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  • Taper madness is clearly well and truly in full flight now.

    Half of the house is full of a cold and have been duly quarantined. I'm getting fatter by the day. Legs are twitching.

    Might try the bike again later and see how the ankle reacts....
  • Lauf = run

    snel = faster

    banhof = station

    Ost = East

    Tor = door

    Starbucks = Starbucks

    its amazing what you can put together in a combo out of this lot. It got us through an entire weekend.



  • Grunting with some imaginative pointing is all you really need PJF.
  • PMJ - I'm back to slow now - only just got the point of your story. Never was very good at German!

  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Schnell = faster

    Nicht schleppen = don't drag (it's amazing what you learn playing Mahler symphonies...)

    Viel bogen wechseln = change bow frequently.  This is less useful away from Mahler.  Or even away from a string section.

  • Danke schön, aber meinen wortschatz ist noch zu klein = Thank you, but my vocabulary is still too small. (Never had occasion to use this phrase surprisingly, but it's the only one I remember from O'Level German).
  • SJ, I hear you on all counts. Just starting to carb load today but already feeling fat. And I'm already nervous. In general I am feeling lethargic and unprepared. I always get this way before the big day. The lack of challenging workouts, and then doing that tune up session wondering how in holy H*ll I'll maintain that MP the whole way through (even though it always works out). The worst for me is the night before as I can't sleep and my nerves are all over the place. Would be nice to just time warp to mile 2 of the race cause once you are off it all comes together.

    Incoherent rambling...yet another symptom of taper madness!

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Not going to intrude on taper madness for too long, although it's amusing to read! Can't contribute to the German vocab lesson much though.

    Hope the various niggles, germs and injury worries come to nothing more than mental worry ahead of the weekend.

    A couple more easy 6 milers yesterday & today, legs feeling just about recovered from Oxford.


  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    Meine ehemaliger Frau ist aus Deutschland.  Ich bin kein Interesse mehr an der Sprache.

    Although 'Geh Los' would mean both 'to start' and 'hurry up' in the imperative

    I didn't feel so much like running last night and when the lightening came I binned it so 17km this lunchtime instead in 30C heat.  Not so bad and pace was alright at 5:21 per km or around 8:30ish a mile.  P&D legs though - they are quite tired.


  • Bike It, das w??rde mich abschrecken zu.

    VTr - I feel ya brother!
  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭

    Just a quick post on my 46th Birthday as I'm currently drunk. image Please remember that carbo loading is about changing the percentage of carbs in your diet not adding extra. So rather than the typical 60/20/20 split you should be eating 80/10/10 for a few days and running very few miles. The overall calorie consumption shouldn't change much. This way you'll be at the start line with your liver and muscles full of glycogen, but you'll not feel bloated. 

    More beer...

  • Happy birthday BB.

    Does fish and chips followed by apple crumble and cream fit with the recommended regimen?
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    Happy birthday, Badbark - continue to enjoy your beer  . . . .

    no beer here - just 7 mile fartlek with my daughter . . . .

  • Happy birthday Badbark - nice way to celebrate (carb-loading of course).
    Ola! La llama es un cuadrupedo.
    12 miles on tired legs this morning. 6 @ 8:46 m/m and 6 @ 8:13 m/m.

  • Indeed Gul! Interesante linea de apertura!
  • Feliz cumpleanos Badbark!!!

    Having lived in South America for a couple of years a while ago, I feel on more solid ground with Spanish than German which from memory doesn't extend to much more than "Wo ist der Stadtzentrum?"

    Good to see people in a positive mood for the races on Sunday - mucha suerte a todos.

    Another busy week here so difficult to find time to post, but have managed to get an intervals (6 x 3 mins) and a decent length tempo(ish) session in as well as a couple of easy runs. Planned rest day today, which was just as well as I slept through the alarm. image 

  • SJ, VTR & Jools - safe travels to your race destinations, keep hydrated, water helps those carbs get to their destination more efficiently

    BI - you did well to last 17k in that heat at that pace on tired legs, respect

    Gul - going strong, I suppose the extra interval miles hit the legs a bit

    BB - HB

    Abbers - great to see you back on it.

    GM - Berlin was # 4, 3 previous were Edinburgh, 1 ended in an ambulance!

    6 miles on Wed @ 6:40mm, climb up an 800m hill with multiple children on my back yesterday (bloody tough on the climb) but worth the views and family memories and 6m recovery this morning. Off to St Andrews for the day with the gang then park run debut in the morning. My daughter has informed me that there is NO WAY I'm running with her, I'm too embarrassing apparently. 


  • Badbark-happy birthday image

    Slokey-that's the sort of carbs id like to load.image

    Lorenzo-sleeping through the alarm is resting proper.

    Birch-nice fartlek with the family

    Gul -reassuring early 12 from you 

    PJF-I hope you will be running well in-front of your daughter then teach her a lesson image

    2 mile walked here ,watching for the postman with my new insoles image !

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    VW= untrustworth German brand

    Happy Birthday Badbark you old devil

    steady week here but facing a Parkrun dual tomorrow from Junior home for the w/end image

    Due to the cut off for club marathon championship- it seems I retain the title this year image


  • Hope he doesn't wear them out Leslie!

    Congrats OO on your champs win. Got rid of my VW yesterday as it happens.

    PJF, my daughter spends most of her time explaining what is wrong with me as a human being- she's 13 in a couple months, God knows what she's going to be like then.

    Lorenzo, Google translate can get you through any conversationimage
  • Ha ha SJ same age and attitude as mines! 

  • image

    Had a weird moment earlier, stretched my ankle one way and then the other and it made a LOUD crack noise. Now feels great! Currently on turbo to see if it will last (first exercise of the past week). Now, how much training can I cram into the next 8 days?
  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭

    PJF - nice speedy 6 there & some good strength training! Embarrassing your children is a pleasure that continues to increase with age!

    OO - good work on the club championship.

    Badbark - happy birthday; enjoy your celebrations

    SJ - Do you feel an inverse taper coming on?

    Tried on of PMJ's sessions tonight, aiming for 7 @ 7mm. An undulating route with 300 feet ascent, saw me come in at 7:03s. Had an odd moment with someone leaning out of a car window and shouting, "Excellent T-Shirt!" It is very luminous. 

  • Bike ItBike It ✭✭✭

    For once I had foresight - I got rid of my VW 8 years ago

  • Lorenzo - hope you enjoyed the rest. Sleeping through the alarm speaks for itself!
    PJF - cracking 6 miler.
    Leslie - hope the postie brought you your insoles.
    OO - nice club title win.
    SJ - cracking!
    Fishy - makes a change from "Run, Forrest, run!" I guess.
    6 slow recovery miles this morning. My legs are trashed.

  • SJ - sounds a bit strange, but if feels better now then it must be a good thing.

    Good session from you there Fishy. Just how luminous does a t-shirt have to be before it attracts comments from passers-by?

    21.6 miles for me this morning in just under 3 hours - tried to pick up the pace towards the end but not sure how successful that was. Average pace was around 8 min miles on a route with a few hills and some other sections where you had to go a bit slower, so all in all not too bad.

    Having got up at 5am, it feels like it's time to go back to bed now!

  • Have a nap Lorenzo!

    Fishy, inverse taper? Just walking to the pie shop would qualify as an inverse taper such has been my level of inactivity over the past week.

    Survived the bike session last night and only very residual tightness this morning - a few more creaks from the stretching and it is feeling better again. (?)
  • Cheers SJ - feel a lot more with it now!


  • SJ, a breakthrough?! Hope soimage

    Nice LR there Lorenzo. Feeling it. And yes, if you can nap in your household, I say do it.

    Fishy, nice run and road appeal.

    Happy Bday, Badbark!


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