weeks. Reasonably low-level at this point but not a good sign this early in the training schedule.

  • GoldenEagle wrote (see)

    I do most of my long runs in Richmond Park too.  It’s great when you are in the park but I have 5m there and back along the South Circular to get there which is less appealing (especially the return leg).

    I have 3.5 miles each way to Richmond Park and 2 miles each way to Hyde Park. I need to get some return on my investment so if  I do Richmond I make it at least an 11 and Hyde Park at least a 7. For me, long runs in the park are one of the best aspects of marathon training: today I ran past the Pen Ponds in Richmond Park for the first time ever and it is only the longer distances and need to explore that allows this.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    MSE sorryto hear, likewise VTR both take care

    good runs Bike it / PMJ / Gul / Birch

    30 Mins easy for me today

    Take care

  • PMJ - interesting predictor although it doesn't count ascent/descent and I guess you are running around London (very flat) whereas I do my running on the edge of the Cotswolds.

    Based on a average training week of 55 miles @ 7:15 pace this gave 2:58:09 my actual was 2:57:16

  • Gutted for you MsE - you deserve a bit more luck and an injury free training run. ma keeping fingers, toes and other parts of my body crossed that it's not as bad as you fear.

    Talking of injuries, I'm mystified by the sore feeling in upper leg. I'm hoping I've not overdone things recently but I've got a soreness that doesn't seem to restrict itself to one place. Took things easy on the 4.5 mile (over 2 stretches) worth of commute this morning before my evening run back to the station was scuppered by a security alert at our office which meant that a. I had to leave my kit in the office and b. borrow some money for the train ticket home. At least I've got the excuse to give my leg a rest tomorrow and save the running for the evening commuting rather than head out into sub-zero temperatures.

    I'm not convinced by that predictor PMJ. Firstly it seems to be based on a sample of only 22 and secondly it says that based on my average pace last week (8:09) over 60 miles, I'd get a 3:08:xx marathon but if upped the mileage to 70 miles a week and kept the same pace I'd get a 3:03:xx marathon. Will running an extra 10 miles at 8:09 pace really shave 5 mins of my marathon time? Also, how does it differentiate between 60 miles all at 8:09 pace vs a mixture of 30 miles at 7:09 and 30 miles at 9:09 pace (which I appreciate doesn't quite average out at 8:09 but you know what I mean!)

  • They are going to have to make a bigger bench by the look of it image Everybody is dropping like flies .VTR, MSE, GE and now LORENZO.Is this a good time to mention the pain that's starting in my left ankle image

    The predictor is interesting but with such a small sample as said how accurate could it be but its just a predictor .

    G-gawg..we are all crap at mara's( except Jools ) image

    4 dreadmill miles last and 6 road ones this morn with last 3 a mini tempo (7:30's)

  • GD - nice hill work.
    VTr - ouch! Sorry to hear that.
    GE - take care now.
    RFJ - sounds like 30 mins easy is a good option with all these injuries flying around!
    Lorenzo - time to ease up for a while?
    Leslie - hope you're joking about the ankle.
    14 mile MLR this morning. 4 w/u @ 9:05 and 10 easy @ 8:16.

  • GUL-Nice mlr, not joking about my ankle its been there a few weeks now but seems to be getting more noticeable with the odd sharp twinge but hoping its not going to mean bench time.

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