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    Goodluck to the xc racers today ,smash it !
    SBD nice tempo and long run pace , 3:20 is looking a bit soft as a target now for sure .As for dreaded P%D sessions 20 with 14 a mp is right up there for me !!!
    GUL good effort for the 16m 
    DT19 60m is a good week
    Nicko very fast 400m reps.

    Out for 30 mins of effort on thursday (8m/miles) with the club then 4 very sore legged ones yesterday and a 24:10 parkrun today which is about where I'm at now  and my slowest ever parkrun lol

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    glorious day for the National . . .     

    13.5 this morn with couple of pals & my daughter, inc 5 x 1K  (me being the back marker, of course)  :)
  • I’m looking forward to read the National reports.

    I ran 35 miles ultra-training training today in just over 5 hours. It was tough with the b2b marathons still in my legs from last weekend. I did manage a few miles a tad quicker running a 22 minute Parkrun after 21 miles. So it was a perfect session for my next three races which are all ultras.

  • Looks like I'm the first back but as OO was going for a quick half before getting the train while GM and the Jersey boys were all set for a big night out, that's not all that surprising.

    Great to catch up with both the lads beforehand and after (pictures to follow) and while we didn't see each other during the race, it was fun to exchange tales of the mudfest afterwards.

    As others have said, the whole occasion is tremendous and having watched younger Lorenzito run at Parliament Hill a few times, I decided to give it a go this time. About 3,500 men had registered for the race although judging by the number of finishers I reckon there were about 2,500 toeing the line at the start for the pull up the infamous hill.

    With so many starters and the course narrowing quickly there were a few bottlenecks and resulting walking points in the first K or so, but it spread out quickly. Whilst it was cold enough to wear gloves, the wind wasn't too bad and as there hadn't been too much rain in the last few days, it meant that the course was muddy without being slippery although I almost had to hurdle one of my club mates who took a tumble early on.

    In a wonderfully childish way, the mud was great and there was one stretch where I seemed to be the only person who wanted to go through the centre of it. Going up on the muddy sections was draining, but the downhill bits was fun to the point of exhiliarating! :)

    Overall I was more than happy with my run and finished in the top half (just) and with younger Lorenzito finishing 42nd in his race, it was an all round good day.

    Medium long run planned tomorrow just to round off the week.
  • Lorenzo - So good to finally meeet you and OO and yes it was fun but tough in equal measures. Excellent run by your boy. Well run you too but stewarrds enquiry re the the thread smackdown result though. ;) we hit it hard after the race and I'm srugglimg to type here! Will post photos and write a report tomorrow. 
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    So.....Who took thread smackdown glory? 

    Looks like the coldest week of winter is about to kick in, just when we might have had thoughts of some nice spring weather. 
  • DT19 - not me, but I'll let the winner tell you himself!!

    GM - hope you're feeling OK this morning! ;)

    Chilly and rather ploddy run this morning - 15 miles up and around Box Hill to take me up to 51 for the week.
  • Lorenzo - I made it back in one piece, not sure how though! :wink: I'm impressed you did that run this morning. Well done. P.s. sorry I missed your text. I only got it just now! 

    OO - Did you guys have fun afterwards? We ended up staying near where we stayed. Your team mate David beat me by 8 seconds in the end. We swapped positions quite a few times in the last two laps but he was too strong on the last hill and I ran out of grass in the end. 

    So, what a day, what an event. Arrived at Parly Hill around 12;45 and we picked up our numbers and I hung around with my team mates. Had a little wander around the course but only the one side and conditions looked very good. Sunny but cold with a sharp breeze but the wind wasn't an issue on the course. Managed to find Lorenzo's camp ( thanks so much for letting us put our bags down there) and had a nice chat pre race and then went over to meet OO. Was great to meet them both after 5 years of cyber interaction on here. The race itself, WOW! The start works it's way up a gentle hill but bottlenecks quite soon at the top and we were walking as hundreds of runners were trying to negotiate that part. A sharp downhill and then onto the first of many testing climbs on the course. The other side of the course which I hadn't seen was a total quagmire, runners were falling on the first lap and I was just concentrating on staying upright and took it very easy for the first lap. The course is one medium lap and then two longer ones. By the 2nd lap I was trying to get a better position but it was hard as it was quite narrow in parts and the wider parts where you could over take runners was so muddy and it really was energy zapping on the legs. I didn't see Lorenzo or OO on the course and assumed they were well ahead of me but I eventually spotted a runner in OO's colours and we swapped positions about half a dozen times. By the 3rd lap I was really feeling the muddy climbs and had two unfortunate mishaps. No.1 was sliding into one of the corners and I ran straight into one of the post markers and only for a quick reflex reaction I almost damaged the crown jewels and caused a min1 pile up behind me. I slid but somehow didn't completely go down. Runners were hitting the deck all over the shop now and it was quite alarming seeing them drop around me. I was thinking to myself only about 1k to go and you will have managed to do what I set out to do and that was get round without a fall. Nope, didn't happen, I took a bad fall on the last muddy section and landed almost flat out on my face. I struggled to get up, and was covered in mud from head to toe. Very embarrassing and totally took the wind out of me. I composed myself for about a 30 seconds and then carried on and got back into my running. I was overtaking lots of runners as we hit the firmer parts and it was a relief to see the finish about 400m away. Some rude guy elbowed me quite hard as he passed me and I almost went down again, so I set out after him and went past him with 100 to go and he tried to squeeze past again, not today sir! Just pipped him and about 5 other runs by a second to the line. Man, that was pretty brutal but I loved it! The results are official and the runners and riders from here were GM - 55:26, Lorenzo - 56:20, OO - 57:43. So a fairly close battle battle between all three of us but hats off to anyone who completes that course. It's not easy but then is anything worthwhile ever that way? :smiley:
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     Are there recognised dreaded sessions for P&D?

    Only the final one (11K tempo compared to an initial 6K tempo) which comes towards the end of the peak mileage week!  Agreed, they are generally fun.

    Leslie H said:

    As for dreaded P%D sessions 20 with 14 a mp is right up there for me !!!

    Indeed! But if you run the MP sessions as part of the race they're a lot easier!

    Well done on respectable finishes at the Nationals Lorenzo, Gerard and OO.  It almost sounds fun!  Good to see you've recovered enough for a 15 mile LR today, Lorenzo.

    A good session Birch.

    Keep on building the miles Leslie.  Any targets on the horizon?

    Not as cold as I feared this morning although still a strong wind. 22 miles in 2:47, with the last 5 miles at 7:16 m/m.  Had planned a time on feet easy run but found it difficult to resist a progressive build up over the second half.

    77 miles for the week and only 7 weeks to Brighton.  The endurance is looking pretty solid (20, 20, 21 and 22 long runs so far).  So a 3-week taper and the next 4 weeks to focus on building the speed.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Yes I was well beaten by you 2 guys in the smackdown at the Nationals. I started slow with a first mile over 9 mins with the hold ups. I had short spikes and found it very wobbly in the muddy sections- just slowed to avoid a Gerard style fall. I felt comfortable the whole way round and really enjoyed it- but the result shows how rubbish I am at XC. As said great to meet you guys and glad you both ran well. Hope you enjoyed a night in the bright lights Gerard and got home safely.

    I was fit enough for a 17 mile plod this morning, bringing up a 60 mile week.  

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    Great reports from the Parly Hill gang. Good going all in tough conditions. Well done to GM for claiming the thread smackdown prize.

    It certainly was cold yesterday. Up early for my 20 miler with a mate. A large part of the route was along the Wey from Guildford to Pyrford, Lorenzo will know it. All tow path and field. I had road shoes on thinking that the ground would be harder but the sun had melted some of the frost when we got there and made it very slippery.

    Hadn't run that section before, it was lovely. Couldn't get into my running at all yesterday so just plodded it all out at 8.13 pace.
    Did a 5k recovery today which went better. 
  • G-Dawg - I certainly know that section as I've done the Cartbridge to Pyrford bit as part of a 20+ miler on a number of occasions and then in reverse all the way into Guildford as part of Ultra training. I can imagine that it was very attractive yesterday when the sun was out.

    SBD - I bet you'd enjoy the XC. No idea where it'll be next year, but suspect it'll be someone oop north. Good mileage and number of long runs accumulated so far.

    Sneaky 17 miles there OO - where did you get to?

    I don't know if any other XC enthusiasts run in studs rather than spikes, but having done both the Southerns and Parly Hill yesterday in my Innov8 Talons, I can strongly recommend them. For me they were much more comfortable than spikes and with studs across the front, middle and back of the shoe they always felt that they were gripping the mud even when I was going downhill.
  • Good work at the XC, looks like hummus is the new superfood. My niece Poachette scored 18th in the senior ladies, her best ever, dead chuffed after lots of injury woes.

    Impressed by the way everyone is knuckling down to training in crap weather. It will pay off.

    After hard outdoor labour all day Fri and Sat it’s hardly surprising that today’s mara at South Shields was a plod too far. Vicious headwinds coming in off the North Sea for mile after mile. Very hard. Legs trashed, need a rest.

    82 maras and ultras d&d. Hurrah!
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    Good work, Badbark - 
    SBD - super miles, there - you're preparing very well  . . .   
    solid 20, G-Dawg
    great to hear of the National XC exploits- well done, chaps, and good that you pipped the "rude" git, Gerard . . .    btw, Lorenzo - the Northern XC was at Harewood House last month, and the announcer said the event was a "trial run" for a possible staging of the 2019 National. . . . .  p.s. - super long runs the day after the gruelling effort, Lorenzo, OO 
    3.5 mile jog today, brings up a 45 mile week here.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    I ran from Greenwich to Victoria Park in East London Lorenzo. Of course you'd know if you ever looked on Strava these days and posted your runs ;) It was pathetically slow one but still worth it. Legs are good this evening so I'll probably be back out tomorrow.

    Great result for Poachette there- absolutely fab! 

    Gerard hope there's a  photo of you face down in the mud ;)   

  • OO - I've given up with Strava for the time being as the app on my phone never seems to actually record any real distance. Always a bit demoralising to run for 2 hours and to have officially logged about 20 feet!

    Birch - sounds good. I'm not familiar with Harewood House as a XC course but it's not too far away from the in-laws so might merit a weekend trip up there.

    Congrats for number 82 Poacher - when you you reckon you'll hit the magic 100 mark?
  • OO - Eh nope..........thankfully! Had to have at least 2 long showers though to get all the mud off. 

    Poacher - That's a very impressive result by your niece and congrats on #82. 

    A couple of photos of the XC amigos and the Jersey crew. :) 

  • Great pics, nice anoraks too. Harewood wd be a good venue and easy enough to get to.

    Poachette says top 20 was the ifetime goal but she’s now upping that to top 10. She seems to have inherited all the family running genes, leaving nothing for decrepit uncle P.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Great photos!  B)
  • Lorenzo, Gerard & OO - congrats on the Nationals XC...sounded like you guys had fun!! Cool pics Gerard.

    SBD - some great long run there.

    G-Dawg - more long miles in the bank.

    I'm happy with last week's work.

    Mon: easy 7 miles
    Tues: 9 miles (incl 6 x mile repeats at 6:40)
    Thurs: 10 miles @ 8:14
    Fri: 9 miles with 6 @ MP (7:25)
    Sun: 18 miles - 10 miles @ 08:10, Fartlek (6 x 3min @ 6:35, 2min easy), 3.5 miles to finish

    Total for week +54miles.

    Not looking forward to the Beast from the East arriving!!
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
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    x-post last evening, Poacher - absolutely brilliant run by Poachette !  she must be buzzing !!   trumps Birch jnr - he was pleased with 152nd  (44:30)  in the Senior Men - and well done bagging no. 82 on such a bitingly cold day !!  
    on a less exalted level, the venues have been announced for our local county Road League - all 4 same as last year, so I'll have a direct (and hopefully favourable) comparison after the shockers I had !   
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Well done on the xc all and good pics.

    Well done on the 82nd mara, Poacher and the ultra, Badbark.

    I guess that is the runners mentality, Poacher. I always said once I could get below 40 minutes consistently for 10k I would be happy. Whilst I do still get a sense of satisfaction from being able to routinely do it, I am far from happy with just stopping at that.

    Good running everyone else.

    I wonder how Nicko got on in Brighton. A few people I saw who run it posted about a crippling headwind for last 3.5 miles. Though as its an out and back, I guess there must have been a benefit also.

    A very comfortable 15 yesterday at 7.54mm gave me my 60 for the week which is my highest ever now. I am 11 miles short of my highest ever monthly total as well of 193, but more importantly I am eyeing up 200. Given February is obviously 3 days short, I would be very happy to get to either my highest ever month total or 200. I can then taper back for Bath half.

  • Lots of activity over the weekend here - nationals sound like a great event and something to look at for next year maybe - I love a bit of mud.

    @Poachercongratulations on a huge amount of marathons logged - that is a true lifetime achievement - did I read earlier you are aiming at 100?

    After worrying about the incoming cold all week, went out for a kit test at Parkrun in Eastville, Bristol on Saturday morning (avoiding the local Ashton Court one as the hill would have destroyed me and not given a chance to get a consistent pace on) - it was hovering around 0 but vest and shorts with hat and gloves seemed sufficient and logged a 22:00 dead taking it moderately easy on quite a nice course.

    Took the 3 hour drive over to Brighton in the afternoon to stay at a mate's ahead of an early start the next day. Sunday morning was bright but pretty chilly with a stiff breeze. They'd changed the course a bit this year, maybe hoping to lose the stigma of the incorrectly measured previous events.

    First 3 miles headed West, slightly uphill in parts a little congested to start with but spaced out nicely; the headwind was present but not too bad as it was slightly shielded by the hill I think; checked pacing at mile 2 and felt OK, the turnaround at 3 through to 6 was great, slight downhill but not enough to put excess force on the legs; and a slight wind assist so up the next 4 miles were good, picking up pace a bit; threw my hat to the crowd as we turned into town  to a lovely morale boosting cheer (there hadn't been much atmosphere in the first half of the race while everyone warmed up!).

    Up to 10 miles starting to feel some leg fatigue and confirming that the lower mileage so far this year was taking its toll; spotting a friend up ahead who had somehow overtaken me without me noticing was a bit of a kick so tried to pick it up and close the gap.

    HOWEVER; the course then turned onto the seafront and back for the final 3+ to the finish and the headwind was very strong - I didn't feel we'd had any tailwind of that strenght to compensate. It was a real struggle and knocked my pace down a good 20secs per mile according to watch data. Couldn't catch my mate and just pushed through to make it to the finish in 1:27:58.

    A bit of a disappointment as I thought I was on for better at the halfway point; and 1 minute short of my self-imposed target time to break my no-drinking streak for the year. Still, a PB by 3 minutes and probably should be happy considering I was on the physio table only a month or so ago with issues actually walking.

    Sore legs, dodgy stomach and a 5 hour drive back to Bristol; now just 8? weeks to sort my endurance for London.

    Wow, that was lots of words.

  • @nicko1981 That, pretty much word for word, was my race too!

    Felt great for the first 10 miles. Caught up with and then stayed with the 1:30 pacer until 6 miles but felt pretty good so eased ahead of them for the next few. At 10 miles I was working out what I'd finish with if I averaged 6:20 pace for the last 3 but then BAM! the wind hit me like a train on the turn. Ended up having to work 20/30% harder to keep up the 6:40 pace especially where the crowds were thin. Towards the finish they acted as a bit of a wind shield and eventually crossed the line in 1:27:57 so pretty much at the same time as you! The wind equals itself out though so not sure it cost me any time

    Enjoyable event overall on the new route, apart from the catastrophically stupid bag drop arrangements but let's not whinge about that
  • Ow wow, only a second apart - what was your race number/clothing - maybe we're in the same finish photos?

    I didn't feel the wind was helping as much on 7-10 as it hindered on 10-13; maybe shielded by the buildings - I could be wrong and just making excuses though!

    I remembered the bag drop at Brighton being ridiculous last time I did it so made arrangements for a friend to meet me after - unfortunately this plan failed so I was wandering around Brighton trying to find the backup meeting point just in my vest/shorts and foil blanket - not a whole lot of fun.
  • @nicko1981 I was wearing bright orange but my gun time was about 25 seconds slower than yours as I started in the middle of the blue pen. Some guy threw up on the finish line about 5 metres ahead of me so my finish photos are me trying (successfully thank god) to avoid the contents of his breakfast
  • SBD - that's a great tempo run in my books. Good fast finish LSR too. Your training is really solid.
    Leslie - onwards and upwards still though.
    Birch - nice MLR with intervals.
    Badbark - impressive ultra training.
    Lorenzo - cracking effort - doesn't sound at all appealing to me!
    GM - ditto - well done on surviving and coming home first in the smackdown.
    OO - keeping upright sounds like quite an achievement in those conditions. Well done too.
    GD - good long run.
    Like the photos guys.
    Poacher - a tough day for a mara. Only 18 more for the ton!
    RunningGas - good week of training chalked up.
    Nick / Southwark runner- excellent racing in those conditions. Don't be disappointed, especially with a 3 min PB, Nick!
    Mrs GD was ill this weekend and I had to ditch plans for a run on Saturday morning. But I did get an extra 2 miles in on Friday afternoon with an easy run to the GP surgery for some jabs. Sunday morning was busy, so just time for 4 progressive miles to make 60 for the week. And this morning, I did 10 miles including the pyramid strides session again.

  • MrSoftMrSoft ✭✭✭
    Well done all those that races over the weekend.

      I managed my first 18 mile long run on Sunday @ minute slower than MP.  Pleased I got it in before the beast from the east comes in here in the south east.  I'm hoping it's not as bad as forcast as I don't want to do too many runs on the treadmill this week, especially not the next 18 miler planned this coming Sunday.  

    Although I will keep up trying to hit my sub 3.15 training paces, realistically I think I'm more in 3.25 -3.30 shape at the moment as I'm really struggling with anything quicker than threshold pace and my legs seem to be taking a good 2 miles to warm up at the moment, even on long runs(must be my age -42!). 
  • Birch - That was some run by your boy. How on earth he can run almost 6mm dead on that course is just beyond me. You must have been very proud. One of our runners who has slightly quicker pb's than your boy was a further 5 mins back. Is he very strong on the country?  I wish I was better at it.

    swr/Nicko - Two very good performances in the conditions. Nothing worse than running into a headwind for the last miles in a race. Well done both.

    Gul - I hope Mrs GD is ok now? 60 is still big miles in my book. I did a grand total of 14.9 last week. :)

    DT - Things are looking good.

    SBD - Fine running and also looking very positive.

    Back on the road today. 5k on lunch along the prom in the sunshine and 30mph wind!! @ 6:55mm.

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