Sub 3h15



  • It's a fast course.  It seems like you go round and round the city centre for the first 6 or 7 miles then a big loop into the suburbs, almost pass the finish at 22 miles then another 4 miles round the same streets as you ran at the start.  Plenty of support round the course and the weather should be good for running, although I believe they have had snow in the past.  My race wasn't great, i arrived at the start feeling terrible and it didn't get any better.  Other thing was my gps really screwed up in the first mile so I had no idea what my pace was until I was a few miles in.  

    Definite sub 3 course if your feeling good.

  • Good to know!

    I know Jools has done well there but she always makes it look easy....
  • Howdy there, you focussed people.

    It looks like some have already been out there and nailed their colours to the mast. Well done and some major league congratulations. Slokey, a 3:03:54 which represents a 9 minute PB is one seriously major achievement. Be PROUD, take the fanfare, and rest up for a week. You dug deep. You're at the pointy end of the pack now, and minor gains are hard to win. I think that you already know where to find those 4 minutes. Meanwhile, don't break yourself this week, or next.

    No marathon fun for me this spring.

  • Cracking run SJ and in striking distance of 2.59.XX. Good work. You may find that with the right training you can take several minutes off that PB.

  • Great stuff, SJ ! 
    KR - I did Mablethorpe last year. Very well-organised; based at a school, so changing/showers. 
    Course two laps and flat, however, I found myself running several miles solo in the second half after the half marathon runners finished. 

  • Some inspirational reports guys- we all know the pain that awaits us...

    Last run in anger tonight. 5 * 6:03 in a club race. Junior beat me by 30 secs.

    31214 is my number

  • I thought you might have run it Birch. Wondered about whether doing a bit of solo running nearer the end might be tough. How did you find that?

    Great report Slokey - you should be proud of that time AND a 9 minute improvement too! Just did a bit of cyber stalking on the photos and there is one of you coming down the finishing straight and I can see my day glow orange shirt in the background! Spooky.

    Well done on your excellent time too JF2, just had a look too but could't see any bright orange t-shirts lurking in your photos!

    Official time has come in a bit lower too at 3.03.42 (55 second PB)

  • Take it KR, that's a great result and you know it can be better next time...

  • Badbark wrote (see)

    I’ve never missed a planned run due to injury in 6 years of running so I must be doing something right!

    That's quite amazing, Badbark!
    - I'd echo what Birch said about Mablethorpe. And it's not 100% flat - you have to run up a slope onto the promenade - twiceimage
    OO - good final tune-up race.
    Left calf was a bit tight yesterday, so have taken a rest today. Not surprised really. With only 6 weeks to train for the 10k (didn't do any speedwork for the SSM), I decided on a high risk strategy and have been doing 3 quality sessions a week. To be honest it feels better already, but better to play it safe at this stage.

  • Superb report and race result SJ.  Sub-3 will come soon I am sure.

    That's a quick pace, OO!  Looking good for Sunday. image

    I am obviously falling apart and my achilles swollen and giving me grief.  I put on my race kit today to test it out and was about to go for a run (perhaps not the prescribed 7 w/2@MRP given my niggle) and took a look at myself in the mirror.  IT WAS DREADFUL.  The shoes (yellow) did not go with the vest (green) at all. So I have taken a brand new pair (grey) from the box and am about to head out in them to break them in for Sunday.  It all looks much better but this isn't going to end well is it...? image


  • 7M incl 2 @ 6.35s for me.  Legs felt a wee bit sluggish early doors, but I suspect that accounts for the 5s/mile difference between today's pace and Sunday's dream pace.  Still, even 6.35s would equal my pb, which would be no bad thing!

  • KR - the main part I found myself running solo was soon after halfway to maybe 21/22 miles - I don't think I passed (or was passed) for about 7 miles ! However, in the last 4 or 5 miles I started passing other runners and was able to keep focussing on the next one ahead. The worst bit by far is a loop through housing estates which is included in lap 2 at around 24 miles before you head up the slope onto the prom for the final mile or so. This loop isn't encountered on lap 1, as at the start there's a trip through the town centre which is missed out on lap 2.

    MsE - classic tapering - you'll probably run a stormer image

    speaking of which - 4 easy today - right hamstring sore, also wondering whether to ditch my usual mara shoes for a pair I've only run 3 or 4 times in, and never more than 6 miles, but which feel much more cushioned than the usuals . . . . . . .

    rest planned next 2 days (travelling Friday), 15 minute jog Sat morn,

    no 27992 green start for me - if anyone wishes to stick me on the list  . . . .


  • I'm liking the sound of Slokey's 25 miles per week.  How many runs did that comprise and what was your average long run each week?  Ridiculously impressive marathon result on the strength of that.

    Nothing to worry about here.  Four full days until London, so plenty of time to complete the recommended five 20 milers and also to shift the half a stone of excess lard. 

    Meanwhile, gentlemen, if you're spreading Ibuprofen gel or Deep Heat ointment onto an injured groin, then please be careful with your spreading motion.  Ibuprofen on your testicles will smart a bit and make your eyes water.  But Deep Heat on your testicles is a whole other world of pain, requiring ice baths and tearful phone calls to the emergency services.

    Minni - I'll look out for you at mile 22 and will be grateful for any provisions you're able to offer.  But keep the Deep Heat to yourself, okay?

  • TAR: I hope it doesn't make me a bad person that I've just laughed at your post!  At least you didn't compound the error by then making a curry and not washing your hands properly after chopping and de-seeding chillies... did you?!

  • Joolska wrote (see)

    7M incl 2 @ 6.35s for me.  Legs felt a wee bit sluggish early doors, but I suspect that accounts for the 5s/mile difference between today's pace and Sunday's dream pace.  Still, even 6.35s would equal my pb, which would be no bad thing!

    Oooh exciting paces, Jools! Can't wait to see your result on Sunday. I will be thinking of you as I hobble along in my practically brand new trainers that haven't been properly broken in but at least they will coordinate better with my outfit. 5.5 w/1@6:44m/m.  Achilles marginally better. It was probably the new shoes!* image

    * actually I think it just likes running more and resting it does it no good.

  • List time!

    Lorenzo- 26861
    Jools - 225
    Birch - 27992
    MsE - 232

  • My eyes are still watering. Have never had an accident with Deep Heat but I can testify that it's definitely worth washing your hands a couple of times after chopping chillies. Nuff said.

    MsE - fear not. I'm sure it's just taper madness setting in although quite honestly how could you even think that yellow and green would go together darling. It would be absoloootely ghastly! image

    Short fartlek session for me yesterday, 6 easy miles through the woods this morning - very pleasant. Off to Expo this evening. 


  • Oh dear TAR. Oh dear.....

    Sounds like a good plan MsE. No one will remember your time but the photos are there for ever.

    KR, great result but I'll call that a 4 second gun time victory for me. Bad luck. You should've started nearer to the front. image

    TAR I've been running every day and it would go a bit like this:

    Monday (rest day) 1 mile easy

    Tuesday easy 1hr bike am / 4-6miles run with intervals pm

    Wednesday 1hr brick session with 1mile run am / swim pm

    Thursday bike am / 4-8miles tempo or long intervals run pm

    Friday fast 2hr brick session with 1-2 mile run am / swim pm

    Saturday 3-5hr long bike with 1 mile run either straight off the bike or later if knackered

    Sunday hilly off road long run anything from 9 to longest of 16 miles

    Vast majority of runs were on the tready - long runs bar one tready 15 miler were all very hilly off road and slow 9+min miling

    Average 25 miles per week / max week was 34
  • My post marathon running has been rather painful, although no deep heat has been involved. 1x15.5minute mile on Monday- agony. 1x10.5min mile last night and although sore it actually felt like I was running rather than a shuffley death hobble (which I might use as my thread name in the future - inspired by Mr Death Punch).
  • Add Biofreeze to that list TAR - I can personally testify to the agonising pain

    I have combined the best bits of SJ's training plan (low running volume) and Badbark's training plan (run easy runs nice and slow) whilst being unable to do anything faster or longer.  What could possibly go wrong over 54 miles?

    To make MsE feel better, I will say that I invigilated an exam today and left my trouser tucked into my sock for more than an hour after arriving at the venue by bike. Mr Bean.

  • List

    Lorenzo- 26861
    Jools - 225
    Birch - 27992
    MsE - 232

    OO52- 31214

    MSE- I guess colour coordination is the last of your worries!

    My pal met Paula Radcliffe at the Expo today- jammy bugger... 


  • I met her in the security queue at Berlin airport in 2011 OO. I congratulated her on "even beating me". My wife edged away as I was trying to make further small talk whilst she was taking her belt and shoes off at the X-ray check.
  • Lorenzo- 26861
    Jools - 225
    Birch - 27992
    MsE - 232
    OO52- 31214
    Badbark - 31408

    I'll be wearing a white with green trim Northern Ireland vest starting at 6:35 m/m pace and hoping to run sub 2:54. Maybe see you in the race Jools!image

  • Badbark - 31408
    Birch - 27992
    Jools - 225
    Lorenzo- 26861
    MsE - 232
    OO52- 31214

    Ah, that's better. image  MsEtte3's 6th birthday today and I officially started carbing up starting with her chocolate birthday cake *burp*.

  • Gul - hope thats just a minor niggle image

    MSE-all the best , taper madness I hope .

    TAR- thanks for doing these dangerous experiments so we don't have too image

    The excitement of London is building now , great too see ,The bar has been set high so don't be sh*te image

    6 easy ones today...

  • Badbark - 31408
    Birch - 27992
    Jools - 225
    Lit - 199
    Lorenzo- 26861
    MsE - 232
    OO52- 31214

    Oh, go on then. Have added myself though I'm not feeling as ready as I'd like....


  • You'll be grand, Lit.  Liking your number image!  Shame it isn't 88. Or 888.  Fortunately there are no 4s in there.

  • Should BB and OO be worried?
  • SJ -so that is your recent regime? Thats a fair amount, is that for the outlaw already? Not sure why you are running on those wooden legs for too, its not doing you a lot of good and could do you quite a bit of harm. Id look to the bike and lido and start running again next week.
  • Just been contacted by my hotel to say the room I booked 4 months ago is not available. Please don't ever use

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