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  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Hi all... Hello... seems a few days since I posted and you all keep posting.... its a training session just to skim back.... image

    late post again from me, been very busy, but bagged a 11m mid week long run tonight, so happy.

    Take care

  • Looks like Lit made the 40000th post on this thread. Who'd a thunk we could talk so much about running?
  • literatin - interesting about the postie - I used to walk to work but not in my work shoes.
    Bike It - very frustrating for you on both counts. Hope you can find the right job and get back running soon.
    SJ - coming along nicely.
    Leslie - good set of reps.
    OO - keep plodding and I'm sure the fast stuff will return eventually.
    RFJ - well done on the 11 miler in the middle of a busy week.
    4 miles this morning and no problems for the moment.

  • Positive news there Gul.

  • Bike It - Frustrating! I had a thing like that three years ago, where my leg really really hurt in a slightly different place every day for a long time. 400m jogging had me nearly in tears.  Never found out what the matter was. one doctor said maybe shin splints (though it was sometimes upper leg), another 'maybe your leg is just a bit angry', and a physio that it could be to do with nerves failing to glide properly through surrounding tissue.  Eventually it just got better.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    7 miles of hill attacks yesterday. Average pace was 7.30. On that session I run steady and bomb it up the last 40-60 metres of an incline. It's almsot like a hill reps session but not as structured. Certainly has be breathing out of my jaxy after  some of the hill crests!

    Legs feel really tired and there were some cracks showing yesterday with various aches and pains coming on. I even rerouted the final downhill mile to remove any temptation of bombing a quick one and risking injury.

    22 miles first thing tomorrow with 5 miles at MP planned for it (but only on flat bits).

    Good luck to any other long runners this weekend.


  • Good to hear that Gul is recovering.  And good to hear that it is not just my legs that suffer from peculiar injuries. 

    The military pagent continues - this morning we had 2 displays each from 9 helicopters, 4 fast jets and 4 aerobatic aircraft plus a commercial type plane.  Very entertaining.image

    That's it then - off to join the army as a semi-athlete with an angry leg.  Or failing that I think I'll just go for a run....

  • 7 miles done.  Leg not so bad whilst running so I went for the 7m I had committed to for Jantastic.  Let's see how it is in the morning.


  • Well done Gul. Hope it's onward and upwards from here! BI, hope the morning is good (knock wood). For my part, foot felt a little weird yesterday from elliptical session 2 days ago. Fine today though and did another 90 minute session. Foot feeling fine after this one. Ahhhh, endorphins are good. Needed that!

  • GD - more good hill work. Hope the 22 miler goes well this morning.
    Bike It - it's a good feeling to get out running again - hope the leg is still OK.
    VTr - well done keeping positive.
    6 miles and another 100% week for Jantastic completed this morning. The Spring Shakespeare is 3 weeks today, so should be starting the taper now! Proceed with caution, I guess.

  • Vtr- Good to hear you are on the mend now image

    Gul-no taper needed 

    7 early hail and sleety ones this morn, not too bad though image

  • Gul, my plan has a 2 week taper (I don't like long tapers so suits me). parkrun today and then 20 tomorrow and that will be the last week over 50 miles.

  • ... and the thread cruises sublimely through 40,000 posts. Is there no stopping us?! Likewise the magnificent TCCSTF team - great going folks.

    Good news to hear that both Gul and Minni are back up and running, and hopefully BI will be back to full strength shortly.

    Back in Blighty after an enjoyable few days in Reykjavik - although we didn't get to see the Northern Lights there were plenty of other highlights including a trip into some lava lubes and a very pleasant morning in one of the municipal swimming pools relacing in a hot tub while it was snowing.

    Managed to get out for a couple of short runs there and just about managed to avoid freezing various parts of my body off. Below freezing before the wind chill factor was taken into account, but still went out in shorts. Thanks Jantastic!!

    Up early this morning for what I thought would be a warmer run, but when I got up to the top of Box Hill it started snowing again for a sense of déjà vu. Still, 15 miles in the bag and another 100% Jantastic week.

    On my way up to Brum to watch the Indoor Athletics - first time ever to an indoor athletics match so all very exciting.

  • sscssc ✭✭✭

    Some great running here -well done everyone!

    No running for me but feel ok about it, a self imposed recovery week from the tight calf with four lots of cross training and core work. Have quite enjoyed the change and has kept me feeling motivated to get out and run!

    Looking ahead to next week, have short easy runs planned to check calf early in the week but what would people say is the best run to do at the weekend - is a long run more taxing on the legs than a MLR with HMP or vice versa? Would like to end week with one of these sessions but not sure what is best after a week recovery.

  • ssc - good luck with the comeback, and I would say that an MLR with HMP is about 3x more difficult than a long run at easy pace.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Welcome back to our shores Lorenzo.

    Parkrun here too, and a decent 18:20. Junior was only 2 places behind in18:38, a new PB and closing in on the ladies course record. 3 places and 30 seconds to go image

    18 tomorrow gets me to 55. Enjoy this nice weather folks

  • Mediocre Nationals for me. Got stuck in a lot of traffic and then struggled to get a decent stride rate in the sticky mud. Had hoped to be inside the top 100 if not higher having finished 21st at the Mids but had to settle for 115th. Still, legs feel pretty fresh (they were battered after the Mids) and aerobically it was below HM pace if not MP so at least I should recover well! Nice to see MsE and Speedy.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    Delighted to see VTr, Gul anf BikeIt up and running. Keep on keeping on!

    OO - that's s fabulous park runtime. I need to try this parkrunning if only I could convince the family to join in! They aren't yet convinced it's a fun way to spend Saturday mornings.

    Welcome back Lorenzo.

    Lovely to see Jools today on my second foray into XC. I love running in mud! It's the most fun I have had in ages. This time I came armed with spikes (although not yet worn). Unfortunately said (left) spike came undone after the first mile and I spent the entire race trying not to lose a shoe in the mud (as that would have been game over) trailing in after Jools. I'm not sure of position. Where do I look?!
  • I borrowed someone's results sheet at the train station, which isn't much help. They should be up soon but Po10 keeps crashing...
  • ssc, I agree with lit, a vanilla long run is just about the easiest of all sessions, it is the pace that taxes the legs and leaves them aching for a few days afterwards.

    Easy parkrun today after 4x1200 yesterday and a 20 planned for tomorrow. Started very easy and was chatting to a friend I hadn't seen in a long time and looked up at about 3 minutes and was surprised to see a couple off the front but then a big bunch of 6 or so ahead with no great gaps and a lot of slow looking runners. That looked all wrong to me so I cruised past the bunch and gradually pulled up onto the shoulder of the guy in third. I tried to chat and go round together but he kept on surging. It gets technical from 2 to 3 km and by the time we came out at 3km he had fallen off so I was able to come home easy in third. Not a great time (19:46) but faster than the last few outings and felt easy so gets a tick. The guy in second ran 19:13 and has been running St Albans a minute faster. The course is probably not worth a whole minute but it is indicative.

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭

    22 miles at 8.15 pace today. Was a real effort after some quality sessions during the week. Legs had no drive at times, just had to tap that bad boy out.

    Must say that the pace felt slower than it was as we tried to keep things sensible. Wanted to build in some MP elements but my pal and I were shattered from the midweek runs. Correct decision, I think.

    Just over halfway in the campaign now. Performance signs are good but must keep things well managed as a few cracks are showing with injury niggles.


  • Lorenzo- nice 15'er

    0052- main thing is you beat junior (again)image

    SSC- a half mara paced run is very tough ,so tough I can't actually hit hmp yet image

    Jools - good result on tired legs

    MSE- faulty gear eh !

    PMJ- nice parkrun

    G-Dawg- very long run there tough enough without mara pace

    Just over 4 tonight to bring me up to 76m for the week.

  • MsE - cracking stuff at the Nationals today. The results are on Well done to Jools as well - the thought of a XC race with that many people is mind boggling.

    Great mileage there Leslie.

    G-Dawg - I wouldn't be too disappointed with 22 @ 8:15, especially on the back of a tough week.

    Fab time at the athletics today - seeing KJT and Greg Rutherford is such great form, then watching Mo break the 2 mile world record was amazing (especially when you consider he ran 3:59.5 for the second mile) and the icing on the cake was younger Lorenzito managing to get a selfie of him and Mo taken by Mo himself. Both Mo and Kim Collins came out after the event to see the people who'd waited behind and chat and sign autographs - true ambassadors for the sport!

  • sscssc ✭✭✭

    Thanks Leslie, Lit and PMJ regarding HMP. Up until the rest this week I had been able to complete a few HMP runs which started at 4 miles and built to 6 miles. Recent half marathon wasn't too far off PB either.  Think my weakness at the moment is twofold - being able manage / balance heavy weeks of running and long runs with MP sections.  Still at half way in the programme it seems not too bad, good luck to all those running today.

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Great muddy running Jools and MsE.  MsE I'm confused - did you wear the spikes or not? Sorry to read elsewhere that Speedy took a fall.

    We only had one lady there, she is the mother of Laura Weightman. 

    You've had an exciting few days Lorenzo. I've never been to see the athletics but keep promising myself. 

    OO your daughter is amazing.  How quickly she has come through, its only 5 mins since she was trying to break 20.  Oh to be young!

    Things continuing to progress in the right direction here.  Wednesday was 5.5 on road, rested an achy calf (!!!) on Thursday, did a brick of 14 mile bike/2 mile run on Friday then 22 on the bike yesterday.  Going for an off road run this morning and will decide on how far once I'm out. 

    Previously any 'brick' sessions I did involved preparing dinner, hanging washing out etc in the transition so this was the first proper one I've done.  Everyone says its hard to get going on the run and I found this too.  It was like running through treacle and I chose an off road path, which is slightly harder too.  However, I was please to see the fastest two miles recorder post op.  I'm thinking that as well as the tri training this might be a good way to introduce some speed into the running.  A good bike warm up followed by a short faster run. 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Take it steady Minni, your swimming and bike work are great by products of this tough period. 

    You are right Mse I actually got 2 daughters out at the parkrun- it is a great family activity.

    19 for me this morning reaching my 55 target. Happy with that.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Gul, do you intend toeing the line at SSM?  
    Lorenzo - excellent effort fitting the 15 in before travelling  . . .
    good work at Parliament Hill, MsE, Jools - the younger Mr Birch was there . . ..
    GD - splendid 22  . . . .
    Leslie - fine week's total  . . .
    OO - terrific  weekend's work. . . .
    Minni - good progress . . .

    22 here yesterday, 4.5 this morn to yield 52 for the week off 5 days (had to miss Wed run)   

  • Another chilly run this morning- gloriously sunny once the sun came up but it was an early start thanks to younger Lorenzito being in a badminton tournament.

    Still, a good 8.5 miles in the bank to get me up to 45 for the week.
  • Minni- nice brick miles ,the comeback is on image

    00-52- 19 after yesterdays effort is good going 

    Birch- 22 that's a longun alright !

    17.5m for me with the last 3 at 7:45 (ish) which was as fast my legs would take me , wind and rain in equal measure image

  • I did the Gade Valley 17 mile London marathon training this morning run but I needed a 20 and not a 17 so I added the 3 mile loop in which is used for the 20 in March. Made it a nice run. I set out in the first wave (the first 3 miles are along a tow-path so runners need to be started in waves to stop congestion)  and did the 3 miles on the tow path in an average of about 7:15. Mile 4 uphill (8:02 ) and then 5, 6 and 7 slightly downhill a tad faster than 7s (I came off route at 6). 8 was uphill (7:39) and then I rejoined the main run so at 8 miles I was alongside others at 5 so 12 minute runners. From there onwards it was just overtaking a stream of progressively faster runners. The 12 and 11s just disappeared and at 11 miles  I was at 80 minutes and passing the big 10 minute bus and numbers thinned thereafter.

    Pace pretty much followed the course profile, so 6.4x and 6.5x on the downhill sections and slower uphill (including an 8:21 but that did include a long chat with  a slower club member) and came out with 20.23 miles in 2:25:26 at an average pace of 7:11. Initial plan was to do the second half at that pace and the first half a lot slower (7:45) for an average of 7:30 but I was in no mood to hold back on what felt like an easy pace and the second half justified that decision with no drop in pace.

    So, 20@MP done somewhat accidentally, all that we need now is some cotton wool and a taper and I'm ready for 2 weeks time.

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