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    Mr Soft, that is a large part of what I have been suffering from, where the inner thigh joins the hip. I was getting a lot of sharp pains down my adductors etc. Oddly I still feel it when I walk but not when I run and having done two complete training weeks now it's not got any worse.

    Will you need to readjust target if you only miss a week? That could almost be a recovery week.

    Off out over lunch for a mp run. Today I am going to try and run at 6.50 pace as opposed a 160 average bpm. Was going to push it out a bit longer but I want to give myself a decent chance at running fast Saturday morning as what I achieve there will give me a firm view on ability ahead of Bath half on 4th March and in turn how I train for the remaining 8 weeks.

    I definitely think x 2 plus 14-15 is about my conversion. So that means mp is about 35 seconds a mile slower than hmp.

    Nice long running Gul.

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    DT19 said:

    Mr Soft, that is a large part of what I have been suffering from, where the inner thigh joins the hip. I was getting a lot of sharp pains down my adductors etc. Oddly I still feel it when I walk but not when I run and having done two complete training weeks now it's not got any worse.

    Will you need to readjust target if you only miss a week? That could almost be a recovery week.

    Off out over lunch for a mp run. Today I am going to try and run at 6.50 pace as opposed a 160 average bpm. Was going to push it out a bit longer but I want to give myself a decent chance at running fast Saturday morning as what I achieve there will give me a firm view on ability ahead of Bath half on 4th March and in turn how I train for the remaining 8 weeks.

    I definitely think x 2 plus 14-15 is about my conversion. So that means mp is about 35 seconds a mile slower than hmp.

    Nice long running Gul.

    It has been gradually getting more noticeable and most uncomfortable on my last run last nite, so although I don't want to miss any runs especially my 16 miles on Sunday, I think it won't get any better unless I don't run on it.  

    I'm not sure how much difference missing a week will make but I would imagine it will effect me more now than in the first weeks of training when the mileage isn't so high.  Ive never experienced groin pain before when running so the only thing I can think of causing it was when I lost my footing on a kerb about a month ago and although it didn't hurt then, running on it since has made it worse. 
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    I think p and d say if you just miss a week, then just continue as normal. Obviously that might be easier said than done on an individual basis.

    Lunchtime run didn't work to plan in that I ended up running to 160bpm. 5 miles at 6.42 pace with a 6.30 last mile just because I had the bpms held in lieu. Wasn't particularly enjoyable as I had a few drinks last night and a relatively late night followed by an earlier than normal start for a breakfast meeting. Plus as I was running a loop I was running directly into a stiff headwind for seemingly much more time than I wasn't!

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    Track tonight. 10 x 800 in 2.59 or better with 45 second recoveries. Managed to do them all between 2.57 and 2.59 despite having a head cold which I'm hoping is the final throes of the lurgy I've had for nearly two months now.  :/

    Last 3 reps were tough but I guess that's the idea of the session. Really can't wait to do a training session completely cold free, starting to get me down now.  :(
  • More great reps from you G-Dawg - 10 sub-3 reps bodes very well. 

    Impressive pacing from you as well DT19. 

    Mr Soft - in answer to your question about doing a 20 mile race, I'd agree with the others and not run it all flat out. One of my best sessions was a 20 mile run with 18 at MP but I've also made the mistake of running a 21 mile race 3 weeks before a marathon and probably left my best performance there rather than the streets of London.

    A few days without running but plenty of exercise strolling round Jerusalem, trekking up the Snake Path at Masada (thanks for the recommendation Poacher) on Wednesday and heading into the West Bank (Hebron and Bethlehem) yesterday. Managed to get out for 5 miles round the city walls with younger Lorenzito this morning - probably the most historic run I've ever done. 
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    MrSoft - yes, I have a similar issue which seems to flare up if I do too many miles or too many fast miles. It usually clears up after a bit of rest but if I ignore it then when I finally relent it takes longer to recover.
    MsE - sounds like one of the few occasions where I'm a "typical" male, then!
    DT19 - hopefully we'll get some calmer weather one day soon.
    GD - impressive stuff. I only managed 3 of my 0.5 mile reps in 2:59 this week, although those extra 4672mm make a big difference ;)
    Lorenzo - sounds like you're having an amazing time.
    Miss GD the elder was back at work today, so had to be back home a bit earlier. Did 14 miles, with 6 @ 8:50 and 8 @ 7:48.
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    well, after the encouraging start to 2018, with 6 weeks of solid miles, a bit of a reality check yesterday.
    Joined my friend (who is marathon training), for our weekly long run (in which she's been doing 5 or 6 solo, then I meet up to do my 15 or 16, so she bags 20 or 21). So far, so good. For some reason, I decided to do the whole 20 with her, and, despite having a 3 day mini-rest beforehand, I really struggled from about 13 onwards. I was quite surprised, as I've been feeling fairly strong at the end of the 15's, so although I expected maybe the last 3 miles to be tough, I hadn't expected this.  Not an energy issue ;  was the legs just felt so stiff and unresponsive.  Managed to finish it, but didn't enjoy the last hour at all !  
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    Good session, G-Dawg.

    Sounds like a good break, Lorenzo.

    Gul, how many miles week do you run? You always seem to run quite long.

    Birch, some of that might be mentality. When running a 15, you might not pay a great deal of attention to leg fatigue creeping in a 13 as you're almost done. When you have another 7 to run you'll think about it a lot more on the basis that you're tired at 13 and have another hour to run. 

    5 miles of recovery with strides over lunch in anticipation of my first parkrun since August, tomorrow.

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    I've killed the thread....

    A pleasantly surprising run this morning at parkrun given I can count on one hand how many times since early December I've run faster than easy effort. Came in 18.26 for 2nd place, just 2 seconds shy of a pb. I got one of my years targets from it though with 75.15 wava score.
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    Speedy parkrun DT19 and nice WAVA.

    Just put it down as a bad day Birch.

    Solid miles Gul.

    11 miles yesterday in the afternoon sunshine (almost a hint of spring!) @7:44. Recovery week this week so everything seems very short.  Just a recovery run today with a few strides to liven it up.

    Good luck to the racers tomorrow - conditions looking good for Wokingham.

  • Great parkrun @DT19 - very impressive 5K pace there.

    Managed to arrive at the parkrun start in Ashton Court Bristol during my long run this morning so was able to make the first half of that uphill part of the LSR - quite fun trying to weave between the rear of the pack on the way up - shame not to enjoy the run back down and bank a time as the planned route went a different way.

    Just shy of 18miles this morning at 8:30/mile - legs a bit heavy after 9 on the treadmill yesterday including 10x800s @ sub 3 mins. Probably could have gone for a few more miles but the, ahem, emergency call of nature put me off my stride at about 16!

    Shy of 40 for the week so probably put in a recovery run tomorrow.
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    Good skills from DT, Nicko and SBD. Solid. B)

    First 20 miler of the campaign today. Full of head cold and an almost gone tickly chest. Felt sorry for my pal as I snot and gob every mile. One mile in it caused the bloody gag reflex again so I ejected my breakfast in a bush. :/

    We pushed on and as it went on with a mix of frosty trails, hard trail path and regular road, I started to feel a lot better. Unfortunately the legs reminded me of the quality work I'd done during the week and they complained a bit.

    A nice run on undulating terrain at 8.09 pace. I really feel the cold/lurgy thing will be gone next week and I can't wait to focus on building more quality on the 302 miles I've somehow managed this year.

    Good luck to the racers tommoz!!
  • Good speedy running from DT and distance under the belt from G-Dawg and Nicko.

    Nothing very impressive from me - younger Lorenzito and I headed out into a mixture of a strong headwind and rain that was almost hail, so we turned round after a couple of miles. I reckon I've managed a mighty 15 miles this week.

    Fly back tomorrow after a great holiday (or field trip as MrsL calls it) 
  • PMJ - have a blast at Wokingham. 
    Birch - don't be disheartened. Next time, you'll be stronger.
    DT19 - Excellent parkrun - should be a good confidence booster. I usually aim for 65-75 miles a week, but things have been a bit disrupted of late. This week I actually managed to get a long run in, so should be a good total.
    SBD - spring would be very welcome. I'm sure your legs will benefit from the recovery week.
    Nick - definitely a case of being cut short then. Good long run after a punishing session on the treadmill.
    GD - maybe bringing that lot up did you some good. Nice long run.
    Lorenzo - hope you have a good flight. Be sure to post some pics.
    10 slow miles yesterday and 9 miles with 12 x 400m @ 5k pace this morning to bring up 80 miles for the week.

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    That's a great parkrun DT19- and a podium, you must be chuffed!

    Its not a good feeling Birch but I'm sure you know these days just happen time to time in a long campaign- mustn't read too much into it.

    Well the relays went very well. Our V50 squad won the gold by almost 5 mins, smashing our own course record. I was 2nd fastest counter- 2.2 miles in 12:26= 5:37 per mile. Not sure I'll do so well on todays 18 miler though.

    Looking forward to some race reports later ...

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    Birch that's a big stepup from 15 to 20m and was always going to hurt you must be mara training again , great stuff .
    Gdawg you have to be clear of the lurgy soon.
    DT19 great parkrun and good wava score 
    NIcko nice 18m with rest room stop , we have all been there ...
    Lorenzo back to reality again 
    GUL cracking week you in the big league now !
    0054 that's lightening fast pace 

    4k tempo with club on thurs night though I just tagged on the back at 9m/miles but I didn't have to walk this week  which is a plus, then 6 yesterday .
    Then down to junior parkrun for first time in a few weeks with my daughter , was called of last 2 weeks due to ice (I was working weekends anyway) got a job marshalling too , A park van driver was in the middle of the course as the first wave came down just got out of the way in time  and a lad  had pulled a hammy  going off too fast, looked sore too ..
    13m for the week.
  • Wokingham Half 2018 race report.

    The plan for this was quite simple: sub 1:30. I am 52 and that is 75.7% WAVA and my best recent run is 75.2% WAVA for a 19:55 parkrun so that is a little step up but it was to be a fully raced effort and parkruns tend to be half raced and half training. 

    Got a lift with Bus driving and SG nervous passenger (local friends and posters on another thread) and managed to get there despite all the roadworks on the M40 junction 4 and in Wokingham town centre itself and parked on a housing estate a few hundred metres from the start. Brief warm-up (about a mile) and all felt fine. I had taken 2 ibuprofen last night and 2 more this morning to ensure I was pain-free in my feet and had not run Wed through Fri (holiday seeing the kids spread around the country) and just a very easy 5 miles yesterday to shake out the legs from a few days driving.

    Found the sub 1:30 marker board behind the start line and lined up. Good weather for a half, maybe a bit cool but no wind and no rain. 1:30 is 6:51.9 pace so I had a plan to run at 6:50 which was 5 miles in 34:10 and 10 in 68:20 with an idea of maybe 34 and 68 dead for a little buffer to see the last section home.

    The first mile is always a bit swift so 6:29 didn't freak me out and then 6:34 and a 6:30 followed. I was running easily so trusted to many years' training and racing and carried on. The course has two motorway bridges to cross on the way out and then the same on the way back in reverse and 3 miles marks the end of the second bridge (and so the start of the bridges coming back). 6;35 and 6:28 for miles 4 and 5 so 5 came up in 32:37 so about a minute and a half up on schedule. 

    In a race like Wokingham you will always have a load of people running their own race, so some running at MP as a training run, some starting slow and speeding up, others fast and slowing down. Mile 6, 7 and 8 were all about doing what I wanted to, so letting the faster ones by and passing the slower one and the splits came out at 6:32, 6:28 and 6:25. 8 miles in 52:12 so the best part of 38 minutes to do the last 5.1 and I knew sub 90 was a given all bar a catastrophic crash. Mile 9 felt OK in 6:35 but mile 10 was laboured, 6:47. 10 miles in 65:35 and 3 and a bit to go.

    The route is now tracing back the first 3 miles and is net uphill (albeit with some downhill sections as well). I started to feel a bit of a stitch and my back hurt for a while and everything seemed hard. 6:59 for mile 11 (which has the most uphill) and it was slow but I was quite happy with that as it was only a few seconds down on 1:30 pace and I had minutes in hand. The uphill part seemed to give me a second breath (maybe it was just takign the uphill part easier that helped) but the rhythm was back and a 6:51 and a 6:43 got me to 13 miles and 25 seconds for the odd 0.1 for a chip time of 1:26:35 and very happy. Over the last few miles the maths was definitely getting hard and I was thinking that I should scrape a high 1:27 so it was odd to see the official clock still on 1:26.xx as I crossed the line.

    Overall very happy. My aims for 2018 were sub-20 5k, sub-90 half and 2018 miles overall so 2 ticked off already. May have to review the 5k target as sub-19 may be on the cards. 
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    Good news, it appears I have a slightly inflamed groin, not a groin strain, so back into training today with a 16 miler, with 2x4 miles @ long run pace and 2x4 miles @around MP.  

    Ive decided to skip doing a half marathon during training and instead plan to do a 18 mile long run instead, so I do 2x18,2x20 and 1x22 milers. 
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    first-rate, Philip -  and a nice WAVA bonus, too  . . . .      
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    Dad - Melbourne sounds excellent. Bit of an ask to sneak away for the weekend from the northern part of the planet, sadly.

    PMJ - interesting to see your bike history. I was thinking that people like you and I might be a bit tall to be good on the bike, and found this - a look at height and weight for different specialisms. I think some of this would translate into running.

    BTW nice half by you

    SBD - nice race - you are in very good condition. I have run Chicago (05) NYC (06), and Boston (2012). NY is wildly expensive these days I think.  Thing to do is to combine the trip with a holiday.  As for when to arrive, earlier the better really. We got to NY in the small hours of Saturday morning, and there's a ludicrously early start on race day. It was something of an ordeal which ended in tears in Central Park with paramedics and some handy salt.  There's no need to go through a tour operator but you have to accept that NY is a pretty expensive city anyway. As a pure running experience, Boston is better as it's a meritocracy and getting a place means something.  But NY is....NY.

    Busy here but about 35m + 60m bike this week.  Loving some of the winter games - newish events like snowboard cross and slopestyle feature great skills and bravery. Tonight I think it's ice dance - if you haven't seen the Canadians Moir and Virtue, check them out. Sizzling chemistry combined with serious strength, skill, precision and trust.

  • Poacher said:
    PMJ - interesting to see your bike history. I was thinking that people like you and I might be a bit tall to be good on the bike, and found this - a look at height and weight for different specialisms. I think some of this would translate into running.

    I'm 5'10" in old money so not particularly tall, especially when you look at the youth of today: all steroid loaded beef and living in the dark in front of a VDU all day makes them grow tall.
  • I think TV is very deceptive. It slows things down so you can't see the lightning speed of a Christiano Ronaldo; and it makes someone like Chris Froome look average sized when he is over 6ft.  

    My running is now so slow that I will soon be overtaken by heavyweights weaned on steroid-loaded beef. Time takes no prisoners.
  • MrSoft - funnily enough I have been experiencing a slight groin issue in this training block. It comes and goes and today I felt it 8 miles into my 20 miler. Nothing too painful but it does get this stage I'm just ignoring it...that approach may bite me on the arse later but having missed 2 weeks with flu at the start of the block I really don't want to miss anymore. Regarding the 20 miler - I did the Gloucester 20 last year in the approach to Brighton marathon and did consistent splits 10 secs slower than MP. I felt really good at the end and it gave it me so much confidence going into Brighton where I managed a PB. Like others have said just make sure you don't "race" it and leave you flat for the upcoming training and the actual Marathon.

    G-Dawg - great track session and 20 miler. It sounds like you are about a week behind me in terms of recovery from the lurghy! This week has been the first one in 2018 where I don't have a cold/cough etc. Fingers crossed you are at the end of it!

    DT19 - great ParkRun! MP will feel easy now eh?

    PhilipMJones - Amazing HM performance...congrats!

    60 miles for this week so happy with that.
    Mon - 7 miles easy (8:46 pace)
    Tues - 10 miles (2 miles Warm Up, 2 x (3 miles @ 7:10 pace off 5 min recovery), 2 miles Cool Down)
    Weds - 7.7 miles easy (8:38 pace)
    Thurs - 8 miles in zone 2 (8:01 pace) + strides
    Fri - 7.4 miles in Zone 2 (7:58 pace)
    Sun - 20 miles all at 8:30 pace

    The plan next week is to do the usual "easy" mileage plus 2 key workouts. A faster seesion to include 6 x 1mile repeats at around 6:40 pace and a long run (18 miles with 6 x 3min Fartlek surges between miles 10-15).

    It feels good to finally run "healthy" again! :-)

    Happy running everyone!
  • I ran b2b marathons over the weekend in 3:12 and 3:17 which was good enough to seal the overall quad series win. Today was a real struggle after my recent 9 day lay-off for a drunken holiday and having a broken rib. :) I couldn’t quite achieve my ‘A’ goal of all the races sub 3:15 but pleased I held it together to average sub 3:15 for the series. The 4 medals fitted together nicely.

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    Well done on the victory Badbark - back to back marathons in good times and an excellent recovery from the skiing incident.  A few beers in order!

    A good weeks training RunningGas - what's your target race and time?

    Thanks for the feedback Poacher - have made the NYC entry and will book the flights/accommodation once the entry is confirmed.  It is ridiculously expensive but I've always wanted to do New York.  I'm planning to take the family to arrive on the Thursday so a couple of runs in Central Park on the Friday/Sunday.  Boston is on the list, just need to complete a marathon first!

    Excellent time PMJ  - 1:30 always seemed a little soft.  So what's the next HM target?

    Good news MrSoft - who was the diagnosis from?

    Only 15 miles today as it's a cut-back week.  Still a wind but the mid-day temperature (11degC) felt relatively balmy.  Meant to be relaxed but the legs sped up over the last 8 miles to give an average pace of 7:29.

  • Excellent racing @PhilipMJones and @Badbark - seriously impressive stuff!
  • Excellent racing and training going on here, too many to single out but BB that's incredible running especially after you ski trip injury etc. PMJ, you nailed that one, a great time indeed! OO too, very speedy running and a cracking if one sided win. 

    Trail race No.2 of the 3 series for me today. Jogged parkrun yesterday in glorious sunshine with no wind and the forecast for today was to be similar but a weather front came in Sat night and it was hideous! Rained all through the night which meant the course would be very tricky and muddy in parts. Very windy and a constant cold drizzle. There are some wooden sleeper steps and cross over bridges which meant one had to be very careful. Some of the trail path is literally at the edge of the cliff path edge and one false move could mean serious injury. Thankfully there were no mishaps apart from me running past some markers and having to double back on myself. Came 2nd again and beaten by the same guy but a bit closer this time and 7:23mm avg for the 10k which I was happy with for the course. He's like a mountain goat up them cliff path sections and was just too strong. A great event though and more free coffee and cake afterwards. Pic from FB below of me meandering down one of the trails. The concrete structure in the background is a legacy of the German occupation here in WW2. 

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    Well done Pmj, plenty of time still to completely reasses the half goal as well! 75% is definitely a good wava situation!

    oo, that's a great pace. Well done on the team gold. 

    Gerard, good work, the sea below looks pretty choppy.

    Badbark, great work regardless of the ski injury, even greater given it. Great medal collection there as well. 

    Good news, Mr Soft. 

    Nice 15, SBD. 

    Running gas, looks like you're going well and enjoying it. Fair point, perhaps I should do more of the faster tempo stuff!

    Nice 20, G Dawg.

    So decided to up the stakes today and get a 20 in. I always aim for 6 x 20-22 and therefore if I didn't get one in today that wouldn't happen. I was a bit edgy as id only built to 15 last week however it went really well. First 5 were sluggish at 8 plus mm then i suddenly felt great and had a really pleasant following 15 chipping my average time to 7.44. In my quest to adapt to taking gels I took 4 today and they went down well. I cant believe the diffeence they make. 

    That's 50 miles for the week plus my 2 x spin and 1 bodypump, so back in full swing. Family went on holiday today so home alone until Friday night and planning a big week. My previous biggest is 57. Think I can hit 60 this week, with my x training in fact. 

     That'll be 4 weeks solid training so I'll follow it with a cutback to taper for Bath half 2 weeks today. 

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    hi everyone
    R.Gas - fine week of training, and good total . . .
    Badbark - great work, esp after the collision - I like the interlocking medals  . .   
    DT19 - very encouraging 20  . .   
    Gerard - nice racing, and good pic  . .    
    Leslie - pleased you're running again - keep plugging away.  No, not back in marathon training - as Poacher says "time takes no prisoners" -  but, although supposedly retired, like I've said before, the club VoGit65 record might just tempt me when the time comes .
    followed Thursday's "torrid 20" with a 3 mile sedate trot, mainly on grass, on Friday (which I actually enjoyed - it loosened the legs a bit), then 10 on Saturday morning with my daughter (she added a parkrun at the end - I (showing some of the previously absent common sense) merely spectated )    had a rest yesterday, so, a cutback week in terms of miles (33), but executed in a 3 day block of 20,3,10 . . .      anyway, back to normal now - I'll write my schedule for the week shortly -  then I suppose I'd better go running !  
    have a good week, all
  • Doh, out-Badbarked again. I have a weird 3/4 circle of medals from last autumn’s 3 in 3. But it’s clear that 4 in 4 would be better.
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