Sub 3h15



  • BirchBirch ✭✭✭
    super result, Stevie - well done !  

    nice GNR, OO - never done it myself  . . .  
    Gul - bit of a Badbark-esque  24 there :)    good work !   
    sat around in my gear all day, watching TV sport (recorded football, GNR, cricket), had just decided to have rest day and stick on 45 for the week, but a text message from my running chum stating she'd carded a 50, sent me heading out for a heavy-legged 6, to trump her total by a mile B)   
  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Birch you cad!
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    Stevie, great work and with that negative split it looks like you could have squeezed a bit more. Definitely looking at a solid sun 84 half if not beyond. 

    G dawg congrats on the anniversary. Looks like you got your runs in as well. 

    Oo, decent effort in circumstances. 

    Badbark, some perfectly standard mental stuff. Very strong work. 

    Birch, solid mileage. 

    Solid 22, Gul.

    Lorenzo, looks like you are getting your running back on track. 

    I did my easy 5 Friday lunchtime then spin yesterday. Today (some confusion- I'm racing next sunday) I took my son to rugby which is where our local 10k starts and finishes. Arranged for another dad to keep an eye on him for me to disappear for 50 minutes to run. Decided to run it at tempo/steady. It's a hilly route (450 feet of elevation) and my race pb is 39.46. Gave it some welly but kept it steady running it in 41.11 at 6.43mm average. Hr  average was 162 so just beyond my standard mp effort. That took me to 55 for week. my average last 4 weeks is 54.6miles which is my best ever 4 week block. Definite solid cut back this week to properly attack Worcester half then 2 more hard weeks before taper. O though Yorkshire was 6 weeks today. Found out it's only 5. 

    Just catching up on gnr coverage. Is it right that there is a gfa entry for it? can't find anything on line. 
  • Stevie - congratulations - that's a fantastic 10k time!  Great pacing and well finished. Is that a PB?
    GD- good finish to the week for a nice tally.
    OO - that's really well done in the conditions.
    Birch - sneaky! I discovered after yesterday's long run that an enormous blister on one of my big toe's had burst.
    DT - nice work on a hilly route. Good luck for the HM this week rather than yesterday.
    9 slow miles this morning to start the week. The schedule is slightly lower mileage than the last few weeks with 18M/[email protected] at the weekend which should be fun.
  • Gul - Yep that's 8m45 off my previous PB (set April 17 when I first started running again) Brilliant 24 miles at the weekend. I have a similar session at the weekend, 20 w 12 @ MP split into 3 sections.

    DT - That's a great run on a hilly course. Sub 84 will be the target I think, the Jack Daniels calculator has me at 1.23.30 based on my 10k time. Interestingly it gives me a 5k time of 18.11 from that so almost spot on.

    OO - Great result in tough conditions. I hope your daughters went well also

    GD - That's a speedy run off a big week. Bodes well for Chicago (I think that's the marathon your doing)

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Nice start to the week, Gull, as always.

    Stevie, my 83.35 last weekend gave me 37.30 and 18.03 on McMillan. Ever since I started running my half marathon has been by far my strongest distance. There's no way I could run 37.30 for a 10k. Unfortunately that bias doesn't then continue to marathon conversion.

    But if you convert evenly then sub 84 should be more than achievable.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    DT19 there is no GFA for GNR. It a fairly commercial event and only money talks with a ballot etc.
    I analysed the results more deeply and the poor conditions impacted a lot on performances yesterday. Of the 44,000 finishers only 79 ran below 80 minutes. I finished 144th and was 1st in my V55 age catagory (no prizes unfortunately). This has bumped my Run Britain handicap to 1.7- my highest, so with fresh eyes the day after I'm happier with the run. Sadly both daughters had a bad day at the office Stevie and were down on past years.

    The legs are pretty stiff today but I need to get back to focus on Jersey Marathon which is just 3 weeks away- so a laboured recovery run planned later :(
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I recall a few years ago a sub 40 10k or sub 85 half would get you straight in. obviously no longer the case. 

    Sounds like you performed well in circumstances oo.

    5 mile recovery over lunch. spin in a bit. 
  • Great racing by Stevie and OO!

    It's looking like Berlin is going to be too hot for a PB. I'll still go for it but I'm thinking about booking another marathon as a backup attempt. Has anyone done Bournemouth? It looks flat and is 3 weeks after Berlin, so ideal. I can also get a GFA entry as they are still available. I'd only book after Berlin of course. 
  • GerardMGerardM ✭✭✭
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    Howdy sports fans! :smiley:

    Birch – Thanks. I had a lovely time. Haha, nice trump card with the 51!

    Gul – Very nicely done on the 24!

    Stevie – That’s how to run a 10k. I’m very envious of your time. Quite a bit more to come too by the sound of it.

    G-Dawg – Don’t be worrying you’re doing some great training. You’ll smash it!

    OO – I have to say that looks like a very good run to me. With a few longer runs under your belt and NYC could be a good one.

    Lorenzo – That’s a great run on the trails. If a marathon was 20 miles I reckon I could do well but it’s not. :wink:  I’d say if I was running a fast flat marathon I would go for a 3:0x time but given the difficulty of the course and my previous experiences I’m kind of expecting a meltdown around 20 miles but you never know. OO might be able to take my mind off things and drag me home in a respectable time.

    DT – Nice 10k. I did a similar one when I was back home.

    Badbark – I’ve seen the forecast for Berlin and it’s not ideal at all but you never know as Saturday looks better and it could swing either way on Sunday. I hope so.

    I managed to get a few lovely runs in when I was back home but nothing major but it was lovely to be running along the river and going past the wild deer in the park which is just amazing. So many runners out and some seriously fast guys and ladies 14k at 7:26 avg but it was meant to be longer but I was  tooknackered, got hammered Saturday and then did a hilly 10k on Sunday @ 6:44 avg and it felt comfortably steady. What’s that all about?? Had a  very nice sociable 14k run with the lads tonight @ 7:04 avg and it felt good but the last 4k was a bit more in the 6:4x range, so looks better as a whole. This week is hectic on a social level but I’ll be getting the last big one in before Jersey mara which is 26 days out and counting...... Gulp! 

  • Great GNR time OO. Given the field size that's a very high and impressive placing, well played.

    Berlin warmed up for me in 2016 Badbark. It's still my PB at 3.09. It's a flat course with just a few inclines. The roads are wide and offer little shade when the sun comes out. The finish line is further away than you think when you do the final turn and see the Brandenburg Gate. I had to belt it for the last half mile and almost elbow some finishing showboaters out of the way to ensure I broke 3.10.  :D

    Another run streak looms as I'm in Madrid this weekend with zero chance of running. Have decided to have a cutback week of sorts and have a two and a half week taper instead of three weeks.
    Did 10 miles tonight, steady pace with hill attacks and a few strides to average 7.06. Legs are surprisingly ok for 60 miles in the past 7 days but musn't push my luck.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
    Let’s hope the weather comes good Badbark.
    That looks like a good sesh GDawg- don’t you hate the taper!
    Jersey is scarily close Gerard and I’ve only done 3 long runs of 18 or less. I’ll try to hit some big miles this week and next then a short taper.

  • Stevie - that's a whopping PB! Sounds like a good long run you have planned too.
    DT - HMs give me my highest WAVA too, I think; certainly way higher than my marathon times!
    OO - hope your legs are recovering today.
    Badbark  - hope it doesn't come to it, but good to have a backup plan.
    GM - tidy run - soon be taper time.
    GD - good 10 miler with hills and strides.
    15 miles this morning (got my weeks mixed up - next week is more of a cutback). Average pace of 7:28/m with 1 mile warm-up, 10 fairly consistent miles, and last 4 a tad quicker.
  • G-Dawg - Is Madrid for business or pleasure? Not been there since 99! Excellent 10!

    OO - You've still got a bit of time to squeeze in a few 20 miler runs.

    Gul - Very Casual 15 miler there. Goes to show you how much you've upped your game.

    Badbark - You best get those triple layers on this week when you are out jogging!

    Lunch time session with a pal of mine 5* 1/2 mile reps with easy jog recoveries. Windy as hell going out and warm coming back. My pal got stung by a blooming wasp on the tongue. I'm sick of the flying devils.

  • GM, wife is working out there for a few days so I'm going to pick her up from work. :)
    I've got a big wasp nest under the side tiles of my house. Difficult to spray the foam and powder in there but I think it's started to take effect. Little sods!

    7 miles on the trails tonight. Temp was a bit muggy but just run steady to average 7.11 pace. Probably only 4 runs this week and nothing long.

    Shouldn't make a difference to the training, may even help as the body can adapt to recent intense efforts. 4 weeks out from the PB in Berlin, we had a break in Rome and I only got 20 miles in for that raining week. Reckon it helped.
  • GM - ouch! Good lunch time session. Since getting my new GPS watch, my average pace has dropped, hoping my old one was not too generous with distances...
    GD - nice steady trail run.
    8 mile recovery run this morning.
  • Good reps GM that sounds horrendous being stung on the tongue!

    G-Dawg - Enjoy Madrid, its a city on my list to go to! Glad you said about having the week off before your PB, was having a wobble about not running on holiday  next week, I will swim most days though (I'm a rubbish swimmer so its hard work for me) and do a 20 the Sunday I land so I don't think it will cause any harm.

    8 miles easy last night at 8.15 with a sub 140 HR. Really happy with how these are coming out with low effort. 14m MLR tonight so will aim for the same sort of effort, Maybe pick it up slightly for the last couple of miles if I'm feeling good

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Badbark, what time does Berlin start? The forecast doesn't look too bad early morning.

    Gul, nice recovery. What watch have you gone from and to?

    g-dawg, enjoy Madrid. I think a cut back week now wont do you any harm. It's  essentially what I am doing this week.

    Gerard, nice reps and 10k effort. Yes wasps are menaces, especially this time of year.

    8 mile reduced mlr yesterday. Planning 5 at mp over lunch then after that it'll just be 4 with strides on Friday.

  • OO54OO54 ✭✭✭
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    You are worrying me with those wasps Gerard!
    Already up to 30 this week, could be 60 by Sunday plus swims!
  • OO – I hope you get a good long run done this week

    GM – Well done on several good sessions. Shame about the wasp attack on your mate

    GD – Thanks for the Berlin tips. Careful with those wasps! Good 10 + 7 mile runs completed in the warm conditions.

    Gul – Good 15 then 8 recovery – Is everyone doing 8 miles this morning?

    Stevie – Nice easy 8 miler completed. Enjoy your MLR tonight

    DT – Good 8 miles done and I hope your MP run goes well

    Berlin starts at 9:15 and its forecast to be about 15 degrees, so no problem to begin with. However it’s due to increase about 2 degrees every hour and be 21 by noon. So not the worst but certainly not ideal for a pastey white Irish man! Whatever, I’ll give it my all for a PB.

    I ran 8.5 miles this morning including a few at MP following the P&D taper. I always find it interesting just how hard I have to work for those MP miles, a few days before a marathon. Then a few days later I’ll run that pace with ease (initially!).

    I haven’t taken any caffeine since Saturday and look forward to the extra kick I get from a tablet on Sunday. I weighed myself this morning and was bang on my target of 147 lbs, so well pleased. I’ve never been lighter before a marathon.

    My number is 69092 in case anyone wants to track me.

  • Great result Stevie very impressive time, the training really paying off there, giving me some more motivation to get off my fat ass and train.

    Just got back from Marathon du Medoc - an entirely different experience!

    Arrived in Bourdeaux Thursday night and went for a short run to loosen up - my achilles and glutes have been playing up a bit since getting back into it - it was so nice out, though very humid, that I ended up doing about 8 miles at 8:00 pace which just felt really good. Went out for a few beers that night, which turned into a lot of beers making the next day's bus trip for bib collection not much fun - a couple of hair of the dog at the very chilled and compact expo sorted me out though.

    After the rest of the team arrived that night we looked through the route and discussed training and strategy - in short, there had been very little training, and the best strategy would be just to enjoy it, drink wine and finish before the sweeper truck.

    Early start to bus from Bourdeaux to Paullaic for the race - on arrival the atmosphere was amazing - 99.9% of the 8000 competitors at the startline in fancy dress, music, acrobats, small carnival floats and a proper party vibe going on. I definitely did not feel like I could do a marathon at that point, but it was going to be fun nonetheless.

    Starting a lot further back than usual, the pace was extremely slow, impossible to get any sort of pace to bank time, so we settled in to just go with the crowd. First wine stop was at 1K, then 4k, and at those points you couldn't get beyond a slow walk. It was obvious why they call this the longest marathon in the world. Running with red wine in your stomach does not feel great, one of our team stopping to vomit at about 10k but bouncing back immediately. We got into more of a running flow for the second 10k, however the wine stops got more frequent, the temperature got higher and at the half way point in 2h30 the majority of the team decided that we had 4 hours to go, so should enjoy the scenery and turn it into a brisk hike.

    By the end we had hit around 22 chataeux, drunk many more glasses of wine than necessary, eaten oysters, pate and ice cream; got incredibly sunburnt but had a great day of it - finishing in just under 6:29 - some consider this the perfect time considering the official 6:30 cutoff, it shows you've got your money's worth.

    A vintage bottle of red in souvenir wooden box is probably the best goodie bag item I have ever seen. I would definitely recommend medoc - but not as a real marathon - it's much more about the atmosphere and the spirit; however if you are a sub 3 runner, you can easily get yourself into the top 25 there.

    Now, need to get back into some proper training to do that damn squirrel race in a month, then lug myself around Abingdon the week after - at least I can now almost guarantee that won't be a personal worst time! 
  • Brilliant Nicko, I love it! I'm planning on doing a number of events where I won't be going for a time but just going for the fun while still getting some good exercise in. I may be doing my first ultra in December as a just have a laugh with a mate type event.

    Badbark, one other thing. The temps sound similar to my Berlin experience, it certainly warmed up quickly. When you collect your number at the expo, they give you a the usual kit bag like London and inside there is a sponge. I thought it was for a post-race clean down. However, I noticed on the course there were big water bins where those in the know dipped their pre-supplied sponges into and used them to cool off. Those wearing running caps placed the wet sponges underneath for some cooling relief. Runners stored their sponges in the waistband of their shorts.

    Thought it was worth a mention...
  • Nicko - Your Medoc report brings back happy memories, however if I did it again I wouldn't arrive at the start line drunk before we started! It wasn't planned but myself and 5 other guys got absolutely hammered the night before and stayed up partying until nearly 3am! +1 re the Bottle of Medoc red in the wooden box.

    Badbark  -I will definitely be tracking your progress, thanks for that and take care!

    DT - Hope the MP run went according to plan.

    Stevie - Very good numbers, you're very fit at the mo!

    Gul - Sometimes I look at my watch and think....... you are a liar and what do you mean I'm only running x:xx pace! I do tend to run to feel a lot and look at eth numbers afterwards.

    OO - It was worse in Holland, pretty bad back home too. It's worse than usual because of the very hot summer. Hopefully they will all be gone by the time we run our marathon!

    Rest day here. Isn't it about time we put an Autumn race schedule together?

  • I was thinking that too Gerard! I think we have almost a race a week coming up now. I will give it a go
  • Sun 16th September - Berlin Marathon - Badbark Target 2.47

    Sun 30th September - Cheltenham Half - Stevie Target Sub 84, SBD & DT tbc

    Sun 7th October - Jersey Marathon - Gerard & OO
    Chicago Marathon - G-Dawg

    Sun 14th October - Yorkshire Marathon - DT
    Great Eastern Run - Gul
    Royal Parks Half - Nicko

    Sun 21st October - Abingdon Marathon - Stevie, Lorenzo, Nicko

    Sun 4th November - New York Marathon - SBD, OO

  • Forgot Gul's marathon, Sorry!

    Sun 16th September - Berlin Marathon - Badbark Target 2.47

    Sun 30th September - Cheltenham Half - Stevie Target Sub 84, SBD & DT tbc

    Sun 7th October - Jersey Marathon - Gerard & OO
    Chicago Marathon - G-Dawg

    Sun 14th October - Yorkshire Marathon - DT
    Great Eastern Run - Gul
    Royal Parks Half - Nicko

    Sun 21st October - Abingdon Marathon - Stevie, Lorenzo, Nicko

    Sun 4th November - New York Marathon - SBD, OO

    Saturday 17th November - Rother Valley Marathon - Gul

  • nicko1981nicko1981 ✭✭✭
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    Gerard - seemed like half the people there were either drunk or hungover - I was more the latter though not as bad as the day before! I'd definitely stay closer to Paulliac next time and get involved in the other parties.


    Sun 16th September - Berlin Marathon - Badbark Target 2.47

    Sun 30th September - Cheltenham Half - Stevie Target Sub 84, SBD & DT tbc

    Sun 7th October - Jersey Marathon - Gerard & OO
    Chicago Marathon - G-Dawg

    Sun 14th October - Yorkshire Marathon - DT
    Great Eastern Run - Gul
    Royal Parks Half - Nicko target sub 2 in costume.

    Sun 21st October - Abingdon Marathon - Stevie, Lorenzo, Nicko

    Sun 4th November - New York Marathon - SBD, OO

    Sat 10th November - Gower Coastal Trail Half - Nicko (2:15 target)

    Saturday 17th November - Rother Valley Marathon - Gul

  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭
    I've signed up for the rather low key Milton Keynes half on Saturday 29th September. It's a 1pm start so saves me another early Sunday morning plus an old friend lives there now so meeting him for an early dinner. 

    I've also got Worcester half this weekend and Midland rd relays next weekend. I'll update and read back fully in a bit. 
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    I've signed up for the rather low key Milton Keynes half on Saturday 29th September. It's a 1pm start so saves me another early Sunday morning plus an old friend lives there now so meeting him for an early dinner. Looking at last years results a raced effort would have me pushing for top 3 and even mp effort a sis the plan should  have me in or around top 10.

    I've also got Worcester half this weekend and Midland rd relays next weekend. Sorry.... everytime I update these things I completely mess up the formatting so wonder if someone might be kind enough??? 

    Badbark, yes that'll feel warm no doubt. It does amaze me how a race pace can often feel quite a struggle in training, yet in a race we can hold it together for a good 3-4 times further. 5 at half pace is a pretty big session, yet in a half race, you can get to 5 feeling good.

    Nicko- sounds like a great event to take part in!

    5 at mp over lunch, a staple run on a staple route gives me a lot of strava immediately available matched data.

    Came out at 6.45 average so smack on target (I forgot to stop watch afterwards for 30 secs so by then average pace dropped to 6.48) with splits of 6.46, 644, 6.43, 6.45 and 6.44 so nicely dialled into pace. Average hr was a teeny 154 which is the best to date for that session. A slight headwind and probably a few degrees warmer than perfect conditons, but near enough as good as you can expect.

    Pleased with that. Rest day tomorrow along with a sports massage as well as delivery of my new Nike flyknit vaporflys. This is the shoe that the top 3 at GNR wore and I think 2 of the top 3 women. A basic look across the start line and they were everywhere. Looking forward to adding in the impact of an absolute top end racing shoe.

  • Sun 16th September - Berlin Marathon - Badbark Target 2.47

    Sat 22nd September - Midlands Road Relays - DT

    Sat 29th September - MK Half - DT

    Sun 30th September - Cheltenham Half - Stevie Target Sub 84, SBD tbc

    Sun 7th October - Jersey Marathon - Gerard & OO
    Chicago Marathon - G-Dawg

    Sun 14th October - Yorkshire Marathon - DT
    Great Eastern Run - Gul
    Royal Parks Half - Nicko target sub 2 in costume.

    Sun 21st October - Abingdon Marathon - Stevie, Lorenzo, Nicko

    Sun 4th November - New York Marathon - SBD, OO

    Sat 10th November - Gower Coastal Trail Half - Nicko (2:15 target)

    Saturday 17th November - Rother Valley Marathon - Gul

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