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  • SlokeyJoe wrote (see)
    Happy anniversary PMJ! Is that one of those Austen themed events?

    Yep, Jane Austen Festival in Bath. A whole week of themed events so a ball on the first weekend and then another next weekend. Luckily my sentence was only for one weekend.

  • I will endeavour to not mention that to my wife PMJ. Otherwise she'd have me trussed up in a monkey suit too.
  • Leslie - hang on in there. Patience will pay off in the end.
    SJ - hope the ankle isn't too sore today.
    PMJ - fortunately, my wife wants to go on a walking holiday in the Alps for our silver wedding (about 2.5 years to go yet!)
    6 steady miles for me this morning image

  • PMJ - congrats on the anniversary. While not my cup of high tea, always interesting to experience different cultural events!

    SJ - is the ankle problem related to the weekend swim, or something else?

    Leslie - rehab is frustrating, but needs must. Hopefully you'll be back on the road in November, and stronger as a consequence of the work you're doing now.

    Gul - good to see you back to it.

    Aborted interval session yesterday, was meant to be 3 or 4 x 1 mile, but did 1 in 6:18, struggled, and sacked the rest of the session. Felt rubbish, so jogged round the rest of the 6 miles. Easy run today, although could well get monumentally wet if the forecast is to be believed, and then hopefully a bit of turbo this evening.

  • Hallo folks, not long back from Bordeaux after doing the Medoc marathon. It was one of the most fun things I have ever experienced. The atmosphere was amazing, the crowd support was unreal, the wine was beautiful, the steak, oysters, cheese and cake durinig the race was very welcome. I won't write a proper race report as it wasn't a race as such. There were 13 of us who did it and all 13, 7 guys and 6 girls dressed up as runaway brides. The reaction from the French crowd was great, being romantics they loved the whole runaway bride thing. I even managed to get 3 snogs along the route from some very nice French ladies, one of whom said she would marry me, but my repsonse was, but mon cherie I cannot (in a trerrible french accent accent) as I have just got married and then quickly ran away. The scenery on the course was astounding, the chateaus are just exquisite, every one of them as beautiful as the one before. The whole w/end was a blast, although getting completly hammered the night before running 26.2 miles was probably not the wisest thing to do, luckily I did not have to run fast and there were stops with drinks and food every 2/3 or so. Time on feet was 4hrs:13mins with about 3:30 of running and the rest for stops, banter & refreshments etc. Attached a photo and one other runaway bride. I would highly recommend this event and I will defo be going back again in the not so distant future. image



  • Looks like a nice event GM but one of you looks much better in the outfit than the other.

    Today's forecast is not improving so got my run in first thing this morning. 13 miles just inside 1:40 so under 7:40 pace. Last few months have been 40 to 45 miles a week over 6 runs but very even so 6, 7 or 8 miles per run. Plan is to start to introduce a few longer ones and compensate with a few more short recoveries, so same volume but more specific running.

    I turn 50 tomorrow so all my V40 running is now done. As a V40, a 2:44 marathon is WAVA 78% but by the time you hit 50 it is 2:59: a full 15 minutes slower! It will be nice to jog round Wycombe Rye parkrun and come first in my age category and not come second to young V45 legs.

  • Training mistake here.  Tried to run one of P&D lactate sessions in 29C heat.  When I stepped out of the door I knew I'd likely be in trouble. 6km 'warm up' was pleasant and then started the session.  The first km came out OK, the second one hard, the next very hard then had to stop, after a 90s I managed to get going again, the next km being on pace then the next very hard.  Another rest and could only do another km at something much slower than target pace.  Death march back to the office.

  • Oof, sounds tough going BI.

    Happy Birthday for tomorrow PMJ! 25 year anniversary and a landmark birthday in quick succession. Excellent.

    That looks like great fun GM image

    Are you coming down with something Abbers? The sore ankle is still sore and has been getting worse over the past 10 days or so. Linked to more intense intervals I suspect. I'll work hard on getting it better for the next few days and sacrifice a week of running. I need to get to the start line this year. I can always bike to keep the fitness up. Hey ho....
  • Gul, great news! Enjoy the freedom of running again.

    Leslie, not long till November. Hang in there (and get huge quads while you wait).

    PMJ, good perspective on your 50s. Pretty sure you will rock the competition.

    Abbers, thinking you are not fully recovered from that nasty cold. Shake it off and begin again next week perhaps. Easy miles until then perhaps?

    Gerard, nice outfit there! A great time had by all and what could be better? Happy for you.

    BI, I'll throw in my heritage and say uff da. Well braved and now a great story to tell the rest of the running addicts. As moral support, I routinely sprint into those types of situations. What doesn't kill us only makes us stronger on race day!

    SJ, tough situation. Hope the tweak is short lived. And where would you be without the bike?!

    11M easy for me last night (head lamp and frog calls the whole way 'round). Good energy and core held up well. Just a bit of tightness in last mile but very calm after so things are definitely in a better place. Hot and sunny this week so planning another easy 7 or 8 this evening. Tomorrow off and LR will be snuck in early (Friday) then off to camp this weekend. Plan is to try not running Sat/Sun. Then last full training week. Goal will be 2 subLTs and a 20-22 LR (with rest day before each). And of course PT moves every dayimage



  • PMJ - Many happy returns, a nice bottle of red or two to celebrate? Would be brilliant if you could realise the goal for the sub 3 at V50. I am sure you will do it. Haha, yeah for sure, one of us in that photo looks better than the other one. image

    Gul - Great to see you back running.

    Abbers - Sensible to sack that one, your body will thank you.

    SJ - Belated kudos on that swim you did. The mind goggles!image

    VRt - Thanks man.

    Bike it - From memory it takes at least 10 days of training in those conditions to be able to nail the sessions. You seem pretty settled down south now?!

    Leslie - Good to hear from you. Keep on doing what you are doing. Time passes by quickly even though it may not seem that way sometimes.

    OO - GNR and seriously GNR by Junior!image

    Jools - Very decent run at Bristol even though you might have wanted to post a quicker time. As long as you are injury free and continue to be I think you will run a great marathon.

    Badbark - 2:55 felt comfortable, Jeebus! I'm very envious of your ability to knock out these performances. Fair play!




  • Abbers - hope you had a better session last night.
    GM - that's certainly different!
    PMJ - congratulations! Mine's not till next year.
    Bike It - 29C! That's too hot for walking let alone LT running!
    VTr - sounds promising.
    5 slow miles d&d.

  • Tres jolie GM - remind me not to run behind you if we ever do a marathon in the same place! 

    Congrats PMJ - I trust you started your speech with the line "it is a truth universally acknowledged, that a marathon runner in possession of a good PB must be in want of....."

    Glad to hear you're back out there Gul.

    BI - aaargh. Rather you than me.

    6.5 miles easy yesterday around some tracks and fields near Rugby (jet setter that I am) followed by 9.5 up and down miles with some fartlek thrown in this morning. Definitely head torch time now.

  • Happy Birthday PMJ.  Enjoy your celebration and I look forward to tales of V50 mastery and some good age position results.

  • Abbers -for the best if you feel rubbish image

    Gerard - marriage proposal in a mara ,time to !image Nice outfits image

    PMJ- 80-% for you wava no messing you haven't slowed down one bit over a decade ,what's your secret ???? image

    Bikeit -did you puke ? if not the effort level was just about right image

    Slokey -get well soon via the bike ,do you ever rest ?image

    Lorenzo-the nights sure are getting longer and colder too ,I've missed all the good running weather(again) image

    3 mile walked thank goodness for street lights !image



  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Happy Birthday PMJ and welcome to the improving WAVA world- the friend that never let's you down. You might even get a few more age catagory prized. I'm now in the 2nd half of V-50-55 and seeing the opposite effect.

  • I like the idea of that event GM mixing food & drink & running, I presume that is you on the right in the photoimage

    Looks like the training is holding up well VT

    Happy half century PMJ, may you set lots of new WAVA records this year.

    A batch of running there Lorenzo.

    Nice early morning miles Gul

    Not much running this week. Did 7 miles on Tuesday night and my Achilles on my left leg was a bit tendor yesterday, but feels ok today. I'm not going to run for the rest of the week till the 24 hour race on Saturday and have taken some ibuprofen. Hopefully the much slower pace will be ok - will have to see. image


  • Happy birthday (again) PMJ! Any cool running related gifts?

    Rest easy KR. You'll be glad of a few days off when you are 16 hours into the raceimage !!!! I've been using a combination of paracetamol (which I use quite a lot anyway for the hip), ibuprofen tablets and diclofenac gel on the ankle. I feel great!! Had the best night's sleep in months last night.
  • Happy Bday PMJimage I just bought the Polar M400 (in pink!) for my wife's upcoming Bday. It looks pretty cool.

    SJ, well done on dosing that ankle into submission.

    KR, strong healing vibes coming your way. Enjoy the rest days too! I'm sure it will all mend and be good on the day.

    Gul and Leslie, good run/walk. Positive steps on the road to recovery.

    Lorenzo, nice sessions bundled in.

    9M easy yesterday w/zero core issues. In other news I let my big toe nail get too long and it must have gotten pulled on during Monday's run. Now painful to push on and looks like a blood blister under the nail. Maybe I'll lose my first nail soon?image To make matters even more uncomfortable, I am coming down with a very nasty cold that just ripped through others in my family. I'm glad it is several weeks from the marathon, but not please it is happening right during my last big stretch of training before taper. Maybe I won't get hit as hard. But camping this weekend won't be nearly as fun...


  • SlokeyJoe wrote (see)
    Happy birthday (again) PMJ! Any cool running related gifts?

    I did have a weak moment and bought a xempo silver top. xempo say you need to run the time since 2008 but I messaged Dan (DanA from the sub 3 thread) and he honoured my 33:59 10k from 1994 so as well as my 50 year birthday it is 21 years old for my 10k PB.

    On the sub-3 side, my aim is to follow others and not blaze a trail. OO and poacher have both passed the 50 year mark and both gone sub-3. It is their big shoes I am hoping to follow in the steps of and not fill.

  • Good Grief.
    I vanish into the ether for a period and my ancestral home turns into the Sub 3 forum. Not only that, there are some serious endurance junkies doing really odd challenges thrown in. No, not you Slokey. You're bonkers. I mean 4:30 of getting hammered whilst running, starting with a hangover. Tssk.

    Yes I've been quiet. Guilty. It's all to do with the embarrassingly small amount of proper training that I've sneaked in. So it was with a bit of a panic that the date of my Grade AAA race arrives.

    There's some boring stuff, but by the time I started the marathon all I could manage was a 5:32:06. If It's any consolation, I did manage a sprint finish to take a couple of people in the final half mile. The Tenby crowds are legendary.

  • Leslie - be thankful for street lights. The council switch half of ours off during the night!
    KR - rest up - all the best for the weekend.
    VTr - hope the cold doesn't interrupt your training too much.
    Blisters - hi, good to hear from you. Any chance of a report on the "boring stuff"?
    8 miles with a few strides this morning.

  • Better now than race week VTr.

    You are obviously very persuasive PMJ. 33:59!

    Looking good Gul, back on it image

    C'mon Blisters. Full report please....

    2hrs on bike yesterday. I found a new hill.
  • I love a 17 part race report Blisters. Great stuff fella. What was your finish time in the end? How many IM finishes is that for you?
  • Blisters - a swashbuckling adventure summed up nicely, arse slapping and sleeping in the same lap!

    PMJ - happy belated birthday, podium time for the first couple of years in your new category surely?

    Gul - good work chief, keep it up

    Slokey - did the electronic gears hel you up the hill!? And do you use a power meter?

    Last hardish session tonight with Vo2 Max intervals before next weekends race. 7m with 3 x1600 intervals @ 5.50mm Followed by 5min recoveries. Most of my interval work / Vo2 Max workouts have been 800s with short recoveries so it felt good to sustain longer intervals. P&D schedule says intervals @ 5k race pace but I've never run a 5k race so 5.50 seemed sensible. 

    9 sleeps til Santa.


  • PJF, the cassette on the new bike is designed for someone with stronger legs than mine so I'm going up the hills much more quickly but with higher effort! Never used a power meter. Can't bring myself to spend that kind of money on something that isn't a bike or wheels....
  • Blisters - now that's what I call a proper report. Great stuff. You've made me want to go back to Pembrokeshire (for a holiday that is!)
    PJF - nice intervals.
    3 mile recovery run and a haircut this morning. Saw people gathering at the local sports centre for the start of the Round Norfolk Relay. Would love to do that, but you have to be a member of a running club. Instead I have another weekned of decorating.
    All the best to KR and anyone else racnig this weekend.

  • Best of luck KR. Keep going in the dark times and have an epic day!
  • Have a great race KR


  • Great report Blisters - epic stuff.

    Hope the haircut looks good Gul - where do you get it done at that time of the morning?!

    All the very best to KR.

    Plan for me today was 18 at 8 min / mile pace - ended up with a very undulating (and downright hilly in places) 20.4 miles at an average of 8:03 so I'm more that happy with that.

    Off to Manc-land this weekend to drop elder Lorenzito off for the start of his life at uni. 

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