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  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Tasty controlled runs from Jools and Speedy!  Well done too to RFJ and Sandy Balls at Bramley.  Great time on feet run from PMJ.  Sounds like you nailed the MP run JF2 even if it felt hard.

    Now I am confused whether next Saturday's XC will be a good idea for my LR with MRP the next day?  The XC is only a bit of fun although I will end up a main scorer for my team.  I was planning on just pootling around and enjoying the novelty value of my second XC race.  But then again maybe I should be racing a bit harder?  


  • sscssc ✭✭✭

    20 for me today brining me my first 50 mile week and yet . . . image Seem to have messed my calf up a bit.  Some tightness felt during the run which was time on feet and always gentle at 815-8.30 pace.  It didn't feel strained more like a tightness / cramp twinge.  Made the decision to finish the run but it has stiffened since then. I was wearing compression socks for the first time - they felt comfortable but yet the legs didn't feel quite right.  Confused? Yes I am!

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great running folks, especially the Bramley trio who also seem to have run to plan.

    I managed 20 but at a pathetic 8:30 pace, didn't feel good at all. 50 for the week, onwards and upwards.

    Nottingham was a 3 hour drive, so no parkrun but we heard all about the options. One of the lectures is a regular parkrunner- I think he got a shock when he heard junior runs an 18:42 image . I'd rather she went somewhere closer to home (Manchester or Sheffield are the other options).  

  • A busy weekend.  Particularly impressed with the controlled running at Bramley/Stamford.  I'm doing the Finchley 20 in a few weeks. Not decided on a race plan as yet.

    A different type of 20 miler for me today.  3:20 and 9:59m/m average pace.  It was over a very hilly route in Devon (2,127ft of elevation) and 16 of the 20 were on the SW Coast Path. A glorious, indulgent run.  I was out of the house for over 3h40 by the time I had stopped to admire the views, have snacks and walk up the last monstrous hill once the Garmin had bleeped for 20m.

    I'm down there next weekend too. Not sure I want to repeat the exercise next week so may try to somehow squeeze in my LR midweek.

  • MsE - cracking long run.
    PMJ - good time on feet run.
    Leslie - impressive fast finish.
    Jools - good work at Bramley.
    JF2 - well done on the MP run.
    Speedy - excellent running.
    RFJ - nice run at Bramley - shame about the stop.
    SB - another well executed Bramley run!
    ssc - hope the calf is better today.
    OO - still a 20 miler in the bag.
    GE - sounds like a stunning route for a 20 miler!
    Good running everyone! More resting for me today.

  • All aboard the Marie Celeste!

    A dull 6M recovery run this morning for me.  Legs slightly cranky but not too much worse than after the previous week's 21M.  Might treat myself to a bit of foam rolling tonight.

  • Enjoy it Jools,

    Cracking long (and fast) running by many. Makes me feel like a massive fraud. Feeling better again today though so back on it. Had a short sharp bike ride yesterday up one of the local 20%+ steep climbs and hit it 3 times back to back getting progressively quicker (9:40, 9:15, 8:33). I now have no rear brake pad left, at all, following the precipitous descents so bike is booked in for a service tomorrow.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    You do know how to spoil yourself Joolska!

  • DOMS in quads, glutes and calves today follwing yesterday's slow, hilly 20 miler.  Contemplating ditching tonight's planned recovery run.  But maybe a recovery run will help...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    It helped me Golden Eagle- a fairly comfortable 5.5 at 8 m/mile. Last mile 7:40

    I'm hoping for a 50+ week and would like to run a good parkrun on Saturday image  

  • Joolska wrote (see)

    All aboard the Marie Celeste!

    Monday 5 mile recovery: just not interesting.

    Jantastic: log those runs / swims / cycle rides.

  • Hill sprints x 8. image
  • PhilipMJones wrote (see)

    Jantastic: log those runs / swims / cycle rides.

    Thanks Minni, still need one more but creeping closer.

  • Some great runs being posted over the w/end. Top work Ladies and Gents.image


  • Looks like those Febulous sessions have been logged in time!
    GE - hope the DOMS have eased.
    SJ - nice work!
    PMJ - I see on the MT events section, Peter Capaldi is now also running the Spring Shakespeare (although he's calling himself Pete Clark).

  • Gul - Who's Peter Capaldi?

  • Jantastic and at 8am on Tuesday the week ticks over and the Consistently Consistent sub-3:15 team hit 100% and so 6 weeks into the 12 week challenge we are at 50% done: well done all! There are currently only 5 medium teams at or over 50% and of those 5, there are really only 2 real teams, us and Boston Illuminati (so if you have averaged 19 workouts over 6 weeks, I don't count that as real).


    Peter Capaldi is the new Dr Who, though a liitle google shows that Pete Clark is probably Pete Clark and not Peter Capaldi which is his MT avatar. He is more likely Peter Baldi if you look at his twitter handle:

  • Go team!

    GE, did you get out in the end?

    Progressive run this morning at 5:50am (!). 9:20, 9:00, 8:35, 8:20, 7:30, 7:11. Blowing by the end. I'm hoping this is just a hangover from illness rather than my actual level of fitness
  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    SJ - know what you mean about feeling like an imposter, especially at this time of year when so many on the thread are mara training. Good effort getting that run done so early; running anything remotely quick while still waking up is hard.

    Good to see the Jantastic guys & girls keeping up the good start.

    5 easy miles yesterday, although slightly more difficult fitting the running in this week as the Ms As are on half term, so I don't have the usual flexibility of going out as and when I feel like it!

  • Good progression there SJ.

    GM - he's also Malcolm Tucker in The Thick Of It. Well worth watching!

    Shame that it isn't the real Peter Capaldi. I'd love to know a. whether he could finish before he'd started and b. when he hit the wall, what set of expletives he'd come out with.

    Good news on the TCCSTF team progress. Haven't logged my runs yet this week, but managed 9 miles across the commuting runs yesterday and another very muddy 7 miles this morning.

    Now at the airport about to head off to Reykjavik with Mrs L - running gear has of course been packed!!

  • Is that on holiday Lorenzo? Very nice. Fancy a trip to Iceland myself.
  • Go team jantastic image

    Slokey-sounds like a very good run for such an early start 

    Abbers- you will be back (if you don't wreck yourself at cricket )image

    Lorenzo- enjoy the break 

    14.5mile comprising 7 warmup ,5 hard (7:14, 6:54, 7:20 (turn), 6:59, 6:57) The wind was strong and I had wanted to start at mile 6 but couldn't get above 8min/mile milling due to wind was pointless trashing myself for that pace image so waited for shelter of some trees before cracking on image

    Needless to say the strong wind dropped as I turned so I didn't seem to get the benefit on the way back in , was looking forward to flying along with no effort too image


  • Oh right now I kinda know who that Peter bloke is.

    Lorenzo - Never heard of that programme, tbh I hardly ever watch tv. Enjoy Iceland!

    Abbers - On your best best behaviour this week thenimage

    SJ - I am sure you felt like that because you are getting over the illness.

    Bit of a lazy weekend here but did a 5 miler y'day late afternoon @ 7:05 pace. Felt ok aerobically but my legs were a bit cranky last night. No running today as work is mad busy. Serves me right for booking a Monday off!

  • 11 at lunchtime which came out at an average of 7:19 pace. Splits all over the place due to the run being through Holland Park, Hyde Park, Green Park and St James's Park and while I do enjoy shoulder barging the odd tourist, I do try and limit it during training runs to the minimum necessary. Pace was not planned: I set t to take it easy but the legs flowed and I wasn't in a mood to hold them back.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    Wow! Some fine running going on, too much to comment on individually. Well done team and get well soon you Benchers.

    Enjoyed my recovery week last week (just 30 miles over 4 runs) but got back into the programme last night and today.
    Last night was 10 miles at MP but it turned out quicker at 7.17 pace. It felt harder than it should but I put that down to night running which always seems to increase perceived effort.

    Today was Yasso 800s at the track. It's a 6 mile round trip with just over a mile there and back. Did 5 x 800s and was amazed at my times. My previous 800 PB was 2.54. Today my 5 splits were 2.55, 2.53, 2.53, 2.52, 2.52.

    Really pleased to be able to put that session together after a tough 10 the night before. It's an improvement indicator and just the confidence boost I needed.



  • Lelsie - That sounded like my idea of running hell. Well done.

    PMJ - Nice lunch run and sometimes you just have to go with the flow.

    GD - Those 800's are quick and your current form is very promising. I love 800 reps! IIRC you have a race fairly soon have you not, a half??


  • Having discovered that we don't really have a team for the National I reverted to selfishness and did a proper session tonight. 5 x 0.9 miles in 5.31, 5.29, 5.28, 5.28 and 5.24. The first 4 on my own as I was at the front of the group, the last one with one of the guys from the faster group who had turned up late and missed the first rep.

  • OO - I went to both Sheffield (undergrad) and Nottingham (postgrad) and I'd thoroughly recommend Sheffield. I loved it. Nottingham was nice too, but Sheffield was just friendlier.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I managed a double session of 2*5 miles. But the pace you guys are putting in puts me to shame, I barely scraped 8 min average. 

  • Speedy - Great pace for those 0.9 mile reps. What sort of recovery did/do you have for those types of sessions?

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