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  • Poacher - Forecast is for similar here overnight and tomorrow. I'll attempt to head out down to the beach in the morning. Nightmare re your car btw! 

    Welcome @StevieWh - Stick around, lots of good advice on here. 

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Well it was a bit deeper and bloomin' cold around this part of Surrey tonight. 5 miles in minus 5 temp. Averaged 6.49 pace 'cos I just wanted to get it done and get back into the warm. It was breezy too, so God knows what the wind chill was. Felt strong and a good session.

    My new bargain Inov8 Talon 250 trail shoes made their debut on the snow covered streets and they felt good.
    188 miles for Feb, my biggest Feb ever by 32 miles. Two days rest now, first two days of nothing for quite some time.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Them miles ain't gonna run themselves!!
    #ColdMiles #GottaDoIt #LondonMarathon 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
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    Similar here just less snow on the ground. First 2 miles of my run were directly into wind. I've never felt so cold running. I can't run in tights , don't like them so it's shorts regardless for me. 

    Anyway 8 miles tonight purely because I was on 192 miles for February. Previous highest was 193 last September so first time at 200. Will cut it right back now to rest for Sunday. 

    Hi stevie wh, I did the brum Mara in October, found it a pretty tough course, not much better than the old brum half course. 
  • Warmed up a bit (minus 5) for the commute back home so it was back to shorts - not a great idea. :/

    G-Dawg - agree with you on the benefit of trail shoes for running in the snow, but still felt a bit strange running through the West End with them on.

    Envious of all the folks who have got a nice warm beach to run on!

    Anyway 7.7 miles in total today to bring me up to 170 for the month. Looks as though March is going to start off in a chilly way.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Birch - trail shoes here too.
    GM - okay, that makes sense; I obviously forgot that hills go down as well as up. Still a cracking pace.
    StevieWh  - welcome to the thread and good luck. I tell you my conversion when I've managed to go sub 3:15.
    Poacher - sounds like a good enough excuse for not going into work.
    Nick - outdoor swim? That is Bristol, England, I presume?
    GD - you should have taken the selfie after your run so we could see your footprints. Good tempo run in the freezing cold. Good mileage for Feb.
    DT19 - I agree about shorts. Well done on reaching 200 for Feb.
    Lorenz - good commute running.
    Forgot to get leggings out last night, so out in shorts again today. Just to annoy SBD, I wore 2 hats today as well as 2 pairs of gloves. There was a snow drift on one side of the field, so that was quite hard going, but managed to plod out 10 miles again. Frozen pipe in the downstairs loo this morning, but fortunately managed to thaw it without bursting. Car said -4 when I gave Miss GD the elder a lift to work this morning, so goodness knows what it was at 5:00am.

  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    @Gul Darryes, snow didn't really hit until today and not even that much so far - on Tuesday it was glorious sunshine in the morning so took the opportunity to use the outdoor pool.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    My gym opens all its outdoor pools nationally on 01st March. Fe mates posted pics on strava of them in there at 7am this morning!

    Good running Gul and Lorenzo. I made do with a bike session over lunch. Bitterly cold out but nominal snow so far.

    Yet again it is beginning to look like i've peaked and tapered for a race that isn't going to happen. Newport half is already cancelled. Last time it snowed in December I was due to run a target 10 miler and was in very good shape.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Welcome Stevie you will be in good Company here.

    I guess we have the same weather Poacher- the wind making it very treacherous to run. I gave up yesterday but managed 6 slow ones today.

    Not sure about Feb but I'm over 450 miles so far this year.

    And yes Haweswater 1/2 got cancelled, as did XC and most parkruns this weekend I expect. Can't wait for some Barca sunshine next weekend for the Mara!  

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'm very impressed with everyones mileage totals, 135 for me in February with 46 last week being my highest ever weekly total.

    @Gul Darr Have you got a marathon you are aiming for?

    I am still awaiting news ref Warwick Half Marathon, they are providing an update at 9am tomorrow. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed. If its cancelled I will have to get out for a 15-17 mile run to make sure the week hasn't been wasted.
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    The snow finally hit us in Bristol properly - lovely 5 mile slow run last night while it was fresh and soft; unfortunately now it's settled and been trampled, not so good.

    Need to find a decent route for a 20 miler today/tomorrow before my (hopefully not cancelled) flight - can't resort to treadmill as the gym has decided not to open - pathetic!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Bath is still deciding, however I've seen pictures of the start area and I can't see how it can happen. There will be an announcement following a 1pm all parties meeting. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    That nice stage of snow is long passed in the North-East Nicko- we have snow, sludge, freezing wind and it's hard to get much below 10 minute miles on the mixed surfaces. It's so windy at the coast that I can't go on the beach either. All local parkruns and races are cancelled this weekend. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Bath cancelled but they are surprisingly giving full refunds. Can't find any alternative decent half in March. Liverpool on 25th (of entries still open) is my best shout within a reasonable distance. 

    Now to try and convert this from a taper to normal mileage week. 
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    Just got the news about Bath - such a shame for those that were fully prepared, but understandable.

    Ashton Court parkrun also cancelled - considering the route it's no surprise; more of a ski down than a run!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    6 peaceful miles in the country lanes with the snow earlier. Finally got my yaktraks out. I bought them in 2013 and they've been in box since. Along with trail shoes I got a pretty decent grip,venough to knock out a 6.40 mile 5.

    Our again for more tomorrow morning. Whilst I won't get anything else resembling a session in this week, I could save it by getting to about 50 miles. 
  • DT19 said:
    6 peaceful miles in the country lanes with the snow earlier. Finally got my yaktraks out. I bought them in 2013 and they've been in box since. Along with trail shoes I got a pretty decent grip,venough to knock out a 6.40 mile 5.

    Our again for more tomorrow morning. Whilst I won't get anything else resembling a session in this week, I could save it by getting to about 50 miles. 
    That's impressive. I've been in snow the last 3 runs and they have averaged 8:10, 8:10 and 9:15 per mile (though to be fair that last one had an 11 minute mile when I was walking up a steep hill).

    27 so far for me this week, shortly off to run to parkrun, round and back and then something in double figures tomorrow to get me to mid 40s.
  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
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    "I've been in snow the last 3 runs and they have averaged 8:10, 8:10 and 9:15 per mile"
    same here, last 3 runs in snow - 14 miles today again in trail shoes - lot slower than Philip, though :/ 
    still, showed the value of an appointment with chums - got me out into the grey gloom (no lovely winter sun today) .  46 for the week, so happy with that, esp in the conditions the 2nd half of the week. Probably have to do 4 tomorrow now  . . . .     
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    Very dull 14 miles on the dreadmill this morning with 2 miles @ MP, rest at 8:00. Would have gone further but had a flight to catch.

    Unfortunately now I am just stuck at the airport for the delayed flight.....
  • Hope you managed to get to where you wanted Nicko - 14 miles on the treadmill sounds like hell.

    Good pace in the Yaktraks DT19 - I've never tried to run in them and just rely on normal trail shoes in the snow. If you're able to smash out a 6:40 mile they must make a fair difference.

    Shame about Bath Half being cancelled; Warwick Half has also been cancelled which is extra frustrating as it's one of our events and a huge amount of effort goes into the organisation of it.

    Snow running for the last couple of days for me as well - a very pleasant hour on Friday morning, helped by the knowledge that all my meetings in the office had been cancelled so no problems working from home.

    Then followed that up this morning with a 13.5 mile yomp (fortunately my head was feeling surprisingly OK after a do at the rugby club last night) with younger Lorenzito on one of my favourite routes up to the North Downs Way. Whilst the ground was still pretty hard and lumpy under the snow, the sights and sounds of the thaw were starting and it's been pretty dramatic this afternoon with only traces of snow now showing.

    Takes me up to 47 for the week but I'm still quite a way behind OO for the year so far

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    I found a parkrun! Newcastle was on inspite of snow. Most of the course was much worse than this section. Quite happy with 20:04.
    18 tomorrow would bring up 60 this week, most were plodding slow runs in snow.
  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
    Hope you managed to get to where you wanted Nicko - 14 miles on the treadmill sounds like hell.
    Unfortunately not - 8 hours at Bristol Airport, ended up on a plane that then didn't leave. Disembarked, back home awaiting a journey to Gatwick to try again in the morning!

    Could have got a full training session in!
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    StevieWh - no target marathon yet - unlikely to be in the spring now.
    nick - sorry to hear you had to resort to the dreadmill.
    Sorry to hear about all the cancelled races. At least it was good to finally put your yaktraks to good use, DT19!
    PMJ - yes, it's been hard going where the snow's a bit deeper; and that's in West Norfolk where there's not been much snow really. Decided to give it a rest on Saturday as I could feel my quads starting to ache from all the extra work!
    Lorenzo OO  - nice photos and running.
    Snow has gone here, so decided to make the most of Friday's recovery run and yesterday's rest day. Did 9 miles including 6.22 miles @ 10k pace. Tempo effort snuck under sub 40 with 6:28, 6:23, 6:20, 6:24, 6:24, 6:32 (nearly blew it!) and 1:24 (just pulled it back in time) to make 39:57.
  • Hope everyone survived The Beast! A real shame that so many Half's were cancelled.

    The snow finally hit us here in Wiltshire on Thursday but managed to get a few miles in slipping around on some trails with my faithful running partner (picture below). I tend to do all my slower runs with him up to about 8 miles.

    Yesterday's long run was horrible. Almost bailed at 12 miles not because of fatigue but just sick of hurdling snow drifts on the pavement and the constant uneven slippery surfaces. I finally found a 0.5 miles stretch of road that was snow free and doesn't have much traffic on so I ground out the last 9 miles going up and down it...soul destroying but glad I gutted it out. One good thing to come out of it was that the conditions made me take it easy so it was a great "endurance" run!

    Mon: 6.7 miles recovery (8:25 pace)
    Tues: 5.3 miles @ 8:15 pace
    Weds: 8.3 miles including 3 x (1.5 miles @ 6:40 tempo effort, 4 min jog)
    Thurs: 5.1 miles (8:16 pace) in the snow
    Fri: 4.2 easy miles (8:29 pace) in the snow
    Sat: 21 miles, Long run in the snow @ average 8:38 pace

    Total for week: 50.6 miles
    Total for Feb: 197 miles

    Now the snow is melting looking forward to a +60 miles week.

    Safe running everyone!
    mani.png 236.4K
  • Leslie HLeslie H ✭✭✭
    Ddawg looks cold alight 
    Lorenzo doesn't look to bad on the trails
    0054 flying as usual
    SBD no plans for any races ,I'm failing to build any momentum or mileage here !
    Gul excellent sub 40 training run
    Runninggas good week if you got 50m in that weather.

    Despite it snowing nearly constant for 3 days we had virtually nothing lying here at all, it was bloody cold though and the snow just seemed to blow away as soon as it hit the ground .Other areas like Belfast and Dublin certainly got plenty to make up for it.

    Got up to go to parkrun yesterday then sacked it and went back to bed , Marshaled down Junior parkrun today with my daughter and went to the pool after but haven't run a mile this week , far to cold and a bad case of #cnba 

  • Great tempo running there Gul - I find it hard enough to go sub-40 under race conditions but to achieve it on your own at 5am (or whenever you were out today) is mightily impressive. Have you got any races in the pipeline over the next few months?

    Sound very frustrating Nicko - hope you had better luck this morning.

    Rounded off the week with a 16 mile trail run with a couple of mates - slippery in places, but despite the adverse running conditions throughout the week, it gives me my biggest weekly total so far this year (63 miles).

    Will be taking things a bit easier this coming week with the Surrey Half due on Sunday.
  • SBD.SBD. ✭✭✭
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    So where did all the snow go!

    Great weekly mileage for a tricky week Lorenzo.

    Very impressive 10K in training Gul - you definitely need to get some races organised.

    You need to work on the motivation Leslie!

    Well done on getting the long run in RunningGas.

    Good to see you found an open ParkRun OO - very picturesque!

    Bad news on Bath DT - is Reading an option?

    I was out in the snow blizzard on Wednesday for 15 miles, which was great fun but unfortunately I managed to tweak the calf in the last few miles. So rest day on Thursday (not good for a Monster March!) and lots of icing.  Recovery run on Friday seemed OK so did a 7K tempo session on the treadmill on Saturday (only 4:04 m/km pace!) with some easy kilometres either side.

    All seemed fine today so went ahead with the long run (18 miles scheduled) with plans to cut it short if necessary. Thankfully all went fine and 18 miles ticked off at a steady 7:40 m/m and 64 miles for the week.

  • Gul, great sub-40 10k as a training run.
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
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    Well done on some great running in freezing conditions, gang and still managing to get some very impressive totals in.

    Binned a part MP session yesterday as the snow and ice was still an issue and opted for a 16 miler along the canal towpath to Weybridge and back. Still a bit dodgy underfoot with snow and slush but managed to plod it out at 7.50 pace.

    Today's recovery turned out to be more of a progressive 4 miler as I recovered in the first mile and gradually got quicker with a 6.29 final mile.

    Like Lorenzo, I need to take it a bit easy next week to have a proper go at the Surrey Half.
    Need to fix my head too, feeling a bit down on my running for some reason. Averaging around 43 miles per week right now and can't seem to get the time to add more and also get to the next quality level.  :/

    Maybe now it's warmed up a tad, I'll find that extra something?
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