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  • Here's my revenge for all the feet picturesimage




  • Nice one, BB!

  • Badbark- A nicely round 3001 then ,that's a rough looking bit of sewing there thanks for sharing ! 3 piss ups in a 75 mile week image sounds like a runners version of a christmas song and 7 days of can only mean a shiny new pb image Hope the mole turns out to be nothing image

    VTR-we all need more sleep

    Lorenzo-Nice varied week with added hill.

    Abbers nice plans now make sure then happen

    another walk today image


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Yuk. I am sure we will not tell the doc BB if you run a couple of days earlyimage
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    16 this morn confirmed suspicion that I need(ed) a rest - had 3 days off after XC, 6 on thur, nowt y'day but 10 today, parkrun in 22.10 (!) then 3 home. 
    legs still tired, and  easy week (running-wise, but not easy socially), seemed to have no effect - parkrun slowest for some time (although enough for 1st VoGit from 15 VG's, but WAVA down to 73%), then the 3 miles home my legs were hardly moving  . . .
    still, it's in the diary, and the first in building up the long runs again  . . .

  • Good training runs from VT, Lorenzo and Abbers.

    Birch - Well done on 1st in your age group, in the Parkrun on tired legs

    Not running is so difficult for me!  So yesterday I did an abs session and then a good weights workout this morning. However, I just had to do something aerobic, so took my wife and daughter down to our local Parkrun.

    I forced marched the Parkrun pushing my daughter in her buggy. It's a three lap course and my wife gave up after 1 lap, as she was dropping behind. image The daughter got restless during the 2nd lap so I left her with the wife and finished the last lap on my own. I finished last place in over 40 minutes but had certainly worked up a sweat.  I averaged 13 minute mile pace peaking at 11 m/m!  image

    Mentally it's done me wonders. 

  • Birch-nice long run and parkrun on still tired legsimage

    Madbark- I don't think anybody is in the least surprised imagewell perhaps that you came last even when walking, the family clearly slowed you down a bit !

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Well I plodded a 39 minute 10k at Saltwell today on a tricky course. Junior was 40 secs behind but was 4th lady and was very happy with her £35 cash prize.

    16 tomorrow gets me to 45 this week. Anyone racing tomorrow?

  • Just popping in quickly, sorry, I haven't read back properly. Merry Christmas all.

    Leslie - Nice to see you reporting, albeit re walking. Yule be back soon!image

    Madbark - Be careful not to over do it. You are on a hot streak for sure but maybe it could be a fortuitous time to alter focus for a wee while?

    Birch - 73% is not too shabby by most peoples standards and 1st again says it all.

    OO - 39 is a good time but I guess not what you expected, what was tricky about the course? Nice cash prize for Junior.

    Parkrun for me today after what was meant to be a better week training wise, only managed 3 5k runs all week due to work etc and wasn't keen on today at all but I have to take these opportunities to race/run when I can and today was better conditions wise. Started off more conservatively this time but at an honest pace I wore my Garmin for a change and could see the 1 k was 3:50 and then uphill 2nd was 3:58 and pretty much the same for the next one until we head out onto the trail path. Got into a race with the 1st female and we traded blows for the 1st 4k or so and I finally managed to drop her with about 400m to go, which is uphill on the trail path and I didn't even look at the watch for a good 10 mins or so before and as I arrived at the finish I stopped my watch, It read 19:59. Hah, got the email with my result and it read 20:00. I enjoyed today as it felt more evenly paced and finished in 6th place one ahead of the 1st lady who finished in 20:03. She remarked that it was a very tough course, she lives in London and that she thought she would cruise sub 20. Average pace on the Garmin was 6:20mm which I'm happy with for now. 15 seconds or so per mile off my best but I'll get there in the new year. image


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Good effort Gerard, the trick is to run pakruns regularly and back them up with some speed work like mile reps, and you are sure to get faster and smash that PB.

    Saltwell is in a park, lots of undulations and sharp turns Gerard which probably cost us about a minute. Even so I'm slower than the last time I ran it and 10 places down so no hiding from that. Still a solid run and I'll take it. I have an 11k race 2 weeks today on New Years Day. Onwards and upwards... 

  • OO - Thanks. Saltwell sounds a bit like a parkrun but twice the distance. You're racing on NYD, good man.

  • Congratulations to the County Champions Jools and Birch

    Nice scar Badbark.

    A better running weeks here going over 50 miles per week for the first time in a while.  Just today's 20 miler a bit of a weather related problem.  It was warm overnight and sweating heavily whilst running and just getting hotter rapidly to around 30C by the time I finished.  Struggling with dehydration with 6km to go and had to have a few walk breaks.  Went on a new route toward the edge of the Vredefort dome (2 billion year old impact crater which is a UNESCO world heritage site) so a few moderate hills toward the turnaround point.  Springboks, Waterboks and Ostrich on someone's hobby game farm. Onwards and upwards too....

  • Well done GM and OO.

    Last race of 2016 for me and 7th at the South West Inter Counties XC produced much bling: 1st club team, 2nd FV35 and 3rd county team. Full set!
  • Great way to finish off the year Jools - caps a pretty successful 2015 I'd say!

    Bike It - springboks and ostriches? I passed a couple of dogs and a pigeon this morning. 20 miles finishing up at 30 degrees sounds mighty tough going.

    7 miles yesterday morning with younger Lorenzito (well, 6 actually with him as he left me for dead in the last mile) followed by a 12 miler this morning to bring up 44 for the week.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Great way to round off the year Jools, and a good one even by your high standards
  • Bike It: I forget exactly where you are. Are you near Potchefstroom?

    Good racing from Jools. I have gotten to the end of 2015 and no XC races this end of the year at all for me.

    Got my 20 miler done yesterday to finish off the base building part of the campaign. I feel I cheated a bit as I normally go up in 1 mile steps but this year I went from 18 to 20 and missed out 19 so may have to go back and do the 19 between Christmas and the New Year.

    The route I have done for the last few years is along the Ridgeway which is a great route navigation as it is well marked but is a little irritating as I have about 2 or 3 miles of mud and slippery clay (through Chinnor cement works where they filmed parts of Die Another Day) at the start (and end as it is out and back) so I decided to try starting from a new car-park and it just swapped one set of obstacles for another.

    Anyhow, 20 miles done in a shade under 3 hours so good time on the feet run. Felt comfortable all the way and the knee only moaned once or twice, but I fear it was due to the very easy pace and need to try out with some fast work sometime but not when I am 10 miles away from my car with no clue where it is other than retracing my steps.

  • Just been lurking of late but must send belated congratulations to:-
    Badbark - marathon winner and bronze award holder!
    Jools - county champion!
    Birch - V60 county champ and XC series winner!
    And it sounds like some good base building going on all round.
    Went out for my first run of December this morning - 6 miles with some Christmas card delivering! Everything seems fine, but will just do a few easy runs and have a re-think in the New Year.

  • Glad you are on your feet Leslie and hope it goes well in the next 2 weeks.

    Make sure you lay off the mince pies BB. Good luck for your marathon and 3000 mile total! And as VT says a week off will be a good thing to recharge your batteries. Nice picture - looks like a tattoo!

    Good long run with Parkrun BIrch

    Good 10k 0052 and cash prize for 00 junior. Good timing for Xmas.

    Nice parkrun time GM.

    Tough sounding 20 miler BikeIt, must be difficult in that heat

    Great XC result Jools.

    17 miles on Saturday morning with a few miles @ MP +10%. This was tougher than I thought as I did a sub 35 minute 5 miler the night before as I'd not run for a few days - my mistake, lesson learned!

  • PMJ - yes I am living in Potchefstroom. I recall you saying you have been here. It's my wife's home town and I was lucky to get a contract job at the University. So we are staying here as long as my contract gets renewed. It is a hub of elite sport as the uni has a high performance centre where lots of elites come to train as we have good weather and are at moderate altitude
  • ((dips toe gingerly back into the water))

    Hallo again to old acquaintances and hallo to any new posters. Forgive me for not having a read back of several months right now but I hope you are all being consistently consistent, not being s**t, and continuing to be: barking (BB), very fast (Joolska), into crazy challenges (SJ), committed to the greatest race on earth (Bike It), running like a young'un (Birch), getting up at 0001 (GD) etc etc - apologies to anyone not crazy or dedicated enough to be in this list.

    Not been here for months as I semi-officially gave up running and decided to move on. Combination of loss of mojo, having achieved everything I thought I wanted to achieve in running, being v v busy and unable to train effectively in places with too many guns, injuries which wouldn't heal etc etc. I think I had also underestimated the effect of doing Comrades on almost zero training with a knackered cruciate, which was a big ask.

  • But actually I have remembered why I started running in the first place, which was nothing to do with competing, being fast, ticking off bucket list races etc, but simply to get outside and get a bit fitter.  I'm sure many of you started in the same way. So after a break I have started again. The stats said the marathon total stood at 47, so it would be rude to stop now, and there's a place waiting at VLM anyway. Maybe that will be no. 50.

    Anyway, yesterday it was down to Portsmouth for the first long run since May, a.k.a. the Waterside Marathon which is always wet, windy, muddy and slow and includes the exquisite pleasure of running on shingle beach. Speed was entirely absent but I ran pretty much the whole lot and overtook a fair few over the last couple of miles for an unspectacular but quite pleasing 3.48. Lots to improve on and I hope the new mojo lasts.

    Anyway, happy Christmas to all and may the running gods favour you. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    eyup, Poacher -  funny how pleasing it is to welcome back someone whom I've never met, but it is !!  Well done on the comeback result, and no. 48 ticked off  . . . .

  • Apologies for the prolonged absence. Life rather got in the way for a while. Illnesses and crises on both home fronts (mine and my parents') have meant that running has been a real struggle lately, and while I've still picked up the odd veteran win here and there, I've not run any decent times. Onwards and upwards though, marathon training started today with a six mile recovery run. Rather shorter than Poacher's return to training! 

  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Poacher - I almost came down to Portsmouth.  Had it pencilled in but life took over and it just became impossible. Glad you're back! 

  • Poacher, Speedy and Minni - all making a welcome return on here. Great to see you again!! Trust you'll be staying around.

    Nothing to report from down here - 6.5 miles worth of commuting with a bit of speed work towards the end of a couple of legs to make sure I caught the train.


  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Bloody hell, all our absent friends have returned after driving home for Christmas- Gul, Poacher,  Speedy Goth and even Minni. Welcome back, we missed you image

  • Merry Christmas to everyone and lovely to see some absent but not forgotten folk are still alive and well. I'm heading back to the Motherland for xmas for the 1st time in 18 years. Lets do it all again next year. Have a peaceful time all.

  • KR- nice 17

    Bike it- working in the hub of elite sport I expect your times can only improve a lot image

    Poacher- nice return with another mara,sound slike there will be another soon.

    CC2-new year new start.image

    Minni-welcome back

    Gul -keep in touch image


  • It is lovely to see everyone resurfacing! Welcome back, all.

    Last working day until 4th Jan, thank god. Will probably have to pop into the office for some mindless admin tomorrow but the finish line is in sight. The only question being whether I'm at mile 23 or mile 26!
  • Gul - didn't mean to omit your name. Welcome back!!

    Enjoy the finishing straight and the adulation of the crowds Jools.
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