Sub 3h15



  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    21 here this morn - very soggy !  meant to accompany pal on her last long run before Mablethorpe (in 3 weeks), but she cried off sick, so ran 1st 10.5 mile  lap of the 2 lap route with other pal, then ignored the siren voices and did a solo 2nd lap.  

    Enjoy the weekend, all  . . . .

  • 11.4 miles

    6hr 27min

    Feel a bit squiffy
  • Epic Slokey. I hope you had great fun doing what few others have done or could do. Amazing

    26km with 16km at MP (16miles with 10 at MP) here
  • Good luck to anyone racing today.

    I'm home for a few weeks, debating whether the running mojo really has gone for good. But after epic rain yesterday it is just SO beautiful in the Peak District today that I've come down to Ashbourne for the HM. It's a pretty tough one. Aim is to bimble round and enjoy the view rather than look at the watch. 1030 start. Better get ready I suppose.
  • Well done, Slokey.

    Race of 2 unequal halves for me today: first 8 or 9 miles were at the fast end of marathon pace - 6.20s - and felt great. Last 4 or 5 I felt fecking awful and died a death, crawling home in just over 1.24. I had opted for marathon pace not half marathon pace but still not the best day at the office... I had felt below par the last couple of days and been stressed but I'm not sure there's any particular reason for the result. I guess we just all have the odd off day!
  • Whoops, hadn't spotted SJs truly epic performance. Huge chapeau sir. What does one think about when swimming for that long? 6 1/2 hrs equates to running a 40-45m ultra.  But wetter.

    Joolska 1.24 when feeling off colour ain't so bad 

    A very slow run round Ashbourne - a beautiful course, but it feels like there's no flat ground at all for the first 7.5m.  Score on the door 1.43.15, nothing special but the body stayed together. Winning time was about 1.20. Reminded me what a good distance the HM is - a decent workout but doesn't take forever.

  • Awesome achievement Slokey

    Still a great time Jools even though the last miles were tough. Is it ever easy?

    Good time of 18.33 for my park run yesterday and 5th overall. Thought I'd do well in my 45-50 age group but was actually 3rd! 2nd place was a 50-55 age. Some fast older runners out there these days.
  • PMJ - Pacey 13 

    PJF - Good MP running

    VT - Glad to read you felt good and ran a good 8 miler

    Lor - Nice HM pace run 

    Abbers - Get well soon

    Birch - Nice LR banked

     SJ - Excellent ultra swimming performance! 

    BI - Good MP mileage 

    Jools - 1.24 is great when your not at your bes 

    KR - Great Parkrunning

    I haven't had much chance to post recently as a colleague in work is off after a bike accident and I'm doing his duties. He's lucky to be alive after a van pulled out and he went from 40 mph to 0 in a blink of an eye. He's got a broken leg, 2 broken wrists, 2 broken arms and 4 broken ribs and needs an operation on his eye. Ouch! 

    I ran the Mary Anderson Foundation Colour Marathon this morning just 3 weeks after a 2:58 at the Donegal Marathon. I also managed a 62 mile week in the middle of these two including a new Parkrun PB of 18:03 last weekend.

    Today's race went well with a goal of running 6:40 pace for as long as possible and then easing up a bit over the last 6 miles for a comfortable sub 3. The weather was perfect but the course was pretty hilly. 6:40 pace felt comfortable throughout although a few hills slowed me up a bit.

    I never really pushed  close to 100% until near the end when I caught another running and we raced the last two miles. He was a bit strange as I caught him running 6:50 pace then he tucked in behind me when I overtook him. He caught my heals twice and I had to ask him to be careful the second time. He then ran at my shoulder and his arm must have hit the back of mine about 5 times. Grrr.

    I ran the last two miles at 6:28 pace but with a half a mile to go he floored it and must have run sub 6 pace as he pulled away quickly. He finished a good 30 seconds ahead despite me running the last 0.2 miles at 6:08 pace. All this time he had another guy running with him without a number pouring water over him and giving encouragement.    

    Anyway, he certainly helped me finish strong and I ended up running about 2:55. I had to do a soft reset of my Garmin at the start and missed a bit, so won't know my time until the results are out.

    I think I've dispelled the myth of needing 1 days rest for every mile raced after my Parkrun PB (13 days post marathon) and comfortable 2:55 marathon today. That's my third fastest marathon out of nearly 20 and probably the easiest sub 3 yet. At no point did I feel it was hard and had no negative thoughts at all. The last few miles felt more like a hard run half marathon than a full.

    Next up is a my local 10k in a fortnight before the Monaghan Marathon the following week. I'll be aiming for another sub 3 in Monaghan and then another 3 weeks after that in Dublin! 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Awesome running as usual Badbark- you seem more restrained than I would have been with that stupid g*t crowding you.

    You too Joolska- that's not bad at all. I had a similar off day with 1:23:08 at the GNR. It was an OK time but I never really felt I was strong and flowing. I managed to see Speedy and Minni at the start and had Jimbob (some of you may know from other threads) staying with me for the weekend. Anyay needless to say a very nice day out in the sunny North East.

    But the really big news was junior OO. Running her first GNR and 2nd 1/2M managed to clock 1:24:53 just a couple of weeks after her 18th birthday, and was 9th lady in the mass race. I can't tell you how proud I was and it added the icing on the cake to a great day out.


  • OO- you must be proud a real future star on your hands

    SJ - that swim is beast material, can fathom what it must have been like

    BB - eventful finish to your race and another great time, walk in the park this marathon malarkey

    KR - strong park run and podium finish

    Jools - still a very good time under the circumstances in the HM

    BI - you like those MP runs! Well done

    Poacher - maybe the enjoyment will get your mojo back

    Abbers - you'll be back on it soon

    5m recovery yesterday an 17 today with last 5 @ sub MP, wasn't supposed to be that so need to calm it down this week before race week But I hate tapering! 


  • Wow OO - 1:24 is good going but I'm afraid that you were eclipsed by junior OO. Sub 1:25 when she's only just turned 18 is pretty impressive. Won't be long before she has bragging rights in the OO household.

    Great going from you Madbark - churning out another sub-3 as if it were a stroll in the park.

    Don't be too down Jools - sounds as though you weren't 100% and that's still a great time. Make sure you have a rest and give your body time to recover.

    Poacher - glad the mojo has returned. What's up next for you?

    SJ - just bonkers. Nuff said.

    5 mile local trail race for me yesterday. Good fun and a decent turnout meant that the club took the team honours on the day. My performance as an old(ish) fogie was overshadowed by younger Lorenzito who came 4th overall and 1st scorer for the club.

    First trip out this autumn for the head torch - 9.5 easy paced miles this morning with a few hill sprints to get the week off to a good start.

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Great result for junior, OO - many congrats image   - & none too shabby yourself  . . .

    more top work from Badbark - & fine restraint displayed . . . .

    rest y'day for me after Satdy 21 - knee quite sore, so no point doing 3 or 4 miles for the sake of a bigger diary total.  Nice round 50 for the week in 5 sessions.

  • Well done Poacher. Did that keep the fires burning?

    Still a good time Jools.

    Excellent parkrun podiuming KR image

    You are in excellent shape BB! Very well done. I think your biggest challenge will be knowing when to ease off for some downtime.

    Big congrats to OOjunior. That is very impressive and she'll be a star of the future.

    Looks like LorenzitoJR is also developing extremely well. Proud sets of parents!
  • Windermere Swim report (no running involved I'm afraid)

    Original plan had been to go from the north to the south with a river section finish by the pub (can you guess why I pushed for that route?). Unfortunately the weather was pretty poor with a lot of rain and more importantly a brisk southerly wind which was whipping up a fair bit of chop on the exposed parts of the lake so we made the call the night before to head northwards and finish at Ambleside.

    Set off just after 9am from Fell Foot park in the cold rain. 3 swimmers, 3 support boats.

    Quite uneventful really. I agreed with my support boat to stop me every 35mins (as long as it was safe to stop) for food and we set off hugging the western shore.

    Started to feel quite cold after about an hour and had a moment of doubt. The water temperature had dropped a couple of degrees in the past week due to the heavy rain and the lake had filled up with this colder water. I started to feel cold and was trying to balance out my body temperature with with workrate required to stay warm vs distance still to go and energy levels. Quite a tricky balance. Picked up the pace until I felt just warm enough and tried to stick at that pace.

    At this pace, I dropped my 2 companions and soon built up a sizeable gap.

    Got a bit lively going past the car ferry, the steamers and the passenger ferries around the middle of the section and got thrown about a bit in the wake of the bigger boats.

    Once past Bowness it had really settled down and the water was a bit calmer and trucked on feeling good. Arms were a bit stiff bit kept tweaking my hand entry, stroke rate and length to not overwork anything too much.

    Stopped again for a quick swig of a drink and I had 9.7miles on the clock. I was under the impression that the lake was 10.5miles long so I said we'd go right to he finish and though to myself that a sub 6 was on the cards if I pushed it a bit. Off we go. Immediately hit a patch with motor boats buzzing around with wake boarders - up and down, up and down, up and down - starting to feel sick. Push on harder to get though it - big open area now and the wind is up again and the waves are keeping the sea sickness ticking over rather unpleasantly.

    Kept at it and then realised I must be well past the 10.5 mile point now and the cluster of buildings I'm aiming for don't seem to be getting any nearer.

    Turns out the route was 11.4miles. Started to run out of steam a bit. The last 30minutes of hard surging mixed with the drop in fuel level wiped me out a bit and switched attention to keeping hold of my stomach contents as I cruised in to the beach at the end.

    6hrs 27min.

    One of the other guys was pulled out at 8miles by his support boat due to hypothermia. The other chap came in just after 8hrs (and was shivering for quite a while afterwards).

    Great day out. Would have been more fun in better weather though! The previous weekend was sunny, calm and like a mill pond - tssk

    No damage done, shoulders are a bit tight and hands have been sore but otherwise feel ok.

    I did defer yesterday's long run to today though.
  • As for what did I think about for 6hrs facing the bottom of a lake and getting glimpses of a tree lined coastline. Not much. Other than thinking about time to go, form corrections, how warm am I. Quite mentally relaxing really.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    I'm awestruck, Slokey !! What an effort - big admiration from me !!  --  and how far is today's run?  

  • Couple of hours Birch - maybe 15miles. Nice and steady (I'm nursing a bit of a tender ankle at the minute so nothing fast until Wednesday).
  • That is just incredible Slokey, I genuinely don't know how you managed that? Top kudos to you for achieving that!

  • Good genes in the OO and Lorenzo households! Very impressive performances.

    Unfathomable swimming endurance there Slokey. Great achievement.

    A casual sub-3 from BB; you're getting to the stage where you can do those in your sleep. Very impressive.

    Nice parkrun from KR, long run from Birch, and what still looks like a solid HM time in Bristol for Jools, even though you're disappointed with the ultimate result. Good session noted from BI too. Apologies to anyone I've missed.

    Felt much better by last night, so although the proper long run got binned, I went out for 8 yesterday evening, and then another easy 6 at lunch today. Should be back to usual now.

  • Performances by Jools and OO may be a tiny bit under-par by your performance standard, but much better than anything I will ever do.  It's all relative to what you have done before and what training you have put in.  Personally I think they are great results.

    Good read your report Badbark and it sounds like you are continuously improving if this is the 'easiest sub-3 to date'.  Good to see you racing in the final stages as well and (literally) battling with other competitors.

    Once again awestruck by your achievement Slokey - reading your report puts this amazing endeavor into perspective. 

    The rest of us did well too with various strong training/parkrun noted.


  • SJ - Excellent report and well done again!

    I found out that I finished the Mary Anderson Marathon in 2:55:08 and was 5th place overall. I'm really happy with this and even happier to know that I wasn't racing for a podium place. It was £200 for third and I would have been well cheesed off if my rival would have got it. Teehee image

    It look's like I'm going to be on the Marathon Talk Jabra podium again. image

  • Lots of good runs and swim going on.

    Quiet weekend for me which was spent in Bath celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Danced with this lot which made my dress sense look quite normal.


  • Apologies didn't get to post properly earlier.

    Badbark, I think you are running yourself fit and your endurance and recovery rate are increasing. Another brilliant achievement and another sub 3 - very jealous. It won;t be long before you're sub 18 on the park run.

    Brilliant GNR there 0052 and a very swift time nonetheless. Congratulations to junior 00 on what is shaping up to be a good running career. A brilliant time for her age. When's her marathon debutimage

    A solid 17 miler with the late MP miles PJFrizzle. Careful you keep a cap on that excess faster stuff before your race and don't leave a potential good race time on a training run.

    Well done on the 5 mile trail run result Lorenzo especially Lorenzo jnr.

    Nice long run and weekly mileage Birch.

  • Some excellent running this w/e, esp. by the jnrs, and some interesting period dancing too. But SJs swim is simply monster, monster. Can't imagine how you do that kind of thing but huge respect.

  • Happy Anniversary Lorenzo! And congrats to you and your son! He seems to be very talented!

    SJ, had to read that time in the water twice. Wow. And then the report. You are legitimate!

    Leslie, like the cake in the barn (literally laughed out loud)image Keep at the rehab/recovery work.

    Abbers, take care with that cold. It's been hanging on for a while now, right? Glad to hear you are turning the corner.

    Nice LR there Birch. Feeling better these days? Also, nice restraint in resisting the log padding run. I need to work on this when my body grumbles. Hope the knee is better soon.

    BI, great LR w/MP miles!

    Jools, pretty impressive time for an off day.

    Poacher, nice job holding up and enjoying a more relaxing HM.

    KR, very speedy 5K (especially considering your current volume).

    BB, you make it seem so easy! Really fun to read your reports. And think what your pace may have been if you did recover a day per mile raced!image Seriously, not sure how your body tolerates all this, but I'm very envious!

    OO, congrats to you and to Jr. She's got serious talent (just like her old man!).

    PJF, are you running a marathon next week? Easy boy!!

    PMJ, congrats on the anniversary. Very fancy event!

    Pretty impressive week from our thread!!

    I'm still hanging tough. Saturday was a so-so run. 21M easy paced LR (first 12 felt fine, but core tight for last half...but not progressively worse...just steady and manageable). Great energy on the run, but tweaky. Took Sunday off (70 m for the week...oops). Today did 14 w/10 at 6:45 m/m. No pain, no tightness on the fast stuff (and felt tireless). Just barely started to get tight in last of 3 cool down miles. Saw Fizz after and we think this was a very positive result. And rest might be the key to finish up. So will adjust remaining schedule accordingly (taking a day off before remaining subLT and LR sessions). Just need to finish the next 2 weeks and then taper time so fingers crossed I continue to improve (and keep the cake in the barn!).




  • Pleased to see lots of good training and racing going on. Very impressive by SJ and OO jnr. Sounds positive VTr. Just popped in to say that I finally got off the bench and did a few easy miles yesterday and today at super-plod pace and all seems well. 

  • Great news Gul, wondered where you had been image

  • Thanks, Leslie. How are you getting on now? I'm still in the process of my decorating marathon, although fortunately it shouldn't involve any more furniture lifting image Just endless undercoating and glossing of doors and architraving image

  • You deserve a metal for that mara Gul image I'm mostly walking these days while slowly trying to build big quads ,Physio on friday again so will see if i'm doing it right or not (usually not as i'm about as flexible as a house brick) image

    Hoping for to start very easy running in November but I've had a few deadlines moved back already ...I expect it will be a bit more start/stop this time .

    PMJ-happy anniversary that's a long stretch alright !

  • Happy anniversary PMJ! Is that one of those Austen themed events?

    That's goood news for Gul and VTr. Hope Leslie is not going too mental on the bench.

    My ankle is still sore image 10miler last night which was 4 shorter than planned as a precaution and I've been icing and foam rollering / stretching today. Seems working the quads is having the most positive impact on my ankle - who'd a thunk it? Rest day again today.
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