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    Stevie - What's the target then? You're looking comfortably sub 40 shape.

    Leslie - I hope the rest does you good and it's nothing long term. 

    Badbark - Monster mileage. Can't wait to see you smash Berlin. 

    Gul - Another big week in the bank. I think you have a shot at a sub 3. Maybe you just need to believe in your training and current fitness and forget about previous experiences. Easier said than done though as I have had a few bad ones and they always seem to creep back into my mind especially when doing long solo runs. 

    G-Dawg - Similar here. I've done one 19 and one 20 (approx., read below for a GPS fail yesterday).

    DT - I'm usually at the front of our parkrun start line as I don't like having to weave in and out of runners who have high expectations but usually fade before 1k.  I've never seen any of the faster runners being obnoxious towards anyone. In fact quite the opposite. However, I did notice that there were quite a few less speedy runners (30 min plus) edging towards the front last week only to be overtaken by lots of runners within the first few hundred metres and I'm not talking about the over exuberant kids.

    Birch - You've logged a decent weekly total.

    Poacher - How's the foot? Glad to hear you're getting some runs in. Decent parkrun too. I'm sure your times will come down within the next few weeks. 

    OO - Have a look on my Strava if you want to see what we're up against in October. The first 5 miles or so of my run is the climb, it starts on a steady incline from about 2.5 miles in and there are a few steep sections but nothing too horrible. Judging by your Keswick run and recent 10k, I think you'll find it ok but lots don't/ I'll be running up there for a few more times before the big day just to get some practice in. 

    Managed to get the long run done yesterday and to record my longest run since Amsterdam last year. Had a bit of a logistical blip. A mate joined me for 12.5 of it. The plan was to cycle to the start of the ascent on the Jersey mara course and run all the way up and then back down and I would continue completing the remaining miles solo along the prom. Had a puncture in my back tyre so we drove to the start of the route. When we clocked 12.5 miles we both remembered my mate had to get back home which was a further few miles which he didn't have in his legs so I drove him to town quickly but left my GPS on! The Strava police were out in force as I smashed some CR's in my vehicle. I cropped the run and split it so I could remove the part where I drove. All in all I ran about 19.5 miles in total averaging around 8mm pace which wasn't too bad considering the hills. Felt knackered yesterday but the body seems ok today. Another GPS fail today but ran about 3.6 miles on lunch with a pal around 7:30 pace and that was fast enough after yesterday. Agreed re the Euro's, it was fab and GB have got some great athletes atm. What about the 17 Norwegian doing the 1,500 and 5,000 double and the 18 year old Swede pole vaulter. Incredible talent and great to see. 

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    The confidence of youth: the teenage pole vaulter probably has no fear at all.  Bit like when young players like Sam Curran make a big step up to test cricket and are able to treat it like any other game.  Age brings so much baggage and fear of failure.  Sporting careers are often short so you have to respect people who are able to reinvent themselves and perform at the top level towards the end of their career (Jimmy Anderson - Kelly Holmes - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - John Elway - Jo Pavey - Virue/Moir and many more. Chapeau!

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    Great stats, oo. I'm hoping over the Autumn to push my  handicap sub 3. I'm 3.3 now and for some reason I've always hot my best times ( comparatively to other distances) in halfs and I have 2 pending. 

    Nice long one, Gerard. I don't usually pay attention to Strava segments but when on holiday there are 5 on my loop which I chase. 

    Gul, you definitely on paper should be sub 3. you run the miles and have the shorter distance times. do you have a half planned? 

    Badbark, incredible miles. 

    Leslie, hope you sort knee asap. 

    So following yesterday's 90 second loop pb I had another go today. yesterday was 7.01 pace for 160bpm but it was 33c. 

    Today it was a mere 28c albeit it was UK humidity levels. But we had a childfree night last night, drank too much and got in late and then the kids woke up early do was shattered. managed it at 6.55 average for 155 nom knocking 40 seconds off yesterday's 90 second loop pb. Better still I was 2 minutes 24 faster than my last go last year which yielded a 157 bpm. 

    I've run 6 of 10 days so will almost certainly rest tomorrow ready to hit it hard when home on Wednesday. 
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    Thanks Gerard. Yes I quite like hills but not usually in a mara! That sounds like a very eventful run!
    Poacher- nice one to drop in. You were reporting on the reunification! Look forward to hearing more about that.
    We actually watched the qualifications for the pole vault at the World Champs last year in London. We saw the young Swedish guy and his dad coaching- they had quite fiery relationship. So it was amazing to see him blossom in Berlin just a year later. Incredible talent.
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    Birch / Poacher / Badbark / Leslie / GM / DT19 - I know what you're saying, but I've been here before and never even got near sub 3:15 let alone 3:00. I am planning on racing GER (Peterborough HM) but I would need to get a big PB to tempt me to go for anything fast than 3:14:59. I only seem to be able to convert 1:26:xx  to 3:30:xx! Just over 13 weeks to go, so I'll probably change my mind by then anyway ;)
    Badbark  - monster miles. Good luck with the 10k race.
    OO - that is a seriously impressive handicap and ranking and well deserved too. 
    Leslie - hope the rest  has done you good and you can return to easy running soon.
    Poacher - nice double.
    GM - good to get a long run in.
    DT19 - you've managed to fit a fair bit of running in on holiday and ticking over nicely. Have a safe trip home.
    Took a neighbour to A&E last night and didn't get home till 2am, so no run this morning.

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    Busy on here! Autumn mara training is hotting up!

    Gul - I'm finding summer is so busy socially I'm having to squeeze my runs in at not ideal times. For example I'm running parkrun on Saturday before we go to our friends wedding, haven't told my girlfriend that yet! :# In terms of your target I guess its how you feel, although with your mileage and paces you should be comfortably around 3!

    Badbark - Good luck with the 10k and that is a huge amount of mileage. I hope it pays off hugely for Berlin

    Glad to see you back at it Poacher!

    OO - Congrats on the handicap and national ranking! 21st is an impressive ranking!

    Leslie - I hope the knee is easing, take it easy.

    GM - Target is at least sub 40, with another 4 weeks training I'd really like to go sub 38. I think that's possible with the paces I'm hitting in my reps and tempos. Good long run and recce!

    8 easy miles for me last night. Tonight's session is 10 x 2mins at 5k pace off 60s static recovery. Id like to hit sub 6mm for all of them and be around 5.45. Looking forward to Parkrun on Saturday!

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    Gul Darr said:
    Birch / Poacher / Badbark / Leslie / GM / DT19 - I know what you're saying, but I've been here before and never even got near sub 3:15 let alone 3:00. I am planning on racing GER (Peterborough HM) but I would need to get a big PB to tempt me to go for anything fast than 3:14:59. I only seem to be able to convert 1:26:xx  to 3:30:xx! Just over 13 weeks to go, so I'll probably change my mind by then anyway ;)

    This is where I think you (and others) make a mistake. I’m not even thinking about a certain race with 13 weeks to go, as I think it’s far too long away. Personally I think we are all capable of running a marathon every month or two. You put too much mentally into one race, were things can so easily go wrong on the day. If you were running a marathon ever 6 weeks or so you’d already have gone sub 3. Relax, enjoy running and run more races.:)

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    That's an ambitious target, Stevie. But then you are running paces in training similar to what I do and I think I'm capable just of sub 38. Good luck. just make sure you are certain what you can do as there's a big difference between 6.05 and 6.20mm.

    Gul I'm surprised by your longer distance issues as you train perfectly for those distances. I did that half a few years back. Managed a pb (85.03) back then but was let down by course distance coming out at 13.29. I should have gone sub 84. It's certainly flat mind. 

    Badbark, fair point. those of us doing 1 or 2 a year have a huge focus on 1 day. 

    No run today, which is good as it's boling. planning mlr of 12 Thursday, park run at 10k pace Saturday and 20 Sunday. I am flying 7am-11 tomorrow. could be a long flight wondering what the gfa outcome is. 
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    Gul seems everybody is on your case now (sorry) I think the only thing missing for you is some longer race (1/2's) experience to ease those race nerves a bit and practice pacing,agreed that you need a 3:15 first and chipping 5 mins at a time may be the most successful way forward.Progress is progress and a sub 3 probably needs an 83 half to have a realistic chance.Id love to do a mara every 6 weeks but I'm usually broken for 6 months after each one now lol !
    Stevie that's the spirit ,give it a go see what happens.

    Knee has calmed down a good bit (but will be right back as soon as I run fast) so actually managed a few careful squats as had no time for any running today ,think this running might be bad for me !

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Nice work, GM. Although, I think I'd have rounded up to 20 miles. Come on lad, it's all about the numbers!  :D

    Gul, I lose track of PBs on here. given the volume and speed quality you have, I'm amazed you're not sub 3.15 yet. Your HM PB is certainly sub-3.15 quality, I've done it off that (currently 1.25) and off much less volume too, so you most certainly can.  B)

    Good luck with the speed session, Stevie

    I agree with your mental approach, Badbark. With my last 3 mara PB attempts thwarted by the weather, I'm far more relaxed about race day now. I really enjoy the process of a training block, will always train to PB standard and will deliver what I can given the conditions on the day without getting too stressed about it. We're all operating at the pointy end of races at the moment, something I thought i could never do, so just enjoy it whilst the body permits.

    Having said that, felt shattered last night, so binned all running.
    Worked from home today to hopefully get a cheeky lunch run in but was too busy to get out. Ended up doing an 11 miler at 5pm at the height of the days temps, 24 degrees.

    First mile was 7.03 and the next was around 6.50. Felt OK, was running easy, so kept all remaining miles at 6.5x to average 6.55 for the trip. Pleased with that as it was warm, leg fatigue from the weekend was a factor and I had bloated guts from a huge lunchtime salad. Attacked a couple of hills to ensure the 6.5x splits were hit, so all in all, a good session. Onwards.
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Gul: hope none of the talk makes you feel pressurised. Take it as a compliment that fellow runners have a lot of respect for your training and performances.  But only race when you want to.  OTOH I agree with BB - the more you race, the easier it is.  An eyeballs out HM is a massive step towards a good mara.

    I have always found it very hard after having a break of a few months between maras, but when they really pile up (like last autumn/winter which saw 10 maras in 20 weeks) it's stress-free and enjoyable, if a bit slow.  No chance of doing that again this year, sadly.

    2 x 3m today, woohoo, the back of the foot still lacks feeling but it's OK over short distances. In Berlin I will smash it for the first 3m, stop for a kebab, then try to hold on for another 23.2 before adjourning to a beer garden where I hope MrsP may be waiting with a large, foaming lager.
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    OO - I prefer flat road marathons any day but at least I can get a few runs on the course and it won't be a major shock to me on the day. Would you be keen to do a recce on the course before you do it? Possibly on a bike??

    Stevie - There's a massive difference between sub 40 and sub 38, your training is going well and hopefully you can do it. What's your local parkrun like?

    DT - I like the STRAVA segments when abroad, although most of the ones I have come across are by cyclists posting them as runs which is a bit annoying. There are a few here too, guys I know how are not super quick runners but have loads of CR's, clearly done on a bike.

    5k lunch time run along the prom today. Windy going out and very muggy coming back. Progressive run 7:21, 6:58, 6:36 and then some change. Didn't want to push it too hard as I still felt a bit stiff from Sunday. Will go out again later for a slow recovery jog.

    Thought I had posted this earlier but no. 5 mile easy recovery done tonight. 

    G- Dawg - Great run there! Hah, yeah the plan was 20 but the numbers became skewed because of the GPS fail. I was pleased to get a decent long run done after many weeks of not having done one. 22 on the cards this weekend. I'll need a few more if I'm to keep up with OO! 

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
    Gerard - I know sub 38 is a big ask but I feel I can give it a go as long as I pace it ok! My official PB is 46.29 so I'll be taking a big chunk of that! My parkrun is 3 laps of a pan flat course, according to RunBritain it's the 3rd fastest in the UK. 

    Session went well last night, managed to work down to 5.42 pace even on the reps that were slightly up hill and into wind. 2 rest days in a row now for the first time in this campaign. Today was scheduled then tomorrow is my birthday so won't get chance for a run.
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Stevie - good reps. Whereabouts on RunBritain did you find the ranking of your parkrun? I'd be interested to see how my local parkrun is ranked. Have a great birthday tomorrow.
    Badbark - I agree and I'm also sure that my lack of racing is a significant factor. If there were a local marathon every month or two early on a Saturday morning, I'd be there like a shot! I guess it's just a question of priorities and I'll just have to make the best of what I can do.
    DT19 - busy schedule when you arrive home!
    Leslie - hope that knee keeps improving.
    GD - great MLR.
    Poacher - hope the rate of recovery of your foot increases exponentially. 
    GM - nice progressive run.
    15 miler this morning. 6M @ 8:04/m, 5M @ 7:27/m, 4M @ 6:48/m.

  • StevieWhStevieWh ✭✭✭
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    Gul - Thank you. Here's the list:
    I see DT's is the fastest! I'm with you on the lack of racing, I feel having more racing under my belt would help with pacing and knowing how hard to push etc

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    London GFA emails are en route. Mine has arrived. I'm in! B)
    No real surprise as being a v50, my 3.09 had me in the v45 group below.

    Hope others got theirs too?
  • BadbarkBadbark ✭✭✭
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    Gul Darr said:

    Badbark - I agree and I'm also sure that my lack of racing is a significant factor. If there were a local marathon every month or two early on a Saturday morning, I'd be there like a shot! I guess it's just a question of priorities and I'll just have to make the best of what I can do.

    I don't know your location but would any of these be close?

    I'm also fond of running 7+ mile warm ups then a HM if there are no marathons available.

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    in with my 15 second margin....
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Yes DT! Get in!!  B)
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    See you in the pub post race!

    Stevie it has pretty much been accepted that whilst Worcester is indeed flat and fast, the old route they used in 2017 was about 70m short. 
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Thanks for the offer Gerard. To be honest I'm fairly relaxed about the course though really looking forward to it. Will be a pleasure to experience it all on the day.

    Off to my 5k shortly, nervous I have not heard from London Marathon regarding GFA yet...

  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭
    Interesting re parkrun. No Jersey on there. DT - Ours was re-measured by an official course measurer earlier this year and it was found to be long, the exact opposite of yours about 70m long. 

    Congrats on the gfa's. 

    OO - I would have thought you would be a shoo-in with your time. Hopefully only a matter of time. Good luck with your 5k and no worries re the the recce. You'll be cruising so all will be cool. I'll  try and keep up. 

    Stevie - Yeah you will smash your pb and hopefully hit your target.

    3 miler on lunch today , varying pace 8:25, 7:20 and 6:03 for the last one. Felt tired today but the legs are  ok. Just need an early night to recharge. 
  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
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    Nice going GM. Wine also helps a recharge. B)

    Muggy temps on the trails after work tonight. 5 miles at 6.50 pace, felt OK.
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭

    Decent effort at the 5k with a new PB of 17:29 and first V55. The splits were 5:40, 5:41, and 5:30 last mile. It was a fast flat course with lots of PBS and a couple of guys under 15 mins!

    No news from London- starting to panic now  :( 

  • G-DawgG-Dawg ✭✭✭
    Wow! Wicked speed skills OO. Congrats on fantastic PB, amazing!!

    If only that email was as quick as you, eh?
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    I phoned and they confirmed I'm in :)
  • Gul DarrGul Darr ✭✭✭
    Stevie - thanks for that link. King's Lynn parkrun is 28th.
    GD - great to hear you've got your GFA place and DT19 too.
    Badbark - thanks for those links. I regularly check the 100marathonclub's event page, but haven't seen the findarace one before. There are one or two fairly local ones, but for various reasons nothing suitable unfortunately.
    GM - nice progressive short run.
    OO - that's a fab 5k PB - excellent work. And good news on the GFA place too.
    7 easy miles this morning. Only 1 more run planned this week as we're off to France for the weekend, so this week will count as a recovery week instead of the one scheduled next week (although I'll also miss next Saturday too because I'll be back at Heathrow to pick up Miss GD the elder). Not sure if I'll get to do the 18M with 10 @ MP, but I think I've already slotted in [email protected] in 1 or 2 long runs by accident anyway.
  • PoacherPoacher ✭✭✭
    Well well. This will be my 14th and probably last LM. Congrats to those who are in, commiserations to those who have missed out. 

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Enjoy France Gul I'm sure you will!
    Looks like a repeat of the VLM pub attendees next year- a small and perfectly formed group. Many congrats Poacher better make it a good one if it's your last!
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