Sub 3h15



  • PMJ - yes, it was a proper step change. Mile 7 was 8:43 and Mile 8 was 7:47.
    MsE - nice tempo intervals. I'm enjoying getting back into speedwork!
    SJ - sounds amazing. Shame you just missed the cut-off, but a valiant effort.
    Poacher - dedication on the treadmill. I think I know what you mean about the sideways running. Bizarre thing to do on the treadie!
    7 miles inc. 8 x 400m this morning. In order to take splits, I set lap distance to 0.4km, so long recoveries! 1:31, 1:28, 1:28, 1:28, 1:28, 1:32 (don't know what happened there!), 1:28, 1:27.

  • Great effort there SJ. I have decided that I will live through all these ultra events vicariously via the thread. Sitting in the office, it is easy to look at a scenic off road marathon and think it is only twice a half and I did a half last Sunday in 1:45 and that was so easy it was almost walking, how hard would it be to do that twice in a row? The reality for me is that as soon as I am round 20+ miles I slow down and that spoils a lunchtime with a beer, so I'll keep to the shorter runs (and beers).

    BTW, anyone else seen the beer advent calendar? 24 bottles of beer, one for each day of advent.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    See your point PMJ, beer is certainly a key ingredient.

    I have no idea how you could spend that much time on a treadie Poacher, it would do me in.

    Resting here. Hammy still a bit sore after that big hill. 

  • Apologies for lack of attention. New job and family birthdays and anniversary have been taking all my time but still managed to get my sessions in on first week of taper.

    Monday was 6 miles at 6.50 pace and yesterday was 8 miles at 6.57 pace. That was a good run as it was very warm and I felt relaxed most of the way apart from the 6.34 final mile, a small treat to myself.

    Tonight was on the track. I was reluctant to do the session as I feared injury niggles but the coach told me to keep it steady and controlled and I'd be OK.

    Session was 15 x 400 at 1.25 per rep (so around 5.50 mile pace) with just 30 seconds rest. Managed to do them all. Two were at 1.26, three were 1.22 and the rest were bang on. Really pleasing week. Just a 14 miler on Saturday and a 5k recovery Sunday.

    Hope it's going well, Gang.


  • PMJ - no, that's a new one on me!
    OO - hope that's just precautionary and you're 100% for this weekend.
    GD - nearly 18 sub 7 miles in 4 days - that's some going in the taper! Looking on top form. Take care now.
    6 mile recovery run d&d.

  • Hello again. Had a quick read back and good to see the thread is going strong with some great performances as usual. Been keeping the legs turning over (just) with an average 25 - 35 miles a week and longest runs of about 12 miles which seems a bit strange. To be honest it's been so busy at home & work it's been a struggle getting out all the time. I did a 67.52 10 miler last Sunday, so just about hanging on. I was toying with an Autumn half, but will see what this month brings training wise.

    Looks like you're getting some good mileage in Gul and a tasty Parkrun time too.

    Impressive mara paced half marathon Jools after a 100 mile week!

    Good luck for all doing the GNR this Sunday

    I bet you're glad you've handed that dissertation in MsE a weight off your mind!

    A bit jealous reading all the high mileage & Autumn marathon plans!

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    GD - great speed session. You are on course for a great time in Berlin.  I can't bear this tapering. I feel so clunky and uncoordinated doing so little.

    OO - best of luck at GNR (and anyone else running it). You are looking sharp. Hope that hammy settles down.

    KR - good to see you back on board. I just returned after a long absence.  Are you on a plan for a HM or just ticking over?  Don't you have unfinished business with 26.2 image?  And yes, so glad I am not sitting in lectures anymore or worrying about writing up a dissertation.

    Just an easy 70 mins @8:20/mi with the dog today.  I hate tapering. I feel so clumsy and cannot find my groove at all!



  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    OK I really hate tapering.  Last LR today, 16 @7:49/mi with 6 "MP" miles around 7:00/mi.  I am not sure what I will aim for but it is a guide.  It was meant to be a fast finish long run but I feel so clunky during the taper. Hate hate hate it. 

  • MsE - I know what you mean but it still sounds as though you're in good shape at the moment. Hoping for good things from both you and G-Dawg

    Welcome back KR - look forward to hearing what your plans are.

    I managed a change of terrain this week with 5.5 miles along the beach in Swansea on Thursday morning - good for a change, but I definitely prefer the trails and the hills. 40 miles commuting on the bike yesterday followed by a 15 mile loop this morning up and around Box Hill. I'm hoping it just was the effects of the cycling but I felt decidedly ploddy and the pace bore that out. Am glad I ditched the Abingdon plan as there's no way I'm in PB shape at the moment.

    22 years today since I tied the knot with Mrs L - very much pre-running days and looking back at the wedding snaps I was definitely chubbier then than I am now. image

  • Happy anniversary Lorenzo!

    Dig in there MsE. Sounds like you're in great shape.

    Just a 14 miler for me today. Felt nice and easy, averaged 7.44 pace. Kept it sensible, could have gone quicker but held back due to training fatigue in the legs. Only 37 miles this week and fewer miles next week. Concerned over weight gain during taper as I'm at my lightest for years (12st 11lbs) and can feel the benefit in my runs. I also know I need to eat well to recover the muscles. Hmmm...

    Still, it's been a good campaign so far, nearly there.

    Have a good weekend, Gang.


  • KR - good to hear from you - stick to your guns!
    MsE - usual taper stuff!
    Lorenzo - congratulations - any plans to celebrate this weekend?
    Mrs GD came along to parkrun again today and she finished! Really proud of her. Still couldn't convince her to register though. Had a good parkrun too - 5th place in 19:07, so edging closer to my PB. Still too fast for the first lap - 5:53(!),6:18, 6:11,0:44 - WAVE was 77.x%, which is my highest ever, certainly for parkrun.

  • Gul - do you mean other than going out for a run?! image

    Decided to be spontaneous and we're heading down to a comedy club in Brighton - never been there before so fingers crossed.

    Well done on the parkrun - is your PB sub-19?

  • Congratulations on 22 years, Lorenzo.

    Ah, taper madness and sluggishness, MsE.  Something for me to look forward to...  You'll get the benefits on race day, just hold onto your sanity until then!

    Nice parkrun, Gul, although it must be hard for you to start your run so late in the dayimage

    Sri Chinmoy 10k in Battersea Park for me and pleased to just get inside 38.30 and hit my HM pace target for a tempo run.  Bit cross I dozed off in kms 5, 6 and 7, though, running 3.54/3.55s whereas the rest were all around 3.50s and so I threw away a 38.15.  Ho hum!  But I'll take the positives from that run, as I'm still untapered, so things are coming together at just the right time.  Hurrah!

  •  A good run there MsE, those MP miles can feel tough when you are running solo.

    A few miles in the saddle Lorenzo not surprised it felt tougher running today

    Good paced 14 miles G dawg

    Nice wava and parkrun time Gul

    Had a good and wet 15 mile run this morning @7.51 pace. Nice not to have the pressure to MP at the end. Think I'll do the Leicester half in October as a goal to aim for.

  • Lorenzo - hope the comedy club went well.

    Joolska - still a great 10k. Looking in good form!

    KR - good MLR.

    Out at 3am this morning for the 24 hr park run. Including there and back did 25 miles in 3:25:06, so pretty pleased with that. Started at 9:00 m/m and gradually increased pace to 7:20 before warm-down home. 73 miles for the week. So much for cutting back a bit!

  • MsEMsE ✭✭✭

    Huge congrats on the wedding anniversary, Lorenzo!  Mrs L looks so beautiful in the wedding photo you posted on FB.  How did you manage to snag someone like that?! image

    Gul - excellent 25 miler!  That is a huge number for the week. Remind me what you are training for?

    Great 10K, Jools.  Peaking nicely for Chicago.

    That's a decent MLR, KR. Just a bit more and you're marathon training image

    GD - you skinny thing, you have done so well this marathon cycle. I really hope Berlin gives you what you deserve.

    Easy 40 mins today in my new recovery shoe, Hoka One One Claytons. 5 mi @ av 8:13/mi.  OMG (as the kids say) they felt amazing.  Not unlike my usual Kinvaras but less battering to my legs.  I bought them for recovery runs but can see me running longer in them over time.

    Enjoying watching the rest of the GNR. Go Tirunesh!  Go Mo!

  • New daps sound lovely, MsE.

    Missed watching GNR as after a (relative) lie-in I didn't leave for my LSR until 9am.  21M very steady (8m/m) to bring up 73M for the week.  1 more week until the taper image

    Looking forward to hearing the OO household results...

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Great 10k Jools on the money as usual.

    Gul, that's a fine parkrun- but your 3am 22 miler is sheer lunacy image

    Lorenzo, many congrats that's a long stint...

    I'm afraid to report that GNR went poorly for me today. Latest in a string of poor showing in the big races- 1:24:15. I felt flat and didn't really get going, slipping from 6:15's to 6:20's and at the end below 6:30's. The race didn't really take much out of me, but my chassis (hips and upper legs) felt still and shakey for the whole race. Junior  was about a minute behind. She was also a bit disappointed but at least finished 9th lady from the mass start and was 1st under 20 lady. 

    It was a lovely day out, just a shame the running was below par.  

  • MsE - long story as to how we got together, but not one for this thread!!! image

    I ended up getting another pair of Hokas (Cliftons I think) for my Ultra and also recovery runs earlier this year but I prefer something a bit flatter and less chunky for proper speedy stuff.

    OO - sorry to hear that it didn't all go to plan. 1:24:15 isn't all that shabby - I'd be dead chuffed if I could get close to that. Great running from OO junior - is that a HM PB for her? I also see that Mo was slower than he had been in previous years as well - what were the conditions like?

    Gul - that's a bonkers time to start running, even by your standards!! Good progression. 

    5 miles recovery run, mainly off road, for me this morning to take me up to 47 for the week - biggest weekly mileage for some time and now that there's less opportunity for cycling commutes because of the light, I guess it's back to running for the next few months. 

    On the subject of cycling, I did make it into town to watch the final stage of the Tour of Britain - very enjoyable as they passed us a total of 32 times in 2 hours.

  • MSE- sounds like you are aiming around 3hrs to me image

    Lorenzo- 22 years is a long stretch alright,you deserve a medal  image

    Gul- were you not tempted to stick another 1.2 mile on the 25 and call it a mara  image Cracking parkrun too.

    Jools-nice 21.

    0053- 1:24 is still a cracking time on this thread image

    Done nothing all week ,probably time to make a start again.image

  • Just popping by to say, OO try not to be too disappointed with today. Maybe not the time you wanted but still a very good time and well done to Junior too. 

    Couldn't do my planned 10k today as I had totally forgot the rugby season started again and I had to take my boy there but I did sneak off to watch the runners come past at about 2 miles. No running for me at all this weekend as I spent the majority of it off land in a boat. Nothing better than just getting away from it all and anchoring offshore and chilling with friends. Back to it next week. image

  • Congrats Lorenzo - quite an achievement.

    OO that isn't too shabby, it's a crowded course with ups and downs, and at least you are still the best runner in your family 

    Gul you have excelled yourself by getting up before you went to bed. Remind us which race is in the diary. (Raceway? image

    Welcome back KR

    MsE - keep the faith now

    GM that sounds idyllic. Can't beat being on a boat.

    Park run was 20.47, little effort recovery run with TP who amazingly topped the ladies' podium at a tough ultra last week by 2hrs.  Back in the UK and have strung together 2 x 50m weeks. Nothing long so sadly my 5th mara of the year next weekend will also be the 5th LR of the year.  image Going to be ugly.

  • MsE - nice recovery shoes! What am I training for? Is that a philosophical question?image Still haven't booked a race! Would like to do the Peterborough HM (Great Eastern Run) at the beginning of October and then either Beachy Head, Norfolk Coastal or (if I really have to) Raceways Autumn Shakespeare.
    Jools - I like 73 image
    OO - sorry to hear it didn't go to plan. Well done to jnr OO.
    Lorenzo - I expect you've got some hilly runs lined up, with Beachy Head looming? I was really pleased to finish strongly yesterday, so it was an encouraging run.
    Leslie - yes, very tempted.
    GM - shame you couldn't do the 10k. Nice chilling.
    Poacher - sounds like you're overtraining for this oneimage
    Legs took a while to get up to recovery pace today - 4 miles @ 9:27 m/m!

  • Good 25 there Gul. Tidy 10k Jools, always hard to measure these up if they are part of a bigger goal. 

  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭

    nice to see KR back  . . .

    OO - a decent showing, esp with legs both "still" AND "shaky"  !  Very impressive by junior . . . . . 

    Leslie - time to get your ar*e in gear image

    excellent 73 mile weeks from Jools & Gul - and fine parkrunning/longrunning, Gul - and many congrats to Mrs Gul  -   ah, & nice to see the Peterborough HM (Great Eastern Run) still going strong - fond memories of my PB there back on 13/05/1990 !  (Still have paper copy of results)  

    on the subject of weekly totals (and with reference to Jools' 8 day block of over 100), interested to see what is folks' highest in this regard? My highest in my (Mon- Sun) week is 80, with a 22 on the Mon following giving me a highest 8 day block of 102.  

    Currently done half of my proposed 8 week block leading up to XC - 180 in the 4 weeks.   


  • birch, seems my biggest week was 73 miles (7.5 @ 7.5, easy 7, 15 mile with 5x1200 on the track, easy 5, easy 8, 9.5 miles inc parkrun tail run, 21 miles @ 7:00 pace. Sunday before was 12 stage relays so no big 8 day total.

  • Gul book some races you are in top shape !image

    Birch Understood boss image I've been trying to get a plan together and a rest did no harm after a very tough training block . 11.5 miles duly completed after I got up from nightshift ,legs a bit tired still.

    I started running in Aug 11 and my first marathon was in June 13 ,in the April before that in one 7 day period I clocked 107.7 miles with the Sun to Saturday being 100 mile which was my goal.The 2 weeks before were 81.1 and 92m so I was ramping hard. I ran my first and best and only decent mara to date in 3:27:23 soon after image

    The week looked like this :

    Sun 24.2, Mon 13.1, Tues 13.1, wed 18.1,thurs 15.2, Fri 7.3, sat 9  for 100m ,No doubles or speedwork just lots of long runs and no plan other than to do as much as possible around 12hr shifts.image I wish I could get back to this level again !!!!image

  • Just reading that makes me tired, Leslie! I'm impressed your body could handle that mileage so soon after you started running.  I started running in 2001 and didn't start doing regular weeks over 50mpw until late 2006/early 2007.  Even now I only average 60-70mpw during a marathon build-up, it's just that I have some poorly structured blocks in there which add up to 90-100 in 8 days.

  • Jools I seem to remember a couple of dissy spells soon after that at the start of runs always with the first 1/4 mile ,one  bad one I had to stop as my head started to spin and I bumped along a wall and had to  rest against it till I got my sea legs back  image I think my heart rate was going out of control and spiked as soon as I started moving, once past that initial few minutes it was all fine again image, was downright scary though at the time. ! tbh I found the more miles I did the more I could do and I ramped from about 50 to 100 in a 3 or 4  months  but I literally ran and slept everything else was put on hold ! Consistent training generally yields better results but I tended to favour boom and bust and I've been busted a lot this last 2 years image

  • Big miles from you folk, where does the time come from?  Most I've ever done in training was 600m in 3 months for a successful sub-3 campaign. Other that that, once did 150m in 6 days including 3 days off, but ended up unable to walk and full of antibiotics. Can't think why. Sometimes, as the architect said, "less is more".

    Birch in your speedy heyday you must have been churning out some very decent numbers for years on end...

    Leslie - the shift thing is difficult isn't it. I used to do 13hr shifts, always late and often overnight, but somehow the fatigue seemed to numb the pain of running. Maybe sleep is overrated.

    2 x 5m today, getting a little fitter.  Still on the hunt for a road bike, looked at the Cube Attain today, nice machine with 105 + hydraulic discs, any views from the bike experts?

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