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  • A quick check-in from Madrid to wish the Berliners the best of luck tomorrow. As my current PB course it's a special venue for me and I loved the whole Berlin experience. I hope Erdinger still sponsor it. Free beer at the finish albeit alcohol free. 4 pints I downed and was fresh as a daisy. :D

    Go well, boys.
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    Take care Poacher hope you survive!
  • Stevie another crackin run.
    and Badbark goodluck in Berlin .

    Only 4 m last week and 9 mile on Thurs was my first run in a week , 3m to get to club session 3x 0.9mile laps at around 8m/mile with 90 secs rest each one and 3m home again. 18m cycling though with my Daughter .
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    amazing stuff! quick check in....utter disaster today. Went out atvtarget pace 6.15-6.20. Immediately felt hard going and I was sweating profusely. By 4 miles I was contemplating dnf as we ran back into city before heading out other way. Decided to persevere but accept a pb wasn't on. Got to 9 mile mark in 6.30 average which is the point the climbing ends and course goes downhill and do only 3 seconds a mile slower than last year. Tried to wind it up as I did last year and hammer what last year was like 4 miles running down a huge downhill however it just didn't seem downhill. couldn't move faster than 6.40 pace. it was like running x country. in the end I just gave up and came in at 1.26.59. 

    Very disappointed but question if I'm maybe a touch viral. my average hr this morning was 2 higher than wolves despite running 13 seconds a mile slower. 
  • Berlin Marathon 2:47:19! Nailed it. One second negative split :) 
  • Amazing work Badbark - cracking time!

    DT - shame you are disappointed, they can't always be great ones - still a great time in my book - and even more impressive if you aren't at your best.
  • A new marathon world record. What a great way to promote those new Nike running shoes. Over a minute taken off the previous world record. Only 100 seconds to go to break 2 hours.
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    amazing Badbark and pretty much bang on what you predicted. 

    Yes nike must be delighted with that and a top 3 at GNR last week. I better not tell them I also wore them today!!!
  • DT that’s a pretty decent effort for a chap who doesn’t feel well.

    BB well done - touch warm today perhaps but an excellent time. Such a fast course which rewards those who arrive in good shape. What a run by Kipchoge too - absolutely smashed it.
  • Pretty tough day for me, almost zero training and was up half the night feeling ill.  The dodgy nerve/foot thing did really well but to compensate for that, my back went very early. Dug very deep to scrape an improbable 3.57.22. Pretty happy with that. Now: chips.

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    3 great performances from the Berliners today!

    Badbark - great time; super consistent splits by the look of it.

    Poacher - there's digging deep and digging really deep; you did the latter. Fully deserve those chips.

    Not bad from Eliud either. Takes your breath away. Now who sung that I wonder. ;)

    DT - sounds as though you might have been under the weather a bit but sub-87 shouldn't be sniffed at.

    After an OK Monday to Friday of running, a contrasting last couple of days for me.

    First up on Saturday was the Surrey Road Relays - a 3 mile loop round Wimbledon Park, so quite undulating with a moderate hill in the first half then downhill to get back into the Park. 18:15 for me as our V50 team came 5th, so pretty pleased with that. Followed that with running another 3 miles as the final leg runner for the senior men's B team as a bit of a cool down.

    Followed that up with a long run today - 20 miles around the Surrey Hills. Legs were a bit tired but happy to get time on feet and get over 50 for the week.

    In other news, I got my confirmation letter for Boston so that's excellent news and a great opportunity to combine a run with a holiday. :)
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    Well done Berliners. Badbark spot on your target and looking forward to your report. Not too shabby DT, and very good for you Poacher all things considered!
    Glad you got a Boston place Lorenzo...
  • Lorenzo that’s great news about Boston.  One of the best race experiences, and it’s a meritocracy. Well done that man. Make sure the hol includes Nantucket.

    Tired now
  • Poacher - yes, really looking forward to it but thank goodness for Airbnb when it comes to finding accommodation in Boston. Very little for less than about $300 a night!!! Not sure whether I'll be able to make it over to Nantucket as I'm planning to fly to Philadelphia (friends there) then make my way up to Boston via the Big Apple.

    Think I'll have a rest day tomorrow to empathise with the Berliners.
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    brilliant results, in differing circs, and with differing aims, Badbark & Poacher - and lovely pic, Poacher  . . 
    not the result you'd hoped for, DT, but chin up - not too shabby, either (and, as you allude to, could be contributory factors)   
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    nice work and picture, poacher.

    Good running Lorenzo. 

    so what's next, Badbark?

    Nothing like a bad day to bring about irrational concerns of a complete loss of fitness. I was cruising until this morning. a few have suggested that perhaps two flat out halfs in 2 weeks with  heavy training is too much. Possibly so as it's not possible to lose 3.5 minutes in 3 weeks. 

    In terms of the world record I was reading an article that if you add the fastest 8 parkruns and fastest junior parkrun from this weekend together it comes in at 2.08. That's a big chunk towards sub 2 bridged today. 
  • Well, well, well. Hats off to Badbark. I remember you joining the thread a number of years ago and it's been amazing to see just how far you've progressed. We might joke about your seemingly mad streak, but your determination and dedication have really payed off. Really pleased for you. 2:47:19 is a sensational time. Hope you're still enjoying the moment. Looking forward to the report.
    Poacher - I was really worried seeing your post before the race, so it was great to read that you made it. Under the circumstances, another great performance. Still praying for that foot to heal and recover.
    DT19 - that's still a very decent result - a punishing schedule of races is bound to take its toll.
    Good parkruns from OO and Birch (hope the rough track isn't too long a section!).
    Stevie - cracking long run. You are on top form.
    Leslie - good to hear you're back on the road. Take care.
    Lorenzo - good relay running and great news on Boston.
    The average pace for the new world record is just bonkers. I would struggle to do 400m at that pace... Scary stuff. One advantage of being an old git is that it won't affect my WAVA. 6 easy miles on Sunday to bring up 75 for the week and 9 steady miles (7:31/m) this morning to start a cut-back week.
  • Birch said:

    Rother Valley parkrun here (with 1.5 miles either side)  -  first timer on this course (though familiar from training )  -  happy with 23:35 ,  18 secs better than 2 weeks ago, on a similar course in terms of profile, but this one has section of rough track (but not too rough, Gul) , so maybe I'm going in the right direction.   69th from 381 overall, but only 4th VoGit (though I am at the wrong end of the 60-64 category now)  .  70.46% WAVA,  so at least I've managed to creep back over my self-imposed minimum "respectable"  grading :)   

    I seem to be going in the right direction so my recent parkruns have gone 63%, 64% and 68% so I'd agree with the 70% as a reasonable target. It's my birthday today which screws the figures up so if I can get to 21:35 next weekend I get back to that (cf 21:45 on Saturday).
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    Happy Birthday, Philip  . . . .   
  • Happy Birthday Philip!

    Good news on Boston Lorenzo - hoping to get there within the next few years.

    Stevie - absolutely smashing it, looking really good for that sub 3 attempt at Abingdon?

    Long run yesterday was awful - set myself an 18 mile target at easy pace just to get the miles in, hilly route with a few bits of trail. Knackered after about 9 miles; staggered through the next few with some short stops at top of hills and ended up cutting a bit of route out walking the last mile home to make about 15 and change averaging close to 9mm.

    Hoping that it was just a one off and lack of decent nutrition prepped in the body (also didn't have any fuel or water with me and it was pretty humid). I can't blame Medoc as that was a 14 mile slow jog and a 12 mile walk! With Abingdon looming I really need to structure my runs better and get a few confidence boosters in there to even look at finishing sub 4.
  • Dt you haven't lost any fitness in a few weeks just a bit off form due to sickness or maybe having pushed yourself a tad too hard this last while and your body is biting back . 1:26 is still great in my book and I'm sure you will go faster again !
    Badbark you nailed it alright and to not slow in the second half shows you are extremely well suited to the mara unlike most of us . Maybe you will go EVEN  faster maybe you won't in the future but 2:47 is an amazing achievement and very well earned with all the miles you have put in.
    Poacher I never doubted you would finish despite all the setbacks that would have left the rest of us at home , well done sir !
    Lorenzo time to put a few miles in before Boston then .
    PMJ happy birthday 
    Nicko having no water on a hot day is never going to go well ,sure its just a one off we all have 'em !

    Glad to see a new world record and I expect a 2:00:59 isn't too far away now on the right day !

  • Badbark - Congrats on achieving your goal. Really chuffed for you as I knew you were going for it. Unreal pacing and what an historic occasion too what with the other guy from Kenya who is good at pace judgement too. :smiley:

    Poacher - Well done on completing another marathon off practically zero running. I'm glad the foot held up. Great pic too! 

    DT - I'm sure you'll look back on that run in a different light further down the line and as others have said still a very decent time. 

    Lorenzo - Congrats on the Boston entry and nice long run. 50 mpw is always a good place to be. If I ever get to Boston I have family there so that would definitely keep the costs down. Could go crazy and blow a load of cash on running gear instead. :wink:

    PMJ - Many happy returns. Sub 20 must still be the target for 5k? 

    Wow! That some run by Mr Kipchoge. He is some man and what a way to obliterate a record. I'd struggle to hang with him for 400m, the pacing stats are just mind blowing. I'd love to do Berlin one day before I get beyond my best as it's no coincidence that every world record has been set there for numerous years now. 

    I was very naughty the weekend. :blush: Went out Friday night with a group of lads who are doing Valencia this year. Was great craic and nice to be out with a load of running aficionados. Was meant to do my last 20 on Sunday but I had a friend round for dinner on Saturday night and we partied the night away until the early hours. Was in ribbons the next day so could only manage a measly 6.4 miles at 6:44mm. I'm not too concerned though as I'm hardly gonna try kill myself on marathon day. Next year we will be the serious attempt at a faster one. Might be able to eke out an before race day. 

  • Badbark, a brilliant performance on such a historic day. Congratulations, awesome running. The course lends itself to consistent pacing, as shown with your 1 second neg split, I had only a 3 second positive split there.

    DT, sorry yo hear you had an off-colour day, however 1.26 is still a very impressive time and shows what good nick you're in if you can score something so impressive when not feeling great. 

    Glad you got a Boston place, Lorenzo. Despite the battle of the searing heat when I did it, it's a fantastic event and possibly my favourite marathon experience. Closer to the time we'll talk about the hills but in the meantime, start saving your your must-have celebration jacket at around $110.  :o

    GM. Get to the Headmaster's office!!  :D  

    Great pic, Poacher and well dug in for a solid sub-4.

    Had a fantastic weekend in Madrid. Went straight to the Bernabéu stadium before meeting the wife. Superb stadium, I was so excited as I walked towards it. I love a stadium, me!

    Developed a sore throat out there and still not quite 100% but got a 4 mile progressive run done last night which finished with a 6.13 final mile which shows some quality is in the legs.

    I'm officially in taper now but this week will still be around 40 miles like most other weeks. Hard speed sessions will end this week too and I'll be in cotton wool for a fortnight from Sunday as I want to arrive in Chicago fully rested. Long range forecast is cooling nicely. Fingers crossed for a chilly morning in the (hopefully not so) windy city.
  • PMJ - hope you had a good birthday and can hit 70% on Saturday. How have you been lately?
    Nick - hopefully just a one-off; keep plugging away.
    GM - good tapering ;)
    GD - glad you enjoyed Madrid. Good progressive run. Watch out for taper madness.
    First interval session for ages this morning and it showed. 6x800m off 300+m recoveries (watch only measured 0.48 miles on average). Splits were 3:02, 3:07, 3:05, 3:06, 3:10, 3:10. Really struggled with those. 9 miles in total.
  • DT19DT19 ✭✭✭

    Thanks guys...I feel a bit better about things now. Perhaps 2 flat out halfs in 2 weeks is too much to ask with all the other training. I still feel washed out. Did 5 at recovery yes5terday and planning that today and maybe a 3 tonight before hopefully picking up an mp session tomorrow.

    I've put my name down for club selection for the midlands rd relays team this Saturday. I've not heard anything yet so hoping that means I'm not in.

    I was going to push for 2 big weeks then a 2 week taper, however I think I would possibly benefit more from beginning to pull it back next week, particularly as I have a big session a week Saturday (Mk half at mp).

    Some of the various comparisons to Sundays world record pace are amazing. One that I saw this morning however set out his splits km by km to demonstrate how brutally accurate his pacing was. This for me is definitely key to running your best mara. It's getting to the point that the choice of pacers is going to be very limited to try and push this time down further. He'll end up needing Farah to act as one!

    Gerard, I'm sure you'll get through Jersey OK. It wont be without some grimacing but it'll happen!

    Nicko- I'm not surprised that 18 was painful based on your analysis of the last few months. Stepping straight up to 18 miles is not easy.

    G-Dawg, Madrid sounds good. Doesn't sound like the sore throat is having too much affect on your running.

    Happy birthday, PMJ.

    Gul, is this a cutback for a taper or just for recovery?

  • So, Berlin: after picking up an injury in the devilish Huddersfield mara in early June, I took a month off then racked up a total of 93m over Jul/Aug/early Sept. The only run over 6m was a snail-like 2.20 for the Coastal HM. But 475 bike miles helped.  I spent the run-up to Berlin on a military exercise which is always unhealthy.  So as soon as we got to the apartment on Friday, I simply went to sleep. Bliss!

    We watched the inline skating event on Saturday afternoon and immediately wanted to change sports - it looked like great fun and the leaders can knock off 26.2m in about 58 minutes so it's really speedy as well as technical. Sunday dawned as a beautiful although slightly warm day.  Walking up from Potsdamer Platz, the early sun lit up the holocaust memorial and the Brandenburg Gate and suddenly there were tens of thousands of people from 130+ countries all getting ready on the lawn outside the Reichstag.

    Knowing the course helped, it really is flat, wide and fast and I thought that even untrained and semi-injured I might get round enjoyably in 4.30ish.  However after 8m or so I was cream crackered and found myself calculating the finish time if I ran to 10m then walked the last 16.  The damaged foot played a blinder but something in my back now pinged and carried on being quite painful. Probably due to sleeping awkwardly. Getting too old for this game.

    Later I almost decided to walk the last 12, then 10, then 8, but actually I kept running/walking/stretching/trying to alleviate the back pain and cramp  in a fairly efficient way so at 20m I knew that if I could deal with the fatigue I could run the clock down for sub4 and take a little something away from the day.  I saw several people being stretchered away but plodded on and savoured the finish in a surprising 3.57.22.  I used to be able to go sub 3.20 with no training but those days are gone.

    So, a pretty hopeless time but not a bad effort under the circs.  It's a very fast course and a great city to visit. Highly recommended.
  • Observations:
    1) too much plastic - the race must have consumed hundreds of thousands of plastic cups - even if they are all recycled, there must be a better way. I did see some people with reusable cups, maybe that's the answer.  Also - surely it's no longer OK to let off hundreds of balloons at the start of an event?  Runners need to contribute to making the sport low-impact.
    2) To cut the amount of kitbags being dropped and later collected, you can sign up on entry to relinquish the right to a bag in favour of a poncho given out at the finish. Good idea, useful way to save space, and a handy reusable item as well.
    3)  That Kipchoge fella is astonishing.  Sub2 is starting to feel do-able now.

    That's all. The back really hurts.  The balance sheet says:
    Maras - 37 road, 36 off-road
    Ultras - 4 road, 9 off-road
    Total - 86. Getting harder each time now. 

    As you were, enjoy your running this week.
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    gut gemacht, Poacher !!  
    great reporting (as usual) - its not always about the time (although, in the circs, yours is quite astonishing) -  14 to go - is the body up to it ?   (clearly the mind is )  . . . . .    
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