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  • Fellas, nice interval and LT work! Getting it done. 

    SJ, like the sounds of that new machine of yours. I don't particularly like to bike, but you make it sound pretty fun on that bike.

    GM, really fast 5K. Well done and happy for you to have a such a nice race. You'll get the 5 seconds and then some next time around!

    The easy miles continue here. 9 today w/out issue. More core work tonight. Can already tell I'm much stronger after just a week of this. Still some lingering tightness/soreness directly post run and during the core work. From previous injury down there, I think this is OK and part of the process to recovery (hopefully).


  • Impressive reps sessions being recorded from both SJ and Abbers. I think I'd struggle to get close to that pace at the moment.

    Glad to hear things are looking up VTr.

    Sounds as though you dug in deep there GM - 19:04 on an undulating course and in windy conditions is pretty good going, so you must be pleased with that.

    Rest day yesterday (or as much of a rest as I could manage with having to get up at 5.30 to head up to Milton Keynes!) and then just shy of 10 miles this morning. Aim was 4 easy followed by 6 at MP. Not sure of the exact splits, but average pace was a shade over 7:30 so not too unhappy.

  • Enjoy that bike Slokey - it sounds lovely. 

    I like the sound of that 5km GM - seems like you had good fun.  

    It is good to see others getting in their speedwork - P&D has given me the week off that.image

    Plodding on here - legs grumbling after last week's 10km and MP run. A pleasant 13km on dirt road yesterday and 9km recovery on tar by the dam today.  I learnt it is inadvisable to run strides on a dirt road as it gets a bit slippy under the acceleration at the start.

  • Well done on the 5k race & time GM. That sounds a tough race with the wind & hills. I'm sure without the winds you would have dipped under 19 minutes.

    Nice LT session there PJFrizzle

    Sounds like you are getting back on track VTrunner

    Club run last night and a relaxed run along the canal. 10 miles in total with the run from home to the Club & back.

  • GM - super 5k time over a tough-sounding course.

    PJF - good LT session there.

    VTR - impressive dedication to the strengthening.

    Lorenzo - 10 miles with 6 at MP is never an easy session. The joys of MK!

    BI - good lesson to learn! Firm surfaces for quicker sessions.

    KR - double figure runs are never to be sniffed at. Are you confident ahead of the Equinox?

    An easy 6 for me today, and hope to back that up with a bit of time sat in the garage tonight.

  • Did 13 at lunch in 1:38 to back up the 1:40 paced half on Sunday. Looking at Garmin connect, I have only run over 13 twice since March's marathon before these two runs. I have done a regular "long" run but long has been double figures and round 11 or 12. Need to get the long run being a real long run soon.

  • That's the one PMJ.
  • Although there were only 14 teams of two so "by storm" is probably stretching it a bit.

    Amazing event though.
  • Lorenzo, 7:30 off of 4 easy and 6 fast sounds very quick to me on the 6. I'm betting well south of 7 m/m.

    PMJ, your body must be in perfect harmony and healthy right now. Considering you are very fit you are in a great place.

    BI, seems you got last week right if you are needing the rest week when it actually is the rest week. 

    Abbers, my recent dedication to core work is shallow and weak.image It comes out of pure terror and desperation. I'm throwing all into the fire to keep my marathon attempt intact.

    Another 7 easy today and legs feeling fresh after this spell of no quality or super long runs. My last subLT was the Monday before last so my injury-induced downtime coincided beautifully with my normal cut back. If not hurt I would have raced this past Monday. Or if I was just normally training would throw a subLT back in tomorrow. Am fretting whether to try or not. Option A: I do it full on (13 w/10 fast) or a mini verstion (13 w/5-7 fast). Option B I just do 12-13 easy to get my time on feet w/out tweaking core up more. Plan regardless of A or B would be to try a 16-18 miler easy Saturday to get my LR back in. Probably the safe move is to do easy miles and not tempt fate. But in my head I'm already anxious about losing MP fitness (which I know is ridiculous; the break from hard stuff  while maintaining easy miles is probably good for me).

    I have next week and the week after for full training (this 2nd week is my final 20 miler) and then 3 wks of taper after that. Certainly I must have most of the hay in the barn already and reducing overall training volume, even for a few weeks, shouldn't be a big deal.image 

    OK, nervous rant over.image

  • VTrunner wrote (see)
    Certainly I must have most of the hay in the barn already and reducing overall training volume, even for a few weeks, shouldn't be a big deal.image 


    Are we moving away from baking analogies to farming analogies? How does that work with the run or die motto?

  • Cake mostly done but in risk of getting stale?

    On race day will run or die!image

  • Do you have an autumn race target PMJ?

    I would be inclined to take the cautious option at the moment VTR, especially with a long run coming up at the weekend; no point blowing all the hard work now by trying to force the issue.

    And on that note, feeling generally grotty with the cough lingering and other cold-type symptoms, so after a 40 min turbo last night I decided to bin my planned tempo run for today and did an easy 6 instead. Would have been counter-productive to push it more than that.

  • Tonight's fun consisted of 2 easy, 4@HMP, 2 easy. Done.
  • 11m tonight 9 @ sub MP a testing run, HR was up there, haven't quite reconciled myself with the full taper concept, still driving at quality this week albeit cut the mileage  by c20%.

    nice run Slokey.

    sensible move Abbers aka Turboman.

    VTR U r an anaerobic fruitcake, all the goodness had been preserved, no panic.

    PMJ others have said it you are well in control at that MLR distance.


  • Abbers wrote (see)

    Do you have an autumn race target PMJ?

    No big targets: everything leads to London. Idea is to try a few longer races in the autumn so Tadley 10 mile race 18th October and St Neots Half on Nov 15th and build up the long run.  I will try and increase by 1 mile a week so 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 so 7 weeks or maybe a couple more and hit that first 20 mid December and get 2 20s in before the end of the year. Normally I try for just one but want to race Bramley 20 (pseudo race actually, but the club V50 record is 2:19:20 so plenty of slack in that).

  • VTRunner, I'm sure you have banked some good training. I guess there reaches a point where there won't be too many gains from the training? Makes you wonder which last run is the one that makes a difference? My guess would be a sum of ALL the training though.

    Probably a good choice there Abbers to swap for an easier run

    Good MP run there PJFrizzle.

    Sounds like you have been the baking the long runs on a low heat PMJimage Good plan of attack with the weekly increase. Before you know it you'll be knocking out a 20 miler.

    8 mile tempo run tonight in av 6.55 pace. First 2 miles steady, then 4 miles faster @ 6.30 pace. Then a slow 1 mile warm down for 9 in total for the night.

  • Lots of quality again on the thread. Nice sessions for PJF, SJ, and KR.

    Abbers, hope you are feeling better soon. That cold has hung on stronglyimage

    I appreciate the comments regarding my predicament. Abbers, I was heeding your advice for the first 6 miles, but felt so good I impulsively decided to do the final 7 at subLT. Was surprised at how strong I felt and easy it was to shift back to that speed after 1.5 wks of slow stuff only (and feeling like I couldn't get out of that gear). The fast miles were mostly good but definitely started feeling some tightness in last couple. Don't think I did any major damage though. Saw the Fizz a few hrs later and realized I was doing my core work wrong (actually tweaking things!!image). So think I've got that worked out now. This Fizz was different from last one and she is more cautious thinking I may be 50/50 to actually make the race. The next 2 weeks are critical to survive. If I make it through them I will likely be OK tapering down to race day. Like you say KR, I think it takes several weeks for gain the benefits of a workout so hay really is in the barn then and you just need to keep sharp with shorter quality workouts. Right now I'm still able to run (the slower stuff seems OK but fast is dangerous) and am in great shape. So am torn as to whether I should push for the marathon or simply pull the plug, do a month of easy running, and pick back up later (keeping the earned fitness) and just focus on Boston in the spring. I don't know. Think I'll just take it run by run and see what happens. 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Greetings from sunnt Rome. Had a quick morning jog yesterday but got lost for 2 hours and ended up running 9 miles and walking more image

  • That sounds a bit interesting, OO.  My sense of direction is awful: I turned something like 16M into 20+ in London once...

    Mini-taper ahead of Bristol begins (after 6+4 on Monday, 9 with 3 x 1.25M on Tuesday, 13M on Wednesday and 14M yesterday): 1 rest day (today) and 5M with strides tomorrow.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    worse still all my colleages waiting on the bus and local HR contacting hospitals in case I was injured...I became quite famous. I wish I could plan my training as well as you !

  • Blimey you are a late poster VTrunner! Sounds like the slower stuff is the key to get you to the start line and maybe throw in the odd spurt of the faster stuff. It's difficult to give advice on this as it's more on how you feel with it. A fine line I guess.

    Good luck for Sunday Jools.

    At least you got to do a bit of sightseeing 0052!

  • It a difficult predicament VTR - personally I would always try to be at the start line of the marathon, although there has been a lot of DNS for me.  I'd try to keep going on reduced volume or intensity - certainly I would cut intensity first.

    At least Rome is a very pleasant place OO.

    Amazing sweet fragrance filled the air on last night's MLR.  It was absolutely beautiful and I've never experienced anything like it. (my legs are still grumbling thought).  I entered Comrades this morning for 380 Rand as opposed to the 2400 Rand for a foreigner - I am now listed as an RSA runner.image

    I was going to go for a recovery run this lunchtime, but we had a protest that turned into a riot (one death)  in town so I went to get the kids from school by bike - normally my wife would do it but she was stuck the other side of it.  I figured I'm much more maneuverable than in a car if I come across the trouble - so each kid came home one-by-one on my crossbar.  Only in Africa

  • OO, stateside we'd call that an adventure runimage

    BI, a unique run! And a unique place you live (stay safe!!) too.

    BI and KR, thanks for weighing in. I kind of feel like a bipolar yo-yo right now.imageSurprisingly after my trip to the Fizz yesterday everything just felt good in my trouble area. She put some kinesio tape on and am wondering if that helped? Either way had a pain free and beautiful run (8M) here this morning. Fall is in the air and the leaves are beginning to turn. Will try my long run (easy pace) tomorrow to see where I'm at. Maybe it wasn't a bad gamble to do some fast stuff yesterday after all. And BI, I agree, I most likely will toe the line if at all possible. Even if a best PR isn't on deck, I should be able to beat my current PR so would still be a nice milestone. Plus I do need a stopping point soon as I've put lots of miles on the past 6 months and a marathon stops us all for a little while at least.image

    KR, I live in the states so my late posts aren't really that late.image

  • Crikey BI - sounds scary. Good news on being registered as a plastic South African!

    Hope you're not still wandering round Rome OO.

    Pleasant 5 miles along the River Ouse yesterday morning as I was up in York; a lovely place to spend my 21st weeding anniversary, especially as we were married about 10 miles away. Unfortunately I was up there for an internal conference so had to "celebrate" with 100+ work colleagues. image

    Tough but pleasing run this morning - 20 mins warm up followed by 2 x 15 mins at EHMP (estimated half marathon pace) with 60s recovery in between followed by about 15 minutes cool down. Ended up with 8.4 miles at 7:24 pace so assuming I was able to keep the brakes on the easy parts and run at no faster than 8:00 pace, then I'm happy with that.

    On an unrelated topic, has anyone got a Fitbit or have any experience / knowledge of them. Are they useful / helpful or just a gimmick?

    Easy run through the woods planned for tomorrow morning.

  • Big swim time!

    Length of Windermere begins at 9ish.

    If you don't hear from me again, it hasn't gone wellimage
  • Good luck, Slokey!
  • Hope SJ is still keeping his head above water. Sounds like a very unpleasant way to spend a few hours!

    Just read my last post again and for clarification, Thursday was my wedding rather than weeding anniversary! I don't enjoy gardening that much. image

    A tad under 7 miles easy for me this morning - a bit overcast but a pleasant start to the day.

  • Bike it - well done for entering comrades again image

    VTR- too much core work maybe isn't helping ? just try to make that start line now keeping the easy running going and drop anything else as needed, the cake is in the barn !  image

    Lorenzo-Happy weeding /wedding double anniversary image

    Slokey - swim or die I guess ! image

    Mostly walking and some leg strength training here too tired for gym this week image


  • Just popping in to wish Slokey well with his swim, Jools at Bristol tomorrow, and any other weekend racers.

    Cold came on seriously on Thursday night, I was streaming all day yesterday and improving now, but still groggy. Hopefully will feel well enough for something easy again tomorrow, as was hoping for a 14/15 miler this weekend, but not sure that will happen now.

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