Sub 3h15



  • Oh no Gul! Sorry to hear that after all your hard work. Rest up, it isn't over yet - I'll be keeping things crossed for a speedy recovery for you.

    Rest up and recover to you too Abbers. (And enjoy the weekend)

    That's a big progression VTr! Obviously paying off and looking good - just keep off the bench!

    GM, the plan is for a death or glory sub3 attempt at Frankfurt. Race, flights and non-refundable hotel all booked so I'd better deliver or the wife will be even less impressed with my athletic abilities. This is year 6 of a 5 year build to a sub 3 - no pressure.....
  • SJ - thanks. I've just spotted a new event two weeks later than the Shakespeare held in Newark (Nottinghamshire that is, not New Jersey!) Not likely to be the same profile as Raceways, but an added bonus is that it's only 1 hour away instead of nearly 3! Need to check the date with Mrs GD first though... Not too long till Frankfurt now - I'm looking forward to your report already!

  • VTR, great miles there. I try and stay round the 180 to 200 a month mark and then ramp it up for specific campaigns. It seems my body doesn't like high mileage for a sustained period so it has taken a bit of experimenting to find out the optimum between how long I can hold high miles for and how long I need those miles to get a result.

  • SJ - when is Frankfurt?

    Abbers - hope you shake off the cough

    BI - well done on your time at altitude

    VTR - machine, hope the core workout helps


    Went into today 13m testing out a 7:10 MP. 1&2 @ 7:25 the rest at 7:08 with avg HR @ 149 it was tough, but the route had 550 ft of climbing and the legs are campaign weary, so I'm not beating myself up. 

    Not sure if anyone heard the piece yesterday on 5 live about the 300 year old fruit cake. They had some specialist on saying basically fruitcake never goes off because the sugar and alcohol preserves it an an 'anaerobic state' an anaerobic fruitcake.... There's a few on here...

  • Well done on the 10k PB BikeIt. I prefer running at night, but all the night races are in the summer in daylight. A night race would be awesome.

    Great mileage GM

    Good mileage too VTrunner and hope the rest fixes you.

    Gul - sorry to hear of your woes too and likewise hope the lower mileage and rest sorts you out.

    Good run PJFizzle.

    10.5 miles XC round local park last night at 11pm in the dark with my head torch on. Very spooky & quiet!

  • Just a quick jump in to see what's happening and get a break from job hunting. Had my first phone interview of the job hunt campaign this morning. It went well but I don't know if I'm through to the next round yet.. It's a job I'd really like too. The waiting is agony! Feeling pessimistic.image

    On Tuesday I had a tough core and weights session at the gym. Yesterday I followed it up with a track session. Just a short one with intervals of (00s) 2,2,4,2,4,2,2 with 200 recs. Could really feel the gym session in the legs and it was a real struggle. Job done I guess.


  • PJF - ha! You're not wrong there... image

    KR - your dedication to the cause continues to impress.

    GD - what line of work are you in? Is it an industry that's currently buoyant? Waiting is definitely the worst part (having gone through the whole redundancy thing myself about a year ago), but you never know until you've heard definitely one way or the other.

    7.5 at lunch with a 4 mile tempo section in the middle. That came out at 26.40, so happy with that and a 6.40 average. Probably won't post again now until I get back from tour, so have a good weekend all, and best of luck if we have any thread racers.

  • Job done indeed GD. Hope you get good job news and remember to stay positive. Repeat after me: "I am a tiger. Gaaarrr!".

    Nice running PJF. Frankfurt is on 25th October. That's a mere 7.5weeks away. With a 3 week taper that's only 4.5 weeks of training left. Aaaaahhhhh. Panic!!!!

    Nah, I'll be fine. It don't faze me none.... (Bit of street talk there for any youths who might be lurking)image Respeck!
  • 7.5 weeks is ages ... I hope!  Seriously, 7.5 weeks out from VLM I was predicting I might run like a twat and then everything came together really well, so there's no need to panic just yet image

  • Fingers crossed GD - hope things sort themselves out soon.

    Ditto for you Gul, albeit with a different emphasis. 

    Wise words from Jools!!!

    Slightly disappointing 8 mile MP run yesterday. Was hoping for 7:10 average, but it was probably 10s / mile slower. Hopefully it's just a reflection of where I am in the campaign at the moment. Followed that up with a hilly 6.5 miles this morning which felt surprisingly good.

  • 7.5 weeks is long enough to train for a mara and knock off War and Peace in the copious downtime isnt it?
  • G-Dawg - Please do try stay positive and keep training and things will work out for sure!.

    Abbers - Jersey marathon is 4 weeks away! Enough time to have a 26.2 mile jaunt around Medoc next week and a few more long runs before then. Not ideal marathon prep but I am up for it mentally, whether the legs take me where I want to go is another story but we'll find out soon. That was a very good run from you and keep at it and I am sure the elusive sub 90 will be yours this year. Enjoy the tour!

    SJ - I am sure your spouse thinks your a Spartan warrior but just doesn't want to let on. I say glory and not death!

    Gul - Soory to hear about your injury woes. Newark as an alternative sounds good.

    KR - Be careful out there! image

    Lorenzo - One thing which I have never really got to grips with is a MP run. How do you gauge yours? The one thing I have struggled with is, I have never been properly prepared for a marathon and when I run 10-13 miles @ say 7-7:15mm it doesn't feel difficult but I know that's because I have lacked endurance and strength when I did my two marathons. Nice to feel so good on the next run though.image

    PJF - Sounds like a very solid run there. Well done!

    OO - Hi! My sister has recently moved to Paris from Brussels so I'll be making a few trips over there in the not too distant future. What's the plan/target for the GNR?

    VTr - Wowzers! That's monster mileage and those SubLT runs are mighty impressive. Hope the abdominal thing is nothing serious as you sound like you could run a very quick time. Which one are you doing?

    Jools - Hi there. How's your campaign coming on? I read with interest that you are thinking of Comrades 2017. Not sure if you have heard of the Jersey Ultra Round the Rock race RTR)? It takes place end of July here and is 48 miles around the cliff paths and coast line. I have never considered doing it myself but I did a 20k trail leg to support a friend this year who did it. It's a challenging course but beautiful and I had the pleasure of seeing and meeting Steve Way AKA Marigold, who did it this year with Paul Martelletti  AKA Marders. They both smashed the previous course record by about 30 mins. I think you would do very well in this race and it would be a good one to try out something different. I thought of Speedy Goth too, as I know she has been doing some other "stuff" of late. This years female winner (another friend of mine) finished in 7:2x which is a very good time but I think you could beat that easily. Anyway it was just something I thought about seen as you mentioned Comrades. image

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Hope the back is feeling better Gul. 


    Return to Geneva tonight and did a catch up 10 miler which felt ok at 7:50 pace. 

    I'd like to to think 1:22 might be possible GM, but I' ll wait a week for predictions.

  • Newark is fairly flat Gul from what I remember of the area. What's the name of the event?

    Think positive G-Dawg, short & sweet track session.

    Nice tempo paced session Abbers, I take it that was before you ate anything image

    7.5 weeks is ages Slokey, especially if yo are getting consistent week in week out training.

    Sometimes MP is tough to knock out Lorenzo, but good to get a good hilly session in.

    I'm sure you;re still holding onto some good form OO52.

    8 miles tonight with 6 @ 6.56 av pace. Been concentrating on more slower running recently so made a change to get a bit speed going.

  • GM  - not terribly scientifically is the simple answer. I run to feel and then see how the run comes out in the end.

    I'd settle for another sub 3:10 (i.e. 7:10 pace) in the November marathon and then use that as a stepping stone for a concerted effort to go sub-3 at VMLM. For this campaign I'm going to experiment with one of the higher level Fitzgerald plans (I think it peaks at around 80 miles) and see if my body can stand it then I'll be more confident about following something similar at a slightly faster pace over the winter.

    From what you've said, if 7:10 feels comfortable for 10-13 miles then it sounds as though it's a question of stepping up the mileage at that pace, or perhaps doing a 20 mile progressive run with the first 10 at (say) 8/8:15 and then the second half is at MP. Have you got a flat marathon planned as well as the Jersey one?

    Just for Gul's benefit (as I think he said he was a big Zola fan), I've just finished Germinal - excellent book and thoroughly enjoyed it. Assuming it was you who recommended it, many thanks!!

  • Morning all!

    Thanks for the positive words and encouragement after my 10k - that's one of the reasons I'm here on this thread as others in day to day life can't understand about why we do this and what the rewards are.

    Coincidence you should mention Marigold's and Marders' jaunt around Jersey GM - I read it a few days ago along with a few other things on Marigold blog about his training plans - it was interesting to see some of his MP sessions and speed session and I am hoping he would make it to Comrades 2016.

    Top-milage from VTR and great to see your subLT performances improving.  It is interesting to hear from someone who has actually followed that training method to see that it do what it says it would.  Take care of that core though please...

    The MP runs of P&D are one of my favorite and dare I say effective training runs.  Good to see them being done by Lorenzo and PJF.  I've one planned for this Sunday morning.

    Lorenzo - I wouldn't be concerned about your MP run.  You did massive volume in the first part of the year and built your strength through all those hill runs.  Your body will remember that and I believe you have the potential to marathon PB later this year off modest training volume, providing you do the fast stuff.  Happened to me in 2012 when I could string together a good Comrades training in the first 5 months of the year then did a 12 week P&D cycle.

    Up at Gul o'clock this morning for 16km/10 miles.  Nice British weather after a late evening storm - puddles in the road, cold and blustery. Nice!

  • PJF - good effort on that 13 miler - not any easy session. Love the anaerobic fruitcake!
    KR - good late night park runimage The Newark event is part of the Newark Castle Festival of Running - first one I think. It's also on a Saturday which suits me.
    GD - all good interview experience even if you don't get the job. Well done on the track session.
    Abbers - nice tempo run.
    Jools - just to run would be goodimage
    Lorenzo - not to fret - that's still a decent pace for the moment. Yes, Germinal is excellent, although it might also have been Ant who recommended it. I remember finishing on an aeroplane and had the weird experience of changing time zone back one hour and finishing it one day although have read some of it the next if you see what I mean!
    Poacher - Not sure if it's long enough to read War and Peace unless you skim read!
    OO - no sense in peaking too soon!
    Bike It - glad to see someone is getting in the early morning runs while I'm on the bench!
    My back is slowly improving again, but tonight I have to move some more furniture this time to decorate my daughter's room - I'll make sure I get some help this time image

  • Gul, feeling for you as you try to predict what you'll still be able to salvage after all the hard work. Glad it's improving and hoping for the best.

    SJ, you'll get it. I have absolute confidence in you!

    So after 3 days off, I tested the waters today on an easy effort. The first miles were symptom free so I ran a bit farther from my starting point and decided an 11M super easy run would be the order of the day. Sadly, in the last 3-4 miles my core was achy again. Not horrible mind you, but sore nonetheless. I have done a fair bit of core exercises the past 2 days so am likely tired down there and was a little bit sore to start. Reported this to the Fizz so we'll see what she thinks I should do from here. I'm still temped to try 7 or 8 tomorrow and then 5-6 Sunday (all easy both days) and see if I'm getting worse, better, or same. Then I'll decide about the race Monday. I'm freaking out inside my head though. All this work and it feels like it might go *poof*. My marathon is in 6 wks so not a lot of wiggle room. If I have to bag it my plan B would be to take a few weeks to heal, then reup and roll all this work into my training for Boston in the spring. I hate this part of the sport!

  • VT - a tough one, what's the physio recommending, is it the type of thing that is likely to go away without decent rest?

    Gul - no nonsense! Take it easy

    BI - agree the MP run was / is rewarding, it really helped me settle on what I think will be a realistic pace and strategy for the day

    Lorenzo - last 21 miler for me this weekend and I'm following your progressive run tact, plan is with the last 4 - 6 @ 7:10.

    KR - good speed!

    OO - 1.22 sounds great, go for it

    GM - you are lucky being able to run in such a beautiful place every day, you make running sound like it should do.... Free!

    SJ - you can pull it out the bag 7.5 weeks is nearly 50 runs!

    Would you believe it.... Berlin posted race numbers tonight and I got my lucky number, 12767  Yassssss! They also have an althete tracker app, good innovation, I've not come across that before.

    Friday is v02 max day at the track and it was a good day, 1600 warm up, 10 x 800 repeats with 400 recoveries and a 1600 cool down. Got HR to 182 and the 800s were similar to last week @ 2:47 avg.


  • Good stuff PFJ - and what are the chances of getting your lucky number drawn out eh?image

    VTr - good luck but be careful you don't test yourself to destruction.

    Gul - decorating with a bad back!! Can't you get a pass for a week?

    Enforced day off yesterday running my youngest lad back to uni - 8 hrs in the car image

    Early swim in Windermere for a couple of hours this morning (smidge under 4miles) at a nice easy pace - looking good for the big swim next Saturday. Hard run planned for later followed by some easy time on the turbo if I can find the time.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    hope last eve's furniture hefting wasn't  too onerous, Gul . . . . .
    fingers x'd, VTr - keep calm (not easy, I know) 
    Friz - most have a single digit "lucky number"  - time you bought a lottery ticket image

    Well, after a low-key August (154 miles), back in the old routine today with 20 bagged in the company of a few pals. Just a sedate social run, but good to have it in the log.   Better was happy call from my daughter who finally went sub-20 at parkrun with a 19:51 

  • Well that hurt

    9 miles consisting of 1 mile easy, a 5K in 20min, 1 mile easy, another 5K in 19:10, a jog to cool down. Don't think I'll bother with the bike later....

    Congrats to Birchette! My 12 year old seems to be taking it up a notch after she entered the Frankfurt mini-marathon and has run for 10-12minutes every night this week after school. I really hope she takes it on - so much joy to be had.
  • Just checked the website Gul and see the race is full. Wonder how many runners they have got.SOmetimes these races start off with low race numbers in their inaugural race. Pictures look nice.

    Testing times VTrunner, the core exercises might have be affecting your running. Hopefully it will ease and you can run tomorrow ok.

    A good track session there PJFrizzle with those short recoveries and a fast average time too. Looks like the training is working.

    Slokey, 4 miles is an epic distance to swim! I couldn't make 400m. Good luck to your kid in the Frankfurt mini-marathon too.

    Nice 20 miler in the bag there Birch, goos to see the endurance is still there. Brilliant Parkrun from Birchette.

    15 miles this morning with a 21.22 Parkrun in the middle. Wasn't planning that pace (7min mile I think) as I have a 10 mile race in the morning and got carried away. Felt ok though.

  • That was a warm-up swim for a length of Windermere swim next week KR, plus an extra mile down the river at the end to finish at a pub - should be about 12miles total so there had better be a beer waiting for me...

    Good luck in your 10miler. What's your target time?

    Birch - Great to hear your daughter ran sub 20 in the parkrun. That's quality running! image Good to see you back to normal too, hopefully the low key August might benefit you in the long term.

    SJ - That's a tough session there and you nailed it! Hard to comprehend swimming that far but then I guess it's all relative when you think about it really but fair play to you!

    KR - Good look tomorrow, hope the legs are not too tired after all your running of late.

    Vtr - Fingers crossed you're gonna be ok!

    PJF - Quality session. You've got some speed for sure!

    Lorenzo - I know you were experimenting with the whole run to feel thing in the past year or so but I was just curious to see what you did re MP runs. I am a total novice when it comes to marathons, done two and both were poor and both badly disrupted campaigns by injury, I decided the other day that it's been two years since I did my 2 marathons and fear of missing out "FOMO" got the better of me. I am doing Medoc marathon next week as a fun thing and hopefully I'll be able to give an honest account of myself in Jersey mara but I haven't looked further ahead than that for now. I would like to do a few more races off Island next year and will cherry pick some events in various distances. Exciting times ahead, can't wait as I love the buzz of a big event, sadly we lack that here.

    Gul - You're sure kept busy there and lugging furniture around pre marathon is not ideal.

  • Congrats to Birchette for her sub-20; a nice symmetry with the 20 miler from Dad!

    Hope the race tomorrow goes well KR, and that you haven't burnt too many candles today.

    Gul - hope your back is feeling a bit better.

    GM - I'm still doing pretty much all my runs without a Garmin (except for the interval sessions) and running to feel then seeing what comes out in the end. I think I'm more relaxed when running as a result as I found it difficult to resist the temptation to keep looking down and seeing what pace I was doing.

    Today's run was up and around Box Hill - a route I've done on a number of occasions but crazy dude that I am, I decided to do it in the opposite direction. Aim was easy(ish) for the majority of the run, then pick up the pace in the last 20 minutes which unfortunately included a 1 in 5 hill. The run was logged as 16.5 miles, but I suspect that my phone measured it a bit long - in any case, I was pleased as to how it had come out. 

  • Up at Gul o'clock again for 25km with 13km at MP.  That's about 15mi with 8mi in imperial. Felt difficult at the start of the MP section, easy in the middle and fine in the end, although I was happy to hear the Garmin buzz of the final km.  Overall comfortable, but I'm not sure how far I can get at that pace at the moment - certainly over 20km, but probably not to 30km - that will come with more training. All done at 4:45 per km which I am taking as PMP for now - would give me a marathon in around 3:20, which I'll take for now.

  • 22 miles in just under 3 hours (by which I mean 2.59.58). Not the easiest of routes so pace not a concern. 70 for the week. 7 weeks to go!
  • 2hrs on the fells with the pooch for me this morning. Lots of climbing and slow going (only 10miles covered but) but worth a fair bit more in training load. Glorious day.
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