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  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Would need some air con in there - or just open the door? image

  • Shed heaven
  • I need a tv for mine

    At the moment I just look out of the window (it does look out across the bay though so could be worse)

    No ill effects from my epic 5 minutes yesterday so I've lazed around eating crisps and mince pies all day to celebrate. Long(ish) bike tomorrow then I'll have another dabble straight after.

    Good news on the ribs Gul and for VTr and Abbers. 'Tis the season to be rehabbing.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Love that shed!

    Take care Leslie, all the best with Op recovery

    Belated Birthday wishes Lorenzo.

    Another headwind day at parkrun + hale and gale force winds, to produce my slowest time in a good while of 19:35. Happy with that though and 5th place. 

  • Les H - Glad to read your op is over. I wish you a speedy recovery.

    Congratulations and a nice PB Jools!

    Abbers, VTr  and SJ -  Good to read your come backs are progressing

    I hope you had a great birthday Lorenzo! Good luck in your race.

    Good Park running OO52

    Today is my 6th year anniversary of my first post in the Runners World forums! I celebrated in style with a 20 mile pre-breakfast run this morning, incorporating a 18:37 Parkrun victory near the end. image

    I've signed up for my 10th marathon (or further) of the year on the 10th of December. I'll be targeting another sub 3. I've also set myself a goal of running over 3000 miles for the third year in a row. To do this, I'll need to average almost 60 miles a week for the rest of the year. Loving it.

    This is my first ever post on Runners world 21/11/2009 -

    "Hi everyone this is my first post so I hate to pee on anyone’s cornflakes but seeing this thread made me want to comment. I see a lot of positive comments about FIRST training but I thought it worthwhile letting you know that it doesn’t work for everyone.

    I starting running last January after about 12 years of a lay off and ran a 1:36:46 Half Marathon in July. According to this time using a few online calculators I should have been able to run a full Marathon at around 3:25 to 3:30. I followed the 16 week FIRST training schedule practically to the letter (rowing 3 times a week as cross training) with the only difference being my last two long runs being 21 and 22 miles rather than 20.

    I then ran the Dublin marathon and kept to an average pace of about 7:50 for the first 18 miles. However my legs starting turning to lead and I hit the wall big time. I ended up struggling over the line in a disappointing 3 hours 48 with the last 6 miles being hell.

    I just ran a 10k speed test this morning in 43 minutes which equates to a 3:20 to 3:25 marathon so I certainly haven’t lost any speed. I won’t be using FIRST again and will instead be using a program that has higher mileage over 5 or 6 days."

  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭

    BB - Nice anniversary celebratory run there. Great miles for the year too & brilliant progression in your marathon times. Out of interest from your first ever post, what plan did you end up following?

    KR - that shed is remarkable. A shrine to the compulsive runner!

    SJ - how did you get on biking in today's cold? Hope you were able to manage another epic 5 mins.

    Jools - you're so quick.

    Lorenzo - I'm sure that you'll make the most of your 50th year, and look forward to moving up an age group?

    Quiet week for me recovering from last week's windy half. Beautiful, cold trail run this morning, looking across to SJ's shed. Surprisingly, snow blasted Lakeland fells. Left hip is a bit niggly, but responds well to the strengthening exercises I've been doing all year. Still wondering whether it will hold out over a marathon campaign...

  • Fishy, I was out at 8am with 2 pairs of socks, 2 pairs of gloves, 3 long sleeve tops and 2 hats. Cold wasn't a problem. My 2hr "easy re-introduction ride" morphed into a hard 3.5hrs around Winster valley, Kendal and as far south as Yealand chasing my riding buddy (who hasn't had the last few weeks off - and it showed). Detonated at the 3hr point, nothing left and then picked up a rear tyre puncture 10 minutes from home. I called for air support (the wife) rather than fiddling around with it. Was shattered. Didn't even have the energy for 5 minutes of tready magic image

    So I've found my low baseline from which to build upon.

    Nice result OO

    You've come on a long way BB!
  • On the plus side, my shin / ankle is feeling GREAT today. Off to Yorkshire sculpture park today for a gentle stroll.
  • Fishy, which exercises have you been doing? I've been doing squats and recently clams to help my hip. Do you know what the cause of your pain is?
  • Happy 'birthday' BB.  You've come on in leaps and bounds!

    Rest day for me as Mr. Jools was staying over (the joys of long distance - relationships, not running!).  Apparently long runs do not count as quality time together, despite the fact there is a simple solution: he could take up running image

  • My solution is to get up at 4am on a Sunday Jools. Then I'm back home before anyone has noticed too much. Except I didn't today as I'm busy resting.

    Sounds like a very nice ride Slokey (apart from the bonking bit anyway)

    Parkrun yesterday with my boy. Then collected the treadmill and put it in the TV room. So far my son seems the most serious user
  • Good luck with the dreadmill BI - sounds like you've got things set up well.

    Happy anniversary Madbark - amazing how much progress you've made in the last 6 years.

    Fishy - hope that the hip holds out OK. I've still got a couple of years to go before I hit the big 5-0!! image

    So Phoenix Riverside Marathon for me this morning - an out and back route along the Thames towpath from Walton Leisure Centre to Hampton Court Bridge; 3.275 miles each way so a total of 4 laps for the marathon and 2 for the half (which Mrs L did).

    No elevation to speak of, but it was pretty chilly at the start (long sleeved top and gloves for the whole race) and there were a few icy puddles en route. Also the surface  fluctuated from tarmac to that sort of stony footpath that's a bit unpleasant to run on.

    Anyway, having seen that the winner last year did it in 3:02ish I thought I'd try to set off with the leading group and see how long I could hang onto them for. That turned out to be a bit of a mistake as they ended up coming in in 2:55 and the pace was far too much for me and I got dropped off the back fairly early on and paid for the too-fast start later in the race.

    In a nutshell, the 4 laps were (roughly) 46, 46:45, 47:15 and 49:30 (a 4 min positive split). As you can imagine, the last lap was a bit tough although I did manage to pick things up in the last 100m to gain a position in a "sprint" finish.

    Overall, reasonably satisfied with 9th place in 3:09:30 for my 3rd fastest marathon but still about 2 1/2 mins down on my PB.

    I now need to think carefully about how I might modify the training programme to have a serious crack at a sub-3 at London but it's clearly going to take a pretty big change. I think I've proved that my body can cope with 60+ mile weeks without getting injured, but I suspect that I need to be building more speed work and threshold runs into the programme and cutting back the miles a bit. Perhaps the up to 55 miles P&D might be worth a go. I'll be taking it easy for the next week or so, and letting my body (and toenails) recover / fall off

    On a more positive note, Mrs L managed a PB in the half, so it's not been too bad a day. image

  • That's a cracking result Lorenzo. Well done on a great time in cold conditions. Hard to know what will give you the edge next spring. Adding heat into the campaign is fraught with injury risk for some but if you can keep volume and consistency alon with more speed that's got to be a good start.
  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭

    Great result Lorenzo and a nice sprint to the finish. Those end of marathon 100 meter dashes always make the best photos. I've also considered the P&D 55, having the inverse training to you (well, for last year's marathons at least!). Lower mileage and plenty of reps and tempo runs - I need to add the mileage. It's interesting to note that our different approaches both garner similar marathon times.
    Great PB for Mrs. L too!

    SJ - After a couples of months of pain and failed self treatment I went to docs in Nov 2014. Investigations and X-rays diagnosed Trochanteric bursitis. 6 weeks of Naproxen & 3 physio sessions sort of helped. But the main cure was rest for about 8 weeks. Since then I've found that resistance exercises to strengthen buttock and hip muscles; and ironically more frequent shorter running days - have combined to improve things.

    Work this morning, gave the opportunity for a beautiful coastal 9 miler as the sun set.

  • Evening All. Been a while since I stopped by here and have had a chance to read back & I can see there is much inspiration as always.

    In no particular order – Congrats to Bike it for a good comeback marathon and it’s great to see you being able to get through a campaign and already planning your next assault on the marathon distance. That green number will hopefully have your name attached it one day. Good acquisition too re your treadmill and nice to see your son enjoying the running too. I remember training in SA and agree there are lots of factors over there that make running/racing harder, hopefully the treadmill will help with incline training.

    SJ – Good news re your recovery and pushing yourself on the wheels too. You love it!

    Gul – Hope the ribs are on the mend, I’ve had cracked ribs before and it’s very painful and can’t really do much with it.

    OO – We had similar if not worse conditions here this weekend. Good placing as usual.

    Badbark – Congrats on the parkrun victory and 3,000 miles in a year is some going and you have really put your all into improving every aspect of your running and I bet there’s more in the locker. Which marathon have you signed up to?

    VTr – Good news and 40ish miles per week is good and something I can only dream of at the mo. Fargo seems like a dangerous place to be in! Love that tv show!

    Jools – Excellent placing at your recent 10k and a very good 5 miler too.  I say bring back more 5 mile and 10 mile races. I’m sure you can convince Mr Jools that quantity in terms of miles banked for you is equivalent to quality time together. : )

    Leslie – Hope you recover well post op.

    KR – How many likes did your FB friend get for his Manshed?! That made me smile.

    Fishy – It’s certainly the time of year now for cold trail running. Temps have dropped here from 16c to 8c in the past week and I have realised I need to buy some warmer clothes.

    Lorenzo – Well done on another very good marathon and a top ten finish too. Great that Mrs L got a pb. Did run with a GPS watch or just a standard stopwatch?

    It’s been a very busy week or so here work and life wise, so not much training happening for me but a few notable running experiences were had by some friends and I. Last Sunday I ran the November half with my friend in less than ideal running conditions for racing, with a 25mph headwind along the coast for the last 8k or so, but she did the training/rehearsals required to notch a 4 min pb and I really enjoyed running with her and the support on the course was great. I only managed an 8k beach run this week and decided to have a crack at the local parkrun on Saturday. 124 hardy souls rocked up for what was a tough run in less than ideal conditions. I felt I ran as well as could and finished in 3rd place in a disappointing time of 20:14. The course is by no means easy but I think it may be a tad long too as both times I’ve run it my Garmin has measured 3.16 and 3.18 miles. The wind was gusting at 50mph in places and the guy who finished 2nd normally runs low 18 and he finished in 19:22. It was a tough but enjoyable run and lovely to see so many people turn up in spite of the weather. In other news I mentioned a while back about my friend who was doing a charity 24hr run and aiming for 130 miles. I managed to see him and run an hour with him yesterday and he clocked up 122 miles sans sleep. A remarkable effort and for a very good cause too.








  • GM - sounds like you might be tempted by the 24 hour run? image  Don't think you shouldn't be too disappointed by the parkrun - a tricky course and 50mph winds makes for tough conditions.

    I didn't run with a Garmin - just a normal watch and I hit the lap button on every turn so I had no idea of the pace until I got to the turning point. I knew that 22:30 was 3 hour pace and that when I hit 3/4 of the way round in 2:20 I had to do the last lap in under 50 mins to hit 3:10 but that was about as far as the calculations went.


  • Ey up

    Swim tonight - so unfit .....
  • Fishy - Good to read you hip is responding well to strengthening exercises. I haven't had a single niggle with my ITB since doing the same.

    You asked about my first post and future marathon schedule. I think I used one from Runners World averaging about 50 miles weekly. This included a tempo session, fast reps and a weekend long run with 2 or 3 easy 5 mile runs. A solid training schedule for anyone wanting to run about 3:30 to 3:15.

    Lorenzo - Great marathon running, not far of your PB. If you can currently handle 60+ miles then why settle for P&D 55 miles? Why not aim for 70 to 80 in your next campaign? I went from a marathon PB of 3:10 to 2:57 (now 2:51) by doing nothing more than adding more slower miles. My stamina went through the roof by peaking at 90 - 100 miles weekly compared to 50 - 60.

    GM - Good running in tough conditions.

    I'm running the marathon linked below on the 10th. It's a free marathon organised by the East Antrim Marathon Series. They organise a couple every month for people trying to run 100+ marathons. They usually cost £22 but this one is a thank you for all the support throughout the year. It will be my first with them but I plan on doing plenty more over the next few years. Apparently they are very well run with a field of 50 runners.

    I read an article recently that tested different distances to find which was best for improving your VO2 Max. Apparently flat out 8 minutes reps are the best so I've added them into my weekly MLR. So I had a good tough 15 mile run this morning including 4 x 8 mins.  I'm also trying to work on my weakness of uphill running, so I've a course that means the fast sections are mostly uphill.  

  • Lorenzo- nice mara running you will get that sub 3 yet image

    Fishy - sounds like you are having some improvement.image

    Gerard- nice run in tough conditions.

    Slokey- I doubt you are unfit you never stop image

    Badbark -you must be in with a good chance of a podium finish image

    Got my bandages of today to find 8 nice shiny metal staples I didn't even know I had (surgeon only said about internal stitches !) holding a 3 inch gash in my knee together image I thought I has having keyhole surgery but it looks more like porthole surgery to me clearly I wasn't asking the right questions image 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    widely differing distances, but excellent results for Lorenzo & Gerard on challenging courses & conditions.
    some session there, Badbark . . . . .

    10 miles for me - 4 miles to Dam wall,with 1.5 mile, 0.75 mile efforts;  10 x 350 metres along the wall path, then the reverse 4 miles home, with 1 x 1.75 mile effort.  This followed 15 on Sat, 6 easy Sun, 7 steady yesterday.  Trying to stay in shape for the final XC which is 2 and a half weeks away

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    Lorenzo (& Mrs Lorenzo) - excellent work at the Phoenix, and the uneven loose surface of some of the course will have cost you a little time. Plenty of scope for building on that for your next campaign.

    Fishy - reckon the P&D up to 55 plan will be my blueprint as and when the next mara comes round. Think that'll be about the limit in terms of volume that my body and family would put up with!

    GM - the weather on that parkrun sounds horrendous, so I wouldn't worry too much about the time. The placing is far more satisfying! And 122 hours straight off is plain ridiculous!

    Slokey - "so unfit"... hmm. Well, if you're unfit, I dread to think what I am! Everything's relative image

    BB - interesting idea that, rather than going for the mass participation events. With only ~50 runners I would imagine they're more like solo time trials? Decent 15 miler there too.

    Leslie - maybe it was just a very big key? Hope your recovery is progressing well, despite the shock of a leg full of metal!

    Birch - mixing things up nicely and some solid overall volume. Going nicely.

    So the knee/ITB niggle has given me a good excuse to mix things up a bit. Turbo session on Friday evening was followed by 6 pain free miles in the trainers early Saturday, but the rest of the weekend was a write off due to a wedding in Windsor. Plenty of dancing though! Another 6 miler yesterday lunch, and then back in the pool for 1.5k today as I don't want to go straight back to 5 running sessions a week and relapse. 4 runs, 2 bikes and a swim each week might be my pattern this side of Christmas before switching to more of a run focus in the New Year for spring races.

  • AbbersAbbers ✭✭✭

    And in my other sporting life, the Hampshire cricket league averages for the 2015 season have just been compiled and released, and I've made it into the top 20 wicket takers in our division again, coming in 15th, which means I'll be in the league handbook again next season image We've got our annual club dinner coming up on Saturday too, so always something to look forward to! image

  • The cricket hall of fame beckons Abbers! Well done. Good news on your pain free run too.

    Looking sharp Birch!

    Hope the knee chasm is healing nicely Leslie.

    Sounds like a nice event BB. Very friendly!

    8 minute reps, what's that? About 2 miles for you now?image

    Pleased to report that the fitness has flooded back into my old bones. A full 6 minutes logged on the tready today. Whoop whoop!
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    looking good, SJ image

    sounds gruesome, Leslie . . . . .

    nice one re the cricket rankings, Abbers -  I hope exercise will take place on Sat to "earn" the celebrations  . . . . ..      


  • Fish52Fish52 ✭✭✭
    Good training talk BB. I used to post on that Furman forum as it was my plan of choice, and has been for the last 10 years, following 2 knee ops. I remember the shock of seeing my joint full of metal Leslie! The plan got me to a marathon pb of 3:05, but I secretly hanker after a higher mileage plan to see if I could go a bit faster.

    Good swimming SJ. Are you really so unfit? I mean...6 minutes...come on...

    P&D 55 would be immense by my standards, but only half of BBs weekly totals. Nice cross training on the dance floor, by the way.

    I think you should patent that technical workout Birch. Great stuff.

    A nice moonlight 10k along the canal tonight.
  • Evening all.

    Badbark - that sounds great and I'm sure you will do well. 4 x 8 min reps flat out? Jaysus, that would give me a seizure never mind improving my VO2 max.image

    Leslie - Sounds pretty gruesome! Hope the recovery goes well.

    Abbers - Excellent stuff re your "other sport"! Enjoy the club dinner.

    Birch - You're keeping it going nicely. Do you do any XC running in training at all or do you stick to the road mainly?

    Fishy - Nice moonlit 10k there!

    SJ - Don't overdo it on that treadmill of yours now!image

    Lorenzo - Haha, I struggle to run 24 miles in one go never mind 24hrs, so I can't see that ever happening. Chap who did it an experienced ultra runner and has previously run 100 milers but he said it was his toughest challenge yet and he did it for a great cause too, so he earns my respect, even if I think he is a tad extreme in his pursuits. image I only asked about the garmin because I would imagine it must be hard to judge pace over such long splits and even though they didn't vary too much I find comfort in using a garmin for the longer distance races, as we all know anything up to 15-18 miles can feel ok but it's a fine line to judge. I wonder if Badbark's suggestion would work for you as you seem to cope well with the higher mileage and have no issues with what I call proper long runs.

    5 miles tonight as my son was in cub scouts. Was scarily dark in places (need to get a head torch) and some off road sections negotiated in a moderate headwind in parts too. Avg pace of 7:02mm, felt a tad hard, feeling a bit unfit at the mo and not much scope for running in the next 12 days either. Will need to ramp things up a bit after that as I like to get some fitness behind me before all the serious eating and drinking starts for Christmas. Going home to Dublin for xmas, will be my first xmas visit since 1997!

  • Good to see that SJ is back in action and congrats to Abbers for making it into the local Hall of Fame.

    Good pacy run from GM as well. Sounds like a head torch should be on the Xmas list.

    Thanks for the suggestions - it's a good thought to consider upping my mileage although my concerns are two-fold. Firstly, the impact it would have on speedwork and recognising that that sounds a bit feeble, the second reason is the more practical one of hours available in the day and the time to rest and recover.

    As it is, I average about 6 hours sleep a night, so trying to throw another 20 miles a week into the programme would mean either 30 mins less sleep a night, 30 mins less family time or getting in to work 30 mins later each day. So, if I want to hit 70-80 a week, I've somehow got to work out how to do the last of these (not impossible, but a real challenge with everything going on at the moment) or simply reprioritise the other things in life. Obviously the ideal solution is to find a job which doesn't involve a 75+ minute commute each way!!!

    Enjoying my post marathon rest days  - up in Manchester at the mo having met up with elder Lorenzito and hearing the tales of student life up here!!

  • Just a quick post to say, Gul where are you? I've done my easy 5 today and no post from you, slacker!

    May help I'm in India, but all the same ...

  • Well done on your Thames Towpath marathon Lorenzo - a top time!

    20.14 & 3rd place in carp conditions is good going GM. Your friend did really well clocking 122 miles - incredible distance! The shed pic got quite a few like BTW.

    Good luck with your free marathon Badbark, 14 laps will be interesting - hope the scenery is goodimage

    Sounds like you'll have big scar Leslie!

    Looks like you are getting a good balance of training and fitness Abbers

    Didn't run last night as I went to see Milton Jones. I was crying with laughter for most of the show - top comedian!

  • He's a master of the one-liner KR - brilliant.

    How's the running on the sub-continent PMJ? Are you venturing out or confined to a tready?

    45min bike / 5 min run session at lunch.
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