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    Bike It - interesting to see how a longer period of consistent altitude training works out for you.  And I wonder how the benefit of going down to sea level would weigh up against any rise in heat and humidity.  What is certain is that the effects of altitude cut in at a lower level for runners than for walkers/mountain types, due to the increased exertion. I  certainly feel the effects at 400m in Khartoum but found it much tougher racing at 1500m in Midrand.

    Presumably Bloemfontein would be a reasonably short trip for you - relative to the vast size of SA

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    Fab day out at the Coastal today.  Well done to OO on a fantastic run in far from ideal conditions (are they ever ideal for the Coastal...? image).  And lovely to meet TAR on the beach at the end and run the last couple of miles in his company.  But the star of the day today was Poacher who dragged me around in a time much quicker than I anticipated at the start.  I actually image him!

    Photo to follow....

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    Apologies, not read back. Halfway through 2 weeks off work. Spent last week surfing in Devon and we're off to Berlin in a couple of days. I know some of you have been about a bit, any tips on things to do in Berlin? Booked while in Devon, so very little time for research.

    Managed one beach run in Devon and 82 miles today on the bike. will start base building in August.

    Time to read back...


  • G-Dawg - MrsL and I went to Berlin a couple of years ago. High points (from a historical interest perspective) were the Holocaust Museum and the old Stasi HQ. We couldn't get into the Reichstag as you needed to book in advance (I think) so if you're also interested in that it might be worth a quick look on the Interweb. Good soon out on the bike BTW.

    Jools would be impressed as we also took in a concert by the Berlin Philharmonic which was pretty amazing.

    Great running (and pics) from the Coastal crew today - sounds like a good time was had by all along with plenty of loving being shared around. How did you get to be number 1 Minni?!

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    Here's the photo the right way around (above). Of course I'm now devastated to hear that Poacher has become Minni's number 1 thread love- she even seems to be sending him this signal in the photo....image

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    When I saw the location of OO's hands, I felt like a bit of a gooseberry....

    GD - as Lorenzo says, plus: Berlin is very green, especially the west, with lakes/forests/countryside for walking/swimming/cycling.  Excellent public transport for getting around.  It's an easy train trip to historic Potsdam to see the palaces of Frederick the Great and other Prussian rulers. 

    This bit of the wall is fascinating, just north of what was the centre of E Berlin

    - search for
    Bernauer Strasse tube station is close

    Museum Island. Lift to the top of the TV tower, great views and very central

    Beer gardens!  Several very trad ones remain, just foaming steins of lager drunk at long tables while relaxing in the sun. Perfect after a run (it's a v v flat city, good for gentle training). Also very varied food - good Vietnamese and Turkish options, and more.

    So I'm a bit of a fan of Berlin - loads more to do there - have fun.

    Great day running y'day, back to work now image



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    Sounds like a great day yesterday up in Northumberland. Nice photo too.
    PMJ/Poacher, thanks, I will be sensible. Just trying to work out how to put it all together without ending up taking it easy for too long in one stretch! So a sort of mini-cut back this week, maybe a parkrun instead of a long run. If all is well then one more full-on weeek with the first 20 miler of the campaign before winding down for the holiday. Today I did 10.15 miles with strides - all nice and slow except for the 10x100m.

  • OO - I wouldn't worry too much. I'm sure it's just done to the Carmen Miranda connection. Main question for me is why you're having to to hold Minni upright for the photo!

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    Gdawg: there's a company that does English language cycling tours. I think they start in Alexanderplatz. It gives you a reasonable overview and then you can pick your favourite bits to revisit properly. The Olympic stadium is pretty fine.
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    I am actually having to hold her back from Poacher Lorenzo...

    Hips are a bit stiff this morning- otherwise OK. I think I'll get out for an hour skipping on the beach this afternoon, see if I can shift the 2 kg excess which I think held me back y/day.

    Congrats on the 100 PMJ- what a marvellous thing this parkrun is.

    Finally the Morpeth to Newcastle road race, which used to be the oldest race in Britain is returning next July (2016) with a half and marathon version. They are taking pre-registrations if anyone is interested. I'll be there for sure.

  • Yes, a fabulous time indeed at the Coastal yesterday.  I would urge you, yes you, to give this race a whirl.  It's on the wrong side of the country and it took 5 hours to get home, but it was well worth the trip.  It starts and finishes on the beach and hugs the coastline for 13 very attractive miles.

    I'm trying not to whine on about injuries these days, so I won't mention the twisted ankle which was getting on my nerves from about the halfway point.  As we re-joined the beach with 2 miles to go, I was just about to stop and walk in to the finish.  But then Poacher and Minni drew alongside, presenting me with a great opportunity to run in with two of the thread's big-hitters.

    Amazing run by Minni, considering she'd had hip surgery so recently.  She seemed to know just about every runner at the finish line, so was greeted by an endless stream of hugs and kisses, leaving me feeling rather inadequate.  A state compounded when I was introduced to the unnecessarily handsome OO52, who had finished about half an hour before we limped over the line.

    It was great to meet you all.  And thanks again to Poacher for the Bamburgh tip - we loved it and plan to be there again next year.

  • Did the Inter Area Masters match 3000m yesterday. Met up with speedy for the warm up and cool down so put much of the world to rights.

    Daughter #1 lives a couple of miles away and has just moved flats so it was a good excuse for me to race and for the rest of the family to come up and see her new pad.

    The age groups are odd, so the first band is from 35 to 49 which means I was up against real youngsters with no chance. Only lapped once which was a plus and got an idea of the event for future years when I move up a band. Just outside 11 minutes which is about 10 seconds down on Watford open meeting a few weeks ago in the heatwave but Watford was graded so a much better field in terms of pacing whereas yesterday was pretty much a solo run. Garmin set to auto-lap at a mile so I got two split times and  I did 5:57 and 5:55 pace for the two splits which is way more even than 5:44 and 5:54 I did at Watford.

    Overall I don't think I took the race seriously enough. I missed running Monday so did 6 solid days and probably over-enthusiastic at parkrun but generally not unhappy with the outcome.

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    TAR it was great to run up with beach with you. I loved that Poacher was saying we'd taken it easy - I was giving it all I had!! I was very surprised to see I did it 3 minutes quicker than the last time I did it 2 years ago. I'm assuming it was longer on that occasion.

    OO -what is the confirmed date for M2N? Initially I thought it was going to clash with the Chevy at the beginning of July but I've seen another date that I think is Coastal weekend. Neither is ideal for me!
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    It's Sunday July 17th Minni. There is a facebook page which I'm following- it has the link for the pre-entry image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    And TAR I'm liking you more and more...image

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    So I'm the 2nd handsomest bloke (out of 2) in that pic?  I'm flattered.  Glad you liked Bamburgh TAR - plenty more to explore.

    Interesting about the Morpeth to Newcastle - not sure a mara is needed but a good fast HM would be very welcome.  Presumably it will be too expensive to use the A1 so one wonders what the route will be.


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭
    Poacher (and others) listen to Marathon Talk 280 for some more details and an excellent interview with Morpeth's Jim Alder, which I guarantee will make you want to run it. I can translate if need be....
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    PMJ - good effort for the 3000m.
    I'm sure Morpeth to Newcastle would be far too hilly for meimage
    12 miles @ 7:50 m/m d&d. HR avg 151 (and a max of 213?!)

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    There was only one gentle hill on the old course Gul, so mainly flat. It was considered a fast race.

    I seem to have developed man fluimage 

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    The coastal race sounds utterly divine. Well done, Poacher, Minni, OO and TAR!

    Your 12 was a bit nippier than mine @8:26/mi today Gul image. I did 10@6:59/mi yesterday in a bid to up my pace beyond easy.
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭
    And excellent track racing from PMJ and Speedy. I have the utmost respect for those committed to running in circles. Not sure I gave the patience for it!
  • MsE - you're packing in the miles and at decent speed as well. Which plan are you following at the mo?

    Intervals for me this morning - 1600/1200/800/400/200 cutdown with 1 minute recoveries. Aiming to sneak a decent run in tomorrow before I have to start packing!!

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    Is Minni running for Belgium these days? - maybe that how she picked up the number 1 bib.

    It certainly does sound like a grand day out for the Coastal Run

    When I see stats like: 

    MsE wrote (see)
     I did 10@6:59/mi yesterday in a bid to up my pace beyond easy.

    I am glad I have switched to measuring in km in the hope of disguising from thread members my true slowness.   Seriously though, MsE, that's a fine run.

    Tonight I've got 1x3km 4-5min recovery and then 4x2km with 3-4min recovery all at 10km pace.  I'm actually looking forward to it.


  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Pre-London HM decided upon when this message popped into my inbox this morning:  "Dear Wendy

    You are entitled to a free Surrey Half entry in 2016 as you finished sub 85 this year.

    Please could I ask that you register at so we’ve got all your details. The discount code (top secret obviously) will zero your shopping basket for you.

      See you on the start line!"
  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo - just following Pfitz loosely.  My 10 yesterday was meant to be 5@HMRP but when that didn't materialise I thought a tempo might have a similar effect.  It was too humid to run any faster!

    BikeIt - I probably ought to do some speedwork. That looks a good session although I have no idea what distance it is typically meant for? *clueless* image

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    MsE - it is meant for 10km as I figured I really need to get some speed back.  

    The sessions I'm doing are typically:

    5x2km; 1x3km then 4x2km; 2x3km then 3x2km; 3x3km - all at 10km pace with 3-5 min recovery. 

    Then there are 'speed sessions' at 5km pace

    16x200m with 200m recovery; 12x400m with 200m recovery.

    I actually bought a real copy of RW SA (first time in about 3 years) and am following a plan from that. Totally there are 4 runs per week and typically in the range 50-60km per week total.

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Ah ha! I thought it looked a 10K sharpener but as I am clueless, wasn't entirely sure image!

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